SIG 205gr 300BLK Tipped Hunting - E300H2-20 770x513
Courtesy SIG SAUER
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Newington, New Hampshire–based SIG Sauer, Inc. has added a 205-grain subsonic 300 Blackout load to its Tipped Hunting line of ammunition.

The new subsonic 300 Blackout ammunition features a yellow-tipped 205-grain lead-core bullet. This load uses the same single-base extruded powders as SIG Match Grade rounds.

“300 Blackout continues to be a popular caliber and, in addition to several Match Grade rounds, SIG Sauer now offers two hunting loads, this new subsonic 205-grain Tipped Hunting and the 120-grain supersonic Elite Copper Hunting ammunition,” said Brad Criner, Senior Director, Brand Management and Business Development, SIG Sauer Ammunition. 

SIG Sauer Elite Ammunition is manufactured at the company’s facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Optimized for the AR-15 platform, the new subsonic 300 Blackout Tipped Hunting ammunition is engineered to allow hunters to load 30 rounds in a 30-round magazine and have the cartridges feed properly. 

According to SIG Sauer engineers, they developed a stepped-down bullet design with a shouldered ogive that keeps the bullet from hitting the ridges of the magazine, which would cause the rounds to shift and eventually fail to feed. Nickel-plated cases aid in extraction.

Muzzle velocity is 1000 fps and muzzle energy is 455 ft.-lbs. from a 16-inch barrel, making it suitable for use with a suppressor to reduce sound signature and muzzle flash. This round is recommended for use in barrels 9 inches or longer.

The new SIG Sauer 205-grain 300 Blackout Tipped Hunting load E300H2-20 is now available for purchase at the for $33.95 per 20-round box.

SIG 205gr 300BLK Tipped Hunting
The new SIG Sauer 205-grain 300 Blackout Tipped Hunting load E300H2-20 is now available for purchase at the for $33.95 per 20-round box.

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  1. That is a funny looking projectile. But all that matters is performance. Need JWT to put a can on an AR and load up a couple mag fulls of this stuff and go chase pigs. Give us a report.

  2. Alas (egad!), here in CA one may not be granted permission from our Dear Leaders in Sacramento to own a fabled “silencer” that permits a metallic messenger of death to be sent on its flight silently, swiftly, and oh-so-much-more deadly. But alas.

    On my (suppressor-less) AR, I tried subsonic loads and hated the “boinggggg!” of the buffer spring and the clunky cycling. Switching back to the normal (150g) and supersonic (120g) loads made my Iron Lady purr again.

  3. Niche cartridge?
    I’ll keep my “FUDDSTER” calibers: 357mag buffalo bore, .308win, .300 win mag, and
    .45-70 govt BB.

    • I think 300 BO has become more than a niche cartridge. Honestly, 45-70 is probably more niche now.

  4. I am intrigued by all of the 300blk subsonic hunting ammo that is available. Given that the supersonic numbers are the same as 45ACP, how can subsonic ammo be effective for hunting?

    Assuming that it is, would it be good for self-defense as well?

    • It looks like it checks a lot of the right boxes for a home defense SBR…

    • I hunt. But not with a pistol. But .45 acp is more than adequate for a self defense weapon. And if this round allows an AR platform with 30 round mags. Yes. It’s good.

      I’m a big fan of pistol caliber carbines. Especially for us older folks.

      • 45 ACP is a pistol round and NO self-defense pistol round is adequate for self-defense as they all have little stopping power. If possible, I will ALWAYS use a rifle caliber

        • Rifles are generally more effective because their velocity causes a temporary cavity (flesh splash) that’s big enough to tear tissue instead of just pushing it aside a little. A 205gr rifle bullet and a 230 gr handgun bullet going the same velocity are going to have similar terminal results at defensive distances. It’ll probably do marginally less tissue damage than a PCC because the diameter is less. The higher sectional density of would allow a FMJ rifle bullet to penetrate further, but the expanded hollow point will probably make it penetrate similar to a handgun. The rifle bullet will be able to travel further since it’s more aerodynamic, and you can probably get a bigger magazine.

        • Guns are tools. You carry a pistol where you cannot carry a rifle. Pistols are not the best choice, but sometimes a pistol is the ONLY choice.

        • Are you joking? You have to be but the way you wrote that I had no idea. The numbers are published, handguns have killed more outside of a war than any other weapon available. The Mk23 program proved 45 as an offensive round when used in the proper situation.

          Gosh you had me for a while.

    • Subsonic 300 BLK is closer to the energy of .45ACP. Supersonic is pushing closer to 7.62×39 energy.

    • the .300blk subsonic numbers are right there with .45 ACP, and I’ve never heard of anyone with a Thompson loaded with a 30 round stick complaining about feeling undergunned.

  5. I really like subsonic rounds in my suppressed blackout. (currently loaded with 220 grain SMK’s at about 950 fps)
    Gives you almost the same smile as a suppressed squirt gun.

    This sig ammo looks pretty neat. Love to find some.

  6. Might try it out in a year…when they’re done done beta testing it on their customers.

  7. Noveske has some glow tipped .300 BLK rounds that are sans the shoulder but look to have the same rounded tip with a GITD insert.
    Sig ammo has been pretty reliable in everything I have thus far, might give these a try.

    • If the glow is in the tip, how does that help the hunter? That just gives the game a warning something is inbound…

  8. That is the fugliest cartridge I’ve ever seen…I mean seriously, the sig marketing department must be soiling themselves right about now.

  9. “Hunting ammunition is engineered to allow hunters to load 30 rounds in a 30-round magazine and have the cartridges feed properly.” Lol hopefully this gets rid of alot of hogs

  10. You have to be kidding me. First the shooting world went ape shit for a .30 caliber bullet in a .223 case. I remember Mark H had to have one. I yawned. His money. He bought one. He yawned. He hasn’t shot it years. Then the 6.5 Shitmore. Doesn’t do anything the 6.5 Mauser hasn’t done for over a hundred years. Now were back to this? We don’t need new calibers. We need better bullet launchers. Of course, those have been in short supply too. Just because it’s new doesn’t make it better.

  11. The bullet profile is intriguing and maybe a little scary. Some supersonic .300 BLK rounds can be chambered in a .223, but subsonics haven’t been a problem. What’s the diameter of the reduced nose?

  12. Question shooting a deer with this subsonic load. This would be fine for a coyote or bobcat at close range, but definitely not enough oomph to reliably take a deer humanely at a decent distance. Even the packaging refers to the cartridge’s use on varmints or predators. Using this on a deer at any decent range is as misguided as the jokers who are shooting at deer at well over 1,000 yards.

    • One could possibly take an archery hunting-style approach if using some subsonic 300 BLK cartridges to hunt deer. Limiting shots to typical archery hunting ranges might keep it reasonably effective and humane. But, that does negate a lot of the advantages of rifles vs archery.

  13. So, I also drank the .300 blackout koolaid. I have two 300 blk rifles now. Not something I would use for hunting, however fun at the range and for home defense. . To be ethical, when hunting I want my game to be dead right there, so 338 federal, 338 win mag, 45/70 or my 450 marlin (Kind of like a 45/70 magnum).

    .300blk has it’s place which allows hunting deer in most States where 5.56 is not legal still using the AR platform but is it really the best for medium game? I think not.

  14. I’ll load my own hunting rounds for 300BLK with Hornady’s 208gr. AMAX, thank you. 44¢/round with 8.5gr. H110 and once fired brass, CCI SRP @ 1023FPS, 483 ft-lb (By QuickLOAD)
    OR, 10.4gr. CFEBLK @ 1012 FPS, should be about the same ft-lb. maybe a bit less. (powder not in QuickLOAD)
    $1.70/round, “That’s Too Much!” as they say on The Price Is Right game.

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