Willie Roberston Duck Dynasty
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
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From the Associated Press

A man was arrested in connection with a drive-by shooting at the Louisiana estate of “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson.

Daniel King Jr. was booked into a correctional center after two homes in West Monroe were struck by gunfire on Friday afternoon, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post Saturday. No one was injured in the shooting, authorities said.

“It looks like they were just spraying bullets across my property.” Robertson told The News-Star. Both homes are part of the estate belonging to Robertson, one of the stars of the reality show about duck hunting that ran from 2012 to 2017.

Robertson said the family was “pretty shook up” after one of the eight to 10 bullets he said were fired at the residence went through the bedroom window of a home where his son John Luke Robertson lives with his wife and infant child.

Witnesses told Ouachita Parish deputies that the second residence was also struck by gunfire.

Robertson said many family members have huddled at the estate during the coronavirus pandemic, including his daughter Sadie Robertson and her new husband. The newlywed was a contestant on the reality show “Dancing with the Stars” in 2014.

“Nobody was outside at the time, but everybody had been out about five minutes before,” Willie Robertson said. “I had just gone to the store when it happened.”

Deputies said other occupants were in the car with the suspect during the shooting. They have not released more information about additional suspects.

King was charged with aggravated assault. It was not immediately clear if he had a lawyer who could comment on his behalf.

Willie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander, the multimillion-dollar duck call and decoy enterprise that inspired the A&E show, which shone a spotlight on the small north Louisiana town. Despite controversy over family patriarch Phil Robertson’s comments equating gay people with hell-bound sinners, state officials lauded the show for its importance to tourism.

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  1. Well duck boy , your gonna need more than a shotgun to fight back against a rifle, quack, quack…🦆🦆🦆

        • Let’s see…Man named Willie gets his home attacked and you zero in on his penis. Then you are asked to show some respect or gfy and you chose the latter…you pathetic tiny dickhesd.

        • “GFYTwiceBoy says:
          April 27, 2020 at 09:15 Is that before or after the incest party?”

          Jealousy, low self esteem, and poor impulse control are not good reasons to denegrate your fellow countrymen.

      • Asking someone to show respect falls flat when you follow it up with telling them to go eff themselves.

        • Wrong dinasour breath…There was a choice not a challenge. If one cannot see the error of their ways they can politely gfy. Notice I was did not SHOUT GFY.
          Providing such a pathetic undeserving sewer minded individual with cover says a lot about you.

      • Boy is a perfectly acceptable way to refer to a grown man. Usually prefaced by “Ol” or “Old”. As in “He is a good ol boy, even if his wife ain’t worth a durn.” or “I used to work with this old boy who…..”

        Now Debbie, there are sandwiches you should be making. Don’t get uppity and tell men how to talk.

        • Different cultures I guess. “Ol’ boy” or “good ol’ boy” is alright, but I’ve always known calling a man “boy” to be an insult.

    • My mossberg 590 has a 9 shot capacity. Nine slug shells with one in the pipe is plenty to stop a threat.

    • You shouldn’t be an asshole about this. This is a serious act of violence. How would you feel if it was your family and property involved? And by the way since Willie hunts deer I pretty sure he has more rifles that the average gun owner. OU owe him a HUGE apology.

  2. Attempted murder, they should get the death penalty….. let’s put ourselves in their position and your children are the ones getting shot at… that was stupid

    • Attempted murder shouldn’t be a reduced sentence. The criminal set out to commit murder, but ineptitude, chance, or medical technology meant the victim lived. It should be life imprisonment, the same as 1st degree murder, not a decade or so and a chance to try again after they practice their marksmanship or learn better poisoning methods.

  3. Rest assured the investigation isn’t over and there are probably more charges to come. It would be justice if the perp shares a cell with a Duck Dynasty fan named Bubba.

  4. My guess and it is a pretty good one!! This crack heads picture or race was purposely not reported! If it was a white boy, we’d already know! So, was the King black?? News media won’t report that!

    • The most cursory search would have shown you that King is a middle aged white guy.

      If you’re going to be an idiot, at least try not being a lazy idiot.

    • There is nothing that will get you killed faster than having a predisposed image of the Boogyman. For bigots it would be a Black person. Bigots are often surprised when they find out the Boogyman they were expecting isn’t Black but is lily white. On the bigot’s tombstone reads…Shucks I Thought The Boogyman Was Black.

        • Dan says:
          “I hate all races and genders equally. As it should be.”

          Daddy! Me and Ma and the three sis’s and Big Bro all thought you was dead! Ma would kill you if she knew! And if she wasn’t dead herself!
          Yeah, Daddy was and apparently still is an equal opportunity bigot. All the races, creeds, nationalities, sexual orientation, I.Q.? He hated ’em all!

  5. Wow what an evil little prick! Willie & family are good people…one wonder’s if this creep could be charged with a so-called “hate crime”?!?

  6. With luck bail will be low. So the perp can be released and Real Social Justice can be handed down. In the Deep Dark Swamp. Gators gotta eat…Same as worms. Saves tax dollars and more importantly sends a message that. Shit like this will not be Tolerated.

  7. Obsessed nut case fan? Wrong address?

    Idiots are lucky that house full of a gun owners did not shoot back. Shotguns do shoot more than “Duck Shot” after all, and who says there wouldn’t be rifles in the home too? Seems only likely they would own more than just shotguns.

  8. There was a herd of deer this guy was shooting at in Willys yard. The guy was hungry as all the stores were out of food due the Coronavirus. He missed and hit the house. Need says the house died of Coronavirus. Move along now.

  9. I wonder how long the response time was for the police??? Since the family lives in a very rural area. 15 minutes? 25 minutes? Or only 5 minutes? When seconds count the cops are only hours away in many parts of the United States. And as we have found out recently in Canada (12 hours) as well.

  10. Interesting the way bloggers pigeon hole Willie as just a shotgun toter. Willie is the CEO of both Duck Commander and Buck Commander. He’s good with bow, shotgun, and rifle. Why all the potty mouthing anyway?

    • Bill,
      It’s because the small minds all think the same thoughts. I have lived all over the USA, and being born in the south, I have been misjudged more often by these misinformed and under educated people in other parts of the country think that southern equals stupid. They make the same mistake that a drawl means you are of limited intellect. The reason they make this assumption is they don’t want to be lonely and they want to feel you are as dumb as they are. They also are under the impression that they are funny and will be popular when they insult others.

      We know better. The fool they label with their ignorance looks back at them in the mirror.

      • Yes Projection is rampant amongst the blamers and the chronically Triggered. I’m still not certain why Southerners are considered ignorant or backwards. I do use it to my advantage in conversation as well as negotiation. American by Birth Southern by the Grace of GOD!

        • The south the the best region of the United States by far. I’m originally from the mid west and have lived in most regions, and the south is the best. People’s ignorance about the region, primarily in the north is quite high. Northerners talk about southern propaganda or the “myth of the lost cause”, but fail to point out their own ignorance and propaganda. And for the record, race relations in the south are now, far superior to that of north. Every, single, time. History in the south is real and alive. It’s not just in some history text book or data sheet.

  11. Perhaps, instead of the usual punishment (fines, jail time, probation), a nice flogging should be in order.
    Also no mention if alcohol was involved.

    • Cabin Fever has done set in and everyone’s getting pretty ornery! If’n I don’t chute sumthin soon I’m like ta bust a gut. Born South of the Line and proud of it!

    • When your house and family are victims of a drive by shooting. Who’ll have your “Come to Jesus” moment so to speak. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  12. How much does anyone here wanna bet that the perp in this case is a damned effing commietard with Stage 4 TDS and more triggers than Springfield Armory?

    Every instance of shootings that hit the news almost INVARIABLY involves deranged libtards with poor impulse control!!


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