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Department of Homeland Secretary Secretary Jeh Johnson is nothing if not milquetoast. His gun control endorsement is about as tepid as day old bath water and comes with the “we need to have that discussion” caveat. And yet, there it is: the man in charge of keeping Americans safe from terrorist attacks reckons that civilian disarmament will make American safer from terrorist attacks. (So Jeh say.) In what kind of bizarro world does that idea make the slightest bit of sense — except, of course, CBS studios. And other places where statists gather to circle jerk their elitist ideology in the name of public good. Meanwhile, gun sales are going nuts. Again. Still. No surprise there.

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  1. Funny how the people with the armed guards tell us little people we’ll be more safe if we just give up our guns. Your body guards guns go first, then we can have that discussion about mine.

    • He likely lives in a gated community as well, so he doesn’t have to associate with the plebs and the Syrian Rapefugees that our government is letting in.

    • we’ve had that discussion. After the St. Valentine’s day massacre, we restricted fully automatic weapons.. then we had that discussion again in the 60’s and got more gun control placed on us. In the 80’s we had that discussion again, this time we limited what fully automatic weapons were available to the citizenry based on known serial numbers (never to be expanded or added to). in the 90s we had yet another discussion and you banned modern sporting rifles because they looked scary to you. How about we stop discussing until you loosen up some crazy restictions? national reciprocity and work to convince the SCOTUS to overturn the 9th Circuit’s Peruta ruling. Then we will come to the table and have another discussion (where we will be very obstinate because you use the term Discussion for FORCED GUN CONTROL REGS DOWN OUR THROATS). The proof is in the pudding and you sir, are Bill Cosby.

    • Easy for Jeh to say that. He works in a secure facility guarded by armed officers, has a chauffeur drive him to and from work, and most likely lives in a gated and secure community. He doesn’t have to experience the daily consequences of his abject failure. Hey Jeh, how about you starting make security part of DHS and quit trying to strip us of our civil rights.

    • Does anyone know what a five gallon pail of gasoline , a rag and a match would or could have done in a club like ‘ The Pulse ‘ ?
      What about a pressure canner in a back pack , some ball bearings and nails , a couple chemicals and a garage door opener ?
      One could reek havoc with a PMR 30 and a couple extra loaded magazines too .
      ………………….. but no , it’s that dastardly AR ( Armorlite ) rifle .
      As Katie Couric would say , AR stands for Assault Rifle .
      The tool of assassins and right wing zealots , of haters and terrorist . The most evil of tools .
      As King George said , the colonialist are not waging a fair war against our troops , using the rifled barrel they can kill our men before we can see them . They are using assault weapons against us . ( paraphrased ) .

      • How soon they forget (when it is convenient to forget) that the worst mass killing in US history involved box cutters and airplanes. Oklahoma City used diesel and fertilizer.

  2. Ha! The shooter was working for a DHS contractor and had passed all their enhanced background checks. Go blow hot air somewhere else kind sir.

    • I would have paid out a weeks salary to have had him put to that question on live television.

  3. What firearms are is part and parcel of the Declaration of Interdependence and the second amendment to the Constitution Not political correctness.

  4. So in other words more of the same crap they have been trying to sell us on for decades, that isn’t working, this is genius, brilliant, how did he come up with this?

    Or maybe, we should try something different, something that doesn’t give more power to the state.

    Something that might help you and your family.

    Remember, it’s still Bombadan. Fridays are especially troublesome.

  5. You have to keep in mind that this (D)ipshit is a political appointee with no relevant experience in anything. I’m serious. He didn’t come from a security background. He knows nothing about any related subjects.

  6. This worm is doing his politically correct part to further Obama’s anti-Second Amendment agenda instead of his job protecting the American people.

    “Border patrol sources told Judicial Watch investigators that the Department of Homeland Security had contracted with G4S to move illegal aliens apprehended at the border inland by vans. According to Judicial Watch, the “detainees,” were then released them into the United States without proper processing or issuing court appearance documents.

    G4S issued a statement, “We are shocked and saddened by the tragic event that occurred at the Orlando nightclub. We can confirm that Omar Mateen had been employed with G4S since September 10, 2007. We are cooperating fully with all law enforcement authorities, including the FBI, as they conduct their investigation. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the friends, families and people affected by this unspeakable tragedy.”

  7. We have to burn the village to save the village. We have to remove your rights to save your rights. All of this sounds double plus good to me! /sarc

  8. You would think that these brainics would look at the record number of gun sales and pause to think..”Maybe the American people have no faith in me or my solutions and this is why they’re tooling up.”

    But no. They’ll just double down on stupid and grow more irrelevent by the day.

  9. I don’t see europe, australia, china, canada, japan, singapore turning into dictatorships.

    Yeah, a obsolete 200+ year document is much more important than human lives.

    The right to keep arms is bullshit.

    • The document (Constitution) is not obsolete. It is just ignored when tyrants want to increase their fiefdom.

      Those other countries may not be dicatorships but they could easily if the “government” decided that was best for the “people”.

      I’ll take our Republic. Long may it stand. In spite of folks like you who would give up liberty for false security.

      A fool’s errand.

    • Hey, I hear Lufthansa has a summer sale going on international tickets, and I’m sure any of those countries would love to have a bright progressive Liberal like you join them.

      Go for it and move now! I bet everyone on this site would gladly chip in $10 to help you move.

    • Ha! Just noticed you had China in you list.

      Head on over there and see if you think their Oligarch, communist paradise is a dictatorship or not.


    • From Wikipedia:

      “The legal system of Singapore is based on English common law, but with substantial local differences. Trial by jury was abolished in 1970 so that judicial decisions would rest entirely in the hands of appointed judges. Singapore has penalties that include judicial corporal punishment in the form of caning, which may be imposed for such offences as rape, rioting, vandalism, and certain immigration offences. There is a mandatory death penalty for murder, as well as for certain aggravated drug-trafficking and firearms offences.

      Amnesty International has said that some legal provisions of the Singapore system conflict with the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and that Singapore has ‘… possibly the highest execution rate in the world relative to its population’.”

    • Yeah, a obsolete 200+ year document is much more important than human lives.
      Evidently a lot of people throughout history thought so.

    • Maybe it is, maybe it it isn’t, but when the government starts infringing on other rights, such as freedom of speech, the second is the only thing that actually serves as a deterrent.

      If you give up liberty for security, you deserve neither. If you truly think that this right is BS, I suggest you move to Europe….you know where terrorists would never attack soccer fans with AK47s and bombs….killing 130 people….but remember, guns are not allowed there!

    • Canada and Australia are both British Commonwealth countries, responsible to the Queen.

      Europe isn’t a country.

    • I don’t see europe, australia, china, canada, japan, singapore turning into dictatorships.
      EU, Russia, Belarus, is not representative government.
      China is a dictatorship.
      Singapore is not a free area.
      Australia and Japan are hardly libertarian states.
      Canadians overall have less rights than Americans.

    • I don’t see europe, australia, china, canada, japan, singapore turning into dictatorships.

      Yeah, a obsolete 200+ year document is much more important than human lives.

      The right to keep arms is bullshit.

      1) Yes it is 200 years old. You have read it right? At least the bill of rights… right? I hope so.

      2) China isn’t a dictatorship, it is a totalitarian regime. You have heard of Chairman Mao right? I hope so. Hopefully you have also heard of the “Great Leap Forward” where tens of millions of Chinese died because their government wouldn’t leave them alone. I think it’s really hilarious you included China on your list. As if a dictatorship is worse than government totalitarian regime, who can dictate all aspects of your life, including how many children you can have. I could continue on about the other countries you listed, but i’ll just leave it at this for now.

      3) The right to keep arms may be bullshit to you. But imagine if you are a gay dude in the club. You don’t have the right to keep and bear arms and you can’t legally do so. Now imagine a guy who doesn’t care about your laws, made a cheap, simple, effective, sub machine gun in his garage or bought one illegally. Now lets suppose he went in your club and shot you 10 times in the chest after you ran around looking for cover and hiding and looking for some kind of weapon that you couldn’t find, finally embracing that you will be shot and just stood there waiting for it.

      My right to keep and bear arms isn’t bullshit to me, and it shouldn’t be for you either.

    • I don’t see any of them NOT getting shot up by islamofascists, either.

      Are you willing to give up your human life to get rid of this “obsolete 200+ year document”, because a great many of us are willing to die to defend it – and most of us are already armed.

      Seriously though, go troll someones tumblr.

    • I was going to seriously respond to you, but then I moused over your username. Thanks for the chuckle. Now git.

    • So, the entire document is outdated? Well, better repeal the 1st amendment first so we don’t have to listen to you as I bet you lack to ability to do a root cause analysis. I also heard you were a terrorist, so you wouldn’t mind if the police came for a look at your house? You have nothing to hide, right? Also, you look guilty, so you don’t need a trial or anything. You should just go to jail on the accusation. Can’t be too sure these days.

  10. And so it begins…..

    We (govt) can’t stop this kind of thing but we can prevent law-abiding Americans from exercising their liberties.

    Next we plan to limit negative comments about …… anything we decide.

    So we (the government) will let you know what we will continue to allow you to do.


    • They already limit negative comments. Facecrook and Twatters does that bidding willingly for them.

      • The next step is the European Union model, where you can be arrested for what you say in public or on line. Brits are being arrested all the time for anti-Muslim speech, while Muslim hate speech is allowed. In Germany, a Turkish ex-pat was arrested for a satirical poem he wrote about Turkey’s President (for life). Here, people are criticized–called racists to be exact–for objecting to BLM hate speech rants. The end of the world as we know it has started. (No, I am not talking about Armageddon, just the fall of civilization, as so many have fallen before.) Sharpen your swords, because the bullets will run out.

  11. the man in charge of keeping Americans safe from terrorist attacks reckons that civilian disarmament will make American safer from terrorist attacks.
    Catch 22.
    The more that Americans cannot defend themselves, the safer they will be.
    Gun Safety for all.
    Very dangerous.
    Government goes first.

  12. So it should apparent to everyone after the past two days who is for liberty and who is against it. Anyone wanting to place restrictions on US citizens and limit constitutionally protected rights should be tried for treason and lose their jobs if they work in any governmental capacity. It makes me sick to see the libtards wailing yet again for gun control.

    • “Anyone wanting to place restrictions on US citizens and limit constitutionally protected rights should be tried for treason and lose their jobs if they work in any governmental capacity.”

      Actually, the United States Constitution (the Supreme Law of the Land) prescribes a much more harsh punishment for treason that goes way beyond losing your job.

  13. “Gun Control is “Part and Parcel of Homeland Security” – DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.

    Homeland Security is A FIGMENT.

    Protect yourselves, and protect yourselves from the people who think they are protecting you by preventing you from protecting yourself.

  14. Does this imply that an appointed not elected bureaucrat is going to start writing regulation under Homeland Security’s mandate to attempt to regulate guns outside of going through congress. All in the protection of the Homeland against terrorists. Scary!!!

  15. Leftist and these people are just totally crazy. They really can’t see it. When I see a guy slaughtering 50 people, it makes me want to buy more guns or better guns in preparation for that. Not sell my guns, embrace gun control, and go full retard.

    1) This guy had no record, passed a background check, and was licensed. So this kind of gun control simply didn’t work. He was not on the no fly list. So no guns for terrorists would have done nothing here. All considered, he appeared to be just a regular gay dude licensed for a handgun, etc. Background checks would have done nothing here.

    2) In this case, there is really no way to stop this kind of person except by another person – in all probability with a gun, especially considering, when you call the cops, they do nothing, the cops call SWAT, they do nothing, and then 3 hours later after the shooter has emptied all life from the building, they start investigating the issue.

    3) Ban all guns and enforce North Korea style gun control. This is the only gun control that would work. This would work, but i’m not going to allow it. I will begin popping politicians in the dome, before North Korea style gun control goes into play. Furthermore, randomly having mass shootings every so often is better than embracing North Korea style gun control, even from a collectivist point of view.

    4) We have rights. I don’t think this is worth bringing up or even discussing, because leftist collectivist borg don’t think in terms of individuals, only statistics, and whatever they perceive as good for the colony or collective.

  16. Apparently, all it would take to make us safer, would be to make it safer to KILL us.

    He’s the kind of ignoramus who reads about the massacre at Babi Yar and says to himself, “Thank god those Jews didn’t have guns! Imagine the violence!”

    • More people were killed by black men than by assault weapons.

      Under the rationale being pushed by those who want to ban assault weapons, putting young black men in barbed wire
      enclosed hostels and requiring them to carry internal passports would save more lives.

  17. Minions take on the attributes of their leaders. It was the same during my time served in the clinton years military just as its the same in the dhs obama years. This guy is merely parroting the same party line.

    Really, theres an easy, irrefutable counter-point to this bs– disarmament clearly denied the terrorist in paris their weapons, didnt it?

    I think we’re done here.

  18. Thank you, GWB, for creating an agency for this idiot to run.
    Hope you’re enjoying your retirement in Crawford, and may a large rattlesnake bite you in the balls.

  19. Every time I hear the phrase “Homeland Security”, I for some reason associate it with Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union. Don’t ask me why, it just does.

    • Japan actually, but I got called racist for saying that, wouldn’t you know.


    • Has a nice authoritarian/communist/fascist ring to it, doesn’t it. They chose the name well.

      • The Shrub should have been charged, tried, and executed for this obscene Constitutional violation. As well as any idiots that voted for it.

        Instead, it’s a department, with tens of thousands of grossly overpaid cretins to do the massa’s bidding.

  20. The irony is that the Orlando shooter was not on the No Fly List, so banning people on the No Fly List in response is the same logic as Trump saying to ban Muslims when the guy was also born in the U.S. Ironically as well, a temporary ban on Muslims violates no one’s rights. Banning those on the No Fly List from possessing arms does violate rights. Democrats want to do the former and not the latter.

  21. BULLCRAP. Next you know he would want uniforms with large armbands that say HLS on them with lightning bolts.

  22. I nominate Jeh Johnson to lead the Department of the Newly Unemployed. Sadly, the position isn’t paid and carries no authority, but on the upside it has no job responsibilities.

  23. In an 0bama administration full of losers, unqualified lackeys and incompetent clowns, Jeh Johnson stands out as the biggest joke out of all of them. I think it’s time for the House to use the power of the purse to reign in this guy.

  24. Um, wasn’t stuff like this dude’s idea EXACTLY what the framers of the Constitution were concerned about when writing the 2nd amendment?

    • Yes. Furthermore guys like “this dude” are exactly the types of people (tyrants) the Founders were dealing with when they founded this country, and wrote the 2nd Amendment to deal with if they started getting too heady.

  25. And so it begins. Seeding the Narrative – “gun control is national security”.

    And who decides when a national emergency justifies executive action on gun control…?

  26. I sent this note to Mitch McConnell tonight:

    “Which America do we need right now. Which America do you represent?

    This one?:
    We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender…” – Winston Churchill

    Or this one?:
    “I believe that meaningful, responsible gun control is part of homeland security and it’s something we have to address.” -Jeh Johnson

    Will we be strong as Americans and fight this scourge? When what we need is a “rifle behind every blade of grass”, will we instead disarm and surrender to the jihadis?

    Are you a Churchill or a Chamberlain, Our country’s future is in your hands.”

    I had to shorten Churchill’s quote to fit his 500 char limit. I hope he gets the message. I hope he gets the message 10 million times.

    Oh, and apologies to Neville Chamberlain for comparing Jeh Johnson to him.

  27. I finally had time to watch the video. The man is a one trick pony. No matter what the question was, the answer was exactly the same: “I believe that meaningful, responsible gun control is part of homeland security and it’s something we have to address.” He must have said it four or five times, even when asked the direct question: “Should people on the no fly list be allowed to buy guns?” Total waste of air time.

  28. Jeh (what the hell kind of name is that?), you know what would be awesome? If homeland security involved keeping bat-crap crazy religious nut rolls who oppose the principles this nation was founded on were not allow to immigrate into this country and bring their violent ideology with them. The ferocity with which you and your boss are spinning this narrative to avoid addressing issues such as this indicative of where your true priorities lie. Apparently infringing the constitutional rights of all Americans is a small price to pay for enrichment these people bring to our nation.

  29. Here’s the link to the law that created the DHS (

    From the mission section on page 8, I don’t read where “Gun Control is “Part and Parcel of Homeland Security” would apply. The law is 187 pages, so I guess the DHS Secretary does not have the time to read it either, since overreaching his authority and falling in line with his boss’s and the party line is so much easier.

  30. This concept of “No guns if you’re on the terror watch list” must be accompanied by deductive scholarship on expedited due process. The “No Fly List” is functionally impossible to challenge-it operates in secrecy, from an undisclosed location, administered by an office that has ZERO accountability to public inquiry, and is under no obligation to provide due process of law. People mistakenly put on this list have to litigate for YEARS to clear their name. It’s not just names like Mohammad Tariq Mahmood. Some poor chump unfortunate enough to be named Cat Stevens, Ted Kennedy, John Lewis and even a 18 month old girl have been flagged. You can be labeled a suspected terrorist because of a ‘reasonable suspicion’ based on a ‘reasonable suspicion’. That’s legal lunacy. It’s unwise for a citizenry to demand federal control absent due process or representative oversight, from an entity that simultaneously operates with zero accountability and unmitigated incompetence. Demanding a inscrutable supersession of 2nd and 14th amendment rights based on hearsay is a very slippery slope, and diving off the edge on a damn Flexible Flyer is completely devoid of judicious thought.

  31. That’s funny, I always thought Gun Freedom to be “Part and Parcel of Homeland Security”….
    Well maybe funny isn’t the right word.
    It sure isn’t funny that we have people in positions of power that would leave us defenseless at precisely the time we need to be ready to defend ourselves.

  32. Yes, “gun control” is “part and parcel of homeland security”.

    When you shoot at a terrorist, you want to have good “gun control” to ensure you hit your target with maximum effect.

  33. I would have to say that since only 1 gun (or two counting the security guard, if he had one) out of 300 or so people in the club had a gun that gun control is pretty damn effective in this country. Trouble is it’s like being a little bit pregnant. It only takes one gun in the wrong hands to end up with a killing field.

    I’d like to interview the injured people and ask if they wish they had had a gun with them that night. I am guessing some would say “D*MN RIGHT”.

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