March for Our Lives in four major cities
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I would really like to ignore the March for Our Lives pro-gun control rally. But I can’t. The airwaves and social media are suffused with the protesters’ pathos and righteous indignation, as they demand that the federal government surrender their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Which is pretty much how I described the event to my 14-year-old daughter . . .

It’s an anti-civil rights protest. She’s not bothered. She’s going paddleboarding with her mates. So . . . result.

How’s this clown show going down in your household? What are you telling your kids about March for Our Lives? Are you getting any pro-gun control pushback?

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  1. Tell them we don’t believe in their multi-cult social welfare state. Tell them we don’t believe in their “equality”, because “Free Men Are Not Equal, And Equal Men Are Not Free”. Get them books by Jeff Cooper.

    • Also tell them that this proves what happens when people do not get a good education. They make fools of themselves. Education not indoctrination. This reminds me of the photo I saw of the Hitler youth marching carrying the Nazi flag. Indoctrination. Send some of these young idiots over to Venezuela to experience the utopia of socialism.

  2. Nothing much. My oldest is watching Military Arms Channel and Noir with me (we’re watchin Tim test out his new Ravin crossbow), my middle son is playin with legos after watching Hickok45 test out a Swedish Mauser (he only watches Hickok while he’s shooting not much on the talking) and my little girl is playin with her brothers’ Batman playset. My kids already did the Eddie Eagle Program and they all go shooting; the boys have their own rifles the girl has about 3 years before she gets her own since she’s only 3, till then she has to brace on me to squeeze the trigger on one of her brothers’ 22s. The older ones know the 2nd Amendment is one of the most important rights we have because it defends us from anyone trying to take our other rights away. The little girl, well she’s 3 give it time she’ll figure it out as she grows.

      • This is our family time if we can’t get all the kids loaded up in the Jeep and out to the range with me to cull the stuffed animal and action figure herds. Note: I’m a dude.
        Yeah I know it ain’t a great substitute for shooting but it’s rather cool and rainy here also I’m tired of fightin the cat over Nerf darts so indoor range time isn’t an option right now.

      • @Moltar:
        That’s not a poor substitute at all! Kids need to be engaged with their targets… and shooting paper gets boring really quick.
        If one has the property available (I know no indoor range that would allow this) using garage sale stuffed animals and old action figures for targets is fun and keeps the kids interested. The only thing I might add: make sure to put in a few minutes of paper target practice to refine their precision shooting skills – it is often not good enough to merely hit the target… one must also be able to hit a precise spot on the target.

        • We do use paper sometimes. That’s the awesome thing about superheros though they got that huge ass symbol on their chest.

  3. I don’t have kids. So, I ate a bowl of oatmeal, went for a walk and now I’m changing the oil on a bike I’m going to go ride with a friend. Later I have some camping gear to pick up to get organized for a trip early next month.

    Paying attention to oddball hat March 2.0? Nope.

  4. Middle school and HS. They are laughing at the local progs BS who they know to be clueless demtards. 9″ of heavy wet white stuff has snowed on their parade so the goofballs had to move it inside.

  5. My Son is a decade or so past the school years, but if this shitshow had happened back then, he’d be saying the same thing that I’m saying now….what a bunch of pansy ass liberal losers. He grew up while I was in the USAF. I taught him from a young age about firearms, firearms safety, marksmanship and the importance of the 2nd Amendment in keeping the United States a free country. He is now teaching his children the same lessons.

    • I didn’t know anyone in the Air Force was allowed to shoot, buncha desk jockeys;). I kid of course, I’m just a former crayon eater, my favorite flavor is yellow.

      • JPT..
        I spent my USAF career on Flightlines loading bombs, missiles, 20mm & 30mm ammo, Flare and Chaff modules, etc…… I wouldn’t know anything about desk jockeys.

  6. Well my youngest sons are in their 20’s. Dad makes fun of the guntards. The March for Communist gun laws reminds me a LOT of the pro baby murder bunch. My sons in their 40’s-nothing. They’re on their own. One is an ex-soldier fudd and the other is a bum who can’t legally buy a gat. The media except for FOX is breathlessly reporting on the march to control your life like it’s the 2nd Coming…😡

    • Are you ready to consider RKBA absolutism yet? Can you see that the real exercise of unalienable individual rights is rarely restored incrementally? Normalization and government growth make it highly unlikely.

  7. Never in the history of the US has there been a march asking our overlords to please take away our rights.

  8. I tell anybody that will listen.

    See how well funded and organized the Nazis are.

  9. I forgot this was happening today. My second arrived this morning and my son is only 2. He does like to see super slow-mo videos of rounds impacting various targets, and fishing videos. I think he’s gonna be a keeper.

  10. The truth. A primarily Jewish global elite wants to disarm the American public and is using every tactic to achieve this. The US is the last man standing.

    • Soros is pretty much a one man band. Other than that you’re an idiot and past history indicates 97% chance a progtard troll.

    • Hey Genius the fellow that runs this forum is Jewish and he is not anti-gun and in the paper “Firearms News” formerly “Shotgun News” the pro gun columnist is guess what Jewish also. Tell me were you the one I saw marching at the head of the candlelight parade in North Carolina yelling obscenities against the Jews and other minorities while praising your god Herr Drumpf? You give all gun owners a bad name not to mention all of humanity.

      • Yawn Cisco, sounds like a hissy fit for getting called out as an idiot on your other post. The Anti gun movement is a Jewish movement, whether or not shills/dupes like you have the balls to talk about it or not.

        • Spoken like the Nazi scum bag you are. You are the filth of humanity and should be deported out of the U.S. We should not have to tolerate another 3rd Reich in this Country Herr Hauptman. The Nazi’s lost WWII in case you did not notice. You are an insult to the servicemen who fought Nazi’s like you.

        • ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………rely on the “nazi” post when you have nothing intelligent to say…troll 101.

        • Sorry Herr Hauptman (PG2) trying to hide because of the coward that you are (all Nazi’s are cowards) blocking the responses did not work. And the truth hurts does it not. Is PG2 your “SS” insignia. Your not man enough to even admit to what you are when its so obvious a blind man could see it. How often do you practice the stiff armed salute and when is your next white supremacist march to try and terrify decent people.

  11. im telling my kids that hillary was expected to be elected president when the vegas thing was being planned

    and its a good thing she lost otherwise another assault weapons ban would already be in effect right now

    and they believe me

    and if david hogg wants to start a revolution hes just made himself and the group of people around him a LEGITIMATE MILITARY TARGET if that day comes

    hes picking a fight that once the bullets start flying their side cant possibly win

    and all the news networks that have anointed this traitor better understand the same thing:

    when the gun battles in the streets rage they will NOT be allowed to just show up on the sidelines with their cameras and their press credentials and be treated as a neutral third party thats there just to observe and report on the events

    no-they will be just as much an enemy

    because they didnt just allow this happen

    they picked sides and fomented all this on purpose

    they will inevitably learn that picking sides has consequences

    sometimes dire and even fatal ones

    they will not be safe at work or at home or anywhere

    i dont say any of this lightly

    he used the word revolution first




    • No they will not be coming after your guns they will just pass a law and you will turn them in or lose your home, your assets in the bank, and of course when caught either end up in prison or be “Waco’ed” like when Janet Reno burnt the Branch Davidian’s to a crisp children and all. When push comes to shove the sheep take on the survival instinct and obey like good little sheep because they know that they must obey the law “or else” and as my Father used to say when the Nazi’s said “or else” everyone knew what would happen to them if they did not obey.

  12. The fault lies on both sides. Schools are required to provide for the safety of the children and once they are in the school they are supposed to stay there unless a parent is called to safely take charge of them and remove them. This is simply a case of the school using the children to play politics even though they believe it is for the future safety of the children by banning all guns. The sad reality is that even most Adults especially those who do not own guns or have a knowledge of crime and past gun control seek a simplistic solution to a very complex problem in this country and that is how can you guarantee Second Amendment Rights and also guarantee the safety of children in schools from maniacs with guns.

    We have two very ignorant warring sides. Those that think banning all guns will result in a crime free society and those who refuse to institute any reforms in regards to gun ownership and keeping guns out of the hands of children and maniacs.

    Here is some common sense solutions that have been instituted in other counties and have worked while still preserving the right to own firearms.

    During the Clinton Assault rifle ban the Columbine school shooting took place and the killers simply switched to pistols and shotguns. There then was a hue and cry to ban all pistols and shotguns.

    There is no doubt that there will be a big fight over guns come November and with the blue wave coming this time there may indeed be a lot of guns banned but here is what we could do now and quickly if we wanted to spend the money.


    1. Require a mandatory safe storage of all firearms in the home. Have you noticed how many of the school shooters were underage children who simply picked up their parents guns because they were not locked up? Severe penalties for not locking guns up will get the adults attention very quickly as no one wants to lose their home and all their assets because they simply did not keep their guns locked up and out of the hands of their children. It would also cut way down on gun thefts as well.

    2. Forcing States to clean up their act and put the necessary info into the computer background checks that the Brady Bill relies on to keep nut cases from getting guns.

    3… Passing universal background checks. Right now any nut case can get all the guns he wants simply by bypassing the Brady Bill on purchasing a new gun and simply walk into many gun shows and buy all the used guns and ammo he wants without a background check. This is illegal in every industrialized nation that I know of. Without vetting all gun purchases its just pure lunacy.

    4.. Passing a Government paid for Health Care Plan because at present the corrupt Insurance companies make all health care in this country totally unaffordable whether it is physical health care or mental health care as neither is affordable anymore and when people do not get mental health care its only a matter of time before they either kill themselves or try to take as many people with them as they can when they want to die.

    5.. Having the Federal Government foot the bill to hire security guards at all schools, no exceptions. The Israelis had a problem with school shootings and that is what they did and guess what it worked. We can always find trillions as Trump as recently done to buy more military hardware to start more unnecessary wars but we can never spend the money on the health of our own people who the government considers expendable.

    • And I forgot to mention that if the cheap ass Republicans had funded mental health care programs in the past much of the large pool of mentally deranged people would have got helped before they went off the deep end and started shooting people.

      For the Republicans they only spend money on themselves by giving themselves obscene tax breaks and making the public pay for it by cutting social programs or refusing to even consider passing new programs in regards to a National Health Care law. The bottom line for Republicans is to just let guns get banned because its far cheaper to do that than fund any social programs or spend Federal money to hire armed guards. And remember whenever anti-gun laws are passed the corrupt Congressmen always of course exempt themselves from the new laws as they consider themselves above all laws and the sad fact is that they are and always have been above the laws they pass.

      • Not just NO, but HELL NO!
        Just couple of your points-

        Mandatory safe storage will not create more than speed bump for depraved mass murderers like Lanza, who killed his mother in her sleep and stole her guns. It would only hit us, law abiding gun owners, because what is the point of storage law that can’t be checked whenever cops feel like it?

        Universal background checks are unenforceable without universal registration. Registration sooner or later always leads to confiscation.

        Illinois has form of UBC, we have to get Firearm Ower ID card to be allowed to even touch a firearm. All FOID cards holders are automatically background checked 360 times a year. (Every night except major holidays) Private seller has to check buyer’s FOID and contact the Illinois State Police to see if it is still valid. Only then he can sell his gun, noting number of his inquiry on the bill of sale. I’m sure gang bangers in Chicago will run out of their guns any minute now.
        Oh, you say they can go to Indiana (which doesn’t have crime problems enywhere near to Chicago), buy their pistols privately and bring them to enlightened State of Illinois? But that is already illegal, don’t you know that? Making it double plus ilegaller doesn’t make any difference to criminals.

        Most well meaning gun grabbers make a mistake of concentrating on means of violence instead of on it’s roots. (Not to suggest you are well meaning, god forbid).

        So called “gun violence” makes very, very small part of causes of death in US, especially when you don’t inflate your numbers by counting suicides. (About no. 100 in the Cause of Death hitparade)
        Mass shootings represent again only very, very small fraction of them. Infringing on rights of millions of gun owners in the name of maybe, somehow, lowering the number of mass murders a bit doesn’t make any sense.
        Just quit preventing us, the people, from defending ourselves. Repeal gun free zones, so those who choose so are able to efficiently defend themselves and their charges.
        When the attacker doesn’t know who is going to shoot back, he will think twice about attacking anyone. Hell, if he is almost sure to meet armed opposition, he might reconsider his choices altogether.

    • The problem with your thinking is that different people have different ideals as to what constitutes safe, secure firearms storage. Also what about the low income folks that have firearms, but cannot afford to buy even the minimal solution allowed?

      I live in Washington State, where universal background checks are already being done. So far that plan has not produced the results they hoped for.

      Concerning NICS & mental health, there is such a patchwork of laws out there, how can we get everyone on the same page?

      One of the best solutions is to start enforcing the myriad of rules/regulations already on the books & for anyone who commits a crime involving firearm usage, prosecute them to the fullest extent possible with no plea deals or easy ways out.

      • Wrong we tried locking people up before and it did not work. The war on drugs was a catastrophic failure just to name one of the idiotic Conservative plans. But that is a story I could write several pages on and the lunacy of it.

        The problem is that all the myriad of gun laws amounting to the thousands in various States are absolutely meaningless without a Federal Law the forces all States to abide by the same laws. What good does it do for one state (like yours) to vet all gun purchases as you mentioned but have their laws subverted by other States that are free wheeling and let anyone buy a gun even if he has a criminal or lunatic record a mile long. Those guns then get shipped right into your State and are sold on the black market.

        • Universal Background Check Laws will only punish someone after a crime has been committed like all other laws. Still lots of dead people and law prevents nothing. Now if mandatory registration is included with a periodic refresh rate you might possibly catch someone who sold a gun to another before a heinous crime would be committed. Theoretically possible but most likely not probable. But the government will have that list and it won’t be long before some fresh faced idealist twat waffle will see a need to use that list.

          So you can take UBC, magazine limits, semi-auto bans and of the other infringements, sprinkle them with sand, and pound them up your turd cutter.

          I have no kids. However, I’m doing my best to ensure future generations have their choice of means of defending themselves from all of societies ills. Including, but not limited to, robbers, rapists and the government.

      • quote—————————-Universal Background Check Laws will only punish someone after a crime has been committed like all other laws. Still lots of dead people and law prevents nothing.——————-quote————-

        According to your (lets not do anything viewpoint) the Brady Bill should never have been passed even though it has prevented thousands of people from buying guns that should not have had them. Its just that the NRA prevented the Brady Bill from covering all gun purchases. And yes your hinting that since the law would not work 100 per cent of the time we should throw the baby out with the bath water is just plain lunacy.

        As far as your statement that some people are too poor to safely store guns its just more right wing propaganda and baloney. Anyone who can afford a handgun these days considering how expensive they are can easily afford a small desk safe or even use the free trigger locks they give you when you buy a gun its just that we have no laws that severely penalize people who do not use them because of pure laziness and shiftlessness. If you are not a responsible adult you do not deserve to have any gun rights as you are a danger not only to yourself but the community around you when you let children pick up guns and bring them to school to shoot people. Now what part of this do you not understand Jethero.

        • Brady bill should have never been enacted. Who are you to tell who is or isn’t fit to keep and carry arms? If you are so dangerous, that only lack of legal access to firearms keeps you from committing violence, you should be locked up.

          We the People have the right to be armed in order to defend ourselves, the state and last, but not least to be able to overthrow the government, should it become tyrannical. How would it make any sense to let the same government decide who can get armed?

        • Any idea how many of those denied were valid denials? How many of those valid denials were prosecuted? How many of those valid denials were due to some non-violent conviction from their distant past. What about non-valid denials? Was anyone who was falsely denied killed since the gov’t screwed them over.

          Why is someone who cannot be trusted with a firearm allowed loose on the streets?

          None of that data is readily available and murder is still illegal. So the real question is: what is the net positive of the Brady Law on society? The CDC could have researched that info and published it without advocating either side of gun control but didn’t. I wonder why?

    • 1. Require a mandatory safe storage of all firearms in the home. Bite me.

      2. Forcing States to clean up their act and put the necessary info into the computer background checks that the Brady Bill relies on to keep nut cases from getting guns. Can you demonstrate this feel good thing actually works? That willful violators have been/will be charged/convicted?

      3… Passing universal background checks. Bite me. see above and don’t give a damn what some europansies think/do.

      4.. Passing a Government paid for Health Care Plan So it’s actually all about more big gov’t and spending for you. Got it.

      5.. Having the Federal Government foot the bill to hire security guards at all schools, no exceptions. There is NO role for the fed gov’t or fed $ in local schools. NONE.

      funded mental health care programs in the past much of the large pool of mentally deranged people Noooo. the progs of the ACLU force state/local gov’t to DISCHARGE crazies from the loonie bins and then close them.

      Apparently you’re actually about more fed/socialist gov’t. Stop playing games and say it.

    • Easy for the Israelis, we give them 10s of billions. And your entire post is asking for bigger government, you’re either an idiot or a troll.

      • No we did not give them billions the U.S. is one of the most stingiest of the industrialized countries when it comes to helping other less fortunate nations by giving out foreign aid. Even small countries like Germany and France give far more foreign aid than we do when compared to the percentage of GNR they have available. So the real facts are the Israelis paid for it and they are 10 times smaller country than the skin flint U.S. of Hey.

  13. today…march 24th…2018…the democrat media complex and their deep state puppet masters just mainstreamed the word REVOLUTION

    this was their declaration of independence

    if we fail to fully recognize and accept this fact we do so AT OUR OWN PERIL

    • Oh please, these kids are a side show. There’s no revolution, they aren’t the ones saying it at least. These kind of comments make their lack of knowledge seem complex and nuanced. They either can’t or don’t vote, and will be buried with instatweetbook over the summer.

      • Wake up to reality many are 18 or about to become 18 and some before the next election. Through Republican inaction on the problem of mass shootings they have bread an entire younger generation that is anti-gun to the core and who can really blame them when their schools are being shot to pieces every week while the Republicans can only send prayers and condolences and refuse to spend even any money even on armed guards. Its right out of the lunatic asylum of the Far Right. Do nothing and spend no money because we are hillbilly cheap and so ignorant that we can only hope the problem goes away. Its worse than watching the old sitcom the Beverly Hillbillies as the Beverly Hillbillies were college professors compared to the Republicans and the Far Right these days.

        • I wonder how many of this age group are pro-gun after playing Call of Duty and similar games. They seen an interesting gun in a video game and want to shoot a real one at a range. It just goes on from there.

  14. Guns and ammo were available by mail-order, through the United States Post Office, no questions asked, in the 1950’s. Yet no mass shootings occurred. Why? Because our society was not yet subverted by a cabalistic coterie of international socialists.

    • Let’s see, if we go back to the modern history of catalog sales, through the 68 restriction on mail order sales:
      1910s: 2
      1920s: 2
      1930s: 9
      1940s: 8
      1950s: 1
      1960s: 6

      Definitely none. It doen’t help the argument if you just make up stuff. I

    • Wrong Genius the break down of Society came about when Women were forced into the workforce because Men could no longer support the family financially because all of their high paying industrial jobs got shipped overseas when your God Reagan broke the Unions who were the only organization keeping up the High Tariffs that protected our steel and auto industries from being dumped on with cheap foreign goods. As a result of all this children became “latch key kids” coming home to an empty house with no supervision and to make things even more catastrophic it became fashionable for women to scream for divorce as “the in thing” to do which completely destroyed family life. When the husband is no longer there to have an influence on family life children grow up with severe mental problems as their home life is not stable which leads to behavior problems that only get worse as they age.

      In the 1950’s school shootings and mass killings were practically unheard of because of stable family life that resulted in mentally well balanced and disciplined children. All this was destroyed when the greed monger Reagan destroyed the blue collar families American Dream style of life and for the first time in history the children of American families knew that their lives would be far more economically deprived than their parents could have ever imagined in their worst nightmares. It was the beginning of the end of the American Dream and the rapid downward spiral of the end of civilized life in the U.S. as now we have many people very bit as poor as some 3rd World countries and when that Moron Herr Drumpf pointed at African Countries and called them “shit holes” the idiot had 3 fingers pointed right back at his own country as America now is the laughing stock of all the Industrialized Nations of the world. We rank 37th in health care and 39th in Education and 20th in Personal freedom. No one in their wildest imagination in the 1950’s would have believed this would ever come to pass in America but just as in Rome graft, greed, corruption, the banning of most immigration and too many wars that bankrupted us in the end just like Rome destroyed us and our way of life. “Gone With The Wind” and never to return.

      • I think wemon entered the work force during WW2. But yeh, had to go to work because the hubbies paycheck wasn’t cutting it….. Get a smaller house, don’t buy a ” new” every six months, the IGOTS is most of the problem.

      • The passage of “Most Favored Nation” status for China is the single worst act of treason ever committed against the United States.

        It was committed by Congress and President George H.W. Bush. It was committed a second time by Congress and President William J. Clinton.

        My mother, who was not political and generally didn’t follow the news, when she heard about the passage of the act, knew intuitively and immediately that Washington, DC had just sold out middle class America to the Communists and we would suffer severely for it.

        I am very concerned about America’s ability to defend itself because of the dependence on China for industrial products and because the skills needed to make industrial products have deteriorated within the US. Tarriffs on Chinese goods, especially those needed for defence, may be painful in terms of economics, but are good for national defense.

  15. The corrupt democratic party is subverting the energy of the adolescent youth’s anti violence rally for political ends, you can hear the talking points in their speeches. If the democratic party takes over the Congress now, FREEDOM ON THE PLANET EARTH WILL END.

    • That worked out really well for the socialists in the 30’s, and the communists in the 60’s.

      The battleground is Washington, and specifically Paul Ryan and co.

    • No Jethro kids are damned tired of seeing their schools shot to pieces while greed monger stingy Republicans refuse to spend a penny to stop it and just hope it will go away. Yes the Republicans and the Gun Owners could have done a lot to stop school shootings and drug gangs shooting it out in the streets in broad daylight without banning any guns but they did nothing and continue to do nothing and they only made sure that they being their own worst enemies ensured that the result would be people looking for a scapegoat which is gun ownership and seeking a simplistic solution to a complex problem that with the banning of guns will only get worse not better.

      Yes a cheap ass Conservative is always his own worst enemy and now the haunting specter of the complete annihilation of the Second Amendment has now come home to roost and they have no one to blame but themselves.

      • Yep. Republicans and gun owners control law enforcement and the judicial system in Chicago and other major cities in the US and should fix the gang violence problems by spending more.

        The only problem with this is that it is the Democrats and gun grabbers that totally control Chicago and other major US cities.

        Want Republicans and gun owners to fix the problem? Elect them to political office on these cities.

      • Well Cisco, how about you take your ass to your kids school with your gun in hand and protect them. All I hear you spouting is a bunch of liberal/progressive BS.. It was the ACLU that was at the center of the demise of state run mental health hospitals. So far in your posts all I have read is the “Brady Bunch” talking points! Parkland was a failure of Liberal policies from the ground up!! Oh, can’t report a kid who’s psycho because the might be racist, can’t report him if he assaults another student…might be racist, got to stop the school to jail/prison because it might be racist? All about money! Same for the Sheriff’s Dept. Lower crime rates in schools ya’ know! Overaged deputy to effing scared to confront the shooter! Get a grip DUDE! Oh, if my post offends you, F off! Don’t give a shit! Till you’ve walked in my shoes, shut the FUCK UP! Piss ant……………Oh and opinions are like assholes, everybody has one, just some are looser than others.

  16. I’m not telling them anything. They are swimming, which is what children should be doing, not marching for something they don’t understand.

    I am celebrating the march by purchasing memberships in the Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America. Something I would have done anyway, but today seems like an especially good day to send my money.

  17. When I was a child I went to the Holocaust Museum in DC. I saw the homemade weapons that were used to hold off the Germans for weeks in the uprising. It amazed me that they were able to hold out so long with just those weapons. It also made me thank God for the second amendment.

    When my kids are old enough, I will take them there to explain why the founding fathers thought it was as so important.

  18. My daughter and i marched…right into our local gun shop, and i was sure to spend some of my hard-earned cash on this very day in support of our 2A.

  19. Hopefully, a number of people around here have done a good job of raising and moulding their children- then you really don’t have to tell them anything concerning the “big show”.

  20. March your ass to the fridge n git me an nuther beer, and iffen Ize caytch you in my drivin whiskey one mor time I’m a gonna beat you with this here stick

  21. No kids, so I went out and protested the local march. These hypocrites say they are ‘anti-gun violence’ but I can assure you they are not anti-violence. Not sure what all was thrown at me but I just got out of second shower today. I will wear a raincoat next time.

  22. Nothing. What March? I did delete some bs texts from my prog/lib relatives who felt the need to include me in their ooh ah thoughts about it.

    My oldest are 6. We shoot archery, but haven’t taken them to the rifle range yet. We went to see the replica Nina and Pinta at St. Marks, FL this morning. I can’t imagine sailing across the Atlantic in one of those. Then one kid went to a classmates birthday party and I fixed their grandad’s mower.

    • John Lennon. The ex- Beatles that was known to beat his wife and son. I still wonder if it really wasn’t a contract hit by Yoko Ono.

    • Wouldn’t a transgengered person need specific medical needs while deployed? I mean the military cannot send a diabetic on deployment due a required medical need.

  23. I spent my Saturday at a 300m telescopic rifle match. I did Ok but had a lot of fun.

    My son was with his mum because it was hus mum’s birthday.

  24. Actually I don’t need to tell them anything. They are too busy (both sons) trying to get good grades so they can both be accepted into college (one this fall and they other in a couple of years). So far Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech (my alma mater), Carnegie-Mellon, and Purdue have expressed interest in my oldest. Oh, and we all go the the range a couple of time of month together.

  25. I know a 100% effective method to prevent mass shootings in public schools. Eliminate public education! Defund it!

    Private schools should each determine the best methods for protecting their student body and be unrestricted by Government from implementing the methods they choose.

    If parents don’t like the methods, change schools.


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