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A road-raging Utah man was busted after he pointed a gun at a driver who turned out to be a police officer in an unmarked vehicle.

Taylor Ray Bradley, 29, was driving just outside of Salt Lake City around 11:45 a.m. on Monday when a truck in front of him signaled to turn. Infuriated, Bradley began tailgating the driver, according to an affidavit obtained by KSL.

Bradley then pulled alongside the truck and “began yelling profanities and proceeded to point what appears to be a small silver firearm” at the driver, according to the affidavit.

The truck driver — a sergeant with the Granite School District Police Department driving an unmarked cop car —  proceeded to turn on his lights and pull Bradley over.

Bradley was cuffed and the officer found the handgun stuffed into the passenger seat cushion.

— Patrick Reilly in Road-raging Utah Man Points Gun at Driver Only To Find Out It’s a Cop

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    • Bingo. It is bad to brandish anyway, and even worse if the other driver is a cop where immediate consequences ensue. Personally although I may “comment” about bad drives, I would never ever tailgate, gesticulate or guntimidate any one of them. That is plain stupid and not worth the effort.

    • While in Nashville my wife and I were confronted with a road raging asshole. My wife was driving on the highway and this guy almost drives his truck up our ass. My wife lets him go by and he starts brake checking us (in heavy traffic), my wife pulls over to let the guy drive on, but he decides to pull over too. We didn’t think it was safe to drive in reverse on the shoulder during busy traffic and we couldn’t have outrun a bullet if the guy got out and started shooting.

      We called the cops and sat here awhile, after 20 minutes I decided we should pull out when clear and drive by as quickly as possible to get out of the situation. The longer we waited the more uneasy I felt. I decided didn’t want to wait to see a gun pointed at us before acting. I had my gun drawn and pointed it at the guy as we went by.

      We had dash cam video and audio recording of everything. I would gladly have showed to the cops if this guy reported me. I would have told the cop I made the decision that my wife and I could be in danger and I was letting this asshole know in very clear terms he had crossed a line and I WOULD KILL HIM if he didn’t stop fucking around.

      The guy saw the gun and raced off. He could have stayed behind us but decided to drive off blasting in and out of traffic like the asshole he was.

      I may have gotten in trouble but would do the same thing again.

      • Well Cato calling the cops and driving away constitutes a false police report. And by definition brandishing is what you did. At the point of brandishing you went from victim to being the perp. While you were on the phone with the police you should have asked if it was OK to display. And you should have called the police back informing them you would be driving away and remained on the phone with dispatch, etc. Obviously the driver harrasing you remained in his vehicle and as long as he sat there and you were told the poilce were coming per your request you had the perp behind the eight ball.

        • I call bullshit on the false report. Everything I told the police was fact, backed with video. The police never said remain where we were.

          The idea I would ask the police if I could brandish my gun is stunningly stupid, even for you.

          The cops had my name and number and could have called back any time they wanted. They never called back and accused me of any crime by driving away.

          Nice try though, better luck next time.

        • Debbie,

          Some years ago, an LASD Deputy accidentally rear-ended my vehicle at low speed. We both pulled over, he fully admitted fault, and we waited for LAPD to arrive to take the report (he explained that it was policy due to LAPD’s jurisdiction at that particular area). After 25 minutes, he released me to go, stating that the “reasonable” time period to wait for LE to show up had passed, and that the incident would simply need to be reported to my insurance carrier instead.

          If a serious crime is committed, I imagine the “reasonable” time would be much longer. But in Cato’s case, I would have done the same thing and gotten myself and my wife to safety at the first available opportunity. That’s the first rule of avoiding a DGU, right?

        • Haz,
          Years ago in LA a story came out in the news of a road rage shooting. Seems an off duty cop brandished his weapon at a driver and paid for it with his life as the other driver happened to be a CCW carrier. At first the incident was reported in the news as two road ragers going at it. But when more info came out it seems the story was no longer newsworthy. Disappeared from the airwaves damn fast.

        • I was hoping we could hear Debbie’s theories on how someone being threatened (potential victim) becomes the perp under Tennessee law when then show a firearm to stop a potential threat (aggressor).

          Debbie might want to look into the meaning of ‘brandishing’.

          Displaying a weapon for lawful self defense is not brandishing.

      • It’s funny how road ragers suddenly find all kinds of time to get back at you for costing them a precious 1.5 seconds on their road trip.

        I like it when people are content to ride behind you until you need over. Then they speed up. Sometimes it comes in handy having a little extra horsepower.

      • Hopefully you realize that YOU are the one who “crossed the line” no matter what provocation you think you had. YOU are the one who illegally brandished a firearm. YOU are the one who introduced the threat of deadly force into the situation.

        Having your gun out and in hand was reasonable, displaying it was stupid, pointing it at another driver was a crime.

        • YOUR stupidity in not knowing the difference between an aggressor and potential victim(s) is a crime.

          I guess I could have gotten out of my car and screamed “I’m armed” and hoped he’d hear it and drive away. The guy’s actions up to that point led me to believe HE wanted a fight.

          Displaying a weapon for lawful self defense is not brandishing.

          Pretty simple, even YOU should be able to understand that.

          Letting the aggressor know I would defend my wife and myself ended the issue.

        • Cato,

          Fact #1
          Intentionally pointing your firearm at someone in a contentious situation–even without pulling the trigger–is deadly force.

          Fact #2
          The legal standard to justify using deadly force in self-defense is when an attacker conveys a credible and imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm.

          Your ideal was incredibly frustrating and unnerving. A man who was tailgating you and then sits in his parked car on the roadside in front of you for 20 minutes is NOT a CREDIBLE threat of IMMINENT death or grievous bodily harm. Was it entirely possible that he would attack you at some point? Sure. Nevertheless, that does not constitute a credible imminent threat because imminent means it is coming at you and happening RIGHT NOW. That was not the case in your situation.

          For all we know, he thought YOU were the threat (before you finally drove past him and pointed your firearm at him), also called the police, and was also waiting for police to arrive.

          Having your firearm in hand and ready without pointing it at him was fine. Pointing it at him was not. Please own up to your misjudgment (privately, not on this forum) and learn from it.

          Disclaimer: I am NOT an attorney and the above commentary is NOT legal advice.

        • Displaying a weapon for lawful self defense is not brandishing. I was not the aggressor.

          ‘Intentionally pointing your firearm at someone in a contentious situation–even without pulling the trigger–is deadly force.’

          Wrong – Courts have specifically called that ‘non-deadly force’ when there is no intention to pull the trigger.

          The Court quoted the following from a legal treatise, that “merely to threaten death or serious bodily harm, without any intention to carry out the threat, is not to use deadly force, so that one may be justified in pointing a gun at his attacker when he would not be justified pulling the trigger.”

          I would have shot the guy if he had escalated the situation.’

          Since ‘Fact 1’ wasn’t a fact at all, neither is ‘Fact 2’

          Wrong on two out of two. Not a very good average.

          ‘For all we know, he thought YOU were the threat (before you finally drove past him and pointed your firearm at him), also called the police, and was also waiting for police to arrive.’

          Are you really that fucking stupid, honestly. Please own up to it, not privately but on this forum, because this is the place where you fucked up.

          The police already had my name, phone number and could have easily got my license information. If the other guy called the cops and told them I was the aggressor, brandishing a gun, I would have received a call or visit from the police.

          ‘I am NOT an attorney…’

          No shit.

  1. Won’t say this in mixed company, but there are some who really shouldn’t be allowed NEAR a gun!!

  2. Driving through the Salt Lake area on I-15, can’t say I blame anyone for getting pissed off, but I never wanted to pull my gun, just ram them with my car.

  3. Yeah, until I see the dashcam it’s equally likely the cop didn’t signal and cut the guy off. Not saying what that the dude did was in the right, it’s stupid brandishing a gun, but too many people drive stupidly and DON’T signal and trigger road rage… including cops.

    • No matter how stupidly some people may drive, it does not justify a stupid response of any kind. Nothing good will ever come of it. Curse at them within the confines of your vehicle, and let it go.

      • and then try to get clear of them. I don’t care to drive in the vicinity of bad drivers if I can help it.

      • “Nothing good will ever come of it.”

        Yes. My family’s desire to have me come home intact is much greater than my desire to tell some idgit how much of one he is. He likely already knows it anyhow.

    • Since you are apparently in the SLC area, I have a question… Do people living in the Avs still routinely back out of their driveway, then stop with their car completely blocking the street before they look around to see if someone is about to hit them?

      Back in the 1960’s that was and everyday occurrence in the avenues section of Salt Lake City.

  4. I can understand “brandishing” a gun, as one thing (i.e. not pointed in a particular direction, but making a statement of being armed), but pointing it at a person not posing an imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm should be considered attempted murder.

    • Attempted assault. FIFY

      I read a report in which a police officer pulled his weapon out of anger and placed it up toward the forehead of a thug who had been mouthing off to him. The officer’s bodycam video was shown in court, and he was convicted of attempted assault with a deadly weapon. In the blink of an eye and a single dumb decision, he lost his career and his freedom.

      • “The officer’s bodycam video was shown in court, and he was convicted of attempted assault with a deadly weapon.”

        ADW may be “appropriate”, but attempted murder has a possibly greater deterrent value.

        • A set of laws specifically for cops that come with the tag “under color of authority” (such as deprivation of rights in some jurisdictions) should be codified and conviction should result in a one-way trip to a wood chipper.

          Tie the hands, TQ the legs, feet first they go. Live on TV and the web. The obese ones will need different treatment to slim them down first, that’s what field dressing kits are for.

          Deterrent enough? Or were we actually seeking justice? I forget how it works around here.

    • Actually it is “aggravated assault” or “assault with a deadly weapon” or other similar charge. The name varies from state to state, but pointing a gun at someone without LEGAL justification is a crime (usually a felony)

  5. And the arresting officer was a school cop???

    Hope they’re as good against whackjobs entering a building for a little fun.

    • Hmmm…a few minutes ago I had a large truck tailgating me as I returned from buying groceries. And it is snowing here. I really wanted to mess with him but instead slowed down. I’m sure the fool was pizzed. I have a loaded gat with me but if he had hit me on wet pavement I dunno what would occur. But a cop driving a truck?!? Jerkweed.

  6. Cops in my city have a beat-up old ex-taxi they use for undercover. Only reason I know is because my BIL lives next door to the LEO who regularly drives it.
    Follow the Golden Rule to avoid trouble.

    • Most taxi companies will take umbrage at undercover cops using taxis, it makes them targets. The same for delivery and contractor’s trucks. Maybe they could used old Toyota pickups with gardeners’ equipment in the back.

  7. the undercovers here mostly use “forfeited” vehicles. never know who’s behind that tinted glass.

  8. He’s lucky he brandished at a police officer. If he had done it to an armed civilian, he might have seen muzzle flashes instead of beacon lights

  9. Road rage seems popular.
    Does it help you get where you’re going faster?
    Does it save fuel economy?
    Reduce wear on your tires?

    What’s the appeal? Or is it just popular trash like Budweiser?

    • And is it a good influence on your children?

      I drive calmly and sedately. I change lanes only when needed and indicate well in advance. Don’t bother tailgating because the tow bar with bike rack mount is going to do some serious damage. And my license is worth more than your time so I’m not speeding either.

  10. Hey, it could happen to anyone.
    I was double-parked when some hood in a muscle-car pulled up next to me and told me to move. I then explained the alternate use of his anal sphincter… yup, undercover cop.
    Oddly, he let me go when I said I didn’t know he was a cop…. several interpretations are possible as to why that should have got me off the hook.

  11. Road raging is a good way to Fuckin wreck. I’ve seen some people do some insanely dumb shit while driving and end up either on fire or crushed on the side of the road. Some of the dumbest shit is when one dude will do something that pisses off another dude, and they’ll start flying down the highway at each other, like they’re each some kinda badass in a shitty B rated film.

    • Over the years I’ve lost track of the times some idiot has screamed past me dodging and weaving through the traffic only to:

      1) end up hitting another car
      2) pulled over by the cops
      3) triggering a speed camera

  12. What is your point here. ? Is this not exactly what the cop was supposed to do? It almost seem’s as if you think there is something unique going on here. My only other comment is that seeing what goes on in the USA it’s a bit of a nise surprise that somenone did not get killed.

  13. Fake News.
    The truck signalled and then turned.
    Cops never signal a turn.
    Cops never stop at stop signs.
    Cops never obey the speed limits.
    So this never happened.

    • Drop a doughnut, foot comes off the gas, try to grab the doughnut and miss, accidentally hit the turn signal, spill coffee in your lap and *boom* hard braking.

      Occam says it was a cop with a doughnut and coffee.

  14. The image is hilarious but misleading.

    Guy’s driving entirely against traffic, which is unrealistic. Replace him with an 80 year old Congressperson or Senator and this becomes eminently believable.

    I mean, can you imagine Diane Feinstein behind the wheel these days? I’d hitch a ride from Ted Kennedy just to get the fuck way from her.

  15. Brandishing a Weapon has been against the law for as long as I remember. Doesn’t matter if it’s a real Pew Pew or a BB Gun, both will get you an arrest at best or shot at worst.
    Frankly, if one’s going to pack heat, 9ne best learn to put the cap on one’s bottle of temper.

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