Kroger RECOIL magazine ban
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Our friends at RECOIL let it be known that food giant Kroger has stripped its dirty stores of their magazines. Why? Because there are — GASP! — guns on the cover. Right there, in plain view, for everyone to see.

As Iain Harrison eloquently writes . . .

We think we put out some of the most kick-ass content in the gun world, so having an Arugula pusher look over our shoulders while we write and design it, didn’t exactly sit well. So when faced with the choice of bowing to the corporate overlords or being left off the shelves, our answer was a full-throated ‘fuck you’. We’d rather take a hit to our bottom line than bend the knee.

Click on over to RECOIL and read their full post including how you can help let Kroger know what you think of them.

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    • Oh yeah…I like to peruse them in the magazine aisle at my local Ralphs (Kroger), and will actually buy one from time to time. There’s nothing quite like sitting in a comfortable easy chair at home in the evening, with a favorite beverage on the coffee table next to you and the calming silence of (gasp!) all devices being turned off, thumbing through a gun mag to read the articles and ogle all the guns-n-gear. Old school.

        • I prefer physical books and magazines. Don’t know why per se, but I just do not like reading such from phones and tablets or laptops or PCs.

        • What kroger has done is called, “Discrimination.” There once were comic characters made of Blacks and Jews so in the spirit of Jim Crow scrutinizing kroger azzhats obviously see firearms and firearm owners as dirt beneath their feet. So to get at firearm undesirables a few gutless wonders at kroger HQ denies a legitimate business the right to sell what is a “Free Speech Magazine.”
          Perhaps kroger customers should demand the removal of cucumbers because they might be too large and intimidate some people? Or perhaps kroger should be ordered to remove all dead animal related products. I mean look at that picture of a pound of burger in a kroger ad. Poor moo cow lead into a slaughter house and gets the sht knocked out of it and cut up and ground up and put into cooler so everyone can mosey by and see its bloody remains in a bag with a price tag. After all their blood and gut profit kroger thinks they have a podium to scrutinize a firearm magazine? To those rotten lowlife, hypocrite kroger ratbassturds I say adios.

      • Straight up, there’s found therapy in flipping pages and reading some material. I do the same thing at my home and my lady always look on with jealousy. I bring home some wedding mags and some food mags to offset the glaring eye. Some will never understand, and that’s okay.

    • All the store provided wi-fi systems block gun content too. Go to get on TTAG or TFB at Meijer, McDonlads, etc.

      • Use the hotspot in your phone if you have one. Pull up big pictures or Gunbroker and make sure everyone sees your iPad. Fuck ’em.

      • No gun sites on the Wal-Mart or Sam’s wifi allowed. In fact a news site with the word “gun” in the title will get the site blocked.

        • Use a VPN like Tunnel Bear, they offer enough free data you can get by on the occasional Dr. office visit or shopping trip. A VPN encrypts your browsing so their web filter can’t see what you are looking at.

        • Proton is good but it has issues occasionally with TTAG. Not only does TTAG block some of the server IPs from commenting but it somehow pops up as P2P on Proton and disables the free connections.

          I think this has more to do with some sort of ad-script running on TTAG than a problem on Proton.

        • Use the CH-US#1 for TTAG, zero connection issues. I’d highly recommend the paid plans vs. free, and that farm’s a premium Proton feature farm. Additionally, I definitively & highly advise the secure core routing as well.

          Most blogs/e-commerce/etc. gun sites actively block loads of VPN providers, mostly because the far left uses them to evade bans & abuse the services thereof. That said, the old ways of protecting one’s site via ip & subnet bans is of the cutting off the nose to spite the face stripe concerning VPN’s. Most won’t visit your site at all if they have to do so without one. With the incendiary nature of the topics at hand here, these days, you’d think more would realize the reasons why. The emperor has no clothes approach is foolish on the web concerning such topics of discussion.

          I’ll just leave the other part of the discussion about spying (data collection) for another day with the one little jabbing in the form of an honest question, about who you think is benefiting more? Your site TTAG? Or the far leftist corporate data miners, to whom you’re selling your soul to?

        • “No gun sites on the Wal-Mart or Sam’s wifi allowed.”

          That makes zero sense. Those hypocrites sell firearm accessories. You can still purchase them online and pick them up at the store.

      • Totally agree on the use of a VPN ANY time you are accessing any public wi-fi system! Everything that is going on right now is getting out of control. Pretty sure the first amendment secures freedom of the press…this sure doesn’t sound like freedom of the press to me. Let’s do some painting on the streets!

    • I call BS. They still carry several other firearms magazines. I know because I check every time I go to QFC/Fred Meyer (Kroger owned chains).

  1. most people that want a magazine subscribe…so much cheaper…delivered to your door…
    BUT…let people have a choice…
    surprised WalMart still sells magazines like this…

    • Not our two closest ones here in northern L.A. County. They removed nearly all magazines a couple of years ago. Gun mags were the first to go.

      Too bad, because the mag aisle at Walmart used to have the most (even more than Borders Bookstores) years ago.

      • still selling hard-core pornography at our convenience stores?…which is what mags like Hustler have become…just wonderin’…..

    • They should ask the crazy mass murders if they read magazines of any kind. I doubt they could name any gun magazine. They play violent/gun video games. Can’t read.

  2. A few years ago, Kroger was defending the 2nd…sorta. They allowed, and claimed to support concealed carry, when moms demand action were trying to get them to ban guns altogether on their property. I wrote them a email, thanking them for supporting the 2nd amendment.
    Then, after one shooting or another, they stopped carrying any gun magazines at all. Well, being uninformed, they continued to carry field and stream, outdoor life and others, that had a lot of gun content. I was po’d and shot them another letter. Not as nice, but not too harsh either.
    To my surprise, in the last few weeks, there have been several gun/firearm publications on the racks again. Lower level now, versus upper level before. But hey, I’ll take that over none at all.

      • Funny! I do the same thing. Dentist, doctor, even my local car dealer/repair center. They block the wi-fi gun access too. Wherever I can, I bring in old issues…lol

        • I did this at my doctors office and they always disappeared shortly thereafter. Until I said something to the nurse in charge. Who’s husband and family are hunters. From then on they are keep on the back table yet in full view. I often see men and an occasional women looking at them. Being in a strong hunting community may make some difference. I change them out on each visit. On the flip side my chiropractor asks for any I have and we trade for the ones her husband gets.

    • Number 1 grocery in the world & 137 years old, with store colors of blue,red & white, Kroger has stood up to social pressure better than all the others & you give them no credit. No wonder no one wants to stand up the the gun enthusiast. You blast your last friend in the grocery industry, after their long stand with you.
      I am bias, because I have made over $400,000.00 on the Kroger stock, but you are forgetting that Kroger stood with you when everyone left you for cover. If you are this ungrateful then they made the right decision.
      So now you can shop with some one who lift you long before Kroger out of spite?!?
      This is the 21 century, with the internet dose anyone wait for a sore to have a magazine, when they can get in online or in the mail days earlier. I know I do not.

    • Gotta put it on the high shelves so impressionable crumb crunchers can’t reach, like porn in airport newsstands. Maybe with a black panel to cover everything but the title. They’re just keeping their customers safe. If someone sees a picture of a gun, they’ll Macgyver a machine gun together from items in the store and go on a killing spree.

  3. Great mag, but I usually pick up a copy at the airport book stores. Though I’ve noticed the same type of censorship in different airports as well where all the mags featuring guns on the cover “disappeared” from the shelves. Thanks alot, cancel-culture. 😐

  4. They still have a couple of the backwoods/survival magazines on the shelf and a Civil War (aka War of Northern Aggression) magazine on the shelf. Don’t they realize that, at one time, those muzzle loaders were weapons of war? They look scary and go boom.

    All this political correctness makes me sick.

  5. The SJWs at Kroger got their virtue signals crossed. We’re back on hands up can’t breathe pay my student debt now. Not funz.

  6. If I lived in a area where Kroger, Fred Meyer and Fry’s had stores I wouldn’t spend a penny with them, they can go pound sand.

    • Dont worry about Frys. They definitely look to be going out of business real soon. They are not restocking their stores.

      • I think you are confusing Fry’s electronic store with Fry’s supermarket. Both were founded by the same family but distinct store. The supermarket is essentially Kroger. The electronic store…is barely hanging on.

  7. This against others that censor, prohibit certain magazines, while at the same time, ttag seems to use ridiculous algorithms to censor content/comments. Censorship and virtue signaling,and everybody having to be so PC,is really getting crazy right now. WTF is going on. This country is seeming more similar to a banana republic and communist country by the day. F the mind and thought control freaks where ever they are found.

  8. Funny….I pass that Kroger everyday multiple times…..I work a block away from this Kroger and I can attest to its bad reputation….
    It’s been that filthy for over 20 years!

    • Always fun to leave them lying about…….my wife once commented on the garbage men sitting down to read my discarded copies of Shotgun News….

  9. It would appear that this country is fast approaching the tipping point where we are at a similar point to where Nazi Germany was at it’s rise to power only now it is the Communists. We are going to have violence on a scale never seen in this country. Murder and other forms of violence are at our doorstep funded by Soros and his ilk here in the U.S. the silent majority of conservatives and middle of the road Americans will cower in their cellars as the violent majority forces the U.S. to become something it was never intended to be! It is already beginning with elected liberals throwing open the gates to tyranny. The spoiled thugs in Seattle will force a violent conclusion to their occupancy of the downtown. The liberal media will never let us hear from the victims who live in that “societal utopia” in Seattle and what they have experienced at the hands of their new masters! I will bet my mortgage that since they are out of food and demanding a plethora of rich kid vegan meals to be “donated” that they will begin rousting their “citizens” for the necessary food to be given to support “the people’s new enlightened” government of the socialist proletariat.

    There will be private militias formed as the Feds have no authority to do anything unless the President treats this as an armed revolt to overthrow the government which it is. We have, by our collective silence, allowed for the indoctrination of our youth by communist/socialist professors and teachers who contribute nothing of value to our Country. Now we reap what we have sown by our disinterest. We will have to choose a side for the country to survive as a democratic republic. In doing so we step closer to the ultimate violent end of our country. If democrats cannot see what they have done then they are nothing more then dedicated enablers all in the pursuit of their own power and elitism and need to control us. WAKE UP before we cannot go back. Get armed for your own protection because we will no longer have police to protect us. It will be everyone for themselves. God bless us in our refusal to abide the Word of God and his son Jesus Christ.

    • Just treat the country of Chaz lime any other country. Close borders until diplomatic relations are established. Want to go in and out. Produce a CHaz passport. If you still claim to be American, once you are back in US soil, stay here.

      I assume they don’t have their own water and power source. Cut it off. Cut of delivery of food and other agricultural products until a certain quarantine period can be established. Communications, unless Chaz has an agreement with the FCC to broadcast over the airwaves, cut off all cell and radio signals.

      Let us see how long their new country survives without the basic necessities.

      • Actually these vermin should be considered invaders of Sovereign US soil and they are armed. The answer, if the State will not defend our soil, is for the patriot to defend our soil by what ever means necessary. Then go after the powers that allowed the illegal invasion.

    • Personally I’m honestly split on this whole free state of Seattle bs.

      Part of me thinks as they are an honest to God uprising, we should crush it with brute force, and execute the leaders.

      But another part of me sees an opportunity here. This “Autonomous zone” movement is growing in all the big, leftist cities.

      So you’re telling me all the big liberal cities now want to leave the union.

      Ok. Well, Bye.

      But, no more voting in state and federal elections, no tax payer money, no assistance, and no immigration. We surround these new micro states with razor wire and border patrol. If the inhabitants want food and water from us, they’ll have to pay for it.

      The Democratic Party would *literally die*. The GOP would *totally dominate* All state and federal government. Even California and NY would become red…

      • What about a place free of red flag laws? Of no knock warrants?

        I can see the upside here.

        But I’d still think it funny to see the basement dwellers reaction when power and water is cut off for non payment.

  10. What has happened to that fool ‘Geoff…PR’? He’s usually got 30% of the comments but this point.

    • Golly Ralph I haven’t bought a magazine off the rack in several years. My NRA mag came for the last time…you do know there’s porn(and guns)online?!?😏

  11. Seen it on the shelves but never read it. Dunno why I’ve never looked at one other than the cover other than that they seem kinda like flashy LARP advertisements in magazine form.

    I don’t tend to get reading materials from a grocery store. Periodicals I care enough to purchase I have a subscription to.

    • My wife was visiting a friend in Texas and brought home a few gun mags, is if they were souviners. Recoil was one of them, and I thought this mag is for folks with large firearms budgets.

      • Large firearms budgets or large budgets for practically useless accessories?

        Like I said, never cracked open a Recoil but I saw the cover and rolled my eyes. I basically kinda assumed, based on the covers that I’ve seen, that it’s essentially one long string of advertisements for expensive tacticool shit most people don’t need and 95% of buyers have no idea how to use. Like an older Penthouse was basically one giant ad for “male enhancement” products with some pictures of undressed ladies interspersed.

        Or like the T. Rex Arms Youtube channel…

  12. It’s pointless bs.

    1) I haven’t bought magazines like this in years. Most of it is advertising from cover to cover. Even with my interest in guns, spending money on magazines is not likely.

    2) nothing positive will result in this decision. It will not reduce what they are calling ‘gun violence’ anymore than Walmart not selling ammo anymore.

    3) it’s getting fewer and farther between my visits to Kroger so it really means nothing to me anyway.

    As for stores filtering out gun sites over their WiFi:
    Using WiFi from places like this is dangerous anyway and should be avoided. Again, it means nothing to me as I don’t use it.

    • Yup. I seldom ever use my phone via public wifi. For the very reason you imply. In fact, my phone is usually powered off unless I’m actually using it.

    • “nothing positive will result in this decision.”

      From their point of view it’s probably minimal but they will get a few less woketard complaints.

      • Maybe, that could go either way. But that isn’t going to change one way or the other based on Kroger removing Recoil.

        • Desensitizing isn’t even a variable here. I know that there have been people introduced to firearms from reading Soldier Of Fortune magazine but this isn’t the same world it used to be.

    • Is that a serious question? With the exception of major coastal cities (which have sucked since time immemorial) the failed Brady Bill was the high-water mark for gun control. The shall-issue map has expanded dramatically. Suppressors are everywhere; stockless SBSs and braced SBRs basically fell off the NFA. My hometown was rural, conservative, and so hunting-oriented that schools extended Thanksgiving weekend through the first day of buck season, yet buying any non-Fudd firearm meant a three-hour round trip to the big city (or two such trips during the BB!). Now MSRs and semiauto pistols are common even in areas that are none of those things. Federal and many state AWBs were reduced to harmless jokes by tweaking irrelevant cosmetic features.

      Gun info used to be limited to a small handful of magazines (essentially unavailable in certain metro areas) or the books you ordered out of the back of those magazines. Now you’re reading one of, what, a million websites with info on gun culture?

  13. I guess I will find another source for good curry sauce, although I have avoided Fred Meyer since Kroger’s first act of virtue signaling censorship in 2018, I can always stop shopping there at all, just like Dick’s.
    Safeway has no problem with gun magazines and it’s closer and cheaper.

  14. Been gone out of Fred Meyers aka Kroger in Alaska for over at least a year. Anything displaying a long gun bad. The selection used to be the best and now it sucks.

  15. I read Guns & Ammo and other guns mags as a kid in the 80’s. They often had great articles. Some of the current mags I picked up to glance at in stores, Recoil in particular, seems to more about visual gun porn than informative content. Basically, fapping material for Call of Duty players.

  16. It’s the stores right to choose and y’all won’t band together any better than you did against football so quit crying.
    In case ya haven’t noticed we are losing. We are losing everything from culture, history, items to our freedom.
    Change only comes from discomfort.
    Until you become uncomfortable enough you won’t make change.

  17. While Kroger’s decision in lamentable, you can always vote with your feet and shop somewhere else. On the other hand, print media is basically dead. The last gun mag I bought cost about $10 and was 75% advertising. That’s like paying for a brand X tee shirt with their logo on it. Aint doin it. They can give the shirt and I’ll wear it.

  18. i bought a cz magazine while in transit/ standby. basically a catalog of products, no ads. and a little info. handguns from one cover side, flip it over for long guns.
    my rifleman mags go to the garage for others to peruse.

  19. Why not do like they did with Playboy and Hustler and other girly men’s magazines, top shel and a brown paper wrapper that covered everything but the title.

  20. Walking around in the stores using their wifi with your head buried oblivious trying to “stick it to the man” pulling up gun sites rather than paying attention to your surroundings…….

  21. avatar BobS says:
    June 12, 2020 at 23:00

    I use, and strongly recommend,

    Nothing free Bob; they will sell all of your data
    to any with money.

    BTW, I am signing up our entire family to support RECOIL!
    Furthermore, all three stores [hores] will be on my Gircott list.

  22. Et tu Kroger?
    You held out quite a while against Shannon and her harpies, but now it seems that one of them has gotten inside…

  23. Kroger has gone full intersectional cultural Marxist.

    Search “Kroger allyship” and then boycott them.


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