3 Things To Look For In A Concealed Carry Holster

There are a large number of variables for gun owners shopping for a concealment holster: price, quality, carry style and more. But there are three major, over-arching considerations for any aspiring every concealed carrier. Accessibility Most defensive gun uses end without a shot being fired. The good guy shows the bad guy his gun, the bad […]

In Defense of Appendix Carry

If you’ve been following along, you know that we ran a video recently of a carrier whose holstered GLOCK 43 fired when he bent over. He was carrying inside the waistband at 12 o’clock. In other words, AIWB. We took the opportunity yesterday to re-run John Boch’s explainer on why he thinks appendix carry is […]

JM4 Tactical Quick Click And Carry Small Holster: Gear Review

The JM4 Tactical small holster hooks onto your pants or waistband with a magnet. For those of us who’ve struggled to get comfortable with plastic clips (not magazines), it’s an attractive solution, especially for inside-the–waistband carriers. Are magnets the wave of the future for holster makers? The JM4 Tactical holster wraps its leather around the magnet so […]

Bloomberg’s Anti-National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill Editorial Shoots Itself in the Foot

A friend recently sent me a link to an article at bloomberg.com: Concealed Carry For All, Like It Or Not. Give the source, I was expecting Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun rights media lackeys to complain about the forthcoming push for nationwide concealed carry reciprocity. I was not disappointed. But without intending to, Bloomberg actually makes the case for national reciprocity: The […]

In Defense of Appendix Carry

I used to live in The People’s Republic of California. If a resident aspiring to exercise their right to bear arms managed to get an elusive concealed carry permit in the gun-averse Golden State, concealed meant CONCEALED. No, zero, zilch, nada, absolutely no printing, please! Some citizens in California freak out over pictures of guns. If they even […]

Gear Review: PJ Holsters Custom Kydex IWB Belt Clip Holster

PJ Holsters sent me three sample holsters to review, all designed to hold my Ruger LCP. My baby-bear-just-right holster: an inside-the-waistband (IWB) clip unit with a 15 degree cant. While PJ Holsters can make your holster in any color or pattern you like, I ordered mine in basic black.   While the PJ holster is slim enough to disappear under […]

Question of the Day: How Hard Is it to Get a Concealed Carry Permit in Your State?

Wyoming has Constitutional carry for residents. Like many such states, it also offers a concealed carry permit for residents seeking reciprocity in states that recognize its permit (e.g., Idaho, Montana, Utah and Colorado. where I visit family regularly). The comparison between Wyoming’s permitting process and that of my former home state of California’s drawn-out, expensive and unconstitutional process is night […]

Sara Tipton: Suicide is Not Painless

Driving back from a family gathering in Colorado, my phone beeped. I had a text. I assumed it was my mother checking on the progress of our travels. The text was from my sister and I pulled over to read it. On Christmas night, she and her husband had a friend stay over in their home. […]