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“It’s interesting to actually take the time and see what the fact say as opposed to what I personally feel.”

Now there’s an idea.

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    • Yes, we “need” AR-15s. It says so right there in the 2A: “A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, . . . ”

      The matter of “need” or “necessity” is established by the Constitution, in black-letter supreme law-of-the-land.

      The phrase “well regulated” – when used in the 2A – meant “effective” or “fit-for-purpose”. The AR-15 is effective and fit-for-militia-purposes as is evidenced by the universal use by US regular forces in the models M-16 and M-4. These models are comparable except, of course, for the fact that the AR-15 is semi-automatic whereas the M-16 and M-4 are select-fire.

      In contemporary doctrine, the M-16 and M-4 are almost always used in semi-automatic mode; and, to this extent, they are comparable. (AR-15 owners might not object to a repeal of the Hughes Amendment allowing them to register their AR-15s under the NFA.)

      It baffles me why PotG seem to shrink from this “need” / “necessary” issue. Yes, it’s true, that the 2A guarantees the “right” whether we the People “need” the AR-15 for hunting/fowling/practice/amusement/collecting/or-any-other-lawful-purpose. We are not being asked about our “right”; we are being asked about “need”; and, there – right in front of us – is the answer determined by We the People when they ratified the 2A. Why? Because the AR-15 is of a type of arm “necessary for the security of a free state”.

      Now, the question seems to become: “Why do we the People really ‘need’ a ‘free state’?”


    I can’t come to terms with it. Now, my only choice is to remain obtuse, reject reality and substitute my own.

    There. That’s better.

    • I’m reminded of the “Dick and Jane” reader from my youth after listening to this. I think I just regressed to the first grade after listening that babbling.

  2. Handguns weren’t responsible for [whatever percentage] of mass murders: murderers _with_ handguns were. Otherwise , pretty good.

    • People are responsible for almost all of their own problems, unless they happen to live in Africa or South Asia where they have lions and tigers.

        • Just look at what happened in Rhodesia with black rule. Many white farmers were murdered, the perps taking what they wanted and then just leaving. They only cared about their immediate gratification, they were not interested in taking over the farms, just looting them.
          At least the wise people in the non-white side in South Africa realize that they need the expertise of the old government to keep from barbarism of the non-white groups.

        • @rt66paul: Read the news, The newly seated South African president, long a supporter of the killings of whites, has promised “his people” that a law will soon be passed allowing the government seizure of white owned farms without compensation as reparations for apartheid and the white invasion of “their” country, with the farms and equipment being turned over to black farmers. Anyone voting against such a law will be deemed a traitor to the African peoples. The killing of white farmers has greatly increased. Australia has already passed a law streamlining the emigration of South African whites as “refugees.” Rhodesia redux.

    • Yet they want to ban assault weapons why? I don’t want to ban pistols either, but the logic…I can’t say that… Lack of logic… Nevermind, there just isn’t anything more to say.

  3. I started to click on the video, then I thought better.
    Why give them another number to count. I know they are going to spout some garbage that’s not true.

    • You should give it a watch, it’s not what you think. The only fact they got wrong was that handguns are responsible for the vast majority of mass shootings (the correct statement would be handguns are USED in the majority of mass shootings).
      If we could get more fence sitters and those who protest what they don’t understand to read these types of facts, we could potentially sway a few of them, at least those willing to follow up and do their own research.

  4. As Steven Crowder has pointed out many times, there are two sides to the gun control debate: the pro 2a side that owns/have used/understand basic function of firearms, and the grossly uninformed anti 2a side. Just skim Dana Loesch’s twitter comments to view the myriad of ” NOBODY NEEDS FULLY AUTOMATIC ASSAULT WEAPONS OF WAR LIKE THE ONE USED IN PARKLAND!!!” Comments. When corrected respectfully they usually devolve to ad hominem or they choose to disengage from the debate rather than concede that they are ignorant of basic facts.

    • Ad hominem attacks are usually all they really have anyway. That the MSM does not hold them to facts speaks volumes for the position of the US over the past 3 decades but thankfully, a fairly large amount of people are seeking to educate themselves on issues away from them.

      It’s a bit difficult to debate without any facts or convictions based in them once you are away from the herd. That’s why we need to keep taking it to them and learn to express ourselves in manners that don’t screw things up with the vast uncommitted people on the outside looking in. Hold everyone accountable but be damn sure you know what you’re talking about and be able to back it up.

      I have, BTW, seen many comments fly around this site that do exactly the same thing. We have to be better than they are. Think before you send.

  5. A liberal asked me when does the violence stop. I said when the police arived with guns. (THE GOOD GUYS)But by then the damage and the killing had allready Ben done.
    The liberal had NOTHING to say.
    Then I asked the liberal wouldn’t it be nice if the good guys or good lady where already there with a gun, to stop the violence from ever happening in the first place. Again the liberal had nothing to say.
    They protest all day long about gun control and vilance but they haven’t a clue or an effective idea about how to stop it. Typical liberal!!!!!!!!!!

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