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What’s The First Rule Of Gun Safety? TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia know it by heart; even our resident trolls have absorbed it osmotically by now. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. That way if you do something stupid, the chances are no one’s going to die [see: Always Know What’s Beyond You Target]. Travis Hood, 27, of Hillsboro, Oregon should have hung out in our e-‘hood; he might have avoided blasting a hole through his apartment wall and smoke-checking the HDTV on the opposite side . . .

Mr. Hood only winged the capo di tutti capo, but he scored a kill-shot on the widescreen Sony or Samsung behind Don Michael. He also scored a free trip to jail and likely a revocation of his CCW permit, if he has one. Here’s the inside skinny, courtesy of Portland’s KGW-TV:

HILLSBORO — A man practicing a ‘quick draw’ at a life-sized poster of Don Michael Corleone accidentally fired a shot that hit the Godfather movie mob boss poster in the shoulder, and the slug went through the wall of his apartment, striking a flat-screen television.

Travis Hood, 27, was taken to the Washington County jail and accused of recklessly endangering, said Washington County sheriff’s office spokesman Sgt. David Thompson.

The shooting took place at 8150 SW Barnes Road, Unit C202 about 2:50 Wednesday. Hood reportedly used a .357 Magnum.

There were no injuries. Except to the TV.

And you gotta love KGW’s snarky last sentence, plus the fact that they published this guy’s address. Now all his neighbors can start sleeping in their bathtubs. With Kevlar vests.

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    • Thank God he wasn’t twirling one of your sixguns; that 700-grain bullet might have struck and killed me two counties away.

  1. Maybe it was the neighbour who was rude, maybe he was just aiming for a very loud tv…

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