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America’s newspaper of record (TM) the Babylon Bee has committed another act of blatant drive-by journalism. They’ve released a new video showing what the world would be like if women had the same rights as guns.

Who hasn’t seen this common poster at anti-gun protests before?

Even Etsy has t-shirts with that expression.

Image via Etsy.

Clearly those who march around with those signs or shirts don’t have the first clue about the reality of gun regulation. Who was it who said, “It’s better to remain silent and be thought to be a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt?”

As an example of how silly the entire, “If women will have the same rights as guns” talking point really is . . .

Screencap by Boch via YouTube (Babylon Bee).

The Babylon Bee has used this as a springboard for their latest video that’s more than a little shocking – and funny at the same time.

Some of the comments at the Babylon Bee YouTube post of the video were laugh out loud funny.

Inquisitor TiteBizoune
I tried the woman-lock device… things sure got awkward on my blind date but I’ve never felt safer in my entire life, Thank you Babylon Bee!

Amazing! The officer was able to identify women, without having a biology degree.

Mobile Engine Medics
Don’t forget that certain accessories are forbidden as they turn your regular woman into an assault woman. If your woman is under a certain length she must be registered on a form 1 or 4 with the AFT(ATF) before you can make or take possession of her. Also her purse isn’t allowed to hold more than 10 items in certain states. If you live in a state which allows it and you wish to quiet her yelling to a hearing safe level, be prepared to pay an extra tax, get finger printed, and go through an extensive background check before you begin your year long wait period to quiet her down. Remember that your woman is only allowed to speak one word per time you pull her finger unless she was born before 1986 and was properly taxed and registered with the government. If your woman violates these standards and you don’t hold a special license you can be subject to fines and imprisonment. I can’t wait to go pass my woman safety course and carry specialized expensive woman insurance so I can pick out my woman on the list of women certified for sale before waiting 10 days to take her home. Ahhhhh freedom.

What about all those scary looking assault women?

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes people at these ginned-up protests don’t really think through the messaging of the signage they’re handed they pick up and waive.

And speaking of the Babylon Bee…their headline story yesterday scores another home run.

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  1. Guns don’t have rights and never have. People do and in the USA we have the right to keep and bear (wear) firearms (military grade small arms). Another idiot leftist journalist trying to write about something he/she doesn’t know enough about but trying to make a point in spite of it.

    • Calm down honey, it’s a joke. Everyone here knows guns don’t have rights, they are making fun of stupid women (and men) who wouldn’t know a constitutional right from a hemorrhoid.

      The fact you don’t know that and are getting a little too over emotional yourself makes you look kinda like a dumbass.

      • Gloria…If everyone knew guns did not have rights there would be no silly signs implying they do.

        The enemy are those assuming such signs will shame hen pecked Gun Owners into bowing down to offer tears and apologies to the sign bearers for ignoring what is clearly a “concocted” resurgence of women’s suffrage.

        • Miner49er

          Stop trying to pretend you’re a woman with the ‘Gloria Steinem’ name. Don’t worry though, you still have a chance to be someones woman one day.

        • Gloria below…You assumed everyone here would read one of those signs and not fall for it hook, line and sinker and that is indeed a very bad assumption. Thus I said “everyone” hoping you were savy enough to take a hint.

        • I don’t know Debbie, I don’t see people posting here agreeing with the signs.

          It’s hard being so wrong and so dumb, isn’t it?

          I did assume people here wouldn’t fall for it hook, line, and sinker and I was correct.

        • “It’s hard being so wrong and so dumb, isn’t it?”

          Look in the mirror, son. You obviously have the extensive personal experience with being both of them to know that… 🙂

        • Geoff

          I’m right most of the time. You get your ass handed to you by me and others often on this site. We’ve ‘battled’ a couple of times today. You were sadly unable to keep up and retreated in disgrace.

      • You’re one dumb kuntt. I can care less what I look like to you. You don’t even know enough about basic reading of the English language to understand when someone makes a point about what they read regardless of the author’s original intent. Obviously I made my point well enough even smartass leftists like you don’t want me commenting even further. Seems like you’re a Hapsburg descendant (or worse).

        • So, some stupid women say that they want the same rights as guns. TTAG writes an article showing how stupid the women are by including a parody piece by the Babylon Bee.

          (Parody = joke)

          You chime in and say a woman quoted in the article is stupid or the writer of the TTAG article is stupid, when in reality, it’s you that are too stupid to understand the parody of the stupid women wanting the same rights as inanimate objects.

          And I never mentioned what I thought you looked like, but I bet you are a catch! Poor Mrs. GRA, she probably will use one of your guns to commit suicide to get away from your dumb, ugly a$$.

        • ‘You don’t even know enough about basic reading of the English language to understand when someone makes a point about what they read regardless of the author’s original intent.’

          You read stuff and make up your own meaning regardless of what the author meant to say.

          The authors original intent was the sign holding women were dumb. You took that as….?

          Reading instructions must be a bitch. How many times have you shoved meds up your ass when the instructions said ‘take orally’.

        • “…And I never mentioned what I thought you looked like,..”

          Yes, you certainly did, as the direct quote above of your babbling proves :

          “…makes you look kinda like a dumbass.”

          Look, I understand. Trying to follow a simple conversation is really hard work. It’s really for the best that you should just STFU and stop embarrassing yourself every time you open your yap.

          Don’t you just hate it when you realize you’re nowhere near as smart as you seem to think you are? It has a name, the “Dunning–Kruger effect”. Read it for yourself :

          “…And I never mentioned what I thought you looked like,..”

          You truly are the gift that just keeps on giving, and I haven’t had a good laugh like that in months… 🙂

        • Geoff the fucktard

          You are absolutely correct that I did say ‘look like a retard’. I meant it as he appeared to be stupid (mentally challenged, like you) by his writings.

          I chose to change the discussion to his physical appearance to twist his nuts. I didn’t mean to confuse you or have you get your panties in a wad.

        • Geoff, Geoff, Geoff, you moronic fucktard

          Did you read the article you said I should read?

          I did. This is at the beginning:

          ‘researchers also include in their definition the opposite effect for high performers: their tendency to underestimate their skills.’

          That’s me. You got one thing right. You simpleton. Good boy.

        • Now you’ve gone too far, asshole.

          Or maybe your point is you really like me. I guess it does or doesn’t matter what the original intent was.

        • “Now you’ve gone too far, asshole.”

          And just what are you gonna do about it, moron?

          Cry and suck your thumb like the sniveling little baby you really are? 🙂

        • Geoff the retard

          I’m not going to do anything more than I already have. Point out the stupidity of GRA not understanding the article. What are you going to do about that?

          Who cares.

      • gloria…RE: “I don’t know Debbie, I don’t see people posting here agreeing with the signs.”

        Well gloria there are people you see and you don’t see and bozos that can pop up out of nowhere who believe every word on those signs. In other words since you are just another brick in the wall here you are not qualified to say, “everyone here” when the likes of those holding those signs show up here out of nowhere exactly like you did.

        • I don’t worry about people that are unseen and unheard. I address bozos and know-it-all dumbshits that pop up and run their mouths about shit they know nothing about.

          Been here all along. You’ve been a dumbass the entire time, contributing nothing of value like your alter ego, Geoff the retard. I am more than qualified to say you are a shit stain of stupidity.

  2. Certain guns are legal in some states and not others. Go figure.
    Oh…and big black guns are very very bad. And not bad in a good way.Ask any so called liberal. Not very inclusive.

  3. Men shouldn’t treat women like objects.
    Let them do it themselves.

    I don’t know if there’s a God but there for sure is an ultimate troll out there guiding morons to sincerely protest in clownish ways.

    When I was at a certain university there was a bit of a manufactured “scandal” with a column in the school paper about “yellow fever.” To protest being made into fetish objects the subjects of the article walked around for days wearing ball gags and choker collars.

    The poundmetoo movement was just as funny. Protesting isn’t hard but they sure make it seem hard.

    • If women want equal treatment…they can hold the door for a tranny-pretend woman. They’re more than welcome to it. Oh wait…maybe they have to go through the whole genital mutilation thing before the non-biologically-labeled-at-birth ‘woman’ gets the door held? I dunno–this whole thing is confusing these days.

    • If women want equal treatment…they can hold the door for a tranz-pretend (wo)man. They’re more than welcome to it. Oh wait…maybe they have to go through the whole genital mutilation thing before the non-biologically-labeled-at-birth ‘woman’ gets the door held? I dunno–this whole thing is confusing these days.

      Had to add some possum-style writing to avoid moderation.

  4. Guns only have one right, that right possessed by the law abiding people who have them and that right is the Second Amendment. This right applies to both men and women. So, women … you do have as many rights as guns after all only the democrats and liberals and left are trying to make it look like you don’t.

  5. It’s getting hard to find a good gunsmith anymore. Maybe I’m just behind the times. Should I be looking for a gunocologist?

    • “…what is a full auto woman? Simi-auto?”

      Likely a woman that makes gang-bang videos on a porn site…

  6. Finding a suitable holster to hold your woman is difficult. Leather holsters seem to work better as leather tends to mold around your womans shape.

    Be careful with choosing more sensitive after market triggers to replace the OEM trigger your woman already has. The best way to discover if your womans trigger is already sensitive enough, instead of spending money on your woman spend your money on other women.

  7. I suspect the sign bearers would be horrified if you told them that anyone who tries to deprive them of their right to life and health forfeits it for himself.

  8. But, but, but… women aren’t even mentioned in The Constitution. There’s all this stuff about “arms”, though, and “men”, too.

    And “bare arms”? Never sell a magazine or movie that way…

  9. The same rights.
    Well well well, I’m definitely going to be inserting my high capacity magazine in the gunm hole more often.

  10. The bureau of alcohol tobacco and females is about to get overloaded with silencer applications.
    How much will one fetch at a buyback?

  11. Guns are inanimate objects, and as such, they have no rights. If some women wants the same rights as a gun, I guess that’s their choice, until they are granted that status of no rights, in which case they no longer have a choice on anything.

    • Not for gun control, never have been.

      I pointed out how some moron was too stupid (much like you) to get a joke.

      Go back and try to understand the joke instead of being the joke.

      And try to respond in the correct place next time.

      I know the internets are hard for some people.

  12. I’ve long thought that was a stupid, ignorant and totally devoid of anything remotely resembling logic or thought statement, since it was first spouted years ago.
    Anyone who believes that guns have more rights than people should be spayed and/or neutered, as they are too stupid to breed.


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