What I'm Carrying Now EDC gear
Courtesy Crimson Pirate
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What I'm Carrying Now EDC gear
Courtesy Crimson Pirate

The Crimson Pirate writes . . .

This the normal stuff I carry every day. It has not changed.

On the belt, from left to right

511 Trainer Belt
Glove Pouch with a couple pairs of gloves and a CPR barrier
Gun: Springfield XDS for less permissive environments carried in an Alien Gear Shape Shift IWB holster
For more permissive environments a GLOCK23/19 or Springfield XD Mod.2 in an Alien Gear Shape Shift Belt Slide holster.
Sometimes I carry a Star BM or Kahr CW9 in a leather belt slide holster.
2 spare magazines –  On the belt in permissive environments and off belt but nearby in non permissive environments, because a mag pouch becomes visible when I access the flashlight or multi tool.
Coast flashlight
Fire starting kit with lifeboat matches, ferrocereum fire starter, wet fire, a small knife, and a Zippo lighter.
Nite-Ize cell phone case for Samsung phone, currently Galaxy S8 Plus

Middle row, left to right

Left front pocket:
pill case with my evening meds
glove pouch that I use to hold cash (Wallet is too full and if robbed and don’t use my firearm I would rather surrender what little cash I carry than my wallet)
tape measure

T shirt pocket:
asthma inhaler
wireless earbuds

Right front pocket:
keys, including a small keychain tool assortment and a keychain CPR barrier
wallet with two card tools

Bottom row left to right

Left cargo pocket:
2 lens cloths and lens cleaner
a plastic chewing gum container with wet ones antimicrobial wipes (The container protects the Wet Ones from movement and other things in my pocket)
a head light
A Kershaw spring-assisted opening knife. I have an assortment so I rotate the knife.

Right cargo pocket:
A head light
Spacer for the inhaler
A Kershaw spring-assisted opening knife. This one has a seat belt cutter and glass breaker so I do not rotate it.

I have actually needed the vast majority of this stuff at one time or another.

I have worked in healthcare for 25 years in two states, most of which was night shift. I have worked in every setting from the most advanced frontline trauma centers to broke-ass nursing homes to home health from the wealthiest areas to the projects.

I have worked through power failures, floods, major thunderstorms, snow storms, ice storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. I have worked through several previous infectious disease scares. I hesitate to say pandemics because SARS-COV-1 (SARS) and H1N1 did not turn out to be as easily spread as SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19).  I frequently have drives up to two hours through rural and sometimes mountain areas to wherever I am working.

Maybe seven or eight years ago, I moved a number of things I was carrying from my pockets to my belt. I always wear pants or scrubs that have cargo pockets and belt loops, and I rarely wear a shirt without a pocket.

Well, there it is, guys. Have fun.


[This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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    • I carry keys, government tracking device (phone), something to cut stuff with, and my G19..
      Oh, when I go into town, a card holder..

      Not a fan of batman workouts.

      • It is great to be ready but you are missing the N95 Mask. I would think you could put quite a bit in a waste pack. You might need a water purifier also. I carry a very expensive one in my bug out kit. Overall ,I am impressed and don’t think you deserve the obnoxious remarks. There is the old wise words “He is laughs last laughs loudest” . I hope is does not come to this but you are prepared.

  1. Holy utility belt, Batman.!

    That’s a lot of stuff to tote on your personage.

    Seems like you know what you’re about.

    Hope your insurance covers back problem though.😳

    Oh…took me a while the gun…like …wheres Waldo

  2. Well, as far as EDC goes, that’s a “holy frijoles, Batman!” ton of stuff to lug around under your jacket. What’s he going to carry when Summer comes?

    On a related note, I am actively going through my vehicle’s Bug Out/In Bag that I’ve had at the ready for several years, and updating the contents as per my continued education of what’s more appropriate or efficient. So that’s my personal project for next week.

    • On a positive note, the Star BM is nice. I’ve had two in my lifetime, and the nicer one has been in my family line since the ’70s. My absolute favorite compact 1911-style gun. But for the fact that I’ve streamlined most of my handguns to Glocks, I’d otherwise carry the Star.

      • I still have my Star Firestar, my first gun bought in the early 90s. I was able to procure extra 13 round mags back in the day. She’s the gun I cherish most but rarely shoot. She conceals well but is picky with certain ammo.

        • Yep. The other Star BM was my first handgun I ever bought (early ’90s). Still in the family, though not mine anymore. The other one (that’s now mine after almost 50 years in our family) is a beaut.

    • I recently added an extra wool blanket to my vehicle kit. I changed out my food rations from canned and boxed stuff to a pair of 24 hour MRE’s. I also added a candle lantern and supply of candles.

      I spent the night in a disabled car in sub freezing weather once. A candle can make a difference in how your night goes.

      • i had a truck like that once. with floor boards swiss cheesed it breezed. always had a candle going in the console to warm my hands. it took the edge off. in a ’67 gmc the fuel tank is your backrest- inside the cab. this one had a slight leak…

    • I carry the same stuff in summer. I wear cargo pants and a t shirt in all seasons. Believe or not, a t shirt covers the stuff on the belt easily. I like ones a bit on the baggier side obviously.

  3. Nope… nope..nope!! This was in the same section of the last children’s book I read when I was 10 and into fantasy.

    And a spacer…. really?????? There is a reason insurance stops paying for those when your over 18.

    Explains the Springfield tote as well. The good news for you is that Santa will be here in about 8 months and the Easter bunny I’m sure will drop you a basket this weekend!

    • Actually insurance pays for 1 spacer a year at least up to age 49. Next year I will let you know about age 50. They really do make MDIs more effective and eliminate user error. Especially the HFA MDIs. As you can see I prefer a repsimat to an HFA, more so because that is the only way to get Combivent in the US anymore.

  4. I’m not saying this guy doesn’t carry all this stuff, but damn! How long does it take him to get dressed in the morning?

  5. If he/she was really in danger of needing the fire starting kit I would also expect a GPS/satellite messager. I have both when I hike into the sticks, but not everyday. I could get either from my car anytime I drive it though.

  6. I would recommend a 5-11 vest. you can shove all that stuff in its many pockets. It is the only 5-11 clothing I own and I did not buy it for carry. i have 7 digits worth of airlines miles from all the TDYs I got sent on and I learned in the post 9-11 environment that it was easier to put all your odds and ends into the various pockets and throw it in a tray. After I retired I discovered the Duluth Presentation Jacket which accomplishes the same thing without the tacticool look but it sounds like you would be over dressed.

    • I appreciate the suggestion, but I’ve never been a vest guy. Cargo pockets and a good belt do just fine for it all.

  7. LMFAO, this stuff keeps getting better. When you think you’ve seen it all…just wait a couple days and bang! That crimson butt pirate dude killed me, I want to see more madness for the next pic please.

  8. Enough is enough. I didnt carry that much kit downrange or as a police officer. I havent said anything on previous posts, so here is the download.

    If this post is to irritate people like me to get me to post, well ill be your huckleberry today, cause its just idiotic. I can stand stupidity or liars.

    If you are carrying 50 freaking rounds youre an idiot. Tell me how you explain to a jury you did three mag dumps in a shootout in a self defense scenario and were justified doing it outside your home or an infiltration by a foreign power’s army.

    I Leaned how to escape and evade with less crap.

    If you cant show intent, opportunity and capability, you have almost zero grounds for using deadly force, unless its under castle doctrine. Even stand your ground laws require some composition of these three components.

    Appendix carry is for mall ninjas, every tool ive seen carrying this way is a reddit troll that carries a 33 rd mag as their back up. Again, didnt carry that much ammo in combat as a SOF operator., and hey, im magically still here.

    Glocks just work. I have and use other guns, but when it comes to hearing a bang instead of a click i default to glock. Just my flavor, choose what you will, not a glock fan boy but they work, ill plant my flag there.

    Affordable reliable guns are a necessary choice for some, shut up about what you think is necessary for someone to be sufficiently armed. And no you dont need two or three extra mags. If a wheelgun is reasonable, with 5 or 6 shots, why do you need two 13 rd mags?

    For the herds that believe you have to carry a full size auto somehow concealed without wearing a trench coat in summer weather, you are obviously armed. I dont dress so i can conceal, i dress for the weather and adjust my carry options accordingly. I love the dudes carrying fullsize 1911’s in the summer in florida. While im wearing gym shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops, and a iwb G42, or shield 40, or p3AT, these cats are wearing jeans, t-shirt, over shirt, etc…as i watch the sweat pour off their face, all i can think is that must suck.

    And finally, Jefferey Epstein didnt kill himself.

      • I think it is that it was it is okay to commit violence for the state most of your life and then live off the tax payer’s dime in Ft. Lauderdale for the rest of it.

    • Redemption in your last sentence. FWIW I am old slow obese achy and have no high speed low drag hand to hand fighting skill sets at all. So all I carry is a Colt 6933 pistol and one mag(a Magpul 60rd drum)loaded with Federal Tactical .223 Rem 60grn PSP ammo. The original poster is my hero of pocket dumps.

    • This post was not to irritate you or anyone else. They asked for what people are carrying and this is what I carry and what I have carried for along time.

  9. WOW! Crimson Pirate’s load out makes me feel so under equipped! I don’t own most of this stuff, much less carry it. How can I possibly get by with a Ruger LCP, 1 spare magazine, Spyderco Endura, small flashlight, Swiss Army penknife, phone and 2 keys? But if he REALLY CARRIES everything daily, it’s his back problems to endure.

    John Smith, I’m including the following apostrophes for your use. You’ll need to figure out where they belong. ( ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ) But I won’t give you any capital “I’s”.

  10. The only thing missing is the inflatable life vest. If the Pirate falls into a river they will never find his body.

  11. My XDS 45 is my summer EDC. I like its (lack of) weight and stopping power of the 45 vs 9. I recently took it, a Shield 45 and a Sig P250 45 and some reloads that I loaded and never had any problems with. The XDS repeatedly would not fire the 2nd rnd in the mag. The P250 balked on firing a rnd once. Another stroke of the trigger (DAO with restrike) fired it. The Shield ate them all and asked for more. I have since put various factory rnds thru the XDS 2 mags at a time with no problems whatsoever. I go the range on average every other day. Im going to keep firing 2 mags at time of factory fodder thru the XDS and as long as it keeps running, i’ll keep carrying it. If not, its going back to Springfield and I’ll carry the Shield.

  12. I keep waiting for someone to include a fully kitted out plate carrier in their edc pic.

    Does he think he’s going to need a rape whistle and fire starter on a regular basis? Also why 3 pocket knives? If you are that worried about being able to cut something, why not just get a knife that would make Rambo proud?

    If you need a fanny pack to carry all your stuff, why not buy a purse? Then he could change his name to Sally and move to near the top of the SJW victim stack.

    • 3 knives because I frequently have to lend them out and don’t get them back for hours or even days.

  13. Old Prof49, my distaste for apostrophes, or refusal to capitalize “i” is due to the fact it wastes time, and Im generally lazy with regards to stuff that doesnt matter, like when a comment post isnt a term paper, so why would i care about formal punctuation and grammar. if this is all you took from my discourse, you probably need to find something else to do.

  14. Crimson,

    I have been looking forward to your EDC description. When we met last summer in Harrisburg, did you have all of this (minus checking the gun and blades at security)? If you did, you had it all well organized; it did not seem much of a burden.
    That being said, it is an impressive amount of gear. It seems your work has caused you to think about a lot of details I just do not consider when I leave the house.

    Stay well, my friend. Best wishes for your wife, also!

    • No, I left most of it in the car as security at the capital can be a real pain sorting this kind of stuff out. I do the same at the doctors office and anytime I have to go into a court building.

      Anytime you want to meet up and see how easy it conceals and carries let me know, pending the end of the kung flu restrictions, of course.

      • I should add when visiting the capital I do carry the gun to have OC as a political statement at the outside portions of events.

  15. I can’t believe all the negativity here. I carry this level of stuff. Every. Day. If it ain’t on you, you don’t have it. I moved to cargo pants a long time ago because I kept finding myself leaving the “get-home” bags home to make room for all the wife’s crap. If I walked into a random room and started doing a pocket dump people would think it’s a some kind of clown car gag. Still, with everything in its place, I don’t look any different than the next guy and even have a couple pockets with nothing in them. A loose shirt is all you need to cover a pistol and mags. The rest can go in various pockets.

    I submitted a picture. Now looking forward to all the ridicule.

    • The 30 somethings are so quick to have their feelings hurt and need their hands held, it’s amazing. Questioning is suddenly ‘negativity’ from people who have in their experience morphed from more, to less. I would have thought this topical carry section had jumped the shark with this last one but, I may be wrong. Carry On.

      • If you’re reading hurt feelings or 30 something into me, guess again. We don’t know this person or his needs.
        I’m commenting on the lack of respect to the point of ridiculing and name calling. You underscore my point.

    • I carry a lot of stuff on-body and even more in my sling bag. I’m gussing some of the negative comments come from folks that are retired, less mobile, and/or have stuff they need within arms reach?

      • You carry a few things I don’t need. It sounds like my health may be a little better and I’m only thinking about getting the wife and myself taken care of. I’m Medicare eligible (but still working) and, yes, I can run a hundred yards with all my junk.

        Some of these guys jank you about the spare mags, but part of my thought process is, what if we’re hundreds of miles from home (which happens) and a disaster puts us on foot? (Which I hope never happens!) That may be all the ammo I have for the duration.

  16. I’ve seen macguyver make do with a whole lot less, just saying. Realistically I can see carrying all this stuff if you were say going camping/hiking or something other than everyday life. I carry a phone, gun (and spare mag if low capacity), knife, keys, and now hand sanitizer. If I had asthma I’d carry an inhaler. I also wear a paracord bracelet and watch. My phone has a light, I’m not gonna need 1000 lumens to find my keys if I drop them and I damn sure am not searching for someone like I’m police looking for a suspect. This is bordering on utter ridiculousness to carry this much gear. Not even Batman has all this shit on his belt.

  17. For everyone who is saying Crimson is carrying too much gear, I assume you mean it is too much for you. Or are you advising that it is too much for him?

  18. To each his/her own. Looking at this rig, I realize that I’ve got most of this as well. The difference being, I don’t keep it on my person, but in the vehicles in a small single strap bag. Carrying all of that on a belt, would be a backache for myself, and a Neon sign for whomever might be watching. No on the Zippo. Whenever you need it the most, that’s when it’ll run out of fuel, plus they can leak, and the burn is unpleasant at best. Buy a Bic with the shrink wrap designer cover, strip the cover so you can visually see how much fuel is left in the lighter.

  19. I carried enough crap in my rucksack when I was in the Army. I don’t want to do that as a civilian. More power to those that do. But I am looking for a very small first aid kit for ankle carry.

  20. “I have actually needed the vast majority of this stuff at one time or another…”

    Ah yes, the motto of the “Whacker.” The guy who is prepared for anything except having to jog more than fifty feet.

  21. If I had a nickel for every middle school student who used the same whinny excuses (“It’s not important… I have better things to do… You’re picking on me.”), I’d have a WHOLE BUNCH of nickels. Occasionally, a student would embrace the concept of excellence in their writing and devote the effort necessary to achieve that. Obviously, this is a foreign concept to you. You have a lot of company, so I see no need to comment further.

  22. The irony with these posts is astounding. It’s either “way too much, you’re dumb” (I’m paraphrasing, of course), or “not even close to enough stuff, you’re dumb”. I’ve yet to see anything on any of these “new” posts, or anything from the older carry posts, where there was any consensus on yay or nay.

    Nothing is perfect, nor will it ever be.

    Proof positive that the internet is full of shit, knows nothing, and can never be pleased.

  23. I carry a Shield 40, knife with a bottle opener, nice little flashlight, cash and a pocket German Shepherd …

  24. Do you carry some of that in a backpack? I mean, I have cargo pocket RIGGS pants, and that is still A LOT of stuff to carry. Movement restrictions and all. Not knocking it per say, but that key ring is nucken futs, and if that stuff is carried on a belt I would ask why not just OWB? There has to be more to this, and I don’t mean more gear, I mean more to the story. Maybe carry a knife quickly accessible in a front pocket instead of inside a cargo pocket too. I dunno, just seems like too much for me. You will always be able to get to stuff in your truck that should get you home where you have more gear instead of adding another 6″ to your waistline and looking like batmans utility belt.

    • The knives are clipped to the inside of the cargo pockets so they are not laying in there loose and are easily accessible. When in permissive environments I do carry OWB, especially if carrying a double stack. That is actually my preferred carry method. As I said in the post I have 4 or 5 carry guns that I switch between. I only do IWB in non permissive environments. In Pennsylvania it may be perfectly legal to carry someplace but against their policy. This is in distinction to places like Texas where a 30.06/30.07 sign makes it illegal to carry in violation of that signage.

      In most of the facilities I work in my vehicle is a long way away and inconvenient to get to for a tool or light. My vehicle has been broken into before and stuff has been stolen from it, so I am unwilling to leave firearms, or other things thieves might like in my car. Plus my position is such that I am usually not supposed to leave the floor or facility once I am on the clock.

      I am not familiar with RIGGS pants. I prefer K Mart Basic Edition Cargo pants. Since those are no longer available I have been trying some others. Carhartt workwear I found to be too stiff and heavy, and the cargo pockets are located in such a way that they catch m,y knee and get torqued as my knee moves. It has the effects of constantly adding resistance to my knees and pulling the pants down. Carhartt Tappen are good but I noticed they tend to run on the small size so I would order a size larger than you usually do.

      • I should add that for scrubs I like the Carhartt workwear ripstop. Belt loops, cargo pockets, everything in the right place and they hold up well.

      • You have to look up RIGGS ranger pants. They make carhartts look bad. They are made by wrangler, and much more crotch room. Plus, the pockets are better and not slanted like those carhartts. By far the best pants I have ever worn. I even went so far as to venturing into the jeans territory with them, and they are equally as good without the cargo pockets. More casual. They are heavyweight, but durable. It’s a trade off, and a couple months in you don’t even notice it. I wear them all summer.

  25. This guy needs to up his game. I mean, I carry twice that in my EDC loadout, plus my MK18 in my left pant leg. You know why? Cuz if it AIN’T ON YA, YA AIN’T GOT IT!

    In all seriousness, this is a ridiculous EDC loadout. Yeah, get your feelings hurt if you want. I’m not going to throw my credentials out here, but I can guarantee that I am more qualified than about 95% of you to make this call. This is exactly why you should have a get-home/bugout bag in your vehicle; so you are not lugging all of that crap around in your underwear.

    If you carry this much crap on your person, then YOU, my friend, will not do well in a survival scenario. You would seriously benefit from the organization and adaptability of having all of the semi-essentials nicely packed into an easily accessible bag. Running around with all of this packed into your cargo pockets like a chipmunk will leave you vulnerable when you need this equipment, and you are not going to be looking like a hero you are desperately trying to empty all of this stuff out of your pockets to find a flashlight or set of keys.

    • Well Connie…..you showed your horse’s-ass credentials.

      Might as well lay out any other credentials you posses.

      My guess is your credentials reside in you pajama pants pocket in your mother’s basement.

      • She’s not wrong tho… it’s too much. The heart is in the right place, but you’d be better served by keeping a get home bag for the extra’s. I’m not knocking him, but over half this stuff is pack stuff.

  26. It seems you have an explanation for why you carry pretty much everything, but please dear lord explain to me why you have 6 houses worth of keys? I see what looks to be at least 3 sets of vehicle keys…

    • We have 2 vehicles and at the time I took the pic I also had a company van for my part time job. I typically try to get at least 3 weeks worth of hours in every 2 week pay period. Also keys to our place, my in-laws house , my parents house in Texas, and keys to a host of locks on gun cabinets, storage unit, and other things, and ring with and assortment of keychain tools.

  27. Just to be clear – this isn’t an April Fool’s Day post?

    There’s a legit dude out there cosplaying like this on a daily basis?


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