Springfield Armory XD 3
Courtesy BillB
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Springfield Armory XD 3" Sub-Compact
Billb’s Springfield XD 3″ Sub-Compact along with his Crossbreed SuperTuck and a Smith & Wesson 3400 knife (courtesy Billb)

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Billb writes . . .

This is my EDC when I go out the door. The Springfield Armory XD 3″ 9mm Sub-Compact is carrying 13 + 1 of Hornady 124gr +P hollow point that has been 100% reliable and feeds every type of ammo I’ve put through it. It’s also very accurate especially for a sub compact.

Backing that up are two extra magazines of 13 rounds (never know when a horde of zombies will round the corner).

I carry it in a Crossbreed IWB. It’s super comfortable and the leather holds up well here where it’s so hot in the summer.

The Smith & Wesson 3400 knife I’ve carried longer than the pistol. Never rusts, holds a good edge and is very slim.

Lastly the keys to the R/T Challenger. Fun and guns. If I weren’t carrying this pistol it would probably be a Smith J-Frame.

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  1. My wife has a XDs .45 that she retired. Not bad gun but that mag carrier that comes with it is awful IMHO (and her’s).

    Crossbreed isn’t a brand I’ve used but that holster looks like it’s taken a lickin’ and kept on tickin’.

    • I haven’t used their holsters but I bought one of their leather gun belts 5 years ago. I’ve worn it daily that entire time, while working construction. It’s held up EXTREMELY well. If their holsters are anything like their belts (and I have no reason to believe they’re not) then they are worth every penny of theIt premium price

  2. I have many handguns and sell even more through my small business. The Springfield XD and XDM’s are one of my favorites. As you said 100% reliable and feed anything. I suppose some Eeyore out there will point out that they had an ammunition misfire, probably from a filthy chamber, but short of the primer not working it truly is 100%. I’ve had new Sigs and HKs that had to go back to the factory because a spring broke prematurely or there was a bad batch of bent feed lips on mags but I do not believe we have ever sent a XD or an XDM back for anything.
    Now about getting those rear sights out! Ha!! I’ve developed a system that does not require a cheater pipe on my MGW Pro sight pusher.

  3. Nice kit. The XD a superior gun. My. 10 year old XD 40 duty, 100% reliable and extremely accurate.
    Good to see you are getting milage out of your XD mag carrier. The XDs came equipped with some very good accessories. The mag carrier, holster and a mag loaded all good stuff.
    Hard to beat an XD even today.

  4. Nice kit, the XD is a superior gun. My 10 year old XD 40 duty, 100% reliable and extremely accurate.
    Good to see you are getting milage out of your XD mag carrier. The XDs came equipped with some very good accessories. The mag carrier, holster and a mag loaded all good stuff.
    Hard to beat an XD even today.

  5. I have the exact gun. It definitely feels like one of sturdiest, overbuilt polymer pistols I’ve had my hands on. I prefer the original xd over the M series. PSA is now selling these for 320 which is a lot less than I paid for mine and what I would recommend to someone with a tight budget.

    • Really? That cheap?? I carry an XDm compact and my wife (on the occasions when she actually does) carries an XD subcompact just like this one. I’ve shot it a lot more than she has…it’s a kickass firearm. The best pistol you’ll ever get for $320, I can guarantee you that.

      Minus the extra mags, this guy’s rig looks a lot like mine. I sent it in…wonder if it’ll ever run. Probably too boring. 🙂

      • I carry the same XD9 sub compact but added Pierce grip extensions to get an extra finger on the grip. Also added XS night sights. Bought mine when PSA had them for $299 & free shipping. Springfield had their promo going on at the same time. 3 free mags and a carry case if you purchased an XD. Couldn’t pass it up. Gun and 5 mags for $320 with transfer fee. Carry mine in a Elpaso Saddlery cross draw.

        • The XD 9 SC was my first carry gun; excellent, solid gun. The Pierce grip extensions are very helpful with these subcompacts.

  6. I’m sure that’s a fine gunm. However the shortened grip gives it the appearance of a HiPoint.

  7. Nice loadout.

    I guess it’s just me…i have never even thought about buying an XD.

    Nothing wrong with them…have shot them (mainly in 40)…..just doesnt crank my tractor.

    I recommend a flashlight … but I cant see in dark places.

  8. That exact model was my first pistol and still one of my favorites. Not too long ago PSA had some killer sales on the full size 9mm and .45 models, so now I have one of each of those too. I put extended baseplates on the sub-compact mags so I can get a full grip on it, and all of them now have Speed Sights night sights on them. I really like my XD pistols, and like others here have said, they have been 100% reliable for me.

  9. Nice. I have an XD Mod 2 Subcompact in 45 Auto. Been carrying it for two years pretty regular, has eaten thousands of rounds at the range and is still accurate and reliable. Still switch off with a 1911 from time to time. Looks like a good choice.

  10. I never realized how fugly those midget XPs were, holly cow they give Glock a run for their money!

  11. Deep cleaned and lubed my XDS 45 this a.m. and of course test fired 2 mags afterwards for function. Great IWB carry gun. My summer EDC. Weather in the upper 70’s low 80’s last few days made me think about carrying it. Back in the 50’s today. Commander in a shoulder rig for the time being.

  12. Never fired one myself..apparantly they are quality weapons but the longer i look at it the uglier it gets. Im sure it totes easier than most of the pistols i carry but i swear i cant get past the looks of them…and yes i know that sounds foolish. So sue me.

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