What I'm Carrying Now EDC concealed carry gun
Courtesy Gary A.
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Gary A. writes . . .

Pistol: GLOCK G43 clone (Polymer80 PF9SS)
Holster: Desantis Nemesis
Knife: Spyderco Sage 5 Lightweight
Multi-Tool: Leatherman Squirt
Belt: Nexbelt
Phone: iPhone 6s in Otterbox belt holster
Pocket protector containing: pen, toothpick holder, and light
Notebook: Field Notes
Rest: The usual keys, wallet, comb/handkerchief, and watch, etc.

I’ve put about 250 rounds thru the pistol before using it at my EDC gun. No hiccups!


[This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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  1. The re-emergence of the much tacticool field notebook! Is it back in fad? Only time will tell.

        • 😜 I’m always being reminded by tellers that I have Drain Bamage from my hit & run and that I need to “please leave our pen in the tray. You have more than enough of them already”.

        • Ferg,

          I’ve been a closet klepto for Marriot Hotel pens for many moons. They’re top quality and free for the taking when you rent a room at one of their locations. Oh, and if you wait until the front lobby clerk is looking the other way, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to increase your holdings by a few more pens from the jar on the counter.

        • “I’ve been a closet klepto for Marriot Hotel pens for many moons.”
          Haz, thanks for the tip!😜

      • Do you use a fire extinguisher if you don’t have a fire. Often good tactics can eliminate problems before they happen

      • I’ve never used a gun for any self defensive situation, ever. Probably never will.

        But I do like to keep as many guns as I can to spite the tyrant left who grit their teeth at my freedom and my response to their not being able to force their opinions on me. They are so upset that I can own these guns, and they hate me for it. They genuinely wish I would die. For that reason, I own as many of these guns that entertain my spite for their opinions. And flaunt it at them as much as possible as well. In the event that they eventually try to force me to give them up, then finally, i’ll will have met a self defensive situation, justifying usage.

    • Never knew that carrying a pocket size notebook was tactical. I carried them for 20 years in my Rescue Dude Daze, on or off mission. You jst never knew when your pager would go off or the radio would squawk and you’d be having to take fast notes. Let along on the mission, interviewing reporting party, or with a victim taking down vitals, contact info of next of kin, all that.

      I suppose there are plenty of lines of work that need note taking during the daily activities.

    • Field notebook is great for jotting down quick lists, ie grocery, etc when you’re out and about and decide to make a quick trip.

      • Maybe he’s worried about his local, state and federal government recognizes its perfection in the form of a serial number. 😉

        • “… If the gummint has people reading TTAG, they already know about this ghost. Just sayin’…l


        • One can easily purchase serialized frames or complete firearms from Polymer 80,nothing saying it’s a ghost,boo now I’m a scared of ghosts.

        • You guys have an amazingly optimistic view on how effective government is if you think that there is some big machine out there that is both capable and interested in somehow tracing a photo from a gun blog of a pistol that may or may not be serialized (and if it’s not, it still may be legal).

          How does this play out in your head? The NSA’s massive algorithms see a gun on the interwebz- probably one of a million posted today. Then they automatically see that it belongs to “Gary A” based on text analysis. We’re okay so far. Then, because they’re so interested in finding out where this one G43 is hidden they have to break through the encryption and security of Dan Zimmerman’s messages with “Gary A”, presumably email- or send a paramilitary hit squad to interrogate Dan into giving them the information. This is started to sound pretty involved for no reason.THEN they have to hope that Gary’s communication actually leads directly to a real person and not just some burner email account. If it’s a burner, they have to hope that the account has information that leads back to a physical address and not a public wi-fi or VPN. If the former, I guess they have to try and get security footage from the exact time when it was accessed and rule in or out everyone that was there… assuming the footage is available by the time they do it. If a VPN, they have to have an existing backdoor or be able to somehow access the logs which most VPNs don’t keep anyway.

          All this to keep tabs on a subcompact pistol in a country that has “around” 400 million guns in private hands. And this from a government that still can’t figure out how to spell my last name right on tax info despite me trying them to correct it years in a row.

          Yeah, that’s gonna happen. Gotta maintain that sexy opsex!

        • But what if Dan Z and TTAG is just a front for the government, harvesting this information from POTG eager to show off their ghost guns?

          After 3 1/2 years, why do you think the DOJ has not charged Hillary or taken any steps to ‘lock her up!’ for the murder of Seth Rich?

        • Windows recently wanted me to agree to let them use facial recognition software on the photos stored on my computer. Of course I declined, but photos of me and my family might be stored on someone else’s computer who accepted. I communicate with people who use gmail. I have to accept invitations from others who use google calendar. You’re on a database somewhere. It’s only a matter of time before it all gets put together.

        • No worries about state, etc. Don’t care that it does or doesn’t have a serial number. Just wanted a better grip texture, the double undercut trigger guard, and the light rail (for the Olight PL Mini 2 I’ve got on order). The whole assembly has a Double Diamond barrel and extended magazine release from the Glockstore, the slide is from Steel City Arsenal, the extended slide lock and trigger shoe is from Vickers Tactical. Pistol feels better in the hand then the OEM frame.

      • @ EricB

        Because Gaston failed to listen to his customers as he proclaimed refection, even if the costumers disagreed with his perfection.

        By replacing a sub par OEM Glock frame with a Polymer 80 frame one gains a gripping surface improvement over any Gen 1 thru 3,that no matter how wet ones hand is will not slip. Gaining a 1911 grip frame angle, No more hump and lastly No more Glock knuckle.

        Polymer 80 listened to shooters while Gaston refused so Eff Gastons idea of refection, when much closer exists in the form of P 80. Soon all of my Glocks frames will be replaced by superior P 80 frames.

        • Some would argue that a 1911 grip angle is actually a loss.

          That kind of thing is personal preference.

        • I have a friend that said if he was in a room with Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Gaston Glock and had a gun with two bullets, he’d shoot Gaston twice. Never understood the hatred but thought that was pretty funny.

  2. I have a Glock 43 in an inside pocket holster in my left front pocket (I’m obviously left handed) anytime I have pants on, also a CRKT Fossil in the right front pocket.

  3. Nice relief on the trigger guard.
    Nice looking gun…just dont think building my own is for me.

    I see you are afflicted with sinister disease.

    • “Nice relief on the trigger guard.”

      A Polymer 80 standard feature, along with great gripping texture,1911 angle and forward frame accelerator cuts, as Gaston does not think any of those features are needed on his perfection.

      • Indeed. A simple fix to a common complaint with Glock.

        Kinda like Henry Ford in the early days. Any color you want ….. as long as its black.

        Glock – not the most customer responsive company in the gun world.

    • A measuring tape? Rookie.

      I am wearing a cardboard circle around my waist with a 6 foot radius.

      • Thank you for the funny visual!

        I’m seeing a whole new market for your idea…6′ radius inflatable doughnut ring worn around the waist – to be inflated in crowds and supermarket aisles. Could even be equipped with a CO2 inflator for “emergency” inflations (Back Off Buddy!)….think of the traffic jams in Costco.

        I can see the Governor of Michigan making it “mandatory” for all Michiganders outside their homes.

  4. ATF tracking that image. You have to describe your build, not upload it. They can’t read. Duh.

  5. I’d been curious about building a truly All American Glock, which otherwise does not exist. You can come very close, but run into a dead-end in completing the trigger group.

    Also, the cost is much too high. Buy a good Ruger and a S&W combined for the same cost.

    So I’ve not done it.

  6. Hanabil

    Or maybe just the ESN of the originating post even if VPN’d around the world then cross ref that to the monthly pulls from the cell companies and they know where and who you are ! Privacy is an illusion of you participate online.

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