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I know this is going to kill TTAG’s Google ranking, but the comment underneath this video on YouTube is pure poetry. “You idiots are beyond fucking stupid. You are so far beyond fucking stupid there has yet to be invented a term that could possibly encompass the galactic magnitude of your motherfucking stupidity.” What more needs saying?

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  1. Who are we to question people who wear balaclavas, multicam and have a screen name that comes from a line in COD: MW2?

    Obviously they are much more seasoned “operators” than ourselves.

  2. Just when I had passed these guys off as complete imbeciles, the dude in the camo pajamas did a one-handed slide rack and totally redeemed both of them!

    • I know. Just like a car wreck. You feel dirty watching it, but are secretly hoping one of them will spring a leak. Damn my weakness.

  3. The only question is where do these cats do their blogging? I think it’s time to drop this lame, safe-ass TTAG and find somewhere a little more risky to spend my time.

    Who here at TTAG has the Ninja skills to do a one-handed rack?

  4. We should understand that this is a balls/trust-building exercise. They did not set the bar too high, aimed slow-fire at short-range (7 meters maybe) with badassed HKs in single action. I don’t condone it, but I understand. At that range we all could tear the bullseye out, except of course, if your buddy is holding the target. I have not and will not ever, ever, ever attempt this stupidity and IF they wanted to impress me they shoulda tried the same drill with a double action anything at 15 yards with the friendly on the right-hand side. That being said, elite forces routinely carry out live fire exercises with friendlys down range.

  5. SEALs, Delta, etc. do practice live-fire drills with friendlies downrange. They also fire upwards of 100,000 rounds each year with each other. And they don’t make douchebag YouTube videos of it.

    Such training is risky, but they do it because it prepares them for the much greater risks of combat. The risks are real: a handful of police SWAT officers die each year in entry and room-clearing training.

    • I heard about something like this from a Marine buddy or mine. MARSOC (the Marine special forces command) runs a drill where you walk forward and shoot and then turn around and walk back just off to the side to the guy who’s firing after you. It just soldiers used to rounds going by them.

  6. Wow, are they firing HK Mark 23’s? Love the one hand “air rack”; pretty good groups too.
    My only question is what language were they speaking. Note to self; try the 1 hand rack at the range tomorrow.


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