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Jared T. writes . . .

Here’s what I’m carrying these days:

Gun: SIG Sauer P220 Carry Elite, Model W220-45-SP, 8 round magazines (x3) & a 10 round magazine
Ammo: Federal Punch .45 Auto 230 Grain
Holsters/Magazine Carriers: Depending on the day I carry primarily with an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster with an Alien Gear Double Cloak Mag Carrier. On days I’m feeling “tactical” I will carry with a Patriot Holsters IWB Holster with two Alien Gear Single Cloak Mag Carriers. For both options I carry my 10 round mag with a NeoMag with an extended clip.
Knives: Zero Tolerance 0350TS assisted opening folded pocket knife with a 3.25” blade and G10 handle grips. Schrade SCHF54 push dagger with a 3.24” double edge blade.
Flashlight/Weapon Light: Olight Baton Pro, 2000 Lumens max. Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie, 400 Lumens


[This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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  1. Dang. So do you have a briefcase, back pack, fanny pack or purse to carry all that when you go to the corner store for a candy bar ?

    • Yeah, I think I’m a-gonna hafta call poo-poo on this setup. He carries two blades and four mags of ammo every day? I *might* believe the two separate light sources, but that all seems like a lot of weight, and a lot of stuff, for a regular Joe to EDC. Unless he lives/works in Chicago. Or he’s undercover Batman. But then, he himself says he sometimes feels “tactical”. To each his own, so whatever works for him and keeps him safe.

      Frankly, I’m much more impressed by the WICNs that show a gat, a light, a blade, and maybe a lighter (which Jared doesn’t have on him). More realistic.

    • Maybe you should read the actual text below the picture. All your questions will be answered.

    • I have the Alien Gear double cloak mag carrier. IWB they are comfortable, but the adjustable design for different mags makes them bulky. But then again i have the double stack carriers. Great choices with Olights. They’re reliable and you can keep the battery level topped off with the magnetic charging cable. So, 35 rounds yeah?

  2. On the job I carried a P220, a reload and a set of lightweight cuff in Alessi leather along with a GT auto knife and I felt like I had Batman’s utility belt on. [Depending on the circumstances I also had a Centennial for backup.]

    This is a lot of hardware for a commuter.

  3. Looks like more than it actually is, with options displayed. One gun, three single stack reloads, two lights, pocket knife, push dagger and wallet. Fair enough.

    But that picture tho… the sound you hear in the background is the popcorn I’m making to enjoy this comment section.

      • When I used to carry a push dagger it was on my boot, the inside of my left ankle.

        I also carry one of my knives there when diving, but not on a boot. Lol

        • Got something else for those enjoying some fresh popcorn :

          “The Minneapolis City Council unanimously voted Friday to “dismantle” the city’s police department as their solution to police violence after George Floyd’s death.

          The City Council passed a resolution to focus on a community-based public safety system. President Lisa Bender, City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins and other council members made the announcement at a rally Sunday afternoon, saying they plan to “dismantle” their police department. The money for the police will instead go towards a “community-based public safety model,” according to Reuters.”

          This is gonna be *epic* to watch being implemented… 😉

        • I understand the Latin Kings are down with that in Chicago. I wonder how BLM and ANTIFA feel about that kind of community policing.

  4. Definitely reconsider that olight gear. Definitely trash. Bought a couple of PL-Mini-2’s on a sale around Xmas and already a failed switch on one after three months. Turns out it’s a common problem. They weren’t accepting any warranty work for three months because of Covid. Just got an email saying I can send it in.
    Never had any issues with my Streamlights or Surefire weapon lights or pocket lights. After the repair I’m selling them. Buying another tlr-1 or an x300.

    • I have about 7 different olights. My wife or I have never had an issue with any of them. We take most of them out for thermal hunting the yotes and hogs. Maybe we are lucky but my experience has been that they are a quality company.

      • Lumens- Yeah social media ad campaigns aside I’ve only really heard anything positive about them. The two handheld pocket lights I1R and I3E lights have been great. Just a little bigger than a Streamlight Nano I usually carry. Not going to replace my G2X yet though. I made a mistake too, bought them last July. So it worked well for 6 months. I don’t have a negative impression of the company yet it’s just the first defective weapon light I’ve owned and that includes Inforce WMLs 😬

        I Haz- I’m happy with my Olight pocket lights but hard for me to get over weapon related failures of any kind. I have a shotgun that once had its mag spring get locked up. I fixed it pretty easy but if it happened in a fight instead of at the range I’d be dead. Even after not experiencing a repeat of the event for some rounds I don’t trust it. It’s like a cheating spouse thing. I can’t be the only one who feels this way about malfunctions.

    • I have an original 1st Gen Streamlight I bought when the company started up about 30 years ago. Still have it in my nightstand.

      Today I’ve switched all my weapons lights and EDCs to Olights. Work great for me, and now that I think of it, there are three of them in this very same room from which I’m typing this.

      • Oops…I just realized what I wrote above last night. Meant to say “1st Gen Surefire”. I’ve never owned a Streamlight.

        Go Team Olight, baby!

        • Judging by your current choice in WMLs, I doubt you could afford one either.

          Imagine giving a shitty Chinese company like Olight all that business.

    • I have one Olight. It’s inexpensive, bright and seems to have good battery life. About one month in, one of the rubber switch covers popped off. Couldn’t find it. I figured it was a defective cover, so I sent it back and they sent me a new one. The new one did the same thing, but I found the cover and popped it back on. The Olight stays in my field bag as a backup. Now I stick to Streamlight TLR-7s and TLR-3s.

  5. I never had much use for DAA. Question looking for an answer. Never even fired one until I went to the academy. I mean, really? Why would you? Anyway. I mastered the thing. Stupid pistol, but whatever. I bought a Beretta 92 not long after for very little money. Then my cousin gave me a German made Sig P220 a couple of years ago. Great pistol! Own a second German P220 now and a German P226. Great pistols. EDC? That’s a lot of shit. If it works for you go ahead. Just don’t fall in the pond.

  6. Yeah it seems a bit unrealistic for an edc. But I also know someone who carries a Glock 19 with 4 magazines supposedly. Not really sure why you need more than one extra magazine to be honest. And as long as I’m being honest I’ll fully admit that I often carry a Ruger lcp over my Glocks as the lightweight and micro size means I will always have that on me.

    • Me too, LCP 2 w 2 extended mags. Light weight, plenty of power. 8 and 8, evasion, escape, and whits is plenty.

  7. Sig 220. I nearly sold off my German 220 a while back. Then my brother wanted it so I held on. Then I shot it before letting it go (had never shot since buying at an estate sale). Was so nice I kept it. Glad I did. With Sig Germany mfg. going away it’ll probably rise in value. Really to big/heavy for the amount of ammo onboard for me. May as well carry a full size double stack like Glock or Springfield XD. 13 + 1 then another 13 w/2 mags carrying. If I were to start carrying a full size it’d be a P226, Beretta 92X or CZ75, in 9mm. On board w/2 extra mags gets 15×3 to 17×3 depending on mags, plus one in chamber. Have them all and they are fantastic pistols. Still… that P220 is sharp!

  8. My insignificant other has been known to refer to me as “Mister Gadget” when she’s feeling especially froggy…

    • My people call me Equipment Man, but they’re usually happy when I’m able to fix their kit in the field.

  9. A systemic defect inseparable from the system requires wholesale replacement of the system. That’s the game with the systemic-racism canard. The goal isn’t civic equality or respect — both widely supported, both fully achievable in-system. The goal, as Matthew Peterson has noted, is regime change.

    This is why you see the aggressive delegitimization of state force, police and military alike. The capacity for violence that is properly the monopoly of any functioning state is stripped away through the closing of the necessary political space. You’re seeing it already: police won’t police, prosecutors won’t prosecute, the man in charge of the Army of the United States issues public apologies, the city fathers of Seattle abandon governance of their own urban core, even “Cops” is cancelled. The state writ large, the sole bearer of democratic legitimacy, is enervated and unsure. Solzhenitsyn would have recognized it: it looks like St Petersburg in 1917. The powerful abandon their duties of stewardship, having absorbed and believed their enemies’ critiques of themselves.

    When the regime changes, the people in charge will be the same ones conducting ideological purges and smashing statuary now. It will be rule by Americans with the aesthetic ethos of the Taliban and the social ethos of Mao’s China. We aren’t there yet — but we are a long way toward it. Events accelerate, and once everyone is on board — once the nice lady on CNN who worked on Capitol Hill as senior staff gets her wish of stripping you and me of George Washington and the whole Founding — then the network coalesces and they seize the reins. The existing superstructure is too attenuated to use the power at its disposal, neither for its own preservation nor for the protection of the people whom it is supposed to serve.

    The new one won’t be.

    • “It will be rule by Americans with the aesthetic ethos of the Taliban and the social ethos of Mao’s China. We aren’t there yet — but we are a long way toward it.”

      Preach it.

      The ideological purge has begun, you either agree with them on everything, *or else*…

  10. You are a bad man !
    I carried a Glock 21 with two spare magazines on a 12 hour security detail and after 7 hours the weight was starting to take a toll on me ! Since then I choose to carry my Glock 17 with two spare magazines and with a duty knife and flashlight !

  11. I don’t have a problem with the three mags. I carry one to three, depending on circumstances. For a quick run to the store, one is enough. For out-of-state travel I take three and maybe even a backup piece (smaller) with three spare mags for it too. My thought is: What if the worst happens and the wife and I end up walking home for a few hundred miles?. The weight of a few extra mags is a small trade-off for knowing you might have enough for an extended dry spell.

    What I don’t get is the push dagger. It hurts like heck to try to slash with one held between your fingers and you can’t stab it deep enough to be a show stopper unless you can hit an artery. Even then the fight could go on another minute or two.

  12. Being a SE Asia war pig that dislikes 9mm’s, I carry a H&K full size in .45ACP and one spare mag! 20 rounds total, carried with Hand made leather holster, a Mini Mag and TL-29 in another hand made leather holster, El cheapo Gentleman’s pocket knife, a replacement Buck 110 for stolen one, small Walmart no name multi-tool. Credit card and license holder with money, then My needed daily medical stuff all put in a CCW easy access sling bag! getting older so removed the Kukri, the Mark 1 and the tomahawk! also replaced Para cord with bank line. Too old to run, too fat to hide; lucky I can still point shoot

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