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Like someone else who ruled with a phone and a pen, Michigan’s Gov. Gretchen “Half” Whitmer has decreed that gun shops have no “essential” purpose during a national emergency. As such, she wants to close the retailers and cease firearm sales across Michigan in the face of the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

Whitmer, the woman who may be best-known for delivering a tone-deaf State of the Union response earlier this year, has aspirations for running as Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential candidate. And given this crisis, she seems very comfortable ruling as a heavy-handed autocrat.

The NRA-ILA put out an alert/press release on “Half” Whitmer’s power play.

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued Executive Order 2020-42 to order all nonessential businesses and activities to cease. Though her order exempts “critical infrastructure,” she purposefully references an outdated list of such industries rather than the most current federal guidelines that designate firearm and ammunition retailers as critical. This deliberate action is an attempt to shut down gun stores in order to deny citizens access to their Second Amendment rights. Executive Order 2020-42 still includes a requirement to suspend activities that are not “necessary to sustain or protect life.” It is clear that your Second Amendment rights are necessary to sustain or protect the life of you and your family. During this time of uncertainty, it is critical that law-abiding citizens remain able to access their Second Amendment right to self-defense.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

The Wolverine State’s ambitious governor had earlier gone full-on tyrant against doctors who might prescribe an anti-malarial drug in order to treat virus patients. President Trump had touted the successes of using the drug hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 patients, therefore Michiganders would have to do without, whatever its efficacy.

While Governor Whitmer has no medical degree, she does suffer from chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome. Accordingly, she hobbled Michigan docs by siccing her Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) on physicians who might use a treatment touted by the President to save lives.

Days later, she reversed course and begged the feds to send her hydroxychloroquine.

More recently, just in time for Easter, she banned travel between residences absent exceptional circumstances. She doesn’t want families spending one of the most sacred Christian holidays together. Or even dropping off food for one another.

And now, the budding authoritarian has ruled by decree that big box stores should seal off “non-essential” sections of their retail outlets to customers.

From Fox17:

In an announcement that many expected, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has signed a new executive order that extends her “Stay Safe, Stay Home” order through the end of the month.

The new order now expires May 1…

There are new rules for companies to limit exposure to others. The governor also wants big box stores to close certain sections like flooring, garden centers and plant nurseries.

That news caused a last-minute surge to stores like Lowe’s, where people waited in line for nearly an hour to get things like paint.

“If you’re not buying food or medicine or other essential items, you should not be going to the store,” said Whitmer.

Wretched Gretchen seems to think she’s queen, rather than governor, and can micromanage Michiganders’ lives. As for the Constitution? Who needs that antiquated old document created by a bunch of old white men.

How long will Whitmer’s attempt to rule by fiat continue?

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      • Another few weeks of crushing citizens and businesses I wouldn’t count on it.

        Maybe you better stock up on…….bear spray.

        • Did anyone else notice that TTAG just pulled down the article today that called out certain aspects of the coronavirus issue? The author was CARL BUSSJAEGER.

          It might make sense, since it wasn’t a firearm related article anyway, and TTAG might be concerned about possibly spreading misinformation. On the other hand,. TTAG might have just bowed down to the media establishment.

          I don’t know which it is, but it’s interesting.

        • I would bet that it was pulled down because it likely contained false information, (Probably not on purpose) and putting out such false information could very well lead to lawsuits once this pandemic is over. There’s a ton of fake news going around right now and I believe that TTAG doesn’t want to be associated with it. I imagine they put something up that seemed accurate but upon later review found it to be fake.

        • I criticized that article in the comments.

          I don’t think Carl’s article was trying to do anything wrong but the article was something that could easily be taken the wrong way and, at least in it’s final form, lacked any nuance related to the current situation.

          It could have been interpreted as conspiracy peddling. While I don’t think it was an attempt at such it’s not worth taking the chance that it might be called that.

          Carl was engaged in providing a valuable service, oversight, and his concerns are valid. Civil liberties are 100% at risk right now, more than I think many people realize. However, the execution of that article was, IMHO, poor. Part of that might have been some WordPress/HTML issues (I say that based on the links and some of the layout). It just didn’t read/feel like one of his normal articles.

          Either way, I think it was a good idea to take it down for the time being. Time can then be taken to polish the piece and then consideration can be given to reposting once the polishing is done.

        • Strych, some articles are frequently generated by IA, and reviewed by editors. Sometimes you can tell by reading it, but it can be very subtle.

  1. If people don’t revolt communism/ control will take over. I don’t understand why the government seems to think it’s their job to keep us healthy. If we continue to leave this door open they will be controlling every aspect of our lives under the disguise of they really just care about us. I say if you are afraid of the corona virus stay home. Let the rest of us pursue our right to happiness and freedom. Tyranny is knocking at the door in the name of safety for all.

    • That’s easy to say if your young and healthy. As someone who is likely infected with Corona right now, I can tell you this disease is not fake, is not the common cold, or the flu. It’s rough but it’s not going to kill me. I’m in my 30s and have no ailments. But I’ve locked myself down because I will not spread it to anyone else. It’s called personal responsibility. This pandemic doesn’t care what your political affiliation is.

      • It varies a lot from person to person. My wife and I both had it.

        She got it worse than me and I’m the “high risk” person with late onset T1 diabetes. I barely noticed it and only got tested because her employer absolutely insisted on it before allowing her to return to work because there was concern about contamination in the labs once a number of people working there popped positive for the disease. She, OTOH, slept 18 hours a day for three days and was sore for a week.

        • That’s about where I’m at. Yesterday got a fever and rough bowel issues, headache and light cough. I figured this was it, and informed work so I could stay home. Passed out pretty hard occasionally waking up, for 18 hours as well. Right now my fever broke, but still don’t feel right, body aches, ect.. not going to bother with trying to get a test or hospital at this point as I feel I can manage this on my own.

        • “My wife and I both had it.”

          I have a little *something*, but it’s indistinct. A bit of a cough and a *slightly* elevated temp and a general ‘blaugh’ feeling. So, maybe I have a very light taste of it.

          I’ve been hearing how much of it you get exposed to can determine how rough you ride’s gonna be, so maybe I’m lucking out and my immune system is able to deal with it. But I’m also hearing those recovered can be re-infected, and do far worse with it second time around.

          Oh, fucking joy.

          If someone ever weaponizes it, it could be an extinction event. Except McMurdo station, I suppose…

        • “But I’m also hearing those recovered can be re-infected…”

          You can be reinfected by just about anything. In fact you have disease on-board nearly all the time you just don’t become symptomatic because your immune system takes care of it and you don’t bother monitoring anything that would tell you about it because if you’re “normal”, why would you?

          It’s not like getting the flu once means you’ll never get it again. That’s part of why vaxxers believe what they believe, because they don’t understand fuck all about this, but that’s a whole other topic.

        • My wife’s a Bombay blood person. She’s the ultimate universal donor because, effectively, she has no blood type at all.

        • on the big blood chart for non rh blood types they list bombay (under hindu) as pretty equally divided between o, a, b and ab with ab being the rarest.

      • Ron,

        You could simply have influenza. I always poo-pooed influenza. That changed when I got it last year and it nearly killed me. And I am talking death directly from virus overload and organs shutting down, not secondary problems such as pneumonia.

        In my mind it should not have hit me so hard. I am not old. I have no health problems. I eat and sleep well. I take multi-vitamins every day. I get some exercise. I am at a healthy body weight. I have excellent blood pressure and no problems with diabetes. Nevertheless, it kicked my @$$ (including sleeping or almost sleeping 16 hours a day) and it took me 12 to 13 days to fully recover even though I started taking anti-viral drugs within 20 hours of onset.

        Sounds like it could be the same for you.

        • ” I always poo-pooed influenza. That changed when I got it last year and it nearly killed me.”

          I had one of those in ’92 or so, and it felt like it nearly killed me. One whole week of nothing but the ‘shake and bake’, and when the fever finally broke, it left me utterly exhausted for over a month. Never had anything like it, and I hope I never get it again…

        • Grand Traverse County has 19 confirmed cases of covid and over 200 that were tested that did not have it but ended up having the flu. Far more people are having the flu than covid-19

      • CV19 did defy the will and might of the Chinese Communist Party.

        Downunder has gone into lockdown. People are getting fined for being out without good reason. When I drove to collect my son, I had a printed copy of the reasons and circled the one relevant to my requirements.

      • Said just like a good little sheeple…..
        Wawa….. it’s real, i’m sick….wawa…. CRY ME A FKN RIVER….. GET OVER YOURSELF, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR SNIFFLES

    • Not young and have health issues however Minuteman Is correct,Ms. Half Wit is yet another petty tyrant that needs to be charged and tried in the violation of her oath, state and U S Constitutions and then the sentence carried out .

  2. Ugh…. I didn’t vote for her and I encouraged everyone I knew to vote. The main reason she was elected is because a whole lot of left leaning voters that don’t normally vote, showed up to vote to legalize marijuana.

    • Marijuana smokers are socialist Progressive in their political orientation. They support high taxes, gun control, and they support the “government regulatory octopus”.

      But instead of working to lower business taxes when they open up a pot shop. They instead move to other states like Colorado and then screw them up with their Liberalism.

      • As a Pot smoking Republican your wrong. I work extremely hard. I also had 13 surgeries on my stomach. I dont take any pain meds. Even after urgery, it’s all pot and oil. Went back to work after 5 weeks (supposed to be 12) I believe owning a gun is your right and choice. I’m a US Navy Veteran. You need to rethink some of your ideals.

    • I’m waiting for the UP to separate from the lower. In Illinois, south of I-80 is a different country, except for the bigger cities.

    • Jeff:
      I didn’t vote for her either. However, we can’t seem to get attractive enough candidates from the other side. Anyway, Gretchen Whitmer was a protégé of the Canadian import, Jennifer Grandholm. You may recall what a disaster SHE was as governor. Her economic policies were going to “…blow you away.” And, as soon as her term was over, she skipped out of state.

    • Jeff,

      I think the marijuana vote was part of it. I also think a bunch of voters with Trump Derangement syndrome revenge-voted for Whitmer. Finally, she is a woman (which really appeals to certain Progressive voters) and is somewhat attractive and that garnered a lot of votes as well.

      I’ll put it this way: I am confident that she would NOT have won the election if Michigan’s election cycle coincided with the Presidential general election cycle.

      • “I also think a bunch of voters with Trump Derangement syndrome revenge-voted”

        That happened all over the country, mostly because the Mueller team hid the fact that there was no Russian collusion until the very last minute. This allowed the Fake News Industrial Complex to continue spreading their lies and conspiracy theories, thus getting everyone riled up.

    • To be fair, more people should have turned out in the primaries. Bill Shutte was NOT a good choice on the Republican side.

  3. A serious question. Has any (Liberal or conservative) Republican Governor said that gun stores and gun ranges are not essential? Or Is it only Democratic Governors making these statements?

    • Really good question, I can see getting confused enough to make that mistake, I have so many guns and so much ammo that I can’t see “essential” for myself, but it wouldn’t take much argument to change my mind regarding others who might need resupply! OTOH, it always seems the Dems all lock onto the same stupid ideas at the same time.

        • Many republicans are, that’s the point of the question.

          Romney, Weld, and either one of the Chafees would have done it in a heartbeat also. Arizona’s Ducey has been going so full r*taard with red flags lately that I’m surprised he didn’t. He must have had somebody on hand who talked him out of it.

  4. In my state of New Mexico, the woman governor did the same thing. She was sued Friday in federal court by the NRA, SAF, and Firearms Freedom Coalition along with several businesses and private citizens. Looks like the Michigan governor will be receiving the same lawsuit shortly for her illegal and unconstitutional behavior. These radical governors need to learn mucho pronto that they are violating the basic rights of citizens under the law, which are rights guaranteed for self-protection by the Constitution of the United States. Furthermore, the White House and the Department of Homeland Security ruled on March 31st that gun stores as essential the same as food and energy during the pandemic. Greetings governors, go back to school and learn what basic human rights are, including self-protection during a national emergency.

    • “In my state of New Mexico, the woman governor did the same thing…”

      She did something FAR worse.
      Declared non-essencial businesses were to close, and didn’t CLEARLY define what constituted a “non-essencial” business. Then proceeded to send the NM state LEOs into the gun stores that remained open, to PERSONALLY inform each one they are, in fact, “non-essencial”.
      I spoke with a friend who owns a NM gun store shortly after his location was “visited” by armed LEOs, sent to ensuring he lock down his location. His surveillance system recorded the incident, he (and his attorney) are involved in the legal proceedings.

  5. Hey, Michiganders, is that beyotch getting on your nerves yet? Or are you so institutionalized that you want to be told what to do and when to do it?

    • Gretchen “I’ll Fix The Damn Roads” Whitless was getting on my nerves long before she was even elected Governor. I recognized early on in her campaign that she was selling a line of BS and couldn’t be trusted to follow through on her promises. Well, I tried to warn people not to vote for her. She has accomplished nothing she said she would get done. She is nothing more than an articulate MILF on the outside and a Karen on the inside.

      • I’m glad that you didn’t vote for her. It shows me that you are sane. But 2,266,193 people voted for her in the last election and every one of them belongs in an asylum.

  6. Essential, well really that’ wood bee the gas station, grocery store, and utility companies. ,,,”What about hospitals?” No, because your chance of dying before death is about 99.999℅

  7. “The governor also wants big box stores to close certain sections like flooring, garden centers and plant nurseries.”
    I have quite a few acquaintances who rely, yes rely, on home grown produce to lessen their own financial burden and subsequently increase their quality of life. This, in turn, somewhat unburdens the state from unnecessary subsidies. Apparently she doesn’t understand the concept of economic impact. But then why would she, she doesn’t even try to understand Constitutionality.

    • Mark-in-Indy,

      I cannot decide which is more heinous: declaring that firearms are non-essential or declaring that vegetable seeds and associated fertilizer and herbicide are non-essential.

      According to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, only certain types of self-defense (methods not involving firearms) and only certain types of food (at the grocery store) are essential. Other types of self-defense (methods involving firearms) and other types of food (home grown) are non-essential.

      • Riddle me this:

        I’ll bet farmers can still purchase vegetable seeds, fertilizer, and herbicide.

        And yet non-farmers cannot purchase vegetable seeds, fertilizer, nor herbicide.

        Is this not a slam-dunk 14th Amendment case?

        • Because America’s big farms feed the world. Forty acres and a mule doesn’t do much to curtail Wars.

        • No.

          Big box store are all that are excluded. Stores under 50k square feet are allowed to sell seeds and garden supplies.

          So small local sellers are good to go…

  8. Another Joe Biden Jim Crow Gun Control self serving sack of democrat manure. It’s what happens when stupid people vote. Sue the Rat.

  9. Why is it lefty women never look happy? The statists love them some Wuhan. Control is easy during a panic. But if this goes on much longer we will need our guns and ammo. Gov Blackface is poking the bear again. They just don’t learn.

    • If this goes on much longer, we will need vegetable seeds, fertilizer, and herbicide as well (to grow our own food) — which Michigan is not allowing businesses to sell to the masses.

        • Gadsden Flag,

          I would have started planting some vegetables already (or at least tilling the ground) — alas my small business supports/provides critical infrastructure and I have been averaging 11 hours a day (with almost no days off) since early/middle March.

          I finally have all the critical upgrades/enhancements in place and now I have to focus on bookkeeping for the next week.

          I expect that I should finally be able to till and plant around April 22nd.

          Then again, a new Gubernatorial executive order could forbid planting and maintaining vegetable gardens at which point I would not be able to grow any food for myself or my family and we would be facing starvation.

      • It’s interesting to note that at this point massive amounts of food are going to waste nationwide.

        When the restaurants/hotels and other large kitchens shut down demand for food dropped by like 60% overall. Yet grocery stores in some places can’t stay stocked.

        The problem is the packaging. Restaurants get huge packages of stuff. Breaking it up requires reorienting the packaging supply line. And the raw materials supply line for the packaging supply line. So, there’s a bottleneck where foods that spoil like eggs and milk are just being destroyed en masse because upping the packaging by multiple times what is normally required just can’t happen right away.

        Shit, one of the restaurants I used to work in had it’s own in-house bakery that would run through 7000-10,000 eggs a week. The smallest packages we’d get were a gross. Repackaging that requires multiplying your “normal” grocery sized containers by 6-12 times and that’s just not something you can do on a dime. Fast food? Stack 50lb boxes of fries into a cube the size of a really big La-Z-Boy. We’d go through that in an evening when I was in high school.

        Grocery stores just can’t move that kind of packaging. I mean what are they going to do with a single 500 gallon tank of milk or barrels containing 100+lbs of flour or buckets that are 35-50lbs of sliced pickles?

  10. Mr. Boch, enough with the “Chinese” virus. Your racism is showing through. Stick with COVID-19 will you? Don’t degrade this site or a good article with the slander.

    • Yup,
      Chinese virus doesn’t roll off the tongue like “the WuFlu”.

      That’s my favorite

      Kung Flu comes in second.

    • So a virus that escaped from a Chinese lab, yes that lab’s head researcher studied bats and does the virus which attacks the bats ACE cells, just like it does in Humans, and has shut down the world. And we shouldn’t call it the Chinese Virus? They had an ad for an assistant on the Web to help in the study of bats. The only question is was it just research or some kind of bio weapon? But it came from CHINA.

      Comes from China, is Chinese. Didn’t start in Sweden, or Cuba, or Canada. If you can find some kleenex dry you eyes. I guess you are happy right now, you weren’t leaving your mom’s basement anyway….

    • So do you get in an equal SJW froth when someone says spanish flu, german measles, or ebola? What province of the middle kingdom are you ppstin from by the way?

      • “Spanish Flu” is just as, if not more stupid. It should have been called the “American Flu” if we’re going call it anything. But we would rather pretend it came from somewhere else.

        Maybe it would make more sense to call diseases by their actual names instead of coming up with red meat for racists.

        • Yup. Like German cockroaches…..actually originated in SE asia.

          The German is the most common in the US even though we have American and Asian species as well.

          I guess they call German cockroaches “Spanish cockroaches” in germany.

          Always nice to sling some blame.

          And even if we exported the flu in 1918, with all the travel and trade it got named because the world read about the effects in Spain.

          Spain was neutral and had no censorship or suppression of information about the flu pandemic. Hence, the Spanish Flu.

        • I’ve read the 1918 flu has never been confirmed to have originated in America, though it did certainly escalate there. It’s been suspected to have originated in America, Latin America, and Asia. It’s only recently been declared an “American flu” due to Chinese anti American propaganda trying to deflect from blame for the current pandemic. It’s childish.

        • Actually there is more compelling research to suggest the Spanish flu came from Chinese laborers that were sent to Europe to help with manual labor during WW1. The Spanish flu genome did not closely match the flu found here In America.

        • The credible information I’ve seen suggests that the flu first appeared in Haskell County, Kansas. A local doctor reported the outbreak initially, but the government had no interest. From there it moved to what is now Fort Riley Kansas and affected our troops. Some sources actually identify a soldier who was a cook, once he came down with the flu shortly there after another 46 soldiers went on sick call and that was just the beginning.

          The United States censored the news of the outbreak and did not try to limit the spread by blocking troop shipments to Europe.

        • “I guess they call German cockroaches “Spanish cockroaches” in germany.”

          Puts me in mind of this bit of trivia: during the Middle Ages, when syphilis was a relatively new thing, all of Europe referred to it as “the French disease,” except in France, where it was referred to as “the English disease.”

          So the world has played this blame game a lot longer than three months.

      • I’m with Hannibal on this one, which is why I call it the Chinese Communist Police State Murdering Scumb@g POS Virus. Because you know how I always love to be politically correct.

      • Motivation matters. Chinese food is not categorized out of politics or racial superiority. Calling this a “Chinese Flu” instead of Covid makes you sound dumb and I’m just questioning whether it’s politics or racism that leads you there.

        • If it makes you feel better, I call it the Chinese flu all the time and I am ethnically Chinese.

        • Thank you Yellow Devil. I always enjoy watching someone pound the SJW drum, and have someone come along that it would actually affect and say it’s a non-issue.

        • as i mentioned previously, our neighborhood chinese, japanese and taiwanese regale us with sturries of looks of disgust that they generate and receive while out and about.
          if they can see humor in being ostracized, then non asian types can probably stop fainting when they hear the term.
          chinese wuhan flu, boohoo.

    • Everyone here is interested on calling it the Chinese Virus for the same reason people in China are swallowing the line that it is an American virus: because it’s easier to blame some other country than your own leaders.

      It’s always funny the way people allow themselves to be herded so easily by their favorite media outlets while they call others ‘sheep.’

      • I fully support “communist flu” then for two reasons.

        1. The people of China didn’t create/boondoggle/fuck up this flu, their shitty, stupid, evil regime did.

        2. Commies love the idea of open borders and hyper globalism, which supports pandemics.

    • “Mr. Boch, enough with the “Chinese” virus. Your racism is showing through.”

      Oh, *please*, just stop with that bullshit. Even this Leftist has had enough of that crap :

      “Zika, from the Zika forest. Ebola, from the Ebola river. Hantavirus, from the Hantan River in south Korea, the West Nile virus, Guinea worm, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, MERS (Middle-Eastern Respiratory Syndrome).”

      No one is *offended* by those diseases names, so China can just suck it up and put on their big-boy pants, it’s the China fucking flu, OK?

    • “Chinese Virus” may not be a technically correct way to say it. But “Wuhan Virus” is a perfectly acceptable way to name the virus and equally controversial.

      Just like West Nile or Lyme. The disease is often named in lay speech by where it originated or was first discovered when these things are known, that’s a standard procedure.

    • China is not a race.
      There are only (3) races on the planet, (4) if you count the aborigines in Australia.
      China is a country and it’s where this virus comes from, just as Ebola is named after a river.

      China owns this mess, it’s where this virus came from.
      I call it the Chinese WuFlu

    • Wuhan, Wuhan, Wuhan. Commie snowflakes.

      What’s the old saying about communists — always eager to take everything except the blame.

    • Despite his listening to conspiracy theories his comment is better than yours. Calling it the Chinese virus is not at all racist.

      Full disclosure: I was in China during the outbreak and have Chinese family who also don’t think calling it the Chinese virus is racist.

    • Again get outta your mommy’s basement, put down the twinkies and MT Dew and do a little checking. NBC/Universal is in talks to build a big theme park in China. When reporters were just kicked outta China, NBC
      reporters were not.

      The Wuhan Research Lab is a real thing, and the Lead researcher studies Viruses in Bats. It is only a consiracy in you head. The WHO will not even call Taiwan, Taiwan they call it Taipei because CHINA. The Head of the WHO was endorsed by China against the US wishes. WHO said they were assured by CHINA that it was not people to people contagious. LIES you call conspiracies. It is you who wears the tin foil.

      • So the virus is a closer match to a virus carried by pangolins than it is to bats. Pangolin scales are used in some traditional Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac.

  11. I am from Michigan and we hate this bitch. I have not changed my lifestyle at all except to maybe drive more since gas is cheaper. I have not been harrassed by the cops even while doing 10mph over. I am not scared, I am prepared. Also I’m not the only one.

    • “I have not changed my lifestyle at all except to maybe drive more since gas is cheaper. I have not been harrassed by the cops even while doing 10mph over.”

      The roads are clear, and someone took advantage and broke the Cannonball Run record, with a time of 26 hours, 38 minutes :

      “A Team Exploited the Coronavirus Pandemic to Set a 26-Hour 38-Minute Cross-Country Record”


        • You’re just pissed because you didn’t have the balls to break the record… 🙂

        • There are two routes they could have taken, I-40W @ 2799 miles or I-80 @2811 miles. I figure that they took I-80, because there are toll booths on I-40W.

          26:38:41 is 26.64472 hours. 2811/26.64472 = 105.5 mph AVERAGE.

          They didn’t drive that fast in Manhattan, and there is currently a construction zone on I-80. So… they must have driven one hell of a lot faster at times, when they were on the open road.

          I say again: IRRESPONSIBLE.

    • I saw the writing on the wall the minute the Chinese disclosed the virus. Stocked up on everything. If we do not stand our ground, our way of life I going away.

      From Virginia and we have had our rights screwed with. But armories are essential and we can mail order our ammunition.

      We need to show who’s who on Election Day or we set our own demise. We will have to build innovative concealment in our homes in the metal ducts to hide our guns.

      These ”A” hole governor’s don’t realize that police are reactionary to a criminal act — past-tense. If we cannot protect our selves, and families with lethal force, we are done.

      Look at Arlington Heights, IL. During the day home invasion that ended up bad for the criminals.

      We need to vote for our rights.

    • It is definitely a close race, that’s for sure. In the final analysis, I think Illinois just barely edges out Michigan in the race for most awful regulatory state in the nation.

      Both states have expensive concealed carry licenses. (Illinois’ is slightly more expensive.)

      Both states have a LONG list of “pistol-free zones” where concealed carry licenses are not in force. (Illinois’ list is slightly longer.)

      Illinois does not honor concealed carry licenses from any other state whereas Michigan honors resident concealed carry licenses from all states.

      Michigan does not have an FOID equivalent and allows open carry of handguns.

      Those last two items give Michigan an ever-so-slightly better regulator rating than Illinois. Either way, both states are pretty pathetic from a regulatory standpoint.

  12. I was worried about the nurseries and such not being open this spring. Currently we have over 200 plants started indoors under some full spectrum led grow lights I had from an aquaponics experiment years ago. I even have tobacco starting burley 21 is the strain you wouldn’t believe how small these seeds are. I think we should all be doing big gardens this year were building 8 4’x12’x12″ raised beds in the front yard. All yall please garden and can or learn.

    • Gonna be lots of people learning what self reliance really means. Hopefully. But some people don’t even have front yards. I can’t feel sorry for everyone, but some lower income people just cannot afford it. The ones I do feel sorry for (not the ones who chose to live in city life, not be somewhat self sufficient or at least a mental state of what it takes, and not believe in self defense) are the younger ones who have grown up in those households. They still have potential. We can still show them how to survive by farming.

    • I stocked up on additional food grade buckets, and some extra gardening supplies two weeks before this shut in. Since I can’t build a raised garden, I plan to do some buckets on the Balcony of my condo this year.

    • This could prove problematic, since there is now expected to be a bunch more kids born later this year as a result of being cooped up at home and having virus nookie.

      That reminds me, anybody seen Vhyrus?

  13. If the weather’s alright people need to take up walking outside. Take appropriate precautions but make sure you give the authoritarians the finger.

    Colorado has couched this as “requests” and most people basically have listened but damned if everyone isn’t out for “health walks” now. Like telling a kid they can’t have something.

    • “If the weather’s alright people need to take up walking outside.”

      Florida is cool on that, for the time being. I’ve been knocking out miles at night on my new-to-me replacement bike that got crushed when I got hit. I’m finding I’m not a fan of carbon fiber front forks with a steep rake to them, the handling is now very ‘nervous’. Double-butted steel tube frame, where the metal thins out in the middle, and thickens at the welded joints. Roughly equal in weight to the aluminum frame on the old bike, but with a lively ‘feel’ to it when you stomp on the pedals. It’s different, and I’m not sure I like it or not…

      • I know what you mean. The first time I hit the brakes on my current bike, which is the first I’ve had with disk breaks, I almost killed myself. Felt wonky.

    • That’s the way it is here in CA. I’m retired and was walking twice a day before all this started. I’m still doing it. And so are a lot of others. Much more foot and bike traffic than there used to be. Much less vehicle traffic.

      Now I get to walk with my wife since the schools are closed and she’s home. Kinda nice. But then, I actually like my wife.

      • I’m always impressed by the number of people who do not like their spouse.

        But then… considering the number of assholes in the world… I guess it’s not surprising. Shit, I don’t like most of the people I meet, I can’t imagine being married to them.

  14. That all you got mikejh121? Get out of the basement? Twice. So original! Take a breath and settle down.

    A collection of random stories or even facts does not necessarily constitute research and even if it did, it doesn’t mean it’s valid. As is often stated here, correlation does not mean causation.

    • Basement, rock, you are under something. SARS came from CHINA. It “Escaped” from a lab. Again. Wash rinse repeat. If it looks like a bat and flies like a bat it is a bat. If it was in China, escaped from a lab with poor risk management practices in China, it is Chinese. Denial as they say, is not a river in Egypt.

  15. Gov. Whitless is also outlawing thinking. She says that nobody in Michigan actually needs to think, since they have her to do it for them.

  16. Democrats: We’re a Democracy, I can do what I want!
    The rest of us: Bullsh*t We’re a Constitutional Republic Bit*h!!!!!!!

  17. This leftist piece of shit deserve to suffer a traitors lot. No peace or quarter for the left. They are the enemy. They deserve nothing. All Leftists, regardless of who they are, family, friends, loved ones, are the enemy. They all are a cancer. They are all scum. The sooner that they are ejected from society, the better.

    • I’d like to think my step brother could be saved, but as long as he’s with his bitch hardcore leftist wife, I agree, enemy. I would not hesitate.

  18. There is no evidence it “escaped” from a lab no matter how many random un-connected talking points you list on a page.

    • We don’t know it didn’t. The CCP is made up of many levels of bureaucrats and each one lies to the ones they report to, this is why they didn’t report the outbreak up the chain of command for something like six weeks. Even if it wasn’t engineered (and I don’t think it was) that doesn’t mean it didn’t escape from that lab. Incompetent or lazy lab workers are common enough and are much more likely to be found working for the government than a private company.

      Call it whatever you like, I will continue to call it the Chinese virus because that is where it from.

  19. Hey what do you know, it looks like my comment about supporting Hannibal and criticizing John Boch got taken down. Did that really happen? Censorship? Of a civil critique?

      • But not the point. When it comes so social distancing, in the immortal words of Hillary, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  20. I dont care if its the bubonic plague. Aids in a cough. Id rather die free then live imprisoned. Whats wrong with you people

  21. This is fake news. Stop perpetuating this bullshit. While I don’t like Whitmer and her ridiculous executive order, gun stores fall under the “defense industry” category which is deemed essential business in executive order 2020-42. Look it up and stop with this false narrative.

  22. Being from Michigan (Da U.P. eh), her executive orders have really bothered me (I did not vote for her). When she shut down the gun stores, I contacted her office and protested. But telling the big-box stores to rope off items that she deems un-essential is quite an overreach. I did go to our local box store to get essential items and I limit my trips (been over a month since I last visited). Why, as a free citizen, can I not through a gallon of paint into my cart as I get food, supplies and other essentials while I’m at the store. Because a governor with an over inflated ego deems it so? How does an executive order supersede the commerce clause? Her edicts can violate the Constitution?

    • My gun range is closed but their store is open. Can you please tell me where in the order it says no guns can be sold? I’ve looked through both orders and I can’t find that.

  23. WHEN did she say this? There is no dated quote, no video of her saying it, no audio of her saying it. In both orders, all I can find is that gun RANGES can’t be open, but the gun stores seem to be. This is all over the internet: how Whitmer “said” no guns, but why is there no proof she actually “said” this? I’m open to hearing it, but I’ve tried and can’t find it. When your site is called “The Truth About Guns”, I’m kind of surprised you would publish something with no actual backup, even to the TITLE of the article. Help me out here.


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