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These videos were obviously filmed back in the good old days when barber shops were still open. Good times, good times.

Since SilencerCo‘s Darrell Morrow was in Austin, Silencer Shop‘s Elliot Aquila took him out for for the full Roffler and to shoot the breeze about suppressors and how good business had been (among other things).

Little did they know how hot firearm and suppressor sales were about to become.



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  1. I bought a surefire can using one of their kiosks about two or three weeks before the kung flu hit. Damn man what a breeze, the kiosk does everything for you. If anyone out there wants to get a can but is intimidated by the process, just go find and use one of the SilencerShop kiosks. It walks you through the entire process. Took me about 10 min to take prints and fill out all the necessary questions.

    • That’s pretty awesome. Now if only they had them inside like soda machines, or old school cigarette ones. Guns too. Get a new gun from a kiosk like the japanese get their entire days worth of meals.

    • Their system has been awesome since they opened. I got an SBR with a can probably over 5 years ago, and I have only one complaint. You can easily end up with all the legal paperwork and no idea where it came from or what you’re supposed to do with it. Without those companies, what I accomplished in a day would have taken years of study. Either way, the wait for the bureaucratic blessing is the same (infuriating), but knowing you are not waiting to simply find out you did something wrong, start over, is extremely helpful. It has been a great idea, I hope they’re getting rich.

  2. Problem is it is a process that amounts to citizens who have already passed a NCIC having to jump through more hoops like silly circus animals and cough up money for Big Brother to purchase a can. When this insult ends I’ll may be interested. Until then I’ll use a pillow.

  3. You folks know there’s going to be a massive surge in business for barber shops and hair salons when the current apocalypse has passed, right?

    I know the barbershop I usually go to is not only closed for the duration, the indoor shopping mall it is located inside also decided to shut down as well.

    I drive by a couple of small barber shops in strip malls, all shut down tight.

    I may be forced to take extreme measures. Or borrow one of daughter’s hair scrunchies … wonder if those come in camo, flat dark earth or rmay be Safety Orange???

      • That’s about where I am right now. I missed my appointment by two days. Had been dropping hints to the wife that a biker friend thought I’d look good with a ponytail and a Gimli beard. I had visions of riding a Harley with those cool high-rise handlebars, and a stream of braided beard flowing over each shoulder. The wife had visions of a cot out on the veranda. However, this may be my opportunity, because she was there when I was sternly told not to cut anybody’s hair ever again, after trimming 3 year old daughter’s bangs.

  4. My guy allows you to use a web based app to set up appointments. I’ve scheduled one a month for several months out. So whenever this is done, I’m good.

  5. Are supressor sales up vs guns (pistols/ARs) and ammo? I get that everyone who didn’t have a gun is considering getting one for protection, but are these new owners at the same time rushing to protect their ears? If they are that is great but I would like to see some numbers on that. I could see places with possible bans coming seeing a surge.

  6. now that the locked, matted mess past my ass is gone (i really wanted that promotion, plus i kept seeing bald ponytails and decided not to be that guy) i just attack myself with shears and sheep shears every couple few months. sometimes little girl tightens up the back neck.

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  10. It’s good that quarantines are over and you can safely visit this salon and get your hair done. When all the barbershops were closed, many cut their own hair, the main thing was that there was a machine, but not everyone got a good haircut.


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