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There’s clearly something very, very wrong in Fresno. Quick…someone call the EPA. At a minimum, they need to check the San Joaquin Valley town’s water supply. It appears that a highly uncharacteristic outbreak of common sense (not the gun grabber variety, the real kind) and respect for the constitutional rights of individuals has taken place out there. Both in the city council and the police department. Are they aware they’re in California?

We take you now to a report on the mass hysteria by for details:

The city of Fresno will consider an ordinance designed to make it easier for some residents to legally carry concealed hand guns.

Fresno City Council President Lee Brand introduced the “Citizen’s Concealed Weapons Act” that will go before the council next week.

Brand said, “They have a right to defend themselves if the police, they can’t be everywhere at the same time.”

Brand is proposing an amendment to the concealed weapons city code passed in 1995. The biggest change would allow the average citizen who is not a business owner or involved in a dangerous profession to qualify for a concealed weapons permit.

Anybody can get a gun, whether you get it legally or use it illegally, criminals have guns, that’s not the problem,” said Brand. “We’re giving law abiding citizens, responsible people the opportunity to level the playing field.”

And this doesn’t appear to be just one isolated idealist’s quixotic proposal destined for failure. Brand also has the full support of the Chief of Police.

Chief Jerry Dyer said, “This will give those law abiding citizens an opportunity to come forward and be provided with a concealed weapons permit should they meet the background check.”

Excluding the possibility that these are actually pod people carrying out nefarious orders transmitted to them from NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Brand and Dyer probably aren’t going to be the most popular attendees at the next California Public Officials Association golf outing.

The city council still has to vote on the measure and that won’t happen until next week. In the mean time, hopeful Fresnans (Fresnans?) will be sitting on the edges of their seats, waiting to see if their town really does decide that the second amendment is a valid part of the constitution, too.

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  1. You missed the back story. Fresno County is already basically shall issue. Sherrif Mims will issue to nearly all qualifying, average citizens for self protection. A city resident can already get a permit from the county. The city is proposing to lower their standards to get in on the action. Good thing because the county CCW office has an 8 month backlog. Great job City of Fresno!

    • Actually, while Sacramento is not gun friendly, Sacramento residents live in Sacramento County where the requirements for a CCW are “for self defense” and a background check (other than the normal training and paperwork requirements everywhere in California). I got my CCW last May and carry everywhere but work, where it is prohibited. As I live less than a mile from work, that is not a big problem.

  2. Well, Fresno is part of the “real California” which makes up most of the geography but far less of the population. The whole damn state is run by L.A. and the S.F. bay area liberals unfortunately who insist on forcing their values down the throat of the rest of us. Unfortunately, there’s no real way of dividing up the state to get rid of both those areas without giving them the whole central coast as well, which is still predominately agricultural and civilized.

    • I can empathize some. In Alaska, the majority is decent living, but then there‚Äôs Anchorage (a.k.a. North Seattle) and even Juneau and Fairbanks can be too much liberal city for me.

  3. Fresno has a very serious gang problem, has had one for years. It is one of the car theft capitols of CA. And, no city in CA is a shall issue, against state law we are a MAY issue state. Had to jump through a few hoops to get my CCW.

  4. Good for Fresno. Hope it passes. Lived in the Central Valley of California for ten years. It tended to be the more conservative part of the state. Good salt of the earth people. Lot’s of descendants from the dust bowlers (Okies and Arkies). However it is becoming more of a third world country due to the massive illegal immigration coupled with high unemployment and crushing government regulations. The citizens will be needed those CCW’s.

  5. We are called Fresnans. How bad the crime is really depends on what part of town you live in. The best mexican food in town is in some of the worst parts. I guess I’m going to be in the market for a Kahr Arms or S&W if this passes. Oh, and there is something in the water, 30 years of nitrates from fertilizers and dairy farms. It isn’t bad here but Tulare County is screwed, and they are already a shall issue county.

  6. The central valley (and anywhere the farmers and ranchers live or work) is very conservative and doesn’t want anything to do with the insanity that comes off the coast, out of the Capitol, or from Southern CA. They’re the ones that take the brunt of the asinine legislating (more recently: the water being turned off to farmers/ranchers to save the fishies (that the hippies imported to begin with), the EPA deeming that milk is a toxic substance and making owners build obnoxious disposal and collection systems (dairies would sell farmers milk and by products to help fertilize their fields), farm animals (specifically cows) must have to have some form of methane collection, the general green-ifying of everything, second hand appliances (and furniture) can’t be sold without a state inspection (and a special stamp) saying they’re greener than new appliances (so that threw the second hand market out the window). I have family that lives in that area, that have lost their businesses due to recent legislation that made several industries fold in this economic crunch. To top it off no-knock entries and gun grabbing galore happens in CA more than any of the other states I’ve lived in or have friends in (excluding NY).And because my wife’s from that area I may end up back there one day, which scares the living sh!t out outta me… CA needs to split into separate states, which is hard because the parts that wanna imitate the EU aren’t isolated. Maybe if Sacramento west, to the coast (San Fransisco), then following the coastal range south until it hits the grapevine, then east until NV, became their own state and the agricultural part of CA became another. Then let Northern CA become the state they were suppose to become (that was cancelled due to Pearl Harbor). Maybe Southern CA becoming a separate state, to include the central valley, will gain traction again. I know I’m ranting, but I’ve got people in there, and it’s a war zone of it’s own breed and I’m worried…


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