What I’m Carrying Now: A GLOCK 48 and Microtech OTF Knife

glock 48 microtech

Courtesy Austin Knudsen

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Austin Knudsen writes . . .

Rural prosecutor carry. A GLOCK 48 with two Shield Arms S-15 magazines, for a 15+1 carry and a 15-round backup.

The pistol is carried in a Raven Concealment Perun OWB holster. Microtech Ultratech OTF knife.


  1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Good pistol. Spare mags. 👌. Knife . Light.

  2. avatar jwm says:

    Those OTF knives are cool. But highly illegal here in CA.

    1. avatar Tigres del norte says:

      Cause you’re a gringo. We carry dem all the time ese.

      1. avatar Viejo Torro says:

        59 years living in the South West and I never met a non Anglo with. A knife.
        It’s always Senior Viejo can I borrow your knife. Then wow!

    2. avatar SuspiciousFisherman says:

      You mean northern mexico.

      Socialist republic of california.

      Doesn’t matter anyways, I’ve always carried “illegal” knives and never had a problem.

  3. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Nice setup. Clean, uncluttered.
    Well done.

  4. avatar enuf says:

    Though I am anti-Gaston Glock at all times, a good size of gun and ammo capacity, a reload, a proper holster, so the right idea and basic needs are met.

  5. avatar Just Sayin says:

    THIS is “common sense” gun control !!

    A return to the basics.

    Well done sir.

  6. avatar Jackalope says:

    This is way too simple and realistic, expect madness for the next “what I am carrying now.” Possible crimson butt pirate or a relative displaying his EDC that consists of 4 spare mags, 6 knives, 2 flashlights, a machete, 2 pair of handcuffs, 4 tourniquets…

    1. avatar Art out West says:

      A machete is an amazingly useful tool. You never know when you will need to cut down some sugarcane.

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        the cutting tools of the indigenous increase in size as the equator is approached.
        ulu, puuko, nessmuk, kephart, bowie, kukhri, corn knife bolo…
        grohmann has a decent ulu for sixty bucks. someone was looking for one…


        or a blem with leather sheath for even less. not great steel, but easy to sharpen.

        1. Where did you find a sheath for an ulu?

    2. avatar strych9 says:

      Jesus dude, let it go.

    3. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

      It’s 2 spare mags, 2 knives, 3 flashlights and none of the rest of your list.

  7. avatar Specialist38 says:

    As a 48 fan, I highly applaud your pistol.

    Any problems with the SA mags? I finally found some online.

    And how do like that Perun holster? My current owb is a Densantis Thumsnap Mini-Slide.

    Thank for the post.

    1. avatar Austin Knudsen says:

      Shield Arms mags are amazing. Period. Flawless function so far. Owned and operated by great people. I’ve had the Perun for a couple weeks now. Overall, I’m happy. Like that it gives you a few options to adjust the cant.

      1. avatar Specialist38 says:

        Glad to hear it on the SA mags.

        I may have to try the Perun – I wish it carried a little higher.

      2. avatar Specialist38 says:

        And thanks…

      3. avatar Jeremy J says:

        These mags are actually made by Check-Mate for Shield Arms. That’s not a bad thing, just that’s who actually makes them. It’s right above the “Mag Catch Recommendation” on the S15 page https://shieldarms.com/glock-43x-48-15-round-mag

        1. avatar Specialist38 says:

          I didnt know that.

          I wish MecGar would get in the game.

  8. avatar Ed Earl says:

    I’m carrying a pointy broom handle and a short 2X4 with a rusty nail sticking out of it. Whatever else I might be carrying is nobody’s bidness!

    1. avatar Just Sayin says:

      Then stfu and carry on.

      1. avatar Ed earl says:

        Justsaying, Two words or one finger. you choose

        1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

          how about three little words and… two fingers?

  9. avatar DERP GLOCK says:

    Exactly 🤣

  10. avatar strych9 says:

    Nice. Love the Ultratech. It’s my EDC knife too.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      fidget factor high with that one. i think i haven’t bought one (looked at the new hogues) because i’m fairly certain that i’ll wear out the mechanism while driving.
      good sticker, does not deploy as fast as a fixed puncher. but then i have to carry other for cutting. or two.

  11. avatar CoronaFree says:

    I love when they post these edc setups that are clearly brand new and have never seen the outside of the owner’s house. Then they give their opinion about the items carried, even though they clearly don’t carry them.

  12. avatar SuspiciousFisherman says:

    No bright flashy projectile beam? Slackin. The rest is simply solid, I just don’t agree with those kinds of holsters. For the same price you can get custom Kydex that will hug your body better, and have more secure belt loops. I also used to carry canted, but I simply just enjoy non canted now days. Add’s .00001 to my draw 😉

    I couldn’t carry a mismatched mag carrier either. Would drive me nuts. But, it’s a gun, a spare mag and a knife. The only thing I’d add is a simple light.

  13. avatar IndyJack says:

    I’m using the same setup except a Microtech Dirac instead of UTX-80 and carrying in a leather Versa carry holster.

    1. avatar Sleezrawk says:

      How’s the Dirac? Have you compared it to, say, an Ultratech with the firing button in the usual place?

      Wondering. Always looking for a reason to blow my hard-earned cash on just one more Microtech haha.

  14. avatar CentralVirginian says:

    My 48 is on its second barrel. A small chip came off the barrel lug. Glock said it was cosmetic only, but I had them send a new barrel anyway. Other than that, around 1,500 rounds through with no hangups. Is that the stock mag catch or did you swap it for a metal aftermarket one SA recommends?

    1. avatar Austin Knudsen says:

      I installed the Shield Arms metal mag catch.

  15. avatar cbhdg says:

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  16. avatar Bemused Berserker says:

    Clean, lean and mean. Hook a Streetlight Nani on your key ring and the bases will be covered. Nice!

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