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In the rush to report on yesterday’s shooting at Santa Fe High School, some of the usual suspects assumed that it was yet another instance of a bullied, maladjusted kid who’d gotten ahold of a “weapon of war,” the anti-gunners’ bete noir, an AR-15 rifle. The bullied, maladjusted part may be correct — all of that is sure to come out in the days ahead — but the firearms the kid used aren’t quite as easily demonized.

It must have come as a deep disappointment to learn that the Santa Fe shooter hadn’t, in fact, used an AR-pattern rifle. Instead, the murderer chose two firearms that haven’t changed significantly in their design since the middle of the 19th century; a shotgun and a .38 revolver.

That presents something of a quandary for the Chris Murphys and Diane Feinsteins of the world (not to mention David Hogg and Emma Gonzales). Oh, they’ll still blame the NRA for somehow encouraging an under-age kid to grab his father’s firearms and shoot up his school. But this doesn’t exactly bolster their argument for bump stock regulation or a new “assault weapons” ban.

Inaction by Congress? Please, Sen. Murphy, enlighten us. Which proposed piece of legislation — specifically — would have prevented the Santa Fe shooting? Universal background checks? Gun violence restraining orders?

So what’s your best guess? The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex isn’t deterred by facts, so they won’t be dropping their efforts against assault weapons any time soon. But what do you think their prevailing narrative will be now?

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  1. They’ll probably be more open and honest in their demands for total disarmament, as well as amp up their portrayal of us as domestic terrorists.

      • From that *precious* article :

        “It wasn’t always this way. I have responsible gun owners in my family.”

        Yeah, right. And I bet you’re quite proud you have a Black friend, *right*?

        And further down we discover :

        “It’s happening. We tried it your way, and it really did not work. The ground is shifting. Get ready.”

        Oh, don’t you worry about *that*.

        We’re *far* more ready than you ever will be, sport.

        (What a fuckwit…)

        Would like to drop ‘Dave’ a note?

        “Dave Holmes is Esquire’s Los Angeles-based Editor-at-Large.”

        [email protected]

      • “I want to take them all and melt them down and shape them into a giant sphere and then push it at you so you have to run away from it like Indiana Jones for the rest of your lives.”

        Got it…. you want to murder us. THIS type of murderous totalitarianism is why we have guns in the first place.

  2. More honest calls for repeal of the 2nd and prohibition.
    If they truly believe their message is the will of the people they should go for it.

  3. Safe storage probably. He managed to get hold of his father’s weapons. Probably insist we store all firearms at him with a barrel lock, in a safe, and with ammo in a separate safe.

    • No, that’ll be the “compromise” that the republican cucks in Austin will shove down our throats.

      • Um, wasn’t the the crux of the argument in Heller? That the government couldn’t force you to keep guns disassembled in your home, which is what DC used to do?

        • SCOTUS hasn’t defended Heller in 10 years. Heller is dead. Any creativly-worded “…isn’t a violation of the 2A” arguement will be non-certiori’d by the 9 and moved along.

    • Yeah, I’d say the somewhat less ignorant ones will call for Safe Storage mandates. The typical rank and file bigot will not put that much thought into it and simply say “get rid of the Second Amendment”.

    • Same here. Besides security I really don’t need the .gov puppets aka teachers brainwashing my babies . Both my mother and mother inlaw work in the local school system and both act like zombies.

  4. Okay, I’ll accept licensing to have and raise children, rather like what people who adopt children have to go through and then maybe many fewer children will be raised negligently and turn out to be mass murderers.
    I am childless btw, so I am giving up nothing I ever had or wanted;-)

    • Add a ‘gun free carry’ permits every non gun owner must have at same cost as a carry permit, or face $1000 / day fines , and disqualification to run for office.

  5. At close range a primative pump loaded with 00 buck is MORE lethal than an AR…just ask the Navy shipyard shooter-in hell. They got no real traction banning shotties then and won’t now. Or 38’s. Just be lumped into “do something”.

    • IIRC Oz has banned pump shotties as “offensive weapons” or similar language. Don’t write it off so quickly.

  6. What will they demand?

    1. The NRA to be outlawed as a terrorist organization.

    2. White males to be castrated.

    3. Gun owners to turn in their guns or be killed.

    POTG claim that the Second Amendment is a bulwark against tyranny.

    Guess what?

    • Not much hyperbole here, most white males have already been castrated, mentally anyway. White Europeans may go down as the first ethnicity in history so successfully socially engineered to commit self Genocide.

      • If white europeans are stupid enough to fall for that then they deserve extinction.

        • Placing the blame on the victims a hobby? White Europeans have been the target of decades long sophisticated propaganda and social engineering campaign. Jews are exempt from this, does that explain your answer?

        • Victim blaming the master race? If the white race, minus the jews, who are white, also, gets wiped out because of simple propaganda then they weren’t all that masterful, where they?

          Jews and vaccines aren’t the problem here.

        • Jews are exempt from this, does that explain your answer?
          Well, at least they were.

    • If NRA is deemed a terrorist org then all NRA members are terrorists and then all they need to do is pass “no fly, no buy” and every NRA’er is a prohibited person. See how that trick works?

    • Those articles are great, I really do find the honesty refreshing. Take the mask off completely. Tell us what you really want.

    • To Ranting Ralph

      quote———————————-1. The NRA to be outlawed as a terrorist organization.—-quote

      No such drastic measures are necessary as Republicans have jumped ship so fast and banned guns (like in Vermont) that the Democrats are in a panic that their gun ban measures pale in comparison to the Republicans gun ban measures.

      quote———————-2. White males to be castrated.——————-quote—————-

      Excellent Idea because if we had done that to the fathers of The Kaiser, Hitler, and Johnson and Nixon we would not have had 3 of the most devastating and immoral wars in history. Castrate White Demagogues and you rid the world of at least 90 per cent of its problems.

      quote————————–3. Gun owners to turn in their guns or be killed————–quote——

      Not necessary as Conservatives value blind greed and wealth over even their guns. You make just a few examples of arresting people , torching their homes, confiscating their cars and assets and the guns will be thrown out of windows so fast the Storm Troopers will have to be careful not go get beaned with all of the falling weapons that are being tossed out of windows into the streets for the front end loaders to scoop up and be melted down within hours.

      Now you see it was far more simple and non-violent than you could have ever imagined. Thanks for the post and we will codify it and not forget any of your excellent ideas.

      • “…more simple and non-violent…”

        Right, torching homes is simple and non-violent.

        I’m not sure if you’re an extremely sardonic Libertarian troll or if you’re a completely insane Liberal. I’m sort of leaning towards the latter.

        • Most definitely not a libertarian in any way shape or form. Either a Russian bot or a drug deranged leftist! I guess that I should tell Cisco that the military already taught me several novel methods of killing someone without using any firearms.

        • Libertarian?

          You show me a libertarian that agrees with ten percent of anything this guy says and I’ll show you two people who have not the beginning of a clue as to what “libertarian” means.

          I don’t get why people on TTAG hate libertarians, since – by definition – we want everybody to be able to do what they want with whatever they want to do it with as long as they don’t hurt people or take their stuff. We are for liberties in general.

          Now, I get why SOME people who love them some guns might hate Libertarians because we’re also fine with gay people and women, but on the guns issue, we’re staunch allies, so I guess BoJack was right on asking…. do you hate women more than you love guns?

          Also, why are we even fighting? Do we not all agree that Cisco Kid is a statist goose-stepping mental defective with a penchant for rubbing his stink all over the internet just for the attention he gets? You wanna give him a pass so you can take a shot at us Libertarians who want gay farmers to defend their marijuana crops with their full-auto machine guns?

  7. I read somewhere that the shotgun had a grippy scarey thing, just like an AR-15 or AR-16 or AR-XX. So any gun with a grippy thing has to be re-classified as an assault weapon and must be banned. The narrative continues.

  8. Well when you are too damn stingy and ignorant to do anything about a problem it finally gets to the crisis point and now we are having shootings hourly not even weekly.

    So what will happen. Exactly what happened in Australia they got fed up with mass shootings and they did indeed put an end to it as the last real one happened in the 1980’s and yes they did take pump action shotguns and semi-auto’s and I even saw videos of them cutting up some models of revolvers.

    So yes this is next on the list of what the bulk of the American people will be screaming for because lets face facts its gotten so out of hand that even implementing universal background checks and safe storage and a National Health Care Plan that would have paid for Mental Illness treatment, would all be too little too late and everyone knows it.

    We had our chance and we blew it and the majority of the American people are demanding immediate action not measures that over time would have cut way down on the problem of mass shootings.

    • “Majority” — I do not thing that word means what you think it means.

      The impediment is exactly that the “majority” — including people who spew the same stuff you do — don’t want to do anything that will actually help. If we had more legally armed citizens, or NRA members we’d have made progress on this already — they’d have enough political influence to overcome the roadblocks and misdirection, like the stuff that spews from Mothers Against Only Some Violence.

      I look forward to DiFi’s mental health care proposal. Chuck-y’s floor speech demanding rollback of school redirection programs. And, of course, rolling back the mandated human high-fence hunting zones. Meaning high-fence hunting of humans. (Make them fat, dumb & happy. Passive. Acclimate them to the threat that’ll eventually kill them. Concentrate them somewhere the can’t hide or flee. Bait them into kill zones. Make sure they can’t fight back. — Public schools are high-fence hunting reserves. We’re seeing what happens to the crop.)

      Since those and the other helpful policies that won’t happen would also help with all kinds of violence n other dysfunction, without creating daemonized bad guys, or designated victim categories, we’ll never see any of it, as long as it’s up to them.

      It’s almost as if the “anti’s” are aboutgetting constituencies wee-wee’d up … and don’t care how many not them get killed in the process.

      • Jim Bullock: there is a lot of profit, both in money and power, in ginning up tragety and panic. why would anyone hungry for power and money want the gravy train to stop?

    • Britain just had a Royal Wedding, featuring a few dozen of the most attractive targets in the world, and nobody died. I wonder what was different about Westminster that day, vs. say, the school in the news right now, or most of Chicago, most of the time?

      Maybe do some of that.

      • You mean the $2million wedding, with $5million security X 98k school buildings in the US. Not financially viable.

        • to B Rad

          quote————————————You mean the $2million wedding, with $5million security X 98k school buildings in the US. Not financially viable.——————————quote

          A-typical cheap Republican i.e. we do not have the money to save the troglodyte working class kids but its ok to spend 1 trillion on the ship they launched this week for more wars of rape , pillage and conquest. After all without it we could not be given the title of “The New 21st Century Nazi’s”. We have to get our priorities straight so that we Republican Gangster Criminals can go on making millions off the Military Industrial Complex. After all did you think we learned nothing from the Vietnam War? Why of course we did, we learned how to get rich off of wars of rape, pillage and conquest. Of course its tough some times having to step over all the bodies of dead children on our way to the bank with all of our loot. But as one Nazi said to another shocked Nazi when it was his first time throwing cyanide canisters through the roof onto helpless people trapped below in the gas chamber “calm down you will get used to it”. And so it came to pass the Republicans are now used to seeing rivers of blood in our schools as well. They will tell you “were used to it too”.

        • @cisco kid

          The only people going cheap on defense of our children are Democrats, who have insisted that putting a police officer or any type of armed security in a school is just too expensive. Well, it’s not that Democrats care about spending the money, they are just using it as an excuse to let the carnage continue. The more dead children, the more the Democrats get to push their agenda. This is exactly why Bill DeBlasio just pulled all police out of NYC schools.

        • to B- Ranting

          quote————————–The only people going cheap on defense of our children are Democrats, who have insisted that putting a police officer or any type of armed security in a school is just too expensive. Well, it’s not that Democrats care about spending the money, they are just using it as an excuse to let the carnage continue. The more dead children, the more the Democrats get to push their agenda. This is exactly why Bill DeBlasio just pulled all police out of NYC schools.——————-quote

          You have got is ass backwards the Republicans Control Congress and only the Feds have the money to finance such a huge expense not the States or the Local Governments. Lets lay the blame at the feet of the real criminals the Republicans

        • “Some.”

          Also, not being yuuuuge media events, the typical school day is a somewhat smaller effort than the Biggest Wedding Ever (til the next one.)

    • The only “problem” with respect to mass shootings is a large segment of the populations’ shocking inability to comprehend statistics or objectively assess risk and the media’s deliberate exploitation thereof.

      A few dozen deaths a year in a country of 300+ million people isn’t “a problem.” It’s a statistical non-event. If someone is afraid to send their kids to school over this stuff, frankly, they’re really incredibly stupid.

      For that matter, there is no larger “gun violence” issue in the US. Suicide is a fundamental human right; you don’t have free will or freedom if you don’t have the ability to choose to end your own life on your terms, so we can dismiss those deaths without further consideration. Of the 8,000 or so actual murders per year with firearms, the vast, vast majority of them are worthless people (criminals, gang members) killing other, equally worthless people. We have no epidemic of Mensa members and Nobel laureates shooting each other. Those deaths don’t matter.

      The handful of remaining cases where an innocent, uninvolved bystander is murdered by a crazy person—as happened to a friend that I’d known for 20+ years, school shootings, so on—are so rare that nothing need be done about them.

      The rate of firearms violence in other countries is irrelevant; those countries are not the US. They have different socioeconomic pressures than the US does that can’t be controlled for adequately enough to facilitate a meaningful direct comparison. As John Von Neumann said, “with four parameters I can fit an elephant, and with five I can make him wiggle his trunk.” You start adding variables and correction factors and you can make any data set say anything you want. Furthermore, evaluating “gun violence” as opposed to the overall rate of violence is itself fallacious; you’re just as dead if you’re stabbed or beaten to death. And in addition to that, a comprehensive study would necessarily evaluate the overall crime rate. Some people—myself included—consider the possibility of more gun homicides per year a perfectly acceptable tradeoff for, say, a lower rate of property crime.

      At any rate, my point is that all arguments in favor of gun control can be sorted into one of two categories; tyrants (petty or otherwise) seeking to control other peoples’ lives, or placating stupid people. I have no interest in giving would-be tyrants the control they desire, and I have even less interest in making the world a less scary place for the logically challenged and the intellectually deficient, consequences be damned.

    • What’s this ‘we’ stuff , comrade cisco? You’re not a gun owner. You’re a liar and not a good one. You haven’t made an honest comment since you changed your name from the last cretin you were pretending to be and became this new cretin. And you made no honest comments then, either.

    • I Propose to the TTAG Community to have this Globalist Lib TARD Troll, The Crisco Kid Banned from this comments board—immediately! No more Flame wars with crazy Bi- Polar, schizophrenic retards that have fallen off their psychiatric medication…

      • I disagree. Read Siorus’ comment above^^^^ Trolls seem to bring out the most articulate responses in the TTAG regulars. Trolls on other boards usually lead to banning and counter trolling, but here it tends to stimulate intellectual debate. Let the trolls vomit wackadoodle leftist crap to their hearts’ content, and let us respond with facts and good sense; let our passive readers make up their own minds about the issues at hand.

    • Please explain why these children are preying on each other.

      Thats the question to be answered, not your ranting.

    • “We had our chance and we blew it and the majority of the American people are demanding immediate action not measures that over time would have cut way down on the problem of mass shootings.” So Cisco, you are admitting that measures to root out mental illness, put criminals that use guns in jail for long periods of time, allowing teachers who wish to defend their students to do so, etc. actually work? That the majority just want these common sense fixes to be implemented more quickly than gun confiscation? Good to know.

  9. “So what’s your best guess?”

    They’ll continue doing what their masters tell them to do. They’ll demand universal background checks (i.e.: a national registry), an “assault weapons” ban, and maybe raising the age of purpose. Of course none of this has anything to do with this incident but the gun ban mob runs on emotion, not reason. It is a mob.

  10. It’ll get memory holed eventually. Virginia tech never makes their lists anymore because handguns and 10 rounds magazines.

  11. Simple. They’ll want a ban on what he used and everything else too. They’ve already admitted they want a blanket ban on guns.

    Sometimes when I drive I listen to Andrew Wilkow. Yesterday he had a caller who was ranting about banning semi auto rifles and pistols. When Mr. Wilkow pointed out this kid used a shotgun (I don’t think the revolver info was out yet) the caller simply said “Well, then ban those too”.

    • quote——————————- When Mr. Wilkow pointed out this kid used a shotgun (I don’t think the revolver info was out yet) the caller simply said “Well, then ban those too”.———————————————-quote

      Exactly the point that I made in the above post. They will indeed demand that.

      • Cisco… are you aware that when you wish to quote someone, your keyboard and basic grammar has thoughtfully provided these little things ( ” ), appropriately named “quote marks”?

        • Ssssh.

          His crazy formatting makes spotting his crazy content easier, so I know not to waste time on it and just skip to the people taking him apart.

  12. Sawed-off shotgun will be likened to a Tac-14 or Shockwave ‘firearm,’ and EO issued for them to be declared ‘destructive devices’ like Bubba did to streetsweepers in the 90’s.

    • quote———————————-Sawed-off shotgun will be likened to a Tac-14 or Shockwave ‘firearm,’ and EO issued for them to be declared ‘destructive devices’ like Bubba did to streetsweepers in the 90’s.———————quote

      Yes this is exactly what will happen as the ATF can make a regulation change at 8:00 AM and by Noon its law without having to go through Congress. Look for more bans and regulations on shotguns like no shotgun can be manufactured without a 32 inch barrel and of course a shoulder stock permanently attached and not removable like it will stop a guy from cutting the barrels and stock off to make it shorter with a 5 minute hack saw job.

      • Sigh… the drug insanity of Megan “the kid”. This time however you’re on the right track – sorta. Methinks they’ll start with banning sales of firearms to anyone 18 and below. Then they’ll move to banning assault rifles. There will probably be a 200% increase in taxes on anything firearm related. CCW permits will cease. Confiscation of a firearm for anyone with a drug arrest or a mental illness will commence. Megan, are you listening bruh? Finally, Oprah will become the new president. The country will have a civil war and we will be a divided nation. With libtards and their panties on one side and those of us with guns on the other.

        • to Eli Witless

          Thanks for the post that really made me laugh. It was absolutely hysterical.

          The real truth is that since Herr Drumpf took over we have never been more close to civil war since the original U.S. Civil War. Obama went out of his way to make all people feel welcome and accepted as Americans. Herr Drumpf true to his Hitlerite Heritage has used Hitlerite tactics to divide us all by ranting against immigrants, many who have been here for years (illegally) but now own businesses and employ tens of thousands of people. He wants his “unwashed” brainwashed followers to think that 200 women and children that were in the caravan a week or so ago were actually the offspring of the hordes of Genghis Khan and in the process of sweeping out of the south to invade us in a war of rape, pillage and conquest. The real laugh is that people like you believed it util the News Cameras showed us the truth.

          Sorry to disappoint you but I am sure you will get fired up with Herr Drumpfs next racist rant that seems to come hourly any more. Maybe the next fairy tale will be hordes from Iran about to invade us or thousands of North Koreans with bayonets between their teeth swimming across the Pacific Ocean and then storming ashore to conquer us. Load up your revolutionary musket so you can play minute man or perhaps one better ,as you can be Walter Mitty re-incarnate, captured and stood up against the wall as you flip your cigarette away and say ” No blind fold please I am ready for the ultimate sacrifice”. Your fantasy interrupted when your old lady screams “well you lazy oaf are you going to help me load these groceries or are you going to stand there and watch me”?”

          I know its tough being a White Supremacist these days because the bulk of the civilized American people only scratch their heads and say “Are these Nut cases for real” they cannot believe such racial garbage can they? Unfortunately the answer is “Mans intelligence is limited but Conservative Stupidity is infinite”.

        • Wow. An entire rant by Megan “the kid” dedicated to me? I must be doing something right. You must be bleeding a lot today Megan, you’re starting to stink up the place.
          I never brought up immigration but since YOU did I can say I never saw so many obese South Americans trying to cross the border at once. Gotta give CNN credit for showing us the truth for once. Of course Nazi influenced social medicine will help alleviate the burden, right? After all DUMBAMA’s plan was to over populate California so he could win a 3rd term. Sorry I forgot to include communist Washington state. Am I starting to ramble incoherently? You gotta stop pushing your methamphetamine logic on me. Needles are scarce in my hometown. I don’t live in a trailer park like you. Access to drugs and insanity is limited here. Btw you still skimming that welfare check from the feds?

  13. The real green light for shooters is this utterly ludicrous media attention.

    This bugger’s face is all over the news, it’s everywhere. Tomorrow we’ll probably hear what he had for breakfast and what his favorite cereal is.

    This is how you breed copycats.

    • Perhaps post shooting efforts/campaigns to denigrate and utterly humiliate the shooters, alive or dead, might help. If it is true that these kids want to be famous maybe utter humiliation will look like an undesirable sort of fame. It’s be easy and cheap to do.

    • “This is how you breed copycats.”

      It’s how you encourage copycats, sure. But copycats are not bred — they are raised in public schools by boy-hating school teachers and administrators. They know how to crank out psychopaths like the Santa Fe shooter and David Hogg.

  14. I dont mind if they “Do Something!TM” As long as that something is: Put adequate security in schools until all schools staffers that want to carry in schools do and begin the process to completely eliminate government from the education system at all levels so that the free market can reign. Anything else will be ineffective at best and contrary to common sense. But there’s a lot of that going around!

  15. What will gun-controllers demand, this time?

    They will demand that people who aren’t them be: restricted in what they want to do, made administrative criminals, and put at greater personal risk. Because while they like the frisson of moral superiority from thinking themselves righteous, they really, really like sticking it to people who aren’t them.

    They’re addicts. “Gun control” just happens to be this gang’s fashionable drug of the moment.

  16. Years ago Bill Copper predicted that the global-powers that be will organize school yard shootings until our guns are confiscated. He himself was shot and killed after predicting the false flag 9/11.

    • Cooper, not Copper. And did he make that prediction before or after he was kidnapped by extraterrestrials?

      • I looked that Cooper dude up, Ralph. Pg2 may be the only guy here that’s crazier than comrade cisco kid.

  17. Now It’ll be, ban all shot guns to 28″ barrel pump, restricted to 3 round plug “duck” guns.
    (aka. Fudd guns)

  18. *adjusts tinfoil hat*
    Somewhere in a highly influential news media office, somebody is calling the shots, probably pushing for extensive coverage of this shooter in an effort to give a greenlight to copycats, thereby sparking further mass shootings and rallying cries for gun control, ultimately leading to knee jerk anti-gun legislation. This shit didn’t happen before marxism/feminism destroyed American culture.

  19. I’m sure they’ll make a simple suggestion of “common sense gun control regulations “. You know, just simply give up all your guns or we’ll send our black shirts to kill you and your family. Just simple, common sense legislation.

  20. There is only one logical solution. (And that’s the problem with these people.) We protect our valuables with armed guards, but not our children. Let’s ask them which is more important money or kids? Apparently money, because all we have protecting the kids is a sign that says “No Guns”.

    • We should ask these antigun legislators if they would give up their childrens armed security, and if not why they refuse to let us protect our own children. Let’s see them spin that one.

  21. Teenagers are more than twice as likely to die in a car accident than by either murder or suicide, according to the CDC, therefore we should raise the minimum age to drive unaccompanied to 21 and require that all persons 18-21 need to be accompanied by an adult when driving. This will objectively save more lives than any gun control bill. We should push this every time these kids try to push gun control, and I bet they will shut up pretty quickly.

    By the way, I don’t actually support this hypothetical law, but it would make a good counter argument.

    Always remember to point out that we are far from an “epidemic of violence” and actually have the lowest murder, assault, and sexual assault rates since the 1950s. When Hillary or Pelosi open their big mouths just tell them the average person is less likely to be affected by violence than at any point in those harpies lives.

    Also, auto correct doesn’t recognize “Pelosi,” and that made me smile.

  22. Many of the gun grabbers have already declared they want to do away with the 2nd amendment. So, revolvers and shotguns fall in line with that and they want them banned. We must also watch out for gun grabbers using our pro AR arguments against us: If we say, “see, they didn’t use an AR and many people still died – so what’s the point of outlawing ARs?”. They’ll say – “this is proof that ARs are unnecessary because a revolver and shotgun is capable of killing mass amounts of people.”

  23. “What Will Gun-Controllers Demand After the Santa-Fe Shooting?”

    A swift kick in the koolie, followed by Armageddon.

    When JESUS comes back, reach His bosom before We reach you.

  24. What will they demand? Plenty of restrictions that are already in place, that demonstrably failed to stop this shooting, or any of the ones before.

  25. Why not demand an immediate and effective response from the LEOs on site?

    Wearing a trench coat, he allegedly opened fire in an art class, moving through the room shooting at teachers and students, and talking to himself. He approached a supply closet where students were barricaded inside, and he shot through the windows saying “surprise,” said Isabelle Laymance, 15.

    The gunman shot a school police officer who approached him, then talked with other officers, offering to surrender.

    The entire episode lasted a terrifying 30 minutes, according to witnesses and court records.

  26. The firearms were obtained illegally (in possession of a minor) and were used illegally (to commit murder). How much more illegal can we make it? I hope that his father is prosecuted to the full extent of the law for allowing his firearms to fall into the hands of a minor and to be used in commission of aggravated felony and murder.


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