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I was among literally dozens of Americans who lost two precious hours of their lives last night watching the Republican presidential candidates’ debate. But that’s why we’re here – to serve you, the TTAG Armed Intelligentsia. We took the hit so you didn’t have to. And we hope that instead, you did something more productive and more important like…oh…clearing your dryer’s lint trap, washing the dog or maybe cleaning a gun or two. So, was anything substantive regarding second amendment rights posited last night? Well…

Not so much. Fortunately, we had a handy dandy rundown of the GOP candidates’ views on gun rights recently. And it’s a good thing, too, as the word ‘gun’ didn’t pass anyone’s lips last night. That’s right, nothing on the second amendment, constitutional carry, the McDonald decision, “assault clips” or cross-state standards for concealed carry.

No, instead other issues were covered. Or not. There was a contest to assure America which candidate would repeal ObamaCare fastest once in office. Tea Party bona fides were claimed. Obama’s economic record was decried. Job creation plans were made. Medicare and Social Security were restructured and foreign policy was bandied about.

But nothing on guns. Which constitutes news in and of itself in these parts. You can probably chalk this up, at least in part, to general unanimity among the candidates regarding gun rights (with a couple of notable exceptions). It’s also evidence of the progress that’s been made in the courts and the court of public opinion in recent years.

Which doesn’t mean we’re OK with the radio silence. Gun rights is one of a number of issues where there’s a bright line distinguishing the positions of the two parties. So we’ll continue to watch with interest. For the next 18 months. So you don’t have to.


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  1. “It’s also evidence of the progress that’s been made in the courts and the court of public opinion in recent years.”

    Right. I think this is what they are thinking. Remember that Obama tread very lightly about the subject during his campaign for the same reason, I believe.
    If there was ever an example of a lobby that did it right, it’s the gun lobby in America. If it ain’t broke…

  2. It never ceases to infuriate me that I served my whole country, not just the state of South Carolina, in three branches of the military, but I cannot travel freely carrying a concealed weapon outside of my own state with just one license. It is as if we are traveling separate nations. And if I should instead carry a less lethal knife (so to speak), I surely can be locked up outside my home state. It literally creates a situation in which you decide to be protective of you and yours, and break laws, or be legal and possibly at the mercy of a criminal.

  3. Mitt’s flubbing “the Taliban military” instead of the “afghan military” was hilarious, please god stay away from that man.

  4. It was the 2nd debate. The first one had Gary Johnson in it, as this one should have.

    I know half the candidates only want camera time when they are going 90 seconds past their “30-second answers,” but to me it just makes it look like they don’t know how to follow rules.

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