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Press release: “The razor-sharp, 2.75 inch Ka-Bar blade fits on any medium to large pistol with rail and slides on and off easily with the press of two buttons. Its stainless steel blade is sharpened to a fine edge and finished with a black oxide coating for protection. Featuring a full tang design, the blade also comes with a custom polymer sheath. The blade handle is constructed from 30 percent glass-filled nylon for extra strength and durability. A LaserLyte original, this Pistol Bayonet is ready for any situation – or just looking cool on your favorite gun.” Specs and price after the jump:

LaserLyte Mini Bayo Specifications:

– Product Number: PB-4
– Compatible Firearms: All medium and large frame pistols with rails
– Material: Medium carbon, glass filled nylon
– Finish: Black oxide
– Weight: 2.6 oz., 73.71 g
– Blade Length: 2.75 in., 69.85 mm
– Overall Length: 5.75 in., 146.05 mm
– MSRP: $49.95

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  1. Pointless and archaic without being really martially useful or artful. At least muzzle-loaded dragoon pistols were designed as highly serviceable close combat war-clubs.

    Somebody should design a semi-automatic dragoon pistol, replace the the hammer profile with a Luger or Mauser type action and a tube-feeding magazine in place of the ramrod so it can be reversed after discharge for a more truly effective modern dual purpose weapon.

    That’s what I’m talking about…

  2. Nothing new in the world – there were “cutlass” muzzleloading handguns (flintlock and caplock) with short, cutlass style blades permanently attached, sold in the late 1700s- early 1800s, including one (I think) that was issued by the US Navy. These were of some use in the days of one-shot pistols, when you got into a bit of a scrum on the deck of a pirate ship. In WWI, British LT Pritchard developed a bayonet that could be attached to the front of a 6″bbl Webley MkVI .455 revolver. Handy when leading the troops “over the top” into the slaughter-yard of barb wire and Maxim MGs, dont’cha know? Pictures and more info available on the following website: From that site: “Designed by Lt. Arthur Pritchard of the 3rd Royal Berkshire Regiment these were originally produced by the arms company W.W. Greener in Birmingham for Private Purchase by Officers serving on the Western Front. Constructed with a custom brass hilt which attaches to the standard .455 cal Webley Mk VI Revolver these utilized the front portion of the “T” cross section French Gras Model 1874 Bayonets which were very available during WW1. Each Brass Hilted Bayonet bears authentic markings including the W.W. Greener “Elephant” Logo and comes complete with steel Scabbard and leather belt frog. An absolute must for the WW1 Collector or anyone owning a Mark VI Webley Revolver. Original bayonets of this model now command well over one thousand dollars. This is a very well made replica of an extremely rare bayonet. Comes with a blued steel scabbard and leather frog. ”

    The Ka-Bar bayonet could be used by SWAT teams when attacking miscreants who refuse to release their seat belts and come out of their vehicles. One swift lunge with the bayonet, and the offending seat belt is severed!!! Cool!

  3. This solves the only problem with the new KelTec shotgun. It lacks a bayonet lug but it does have an accessory rail.

    I’d expect to pay 150 for this much cool.


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