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Let’s say you’re minding your own business in your yard. You’ve just fired up the barbecue in preparation of smoking a few racks of babybacks, perhaps enjoying an adult beverage or two and generally enjoying your own existence. But suddenly, a pistol-packing drone appears over your back fence – which gun do you grab? . . .



Sure, a Benelli M2 would seem the obvious choice. A 3″ load of #4 shot accurately administered should knock the little whirring bugger right out of the sky before it gets off too many shots.

Then again, there’s a lot to be said for a Daniel Defense DDM4. Great ergos, lighter weight and much more capacity.

When the remotely-triggered electronic dealer of death hovers over immediate vicinity, which gun would you grab?

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  1. Shotgun. No doubt. Small, moving target in close range? In an (sub)urban environment (as stipulated in the post)? Yeah, shotgun.

  2. Scattergat everytime. I do not want to be slinging 556 projectiles into the air having no clue where they will land.

  3. Throw the FAA at them! that’ll do the trick; they’ll legislate them to death, you save ammo…win/win???

  4. any and all Drones will be shot down or jammed. thank you for idiot providing a Free target that costs do much money.

    if its in range it will be come down, then be smashed in 1/4″x 1/4″ or smaller pieces. dont try to retrieve the leftovers.


    The question should be…which shotgun do you go for first?

    • Well yes the shotgun is best unless the drone is the size of a car then I’m going for FMJ because the S has hit the fan.

  6. Well– birdshot is gonna do a lot less damage to the pistol and take out more of the motors on the quadcopter, I mean, if you’re gonna shoot it down you may as well salvage what you can. You can always use another pistol. Right?

  7. I have a sign in my back yard. It’s a gun free zone, so the drone couldn’t be there.

    (Sarc off now)
    Benelli, hands down!

  8. “perhaps enjoying an adult beverage or two…”
    Some TTAG readers have opined that one should not be armed in that situation, so they could only seek cover and call 911.

    • Perhaps they could revert to Roman times and use netting with weighting on the seams making it suitable for throwing? Added benefit being if you foul the props and bring it down…. you have now acquired an undamaged pistol!!

    • Yeah that’s a silly notion when you are on your own property. I don’t care what the law might say on that one. The law of the land says my property with the freedom from unreasonable search and seizure and my right of defense. Alright well all of those rights mean nothing to most all alphabet agencies so maybe there is cause to worry.

  9. Speaking of which, some yokel has been flying a drone over our local. Professional and fast. 200-400 ft.
    Looked on the FAA site for the PDs that have drone use apps in….none by us.

    Are there FAA legal frequency jammers yet? Legal, non-pew pew pew countermeasures????

    • You could fry the CCD with an IR emitter. It won’t hurt the copter part, but without the ability to see through the camera, it’s not going to be easy to fly.

      Also, wi-fi jammers are legal in the USA (unless there’s a local ban, you’re subject to), so you could just get one of those. Many of the consumer oriented, Parrot-style drones use wi-fi, because of the high data rate. And the beautiful part is most of the drones have a failsafe that causes them to descend slowly when they lose the connection, so it will literally drop right into your hands. A government grade drone won’t use wi-fi, because of the short range.

      • “Also, wi-fi jammers are legal in the USA (unless there’s a local ban, you’re subject to), so you could just get one of those.”

        I need a cite on that.

        In general in the USA, deliberately interfering with an authorized transmission is Verboten.

        The FCC is not known for being reasonable.

        But, they have to catch you.

        A single 30 second jamming transmission that crashes a drone is gonna be real tough to prove.

        Unless those drone flights are regular and they keep crashing…

        • “In general in the USA, deliberately interfering with an authorized transmission is Verboten.”

          That statement is correct. I would never openly admit to “jamming” anything in any situation.

    • Look around for an owner. Non commercial drones don’t have all that much range or altitude. I can’t let any of mine get more than 100 feet away from me or so, before I have trouble controlling them. If there’s no owner nearby, FAA rules are being violated. Give ’em a call.

  10. But suddenly, a pistol-packing drone appears over your back fence – which gun do you grab?

    The one on the drone.

  11. Uhhh none. . In most back yards, it is not legal to discharge a firearm. And as much as we all don’t like it, you don’t own the airspace over your property, so you aren’t within your rights to do anything about it, unfortunately. Maybe you could fly a cheap rc airplane and have mid air with it! Or a potato gun with one of those nets like the inspector gadget would use to catch it!

    • I may not own the airspace but I have a right to stop an imminent, credible threat of death or grave bodily harm.

    • You’re going to have to argue self-defense. Would a reasonable person be in fear of imminent serious bodily injury in that situation? A pistol equipped quadcopter appears, is it like a criminal pointing a firearm at you— do you have to let him take the first shot?

      • I think you could easily convince, the cops, DA, judge, or jury (as needed) that it presented credible threat of serious bodily injury. In the states I’ve lived in (all in the south or west), if a reasonable person would consider an attacker a threat of serious injury, it’s legal to use lethal force to neutralize the threat. And you don’t have to know the attacker is a threat (e.g. wait for him/it to shoot first), just believe that it’s a threat. The bar for shooting a mechanical device is probably much lower than for shooting a person. Or at least the scrutiny after the fact would be.

  12. Either the one you’re wearing, or throw the dog chain at it. It’s a tiny helicopter, they’re born with a desire to crash.

  13. Mossberg 500. Whatever ammo I have on hand (if it’s #8 or 00 buckshot, it’s getting blasted until it comes down)

    • No buckshot!

      Just small birdshot.

      All you want to do is shatter just one of its carbon fiber propellers.

      Then you have a new (to you) drone or sell it on eBay…

  14. I’m with General Zod; SuperSoaker.

    Otherwise I’d have to whip out my Particle-Beam-EMP Blaster, which could tend to short out neighboring electronics as well.

  15. man, I won’t even launch a .22 into the trees when I’m squirrel hunting, so I’m going to have to go Benelli (understanding of course that my Stinger AA missiles are out of reach)

  16. My cat goes all hunter-killer when she sees any flying object.

    No one has tried to infringe on my right to deploy feline weaponry. Yet.

    (They can have my cat when they pry her from my cold dead fingers. )

  17. I’d just sick my wife on it. I swear she has a broomstick somewhere she can use to get close, and then that poor drone will wish it never ventured into my back yard.

  18. I keep going back and forth between a blunderbuss and a wooden canon. Love me some old skool and low tech 🙂

  19. LH Remington 870, 28″ bbl, 10 shot magazine tube extension, red dot sight, 3″ 00 buck = drone be gone.

  20. How about that 12GA rotational gatling gun, or machine gun they had on that gun store, before they went off the air.
    Will something or other, with Red Jacket.

  21. This is why I don’t bbq in my backyard. It turns into a Bond movie. I’m tired of phucking up super villians.

  22. A friend of mine was in his back yard when a “camera drone” (quad copter) came flying over and hovered. He flipped it off and the drone shook around acknowledging him. He grabbed his shotgun and came back out and drone simply climbed and hovered out of range.
    If it’s in a hover, Id get someone to distract it, get its attention and Id grab the rifle and hit it while hovering. Idk if a Shotgun will reach 100yards up. Maybe throw some bird shot and hope it peppers the props maybe.. Still think if it’s hovering, the one shot would be best..
    Find the pilot. He’s most likely outside and in line of sight of the drone where a well chunked rock should rid the problem.

  23. 40mm Bofors. Might as well make a statement. Why? Cause ‘merica! (with a nod to the Swedish firearms industry).

  24. I would take a shotgun, but not the M2, a 2 gauge punt gun would do a much better job at totally destroying the drone.

  25. Last I knew it is illegal to attach a weapon to an aircraft, and as far as the govt is concerned a drone is an aircraft. I’m sure the Feds will be looking for the poster of this vid as soon as they get wind of it.

  26. Cheap Wal-Mart Mossberg pump, with a sawed off barrel. With Turkey an dove shot loads. A neighbor on the deck, can fire his sidearm. While we all move away from the propane. (1Lb of propane = 10 sticks of DyNamite!). Sending the other friend to grab a semiautomatic 20G hidden behind a door.

  27. Shotgun. Throwing rifle slugs into the air is a bad idea, mm’kay? Rifles fired in the air are bad, so don’t do that, M’kay?

  28. frozen mini marshmallows from a potato cannon might do the trick. Not sure how I know this but I am certain it will upset the rival fans at a college football game… the key is to freeze them over night , just sayin.

  29. Yeah shot gun-I was going to say punt gun but it’s already taken(but you might get a flock of ducks too)…

  30. Shotgun all day. I wish it was a 3 1/2 chamber. With #4 buckshot out of a 3 1/2 magnum that’s 54, .24″ pellets. It’s like doing 2 30rd mag dumps from that AR at close range.


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