YouTube's Crackdown On Firearms Has Guntubers Launching Their Own Platforms
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“We’ve been working very hard every day to save the gun tubing community. Whether it’s us or Gunstreamer or Full30, we really want one of the new websites to come up top … Whoever it is, we’ll be very happy.” –’s Josh Vidana in YouTube’s Crackdown On Firearms Has Guntubers Launching Their Own Platforms [via]


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  1. I’ve never watched much YouTube until got a Roku TV…mostly gun stuff. Will I watch these new channels? Not if I can’t watch on a big screen…good luck guys.

    • Get a lap top and hook it to your TV with an HDMI cable (assuming your TV has HDMI capability).

      • YEP…my thoughts too. And I have no interest watching on a laptop. Been there-done thst.

      • We don’t just need a tube for guns. We need a tube that allows open and honest discourse on everything (basically what YouTube was before). Replace YouTube with a better, open and free tube.

      • I’ve never liked watching YouTube on the Roku. It seems like a hassle. I usually watch my YouTube gun videos on a tablet.

  2. From the original article…”YouTube and other Silicon Valley companies are suppressing conservative viewpoints in their efforts to crack down more aggressively on hate speech, explicit content, and misinformation on their platforms.”

    Since when did the conservative viewpoint become on of conspiracy theories, collective scripted attacks on minority groups, and alternative facts designed to sow misinformation?

    What’s actually happening is that every right leaning nutball, wingnut, and unhinged fudd is spouting everything from hate speech to constitutional nonsense while wrapping himself in the stolen cloak of conservatism. It’s time for the conservatives to regain their decency and clean house.

        • Most seem to be mixed economy advocates but with the desire for the government to be able to direct all private interests when “necessary” (all of the time). Kinda like with the NAZIs, where the heads of industry still had that title but invariably had to bow to the wishes of the state. Party favorites live a lavish life style, but are still puppet-ed by the dictator any time it wishes. If they were “good” communists they’d not be materialistic and would live a modest life of service to the state – which they don’t.

        • “Kinda like with the NAZIs, where the heads of industry still had that title but invariably had to bow to the wishes of the state.”

          Progressive politics is actually directly influenced by Italian Fascism, but you’re on the right track here. The Nazis patterned their economic modeled after Fascism. They paid royalties to GM (via Switzerland) for the Adam Opel Werks production right up until the end of WWII.

    • While the ‘liberals’ are vocally calling for the deaths of gun owners. If conservatives are due a house cleaning I’d say libs are overdue a ‘condemned’ notice on their house.

      • Exactly. Not saying pro-freedom people don’t have issues on our side, but the other side… Yeah.

      • Only some progressives (nothing liberal about them except their spending and views about gender and relationships) are calling directly for violence. Most do it indirectly in the same way a non-farmer or hunter gets their meat. They don’t think of themselves as killers of animals.

    • “Hate speech” is not a real thing.

      And what collective scripted attacks are you talking about? The only ones that exist are rape gangs in the UK or incidents like the New Year’s Rape Attacks in Cologne. Which are not committed by conservatives or “right” wing people.

      • So, are you saying that neo-Nazi skinheads who advocate race war and the elimination of blacks and Jews are not engaging in hate speech?

        • They’re just engaging in simple, old-fashioned racism and bigotry.

          “Hate speech” as a term is meaningless — it’s subjective to the point of solipsism. Anyone who hates what you say can accuse you of hate speech. If you offend anyone, you’re guilty.

          The problem is, of course, that it’s impossible to know what might offend any given person beforehand, and therefore impossible to define the crime so as to avoid it. That’s why it makes such a great weapon for the SJWs. It means only what they want it to mean, and the speaker has no say in the matter.

    • Funny how you coincidence theory morons are proven wrong ALL THE TIME yet keep spouting ignorant nonsense about how you think the government works. Even the term “conspiracy theorist” was coined by the CIA to discredit those who have a brain and can see through government BS.

      But keep living with your heads in the sand and projecting your anger and cowardice because you all keep getting duped. You are either too stupid or too proud to admit your were fooled while being tools of the deep state.

      So keep watching your sportsball and obssessing over trivial distractions thinking you have it all figured out while the MSM, the puppets of the deep state, keep feeding you BS.

  3. Theguntube is closing (per the notice at the link). It’s morphing into something else.

  4. The problem with a gun tube is that even if it is perfectly formatted, smooth, has a good search engine and an app for cell phones and TV services…. It will still never get the average person browsing it just because. The people of the gun will simply self segregate.

    We don’t need a gun tube. We need a platform that is competitive and doesn’t discriminate.

    • This

      The self segregation only helps the libtards and shields the normies from the truth. Heck the search engines will just blacklist the sites so they won’t be found online anyway.

      Preaching to the choir doesn’t win new hearts and minds.

  5. I hadn’t heard or guntube or gunstreamer until this post. I signed up with full 30 when it first was launched. Guntube is out and reccomending that people check out gunstreamer, which I did. I have to say that gunstreamer has the most YouTube type feel as it lists new videos and trending video. So it will give me videos that might peak my interest but right now does not have much content. Full 30 has all the big names but you have to know what you want to watch. I use YouTube (looking for something new of course) that I can watch when I have a few minutes like on the treadmill or waiting for my wife to get out of the store and I don’t want to have to know what I am looking for. Some of the best tips or tricks I have seen were videos that were recommended, new, or trending. So I hope gunstreamer comes out on top as it seems to be the most likely to accomplish this. They just need to get the big names over there.

    • Although, still clunky and in it’s infancy I like the notion of BitChute better. As (as far as I know) a peer to peer service it will be much harder to regulate. Note the outright NAZI stuff from Germany, if that shit can get through, anything can. I just have to figure out how to more easily find the content I like. Right now it is very heavily populated by sources censored from all other video distribution systems so the bat shit crazy stuff is prevalent for the time being. InRange, Scholagladiatoria and MAC are there though.

    • Why? You can’t protect yourself from “hate speech”? Just asking for a friend.

  6. The problem is now gun channels are fractured the ones we know are going to X, Y, Z gun sites we have to keep up with 3-4 or more web sites. some are pay per gun channel, even if its $1 and i have 10-15 channels i support forget it I go find Free content and deal with ads. $15 on just one site what about the channels on Y & Z sites do i have to pay them too? NO! I’m not going to be nickle and dimmed to death. Yes I’m a cheap skate, Some of us have a VERY limited budget, HMMM pay for gun websites or buy formula for my daughter, or put gas in the car for the week.
    IMO there needs to be a Yootube for All gun channels with only guns and gear related adds, in one place.

  7. I will say once again that we do NOT need a gun channel!
    We need a you tube type channel
    I like gun stuff as much as everyone else
    I also want to watch funny cat videos with my 10 year old daughter
    And space news and ancient history and all the other stuff that is on you tube
    I want to boycott you tube because they censor conservative speech
    I wanted to watch a competitor to you tube
    Not a guns only channel

    • That is why I like Bitchute better. It is not a one topic site and it is peer to peer so all sources have the opportunity to find their audiences. Centralized sites are all much more vulnerable to legislative action. They also don’t have ads added by the service so I imagine that content creators will have full control over that and there is always Patreon.

  8. Remember BuzzFeed is a left-leaning site, they were the ones who had an embedded reporter with the Mexican illegal caravan. We don’t need a GunTube to replace YouTube, we need a site that is friendly to all conservative content. The amount of power that YouTube has given to Google is not healthy considering how much power and control Google has over our lives from their search engine. We already see the results of the misuse of that power from their treat conservative thought, and gun content.

  9. Guntube? Gunstreamer? Sorry, but if you run away from youtube you are cucking out. You are losing. Youtube has been the single greatest marketing tool to create new gun owners in history.

    The growth new shooters took off in the last 10 years because of youtube. Videogamers would watch call of duty videos, they would then watch an fpsrussia video, and eventually they would click and learn about real guns. The power in youtube was that regular normies would watch random bs and just happen to come across an ar15 video.

    On a new “guntube” platform, You will no longer be promoting the firearm lifestyle to the masses. You will not be creating new gun owners. You will be making videos that only the most hardcore of gun owners will see. And the media will manipulate regular people into feeling dirty for going to the site.

    Need to take the fight to google, youtube, and every other social media platform who doesnt let americans have a right to free speech.

  10. A gun specific platform is not that answer. What we need is two fold.
    1) A youtube like video platform that doesn’t cater to anyone and doesn’t
    sensor conservative [and/or] gun related content.
    2) A facebook like alternative tha doesn’t cater to anyone and doesn’t
    sensor conservative [and/or] gun related content.
    These platforms need to be well designed and marketed as a viable alternative, and be able to compete with facebook and youtube for general viewership.
    We don’t need our own walled garden where we can all go and “preach to the choir”.
    The general public needs a viable alternative platform to youtube and facebook.

    • Another person who gets it.

      Sadly many gun owners don’t and are seriously illiterate to how online streaming and social media works.

      • I, for one, am intentionally illiterate. I do not have a YouTube account or a Facebook account, and I anticipate that I never will.

  11. Ron Paul has a video on BitChute right now that echoes (actually readers here echo him more than the reverse) a lot of what is said here. You find it if you look up Ron Paul gun control black panthers. I know a lot of people here think libertarians are all just pot heads but Ron Paul has been an ardent and active defender of the constitution for longer than the average reader here has been alive. I am guessing the average reader is in their late 40s.

  12. Smash YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook into 50 pieces.

    Their monopolies dwarf what has been broken up in older days.

    Punish them.

    We control all three branches so F’it use the nuclear option and fund the wall 100% while you’re at it.

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