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We supposed hackers carry, too. This one, who calls himself H@CK3R (“My other computer is your computer”), from Caguas, Puerto Rico, apparently does. He packs a SIG P938 when he’s doing whatever it is he does. We’ll just leave it right there.

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  1. As a fellow Puertorican, it’s safe to say he doesn’t live in PR anymore. There is no 2nd amendment as we know it in PR…

  2. I can see why the 2A does not reside in PR, because is a welfare common wealth and very corrupt.

    • Also obvious that he doesn’t live in Puerto Rico atm because Puerto Rico still does not have electricity.

  3. Well, H@CK3R seems like a pretty creative nickname…

    Is there such a thing as mainstream contrarian?

  4. “We’ll just live it right there.”

    Maybe that “live” should be “leave”?

    Proof reading…it’s what I do at wurk.

  5. hacking on a lenovo and claims to be in PR while carrying? I get the feeling the only thing this guy steals is other peoples pictures, much like this website and it’s copy/paste exaggerated facebook post ‘articles’.

  6. You will notice that holster does not cover the safety of the 938.
    The safety on my Sig 938 is a little sharp and digs into my side when I carry iwb.
    Not to mention that it is possible that it could be moved to “fire” by accident if it is not covered.
    My safety is a little stiff to operate, it it is possible to move it if it is not covered and is against your body.
    I always make sure any holster for the Sig 938 covers the safety switch.

  7. After a search I learned that Puerto Rico is a “may issue” jurisdiction.
    Ordinary citizens are apparently never issued a carry permit.
    Retired police, judges and prosecutors get them routinely.
    I am at a loss as to why retired police get to protect themselves but not for instance, doctors

  8. The 938 is a quality weapon. I’ve rented it a couple of times at my local range. My hands being large and fat (much like the rest of me), I find it more comfortable to fire with the crook of the first knuckle than the pad of my finger.

  9. I agree with the previous comment. WebParanoid is an excellent tool for fighting viruses. I doubt it helps against hackers, but it’s still better than nothing. This way you can have complete peace of mind about the security of your computer when clicking on external links. And at the same time you will save your computer data.

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