Tech Solutions: Using AI to Spot Guns and Alert Police and Security Faster

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“You cannot have millions of people watching cameras all over the world. It’s almost impossible. 

[Bemotion president Hussain Abuhassan] points to the Nashville school shooting as an example. The company claims this simulation shows the weapon being detected once the shooter got in and during the time the shooter spent near this hallway. 

“It would have provided the officers the exact location of that shooter.”

Similar AI programs like the one from company ZeroEyes are being used in schools like Florida’s Hernando County School District. The goal would be to get police on the way before a single shot is fired. 

— Manuel Bojorquez in How AI Can Help Prevent Gun Violence

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    • they can just shoot the unaware kid with the cell phone after shouting a few conflicting commands

    • I had a long delay getting through security at the airport a few weeks ago. The TSA team insisted I had metal in or around my shoulder. Three times through the metal detector. Then, I refused the radiation scan, so, off to the side for a pat-down and explosives wipe and re- inspection of my carry on. No metal on or in my shoulder.

      On the return trip, I was stopped because the x-ray of my carry-on determined I had a gun. That was a hoot!!
      Turned out to be my trackball.

      So, yeah…AI…right…gonna make us safer…right….more likely gonna make us more oppressed and deader, faster.

      In two weeks I am heading to a client site to advise their IT leadership on how to take more advantage of AI operations. Somebody slap me.

  1. The A.I. will never out think a criminal. And It will react just as fast as the police do, when they are told a crime is underway.

    A good guy with a gun on scene is always faster than A.I. or the police.

    • To hell with notifying the police 5 minutes away!

      Notify armed school officials that there may be an armed intruder in the building.

      Or there may be some student who wants to disrupt classes and has a replica or is just carrying something that an AI would mistake for a gun.

      I recall more than once the police being called on a “Man with a gun!” that turned out to be a collapsible umbrella.

  2. Byron Donalds Details Investigations Into President Biden, Says Impeachment Articles Are Coming.

      • A straight razor but I dont think he can get that close to,, uh , , maybe teach him how to throw it.
        Ehhhh, prez’ would probably fall down as soon as it left his hand and he would miss.

      • Every time I hear this guy speak I think damn I hope you are President in my lifetime.

  3. This just means the return of the HK briefcase gun, the guitar case gun, maybe a violin case, fanny pack, Amazon prime box, or stuffed animal gun.

    But it will make for a good perp prepping his attack montage for some movie or CSI/law & order type show

    • Or MORE handguns being used… No way an AI OR a human can detect my concealed carry piece(s) until I produce them (I can carry up to five with an extra mag for each)… Or my 4.5 inch barrel 9mm AR WITHOUT the brace (thanks ATF) with five 30 round mags easily concealed under a vest or a loose fitting shirt…

      • Note that AI can detect your identity from your gait (c.f. chinese tech). I think AI will, with machine learning, be able to better identify a firearm quicker and alert police and local admin/security faster. It wont take much to get very close to 100% true positive… but the limitation will primarily be camera resolution.

        But you still need an immediate armed response. A security officer on site with an ipad or large screen strapped to his forearm for immediate visual inspection while they head towards the threat, having been alerted to location and having the cameras automatically follow and update his feed, will help enable a quick response, and enable backup

      • “Or my 4.5 inch barrel 9mm AR WITHOUT the brace (thanks ATF) ”
        Yes they really are that fucking stupid…

  4. Tech makes for a convenient excuse for human stupidity.

    The GOS told me to drive off the boat ramp.
    The internet told me I could stare at the eclipse with sunglasses on.
    The influencers I follow said choking myself would be fun.
    The car would have stopped itself for a bike or a pedestrian but it ran over the pedestrian walking a bike.
    The AI alerted us the umbrella was a rifle.

    It’s okay to be stupid and hurt yourself or somebody else if the tech told you to.

    Tech is worse than a new god because God doesn’t answer your queries or give you directions unless your schizo. Tech does.

  5. Lol
    And then the cops get called on themselves.

    Then the good guy gets the police called to him while the lunatic killer goes unnoticed.

    That’s IF the whole thing doesn’t get locked up due to a Microsoft update.

  6. Sure you 1984 dudes got it all figured out🙄 Be your own 1st responder…we already have Idiocracy in Chiraq with spotting shots!

  7. AI or not, police called or not, unless the police are right there at the moment these mentally ill killers enter AND before they can start pulling the trigger its still going to take a good guy with a gun to stand up to that killer in that imminent moment to either stop or delay that mentally ill killer if even to deny them (allowing at least a chance of escape for others) the (at best) minimum average ~3 minutes of target zone dominance these killers have before police arrive and a lot of people can be shot in 3 minutes before police arrive.

    In short, detecting is good but its not stopping or delaying and it takes a good guy with a gun to do that and that good guy with a gun needs to be there in that imminent moment when that killer appears and not after that can start pulling the trigger.

  8. The first time some kid gets shot by a cop sent on-site because the kid was carrying a long tube of art paper this company will rightly be sued into oblivion. AI and computers aren’t the answer to everything.

    • Several years ago the entire campus of the University of Rhode Island was shut down because someone was carrying an umbrella after a rainstorm. Just stupid.

  9. Science fiction is full of these stories. The Hal 9000 A.I. computer murdered an entire spaceship crew, in the movie “2001 a space Odyssey.”
    And the Star Trek TV series is filled with stories of the “ultimate A.I. computers” going awry and killing people.

    In the 1970s, a defense department computer malfunctioned and signaled, there was an incoming Russian missile attack. It did it twice before it was taken off line and bench tested.

    Then 15 years later, Hollywood produced the film “war games” with Matthew Broderick.

    • We went to the Moon and back multiple times with less computing power than the average 2005 cellphone had. Then we let high-tech replace the slide rules and head scratching and lost not one, but two Space Shuttles. Recently, HAL and his buddy A I designed a deep- submersible submarine for millionaires to go on an up-close tour of the Titanic wreckage.
      Are we sure we look forward to seeing A I completely replace all of our thinking? I know I’m not.

      • Several years ago I found a company on the internet actually making slide rules and purchased one. I think it was a big mistake taking them out of high school math level classes.
        My HS math teacher had us using them in the late 1970s. There are still videos on YT showing how to use one.

        Then came the Ti 30 pocket calculator. And that was the end for the slide rule.

        • boman brain.
          brother gave me slide rule with a neat little pamphlet, “slide rule in a nutshell.”
          the abacus at the dry cleaners is faster than anything.
          and don’t forget chisanbop. good with kimchi.

        • I have three of them. One day I will refresh myself on using them. What is really cool is wondering what it would have been like to have been tutored by the inventor, just like the inventor of the Smith Chart.

    • “Then 15 years later, Hollywood produced the film “war games” with Matthew Broderick.”

      That was directly related to that story. A screenwriter heard about the incidents, and used it as inspiration when writing ‘War Games’…

    • HAL only killed one member of the active crew…but “War Games” came awfully close to being true…all because of human error…the accidental insertion of a simulation tape…the Shuttles were also lost because of human error…[going when they shouldn’t have…and ignoring an impact on the underside]….but I still remember the image of an [empty..thank goodness!] jetliner demonstrating an auto pilot landing in Europe as it flew beautifully…. right into the forest at the end of the runway!

  10. Once we finally take our Nation back from the antis this technology will be obsolete in the USA. Maybe it will be useful to thieves and other criminals to identify the rare soft targets who are NOT carrying.

  11. Next up: Minority Report. They want to know you might do it before you know you will do it.
    Imagine all the innocent people jailed when that gets online….How about just being responsible for your own safety.

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  13. AI – the MSM fad of 2023. Think these morons every heard of AI last year? It’s just programming – garbage in garbage out.

    Ban spy cams not add MORE (with “fed$”) of the damn POS.

  14. Cool, now all they need to do is attach a phasers onto the camera and zap anyone carrying an umbrella.
    Fck the queen, God save the plumbers.

  15. There is still the fundamental problem of the police needing minutes to arrive on scene, unless they are stationed there or happen to be nearby. Better to have/be armed people already there.

  16. I think being the unaware beta tester might take issue with this, at least until he bled out.

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