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That sound you hear in the distance is thousands moms and their supporters in the media crying out in horror.


In a bid to minimize personal contact while accommodating the crush of Americans who are still buying firearms at a record pace, our friends at the ATF have authorized gun stores to sell firearms through drive through windows. This is not a late April fools joke

As is more likely to be the case, gun sellers will also be allowed to set up tents or kiosks outside their stores to minimize personal contact and keep the retail traffic moving.

According to USA Today . . .

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, in new guidance to federally licensed firearm retailers, said Friday that dealers can provide drive-up or walk-up service to reduce health risks posed by the coronavirus.

The guidance was issued, the ATF said, in response industry questions about how business transactions could be restricted following the declaration of a national health emergency.

Licensees “may carry out the requested activities through a drive-up or walk-up window or doorway where the customer is on the licensee’s property, on the exterior of the brick-and-mortar structure at the address listed on the license,” the ATF said in a Friday bulletin.

The move was made at the request of the National Shooting Sports Foundation in an effort to expedite background checks and make the firearms sales process as safe for both gun retailers and customers as possible given COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

As the ATF’s guidance letter lays out . . .

(1) An FFL may carry out the requested activities through a drive-up or walk-up window or doorway where the customer is on the licensee’s property on the exterior of the brick-andmortar structure at the address listed on the license.

(2) An FFL may also carry out the requested activities from a temporary table or booth located in a parking lot or other exterior location on the licensee’s property at the address listed on the license, but any such activities must occur in a location where the licensee has the authority to permit ATF’s entry for inspection purposes. Whether the FFL has the authority to permit such entry, and whether a location constitutes the FFL’s property, is likely to be a factspecific inquiry. An FFL carrying out the requested activities from an exterior table or booth should maintain its inventory and records securely in the interior of the brick-and-mortar structure and ensure that the records of each firearms transaction are stored in the interior.

(3) An FFL may not carry out the requested activities from a nearby space that is not located on the licensee’s property at the address listed on the license, unless such activities are at a qualified in-state gun show or event, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 923(j) and 27 C.F.R. § 478.100, or other provision of federal law.

(4) An FFL may conduct non-over-the-counter firearm sales to unlicensed in-state residents who are exempt from NICS requirements in accordance with 18 U.S.C. § 922(c), 27 § C.F.R. 478.96, and ATF Procedure 2013-2.

You can read the ATF’s full letter here.

We haven’t seen any reaction yet from Shannon Watts, Kris Brown, John Feinblatt, or any of the rest of the leaders of the gun-grabbing community, but we hope they have a nice Easter weekend.


The gun grabbing community isn’t taking this well.

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  1. I’m utterly shocked that the BATFE used common sense..
    Whoever authorized this will probably get fired, or institutionalized for using their brain.

  2. Yeah Eff the Grabbers and little Bloomturds demanding Commie momey’s,let freedom and liberty reign. Leftard’s take it in the shorts yet Again !

    • One of the best comeback comments I have ever seen. Concise, to the point and with just the Right amount of sarcasm toward Idiot America.Go 2A…..and Green Mt. Patriots

  3. If they allow cannabis sales to continue… What’s wrong with drive-by gun purchases? Such a convenient way to pick up ammo.

    • will you be wearing these home? would you like me to load these for you? clean and lube? we also offer a free sight adjustment service for every thousand rounds purchased.

  4. Makes sense. Before lockdown orders but after the panic buying started I had a couple guns waiting for me at the local FFL. He had me fill out the form and send him photos and then handed it over to me to sign when I got there having approved me remotely. No idea if it was technically within regs but it was very reasonable.

  5. On one hand, I’m pleased to read this. Waiting to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Karens.

    On the other hand, since when was the ATF’s approval ever needed, as long as all necessary procedures and forms were observed? What’s the difference between a customer coming inside the walls of the location to conduct the transaction, and acting thru the same walls to conduct the same transaction with the same FFL via the same BGC & 4473?

    • I have a feeling that this situation may cause a bit of a reevaluation in how processes are approached in all levels of government. Lot of areas can be made more efficient and God forbid actually sensible. The danger of course is having an efficient and effective government.

    • Under normal circumstances curb side delivery may ruffle BATF feathers. Order up…guy in the Ford truck wants 2 Glocks 17s hold the night sights. When dealing firearms walk the line unless told otherwise.

  6. One question? Does these new guidelines preempt All the executive orders Governors,Sheriffs and bureaucrats have enacted closing firearms dealers. As well as actions taken by courts upholding those orders.

  7. Since many gun stores are small this will help with elbow room, hats off to ATF.
    Today was a first for me to wear a mask at a not so crowded grocery store. Everyone wore masks of some sort. Shoppers were more than 6 feet apart. Had most everything in stock except TP. A bunch azzwipes beat me to it.

    • LOL, ’bout 3 weeks ago, the alarms started going off about TP shortages. I took measures, ordering online. Got a shipment of Jumbo Jr. rolls from Georgia Pacific. Got a second shipment of baby rolls that disappointed me, but the price was reasonable, all things considered. Got a third shipment yesterday that was outright fraud – they advertised Charmin, and substituted ultra-tiny rolls from China. I’ve filed a claim against them, went online, and ordered another shipment of GP Jumbo Jr. I closed the window, and the wife walks in with a twelve pack from WalMart.

      People are crazy, and the frauds are brazen.

  8. Hey I was shocked and amazed when JB Prickster declared guns “essential” in ILLinoyed. Brave new world and all that. Oh and it keeps revenue flowing! Let me have a burger and a Beretta😏

  9. I find it interesting that firearms dealers are finding a rational response to the so-called “crisis.” Keep the business running, but put some safeguards into place. Perhaps, just perhaps, the rest of the country could take notice?? That we we can get things running again and minimize risk at the same time.

    • This country NEEDS to get business running again. Under different conditions, sure, but running. This virus is going to be with us for a long time…we can’t shut down the economy and keep artificially inflating stock markets forever.

        • Not right now. Right now the disease is killing thousands of people. The ‘cure’ is not. People do not have ‘recession’ listed on their death certificates the way they have respiratory infection. Some will die indirectly, but we can (if we choose) take measures to stop that.

          You know what happened in the great depression? Life expectancy went up.People life longer in economic downturns. Probably because they do less risky things like driving and eating shit food.

          There is some point at which we would no longer be able to sustain economic stoppage without seeing real loss of life. That point is a long distance from now- it would, incidentally, happen a lot sooner in countries like India where people will literally starve if their economies stay halted too long due to issues of urbanization and food production.

          Until that point, you are trying to sacrifice lives for lifestyle. A desire to keep things as normal when things are not normal means something has to give. Personally I am surprised by how many ‘pro-life’ people who suddenly are perfectly okay with letting grandpa and grandma die off so that americans don’t have to forgo that second family car.

        • Hannibal,

          The situation is significantly more nuanced and deadly than you realize.

          Isolation at home and/or financial ruin as a result of the stay-at-home and stop-work/business orders will drive a LOT of people — I could easily picture thousands of people — to commit suicide who would not have otherwise committed suicide. Remember, 100s of thousands of people who literally invested their entire life savings in a small business will lose their small business and their entire life savings and become despondent. Still more people who were struggling with depression, although managing it well enough such that they had no desire to end their lives, will spiral into darkness with the isolation and loss of income and call it quits.

          Then there are the countless people who had fairly healthy lifestyles (diet, exercise, stress levels, rest/sleep, healthcare) before the virus whose lifestyles will significantly degrade for the rest of their lives because this business/work stoppage devastates them professionally and/or financially going forward. Such people will now eat lower quality foods, give up exercise because their new business/work precludes exercise for one reason or another, experience far higher stress levels, possibly get less rest/sleep, and perhaps have no significant healthcare. This group of people will die years earlier than they would have without the work/business stoppages.

          There are additional consequences as well with similar results. (I will not list them or else this comment will turn into a book.)

          Whether or not such deaths are indirect (versus direct) consequences of the COVID-19 virus stay-at-home and work-stoppage orders is irrelevant. Deaths WILL occur that would NOT have otherwise occurred because of those orders.

          Our President and Governors faced two possible choices:
          (1) Order people to stay at home and stop business/work.
          (2) Do NOT order people to stay at home nor stop business/work.
          Which of those two choices saves the most lives? I have no idea. I doubt that anyone else knows the answer, either. Regardless, both choices will cost lives, a LOT of lives. And we would be foolish to poo-poo either choice.

        • further hampered by the unwillingness of any particular governor to be the first to open up. we’re in for a lame ass game of chicken here.
          identify the high risk. keep them isolated. get back to work.
          my sincerest apologies to all who’ve suffered loss.
          it’s good to zero out the clock. that’s why it happens.

        • Hannibal,

          The reason “life expectancy” increased was, like now, less car deaths! No jobs. Nowhere to go. No money to go anywhere.

          But.. suicides went through the roof. What do you think we will see this year if the government’s aid is not enough for the average Joe?

          Who is dying? People with underlying conditions (unhealthy). 99% of Italians who have died were already sick and age was 79.5.

          Healthy people below 50 have little to worry about…unless they are sickly.

          Since 66% of America is obese of fat… Mother Nature may cleanse the unhealthy better here. Probably not because of our wealth and ability to get things done.

          This shutdown will likely ruin many families. It is logical that 20% to 50% of the restaurants will never open again. All restaurants will likely have their worst year ever…except for the old school drive-ins like SuperDawg.

          How many other small businesses will close? Less than 50%.

          This is going to have a long hangover and create incredible stress for heads of the family… and we all know what that leads to: more divorce, more violence, more suicide.

          This shutdown is not good for America… though it may be necessary. We are saving our unhealthy citizens…which is about 2/3rds of America.

          An 600% increase in planet population in 100 years and 400% in the US alone means overpopulation…and Mother Nature wants to cleanse us like she does with all animals who overpopulate.

          Best wishes! Remember… Corona only with a lime!

        • What a bunch of clueless “it just the flu bro” idiots.

          An YES Rush is wrong/clueless – 1st major event of the last 30yrs of listening to him where I’d say such. His cancer may be taking him out of the loop.

      • AND….we definitely can’t keep handing out money to everybody to try and keep them from pitching a ‘hissy-fit’. I never thought I would see the time that the US gov’t would hand out money to people like it is doing now. Even some, like these Jihadi Janes, want to give money to illegal aliens (INVADERS)

    • The company I work for has been chugging along with new safeguards as the CDC advises new things. I think nearly everyone but the dentist’s office could be open right now. It’s sad to see so many people hurting and I’m making money like normal and buying cheap gas and driving with half the traffic. “Olly olly oxen free everyone, let’s get back to work” as the lead character in a John Ringo book once said.

  10. Mark my words: the hoplophobe contingent is going to gin up attack ads on Trump, claiming that he’s “peddling guns to children through the McDonald’s drive-up window, like Happy Meal toys” or some such nonsense. You know it, I know it, they know it.

    So it’s time to embrace this and crank it up to 11.

    What we need now is bulk service at a drive-up gun dealer. What I’m envisioning is a service where when you drive up to the window, you’re on a drive-across scale. You stay in your pickup, and they take your “light weight.” Then they ask “22, 9, 45, 38, 223 or 308? Whatchuwant?” and you tell them what you want: “I want 400 pounds of 9, and 600 pounds of 223!”

    Then, an auger swings out of the side of the building, and it positions over the bed of your pickup. The cute girl in the drive-up window (heck, have her wearing a t-shirt and some Daisy Dukes, just to finish enraging the anti-gun Karen set) pushes a button and she augers in as many hundreds of pounds of whichever ammo you wanted – loose, like a bulk commodity like dent corn or fertilizer.

    After they finish loading your pickup bed with loose ammo, you they scale you out at your ‘heavy’ weight, and they swipe your credit card. You sign the weight slip and your receipt, and you drive off with a pickup bed full of shiny new ammo.

  11. This reminds me of the first time I went to Florida and went to the ABC liquor store.

    I don’t know if it’s still that way but you USED to be able to drive up and buy liquor and even a mixed drink from the drive thru window. I’m not sure but I don’t believe you could drive like that with an open container but you could sit in the parking lot and drink your drink. It was up to you to make sure you weren’t drunk.

    Ah the days of old where the gov’t let you decide if you were breaking a law or doing something you shouldn’t. Then and only then would they intervene.

    We are no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    I blame Political Correctness, feminism and parents who have too much time on their hands along with a media and government populated with nannies, old washerwomen, petty tyrant hall monitors and other assorted small people who are afraid of their shadows and are jealous of those who are brave and sure of themselves.

    • When I was in High School they built a “Liqueur Barn” store a block away from Ft Walton Beach HS. During school lunch, the line at the drive through would was twice around the building. The drinking age was 18 and there was no open container law. A buddy of mine and I got pulled over once by a FWPD officer once and Stan asked the cop to hold his beer while he reached for his wallet.

      In the winter when there were no tourists, you could get served in pretty much any bar if you were a 16 year old who needed to shave or were tall.

      Those were the days.

        • I should have added that the drive through wasn’t just for bottles or a six pack – You could get mixed drinks to go. I got 2 double screwdrivers through the window almost every day during school lunch when I was a senior.

      • At the corner of Wright Pkwy and 98, across from the park.

        There’s a big church there now, but there was a small one next to it before. My sister got married in it. Or maybe it’s the same one but enlarged.

    • drive through trunk service is a thing down south, even in illinois. nola is the only place i’ve legit been handed open container behind the wheel (“dude, why are you stopping here? the back seat is full of beer.”
      “would you like that opened?”
      “yes, please”).
      the feds threatened highway fund withholding, la said keep it.
      is there still a generic abc malt liquor?

  12. B4 the 1968 G.C.A. (Gun Control Act) you could order them through the mail, delivered by the United States Post Office. Lee Harvey Oswald did.

    • check out “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot”….they bought a 20mm cannon that way…and, yes…you could do that…including ammo….still remember those ads in the comic books…

    • So did millions of other people that never shot a president.

      The democratic version of ‘it takes a village’ is ‘punish the entire village for the misdeeds of one’.

  13. It’s too bad we can’t have guns delievered directly to us. First and foremost, I disagree with NICS checks and 4473 form requirements as unnecessary regulations on a constitutional right(there is no gun law that I support). Even with the bs requirements, I don’t get why 4473s and NICS checks can’t be done by a seller and then send it to the buyer with a signature required delievery.

    • IIRC the CMP ships to your door, at least rifles. You get your order form notarized, they do a background check at their end, and they ship a real-by-god-weapon-of-war M1 Garand direct to your front porch. (the 1911 sales process is much more obnoxious, and you still need to go to a local FFL to pick up, however.)

  14. Well, the sign was prophetic. “Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms should be a conscience store not a government agency”. Sweet. Now if the prices will just come back down.

    • OK, if you want to discuss ATF –
      There is NO logical reason to associate the sale of Firearms (a Constitutionally protected activity) with the sale of Alcohol and Tobacco (Federally taxed commodities which are by their nature inherently dangerous to the consumer’s health).

  15. Id be impressed if the ATF just allowed firearms to be shipped to my door, kinda like they used to…

    Why as 2A supporters are we impressed with any of this? We should be impressed when the 1968 and 1986 firearms acts as well as all red flag laws are repealed, thats progress.

    Since bump stocks are Not allowed and possession makes you a felon, thanks to Trump our great 2A protector. Am i a felon if i bumpfire my rifle, or is it only if i use a stock?

    And, Hillary Clinton is a War criminal, and Epstein didnt kill himself.

  16. Does Rudy’s BBQ handle transfers? That’s about the only place I can imagine having an FFL and being in a building that already has a drive-thru window. Is this guidance permanent, so far as anything the ATF says can ever be considered “permanent?”

    Maybe some day soon, I will be able to order a handgun online, have it sent to Whataburger, and pick up a double with cheese, mayo, pickles, and grilled onions while I’m there. No need to wait on a phone call when I have an LTC.

    A new piece, with a two-piece (and a biscuit).

  17. I refuse to Pat steppers on the back. This is good, but we want vending machines and delivery to our front door with no registration. Comply, or we up the printing/CNC game to be so universal, you won’t have a choice. One step forward…

  18. Do many gun shops have drive thru? Would love to see the menu board of one. ATF giving permission to conduct sales from a drive thru strikes me pretty much like California requiring ammo to have positive identifying marks. Except one grants what doesn’t exist and the other requires what doesn’t exist.

  19. Yeah so is there a drive by gun range I can practice at? Like they had way back at Burning Man? Good ranges here are public and closed.


    • Charlie “The Barker” Baker takes orders from his A.G. / Maura Healey (Authoritarian General). M Assachusetts is a STASI Operated Police-State….Where there are constant 2nd amendment infringements along with other Constitutional Waviers….

  21. According to the founding document of the national government, amendments two, and ten, no agency of the national government has any legitimate legal authority to ban or regulate the sales of firearms or the circumstances in which they can be sold. Nor is the national government given any authority under that document to inflict health restrictions on the retail sales of anything. Those are the prerogatives of state and local governments.

    In a way though, there is a part of me that likes the fascist excesses that the nanny state is inflicting now. Tyranny is further poisoning its own environment and hastening the day when a critical mass of subjects will decide to take back their authority as citizens. .

  22. The idiots at Brady don’t seem to grasp the essential difference between buying a firearm and buying a hamburger – this Drive-Thru procedure still requires all the paperwork of an indoor purchase, including NICS. How like a lib-turd: screaming for the sake of screaming.

  23. Burger & fries are not Human Natural God Given Rights codified in the most sacred document on earth & untouchable…ur right as a human from birth! The End!

  24. I’m somewhat confused about this, because we have gun shops with drive up windows here in Arizona. Down in Coolidge there is a drive through gun/liqueur store.

    Table in the parking lot is new though.


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