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What’s the best day? New gun day. The good folks at ArmaLite have generously provided an AR-50 rifle in 50 BMG for me to play with. LuckyGunner is providing some ammo. And play I will . . .

I’ve been entered in a long range rifle competition this Sunday aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, a competition which STARTS at 800 yards and ends at 1,000. It’ll be the first time I’ve shot a 50 BMG rifle, the first time I’ve shot 1,000 yards, and the first time I’ve had a cheering section. I’ll be bringing Ben Shotzberger with me this weekend to get the feel of a competition (don’t tell him, but he’ll be lugging the rifle and the mini bar around).

Don’t worry, we’ll post plenty of pictures and video of the event. Until then, enjoy some beauty shots of this beast of a rifle. There’s a picture down there with a Mosin bolt for comparison. Epic.

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  1. I’ve shot one of those a few times. Recoil is shockingly mild but you feel the concussion in your sinuses. And let me tell you, that rifle is heavy. I would rather lug around a minibar.

    • I shot one on a covered firing line. It was fine as long as you were the one firing it but if you were slightly off to the side of the shooter it felt like a grenade going off. We had a lightweight .30-06 and Mossberg Mariner with an ATI folder for comparison, the recoil of the fitty was easily softest of the three. It was, however, like standing in the ocean, the wave might not hurt but there is no way to stop it from moving you.

  2. Seriously, that thing weighs over 30lbs if I remember correctly. Thirty pounds is a lot of booze. That’s a lot of bottles to break over a bad guys head.


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