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As someone who’s wanted a 911 since he was about, oh, 6 years old, this is painful to watch. With all the crappy POSs turned out by the likes of GM and Chrysler in recent decades, why a Porsche? Well, because it’s fun, I guess. The Nazi rollerskate (RF’s term) was donated to the Comm2A gun club in Massachusetts by a “wealthy motorist who was fed-up with the vehicle’s constant engine problems.” Never having owned one, it’s hard for me to understand the problems being quite that bad, but it’s not my money. Anyway, over 10,000 rounds were sent toward the silver coupe by 130 shooters. And all’s well that ends well as over $4,000 was raised for Comm2A’s pro gun rights activities. Make the jump to see the (horror show) video…

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  1. The car had an over $20,000 repair bill, the owner decided that since it was paper weight, this was the best course of action!

  2. this is a really interesting collection of weapons shooting this lame-o Porsche, every thing from the ubiquitous ultra generic ar15’s to kel tec sub 2000

  3. Those post-99 911’s were awful. The engines rarely last more than 40000 miles. Utter shit. It does make a little sad, as I too always wanted a 911. Since I was about 5, and saw my first 911 Turbo with the giant whale tail. But those later 911’s are so bad that it is cool to see one destroyed.

    • “But those later 911′s are so bad that it is cool to see one destroyed.”

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. I find it interesting that you whined about the snake hunting rancher but you give credence to this?

      Butzi is turning over in his grave, God rest his soul. May you always be relegated to driving your mediocre Minivan.

      • I didn’t complain about any snake killing. That was not me. I have sent a snake or two to snake heaven myself.

        And the the post-99 Porsche 911’s are awful cars. Take two minutes of searching the internet for loads of horror stories. Or just check the used 911 prices. The post -99 models sell for 1/3 less than mid-90s cars. Or less. Awful, awful things.

  4. I guess I’m not the only one surprised by the cheap-ass guns some of these shooters used. To me, a sophisticated and expensive target would call for a classy and preferably expensive gun; preferably a fine English double rifle or a Browning belt-fed design, but possibly an Uzi or FN-FAL. Definitely not an SKS or Mosin-Nagant! You might as well just piss on the poor thing.

  5. “Definitely not an SKS or Mosin-Nagant! You might as well just piss on the poor thing”

    uh, I hope you are not referring to deficiencies in caliber strength (7.62x54r) Vasily Grigoryevich Zaitsev killed 225 people with that round. 7.62×39 has killed more people around the world than any other round that I know of. Or are you talking or merely aesthetics? to which you definitely have a point.

    • Vasili Zaitsev killed 225 Germans with that round. And Sergei Simonov developed his now famous SKS carbine for the express purpose of killing Germans.

      So, aesthetics or not (and the aesthetics work for me) I’d say using those guns to kill a tempermental Porsche is perfectly appropriate. Seeing how Ferdinand Porsche was Hitler’s favorite car designer and all… 😉

  6. Actually, Comm2A is an organization dedicated to restoring Second Amendment rights in Massachusetts. The car shoot was organized by and held at a gun club in New Hampshire… due to the overly restrictive gun laws in MA that would have prohibited most of the attendees from bringing their own firearms.

  7. Some of the muzzles were scaring me. I felt bad for the guy in the first volley, his Saiga jammed right off the start. The guy next to him was driving me nuts trying to figure out his weapon. It almost looked like a semiautomatic M60. I wonder if any of them thought, midway through the shoot, that the car would have been good for training-firing from a seated position in a car. I have to admit some jealousy though; I would have loved to be rocking on that with my RPK.

    • Yep, I hand stained the wood myself, have about 30 magazines for it-30 and 40 rounders, and a forward pistol grip with a pop out bipod. I call her “Painless.”

  8. @Sdog:

    No disrespect for the Mosin-Nagant! I’ve got two of them, and they’ll kill a car as dead as any .404 Jeffery double; they’re just not the right aesthetic match for a beautiful expensive target, even one with a shitty engine.

  9. I had a friend with 2001 911. It literally spent more time in the shop than it did in his garage. His wife finally told him to sell it or start walking because she wasn’t spending an extra 2 hours a day on the road picking him up and dropping him off at work anymore. Now he drives a Geo Metro… Just kidding… an Infinity M45X.

  10. This may seem crazy but if you really look into the value of the car, and the amount of repairs it needed, it makes sense. It looks like a 996 or 997, the first of the watercooled 911 era. These cars are going for low to mid $20k. It’s been reported the engine failed which lead to other failures, requiring $20k worth of repairs. Makes sense to write it off and make it a target. Though he probably could’ve made more money parting the car out and sold the rest for scrap.

  11. Well, at least fmonk knows what he’s talking about. My type 964 is still going strong 20 years and 75000 miles later. Please don’t shoot at it. At least while I’m in it.


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