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The media love-in for tomorrow’s “March for Our Lives” will be unprecedented. It will be an anti-gun orgy the likes of which this country has never seen. It will be rife with misinformation, misdirection, ignorance and willful ignorance; suffused with teenage indignation. It will be supercharged with anti-NRA anger. Bloody shirts will be waved with gay abandon. I find this March . . .

incredibly depressing. Hundreds of thousands of well-fed kids clamoring for the government to remove their civil rights, enabled by self-righteous statists and hypocritical celebrities? March for Our Lives? March against our natural right to self-defense. I mean, how ironic indeed stupid can people be?

Are you ready for this? By the same token, are you ready for its aftermath? Will there be an aftermath — new and effective momentum for gun control? What happens next?

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    • The very notion that this isn’t a globalist agenda funded by billionaires who seek to oppress the American people is ludicrous on its face. 800 rallies across the globe whose sole intention is altering the American Constitution? If Jihadist bombs don’t work, what makes them think weepy, pubescent nincompoop girls will? It just reinforces the idea that males under the age of 21 and women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  1. I’m so demoralized, In Oregon progressive Interfaith churches (den of vipers) want an all out ban on Most rifles and most all hand guns. no grand fathering, 120 days to surrender or register. this must not stand.

    • Someone needs to ask these church goers if a bump stock was used when Cain killed Able. Did David use an A R to kill Goliath ? Tell them to look in the Bible where Jesus says that if you do not own a sword to sell your cloak and buy one. Too many people claim to be Christians and do not even know what is in it.

      • Most “Christians” nowadays are angry bitter control freaks with a massive superiority complex who want to be angry and hate people so they measure their superiority by how much they go to church.

        • It seems like most churches I have ever attended either wanted a total Neo-Fascist or Neo-Communist Government experience. And the conservative churches could just be as bad as the liberal ones.
          Remember; you can’t be a Christian if you own a gun!
          People really need to check out many of these denomination’s political stances.

        • I’m going to need a citation on that. How about you speak for yourself and not for anybody else. Projection much?

      • I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

        The real fact is this; It will be a whole lot easier to run the anti gunners ALL out of office , with out a shot fired, for treasion to the constitution and there oath of office .
        THAT is the most civilized way to deal with this situation gentlemen. There for …. be sure to let everyone know that is the plan. we are the NRA and we vote.
        Then work to remove the really crummy gun laws in place. such as gun free zones that set up sitting ducks. move to enact shall issue and ccl (conceled carry licenses ) to all states. Start reviewing what laws and procedures work.
        Sooner or later criminals will abandon muggings and robberys when enough get resistance or stopped.
        vote for rights

  2. When push comes to shove, who has the guns and ammo? Unless we roll over and say ‘your will be done, we win.

    • Unless the owners are ready and willing to use them it’s pointless.
      My question is; at what point between Your voting and petitioning stop working, progressives stop listening, violate or ignore the laws and the gestapo confiscating your firearms do you fight? When they show up at your door It’s too late to use lethal force, right now it’s too Early, there are other peaceful options, Again, when politicians pass laws detrimental to our liberty, When do you fight with up to and including lethal force, nobody has a straight answer.

      Any Resistance by POTG MUST be a coordinated, massive and wide spread effort.
      anything less WILL NOT WORK. Individuals that try to fight tyrrany will be marginalized, demonized, and called right wing gun nut extremist terrorist and KILLED by our Govt.

      • When it happens it will be an organic thing (unlike the fake Parkland kids gun control movement) and it will happen quickly when it does. The anti-gunners aren’t going content to boil the frog. In a few years after some other bloody shirt comes available for them to wave, they will put on the big push, the majority party will be the cowardly Republicans again by that time, and the laws will be passed along with real enforcement. That will cause real spilling of blood when someone rightly refuses one of the early high profile gun seizures designed to frighten everyone into turning in their guns. We will slide down a bloody slippery hill into an all out war against tyranny. The only question in my mind is whether it will happen before I am dead and gone or not.

        • ….And if such an atrocity occur at the hands of our Law Enforcement Community *(Supposed guardians.)* ….And the side of 🗽 liberty and freedom 🗽 win…I’d expect a lot of politicians and enforcers who murdered or severely INFRINGED upon another US citizen through unconstitutional means….To receive a final judgement and a warning to all would-be authoritarians by means of a firing squad or the hangmans noose…Don’t F@$K with the Bill of Rights and the lawful IS citizenry…..

        • True, Let me preface my next remarks with (I’m not making ANY kind of threat against anyone, I want peace as much as anyone. Because remarks CAN an WILL BE used against you at a latter date)
          In Any resistance, If you don’t remove the root actors of the tyrrany you’re pissing in the wind. Any threats to re establishing the constitutional republic must be stopped.
          The rebuilding will be monumental, Govt must be populated by people with The ideals of our founding fathers, Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

    • Jeff to is quite right. Say one of these bigots sauntered up to my personal space and demands I relinquish my arms… My response? “No – Your move.” And then see where they take it from there.
      I’ve had that rhetorical exercise with the occasional troublemaker that wanders into my shop… it’s fun to see how short a time it takes for them to degenerate into a full-blown tyrant calling for my dog to be shot and my home burned down.

  3. This is not a “March for our lives”, it is really a “March for us (i.e. government) to have a monopoly on violence and be able to force you to do as we say at the point of a gun. For your own safety of course.”

  4. After last Summers constant stream of anti-1st Amendment marches anti-2nd were to be expected.
    Mussolini was right when he said man is tired of liberty. Once it’s gone a few may miss it. Most won’t.

      • As your everyday person what consists of the 3A, they’ll look stupid and dumbfounded.

        By the time people are talking about it, the reason for its existence will be void, as they will already be in your house.

      • Under the guise of being a solution to veteran homelessness Mark Dice gathered plenty of petition signatures in CA supporting the repeal of the 3rd.

  5. Yup, I’m ready. Taking my son to the range. We’ve got a new EBR to zero, need some practice time with the handguns and he needs to shoot a couple rounds of trap.

  6. The kids seem to be useful vehicles for the message, and they’re riding them hard. It’s being played with a variation of the “clown nose off/clown nose on” routine that comedians use. They come out with an attack on gun rights, gun owners, the NRA, etc. and you’re supposed to take them seriously, because they’re “the Parkland Kids”. Point out they don’t know what they’re talking about, that it’s just the same failed, rehashed gun control talking points now with snot-nosed attitude, and you’re being mean to innocent, traumatized kids.

    One or the other. Either they’re full participants in this debate, ready to defend their positions, or they’re innocents who need to be sheltered from the harsh reality of the world. They can’t flip from one to the other as convenience dictates.

    • I think you’re entirely right, Carlos. After every tragedy there’s a moral panic where people engage in public displays of grief. This is understandable, of course, and a great many people feel an intense need to express their feelings about what happened. But moral panics are also times when people, like gun-controllers, with specific political agendas seek to take advantage of people’s collective angst by aligning their narrow political beliefs with more prosaic expressions of public grief.

      We’re seeing this now with the “March For Our Lives” which emphasizes gun-control when the real cause of the Parkland tragedy is bureaucratic failure. The best response to all this is reasoned dialogue, but only with those who are interested in talking. A larger response is to follow the NRA playbook. The NRA has seen these dog-and-pony-shows before and knows something about heightened emotionalism in moral panics: the enthusiasm is usually very short lived. The best response, as a result, is to keep your powder dry but ride out the public drama and wait until it goes away. Simply put—don’t panic.

      • Every 3 ring circus closes after 10 pm but some time before dawn.

        I suggest a petition to have the named subversives behind this investigated and dealt with.
        THEY are the enemy from with in.
        Joe mcCarthy would have known how to deal with this .

        .Legislators who are ignoring there oaths of office are as nearly as complicit besides.

        Existing Draconian anti gun laws are complicit by setting up gun free zones disarming faculty / and staff there rights to licensed carry where ever threats can exist .

        This calls for a constitutional review of every gun law that has bin put into effect federal and / or state wide , since at least 1960. maybe even 1934, and repealing every one of those laws that have the “bad act” covered under other law or has subverted self defence in any way.

        Sedition to the constitution IS a SERIOUS concern here.

        Partitions are less likely to hood wink the public or govt officials.

        View the topic , do your study, on it and participate

        To often we see public displays of ‘marches’ as a pile of news coverage worthy theratrics and drama.
        This latest display , and one coming sat . on the 24 th march 2018, is just the hood winked swarms being lead sheep to there own doom by wolves.

        Every parent, if they understood what was REALLY going on, would be outraged .

        The fact this event even got pulled off is evidence of informed critical thinking is not being taught in schools any more. and people are reacting instead of using reasoned informed response.

        Its time we all said so.
        Follow up and sign the petitions that suit your informed views now.

        I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

        thank you

  7. This March for Our Lives group is unpredictable. One one hand, they’re marching to demand for stricter gun control, but on the other hand, the organizers have said that they support the Hearing Protection Act.

  8. This, like all fads, will run its course. Unless the legislators are sufficiently impressed by our non-voting, all-wise teenagers (organized and funded by the usual liberal-progressive suspects) to betray us and pass yet more incremental anti-gun laws, I see the anti-gun fervor lasting only until the next fad comes along. I personally think that most of the teens are going to be there for the adventure and “the happening” and to get away from mom and dad for a while. Oh, yeah, and to get laid if they can.

    • I think it highly unlikely that the pols are impressed with these kids–they are after all just kids who haven’t much read much less understood the constitution–but it finds them incredibly useful.

      • Except that these “kids” are their future voters. The denial and “this is just a passing fad” attitude showing up more and more on this site are not really helpful.

        • Everything you think about those eeevil liberal sheeple, they think about you. They’re stupid? You’re stupid. They don’t know what they’re talking about? You don’t know what you’re talking about. They’re brainwashed? You’re brainwashed. Keep making enemies and you won’t have any friends left.

    • “This, like all fads, will run its course.” I’m not sure about that. It feels like we’re near a tipping point. The level of coordination and financing of this episode is unprecedented. Hogg et al have been on TV what seems like at least a month already, no sign of slowing down. News media go 100% saturated coverage during these protests now.

      Add to that the fact that a majority of young people today couldn’t care less about natural rights. They don’t know squat about history, and think that their pampered existence has always been the status quo. What alarms me the most is their cavalier dismissal of free speech rights! They’re ready to prosecute people for “hate speech,” just as we’ve seen begin to happen in the rest of the Western world.

      These are perilous times for liberty. The gun-grabbers, educators, media, Dem Party have their whole plan in the can ready to roll-out when the next shooting atrocity happens. Look how much America has changed in only ten years. When it happens, it happens fast!

      • The next shooting atrocity?

        There have been plenty of shooting atrocities in impoverished inner-city neighborhoods in the past month.

        Why have they not rolled out their plan yet?

  9. “Hundreds of thousands of well-fed kids clamoring for the government to remove their civil rights”

    I’m fine with that. No privacy for them. No 1A. No 2A. No 5A. Strip all of their rights. Idiots, lemmings and hogs deserve exactly what they get.

    What amazes me the most is that people are listening to the exact demographic that’s committing the mass murders and nodding away like pathetic bobbleheads. If you’ve listened to the hog, you know he’s a psychopath. But there he is, out in front, spewing sh!t. And fools are listening.

    The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.

    — H. L. Mencken

  10. Hopefully this country is beginning to see this as they seen thru Hillary. Wont buy it anymore. There is a LARGE POTG community which includes the FUDDs out that understand what a slippery means now on both sides of the isle including the fence sitters.

    Someone asked “What is the second amendment?” when told that amendment should be used against Trump. It is the reason I won’t use that phrase anymore. Instead I use the term it is your SECOND CIVIL RIGHT and is the most important one of all because it protect all of your other CIVIL RIGHTS. When you speak to others in that term, eyebrows go up and ears come to your direction. The Second Amendment phrase has been thrown around in this country that eyes glaze over and falls on deaf ears mostly because the Constitution is no longer taught anymore. But the violation of ones civil rights always rings a bell!

    The recognition of these snowflakes will be advocating for the violation and removal of everyone’s civil rights should cause a big blowback from both sides of the isle in epic proportion to those snowflakes.

    Or it should.
    At least I hope!

  11. The “March For Their Lies” will be every bit as game changing as the so-called Womens March…that is to say, important to the relatively small number who actually participate, and quickly forgotten by the other couple hundred million of us.

  12. We got bigger fish to fry now. Omnibus passed… Fix NICS is now law, CDC can now be weaponized, and the total betrayal is now complete… I’d say get out and vote but we all know what good that’ll do us, I’d say go run for office but I know our campaigns would only last as long as a pissed on snowball rolled through the gates of hell. Can we just burn it all down and start over?

  13. Other way around. I’m guessing that cultural momentum towards gun-owner control is precipitating the astroturfing involved in having those marches.

  14. An awesome piece of social engineering designed to subjugate the masses. Impressive.
    Now all that remains is to marginalize and irrevocably grind away the wealth from the dissenters.

    Like lambs to the slaughter.

    • Having just posted this I now get the following Ad in Gmail…..
      “Ready to downsize? Own a home that is less work, and live up your life in a Lennar Active Adult community!”

  15. Honestly, I’m just tired. I’m tired of having to explain why I should have the right to defend myself. I’m tired of having to explain why it’s a bad idea to demand the government strip us of any of our rights, least of all the one that protects the rest of our natural rights from being subverted. I’m tired of arguing with people who don’t understand what they’re talking about well enough to even write the damn legislation that they think so desperately needs to be foisted on us all. I’m tired of the misinformation, I’m tired of the willful ignorance, I’m tired of being told I don’t care about the bloodshed of innocents because I want to maintain those same innocents best method to protect themselves from their very own blood being shed.

    God, I’m just tired…

    • Take heart. Think of the ways this can be ‘corrected’ without POTG lifting a finger:
      Global epidemic, economic collapse, nuclear conflict, a “Yellowstone Event”, a medium-sized asteroid strike, or the Chinese space station hitting the Capitol Building. I’m optimistic.

  16. POTG who haven’t learned the art of long-range shooting should take lessons on the skill.

    Howabout it, TTAG – How about a regular column on the basics of long-range shooting?

    How can someone learn it without an instructor?

    • If you have the time and cash available, here’s one excellent way.
      In the years I’ve attended this event, I went from never having shot beyond 2-300 yards before, to reliably hitting 1/2moa explosive targets out to about 800 yards. In all weather conditions, including snow and high, full-value wind.

  17. I say let the kids talk. It seems like when they go off script and they go off often, they have a tendency to say something stupid or offensive. Plus, most people don’t like having a kid tell them what to do. Think of your own kids or better yet, your younger boss. Don’t you hate some know-it-all with no experience telling you what you should be doing?

    • I’d say they are doing a very good job of parroting the “edumacation” they receive from their progtard school teachers and organizers. They obviously are very well prepared for such by the gov’t schools today. The independent thinkers are largely hammer down (and not playing in this cesspool).

  18. From Daily Kos:

    “In the wake of a string of deadly mass shootings—and as high school students take the lead on pushing for change—public opinion on gun laws is shifting, an AP-NORC poll finds:

    Overall, 69 percent say gun laws in the United States should be made stricter, while 9 percent say they should be less strict and 22 percent say they should be left as they are. The number saying they should be made stricter represents an increase since October when 61 percent said the same. […]

    Seventy percent support a ban on bump stocks, the devices that allow semi-automatic guns to function as automatic weapons, and 58 percent favor a nationwide ban on AR-15 rifles and similar semiautomatic weapons. Only 38 percent favor a law in their state allowing trained teachers and administrators to be armed in schools.

    The shift includes gun owners, and even some people who aren’t exactly immune to made-up memes and conspiracy theory chain emails are taking part.”

    Anybody on this site who doesn’t think the tide is turning is blind. What good does it do to constantly quote the Second Amendment to each other, etc. and constantly preach to the choir here? What can be done that is doable and reasonable? I am at a loss right now.

  19. Did the Women’s March overturn the election and make Hillary Clinton Queen of America? Keep your powder dry anyway.

    • Based on the Republicrats running scared to pass whatever gun control lite they can as fast as they can, apparently so. I would say, nothing to worry about, the Republicans control the presidency, Senate, house, most Governors and state bodies are republican controlled…. But after Florida, the Omnibus Spending bill, and Marco “AR 15” Rubio tweeting how we need Federal evpo or gvpo and introducing one himself… We apparently don’t have many friends.

      Ted Cruz, Rand Paul… Maybe a handful of others, not enough to either pass the bills we want nor to turn the tide of totalitarianism away.

      Anyone going to attend the March and counter protest? I can’t find any cohesive, pro gun response to it. I guess potg are just hunkering down…

  20. The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts. Bertrand Russell

  21. “Will there be an aftermath — new and effective momentum for gun control?”

    Most certainly yes there will be. If you thought the post Sandy Hook push was bad, stay tuned for the next version…now with angry hormonal teens and Moms that are demanding all kinds of “action”.

  22. I think anyone should voluntarily be able to waive away their personal rights if they so choose. Go for it. Just be sure to get an obvious forehead tattoo or sign that makes it publicly apparent you did so and you will be treated accordingly.

    But if you try to whittle away another person’s rights, well you can FOAD.

  23. Bad Times make Strong Men
    Strong Men make Good Times
    Good Times make Weak Men
    Weak Men make Bad Times.

    We are crossing from number three into number four.

    I am not sure ‘they’ are going to like it when we switch again and head back to number 1.

  24. I was part of the Woodstock generation. We saw a lot of things happen in our lifetime. The first space launch, Our president get assassinated , We witnessed the civil rights movement and the following riots because they were not allowed their constitutional rights.
    We saw the cold war and it’s downfall. A lot of us were in Vietnam less than a year out of high school. We did what had to be done. Don’t mean nothin” .
    Myself I was fortunate to become a firefighter and get a pension . Yes , we saw a lot.
    With all of that this country didn’t learn a thing. It is now being run by a lot of prissy bitches.
    I am glad that my future is now and won’t have to see tomorrow. Good luck with that!

  25. Meh…I’m ready or not. I’m not giving up sh#t. At least when I was a teen we had a REAL cause-Vietnam. These children are retards.

  26. Will anything major happen? That depends on how you look at it.

    Personally I prefer to look at what’s going on now as an opportunity to get our shit together. Steel sharpens steel.

    • I’m not particularly impressed by an “army” of mostly overweight and completely out of shape gearwhores who are overly reliant on said gear, can’t generally shoot for shit, have no real discipline etc etc etc. Sure, SWAT guys are nothing to sneeze at but they make up what percentage of police? 10% maybe? Of 700K half will simply go home right off the bat. Half of those who remain will see reality and flee.

      You know who really scared the living fuck out of the British military during our little Revolution? A bunch of dudes from the West side the Appalachian mountains. Irregulars who were hard as fuck, disciplined, crack shots with serious skills. The kind of guys who were just as comfortable with a Kentucky Rifle as they were with a knife in one hand an a tomahawk in the other. That is to say people who relied on skills, not gearwhoredom.

      Now, I’m not saying “our side” has a lot of that type of person but we all know damn right well the cops don’t either.

      Personally I hope it never comes to violence but if it does the cops “on the other side” will quickly find out how poorly they picked horses.

      • You forget they have the high “ground” and the armor?

        Are gun owners ready to be gun down like a pig?

        Or their home smashed by an armored vehicle?

  27. Will there be an aftermath — new and effective momentum for gun control? I am sure the RINOs are eager to cave.

  28. Unless the Republicans want to lose the House, Senate AND White House, NOTHING better come out of this orchestrated Hitler Jugend parade.

  29. NPR is really giving the children tee ball interviews. Today I heard Gabe Glassman say that he and his classmates “started the conversation” on gun control and in doing so “inspired the country and the world”. It also seems like several of these children think they have a podium for life.

    • That Hogg kid thinks we live in a “Democracy” and that adults don’t “know how to use it” so it’s up to the kids.

      I just *eyerolled* at that.

      • There is democracy in California and other states. The people can pass all kinds of things through initiatives. When the public doesn’t do it, the government will.

        It’s easier for politicians to not get blamed when the people do it…

        • No offense to the people of the “California Republic” but I don’t much care what happens in their state other than their little CALPERS scheme that’s probably going to lead to a serious national level crisis when that little house of cards comes crashing down.

  30. Gun control is here, it has been here for a lot of states. Now it’s coming to states that laughed at Californians and New Yorkers for their infringements.

    It’s the perfect time for their march because they now have the numbers necessary to take over most states. With direct democracy in about half the states, passing infringements on civil rights is easy. California was the testing ground and it was very successful; so successful it spread to neighboring states that have similar schemes to do what California did.

    People are living in the past. Those days are over, they have been for years. You just don’t know it because you live in a bubble, you are not connected to the youth. The days where you can laugh at those stupid Commies in Commiefornia are over. The Republicans are the new Left and the Leftists are now full on Communists.

    If you still think the NRA will save you with a lawsuit that will take 5-10 years to conclude, you are part of the reason America has fallen so far and why it is not going to recover. It’s too late for lawsuits. The tech industry is anti gun and they control most of the public interaction. Corporations are anti gun and they control the money. Academia are anti gun and they raise your children. Hollywood/celebrities are anti gun and they control the culture. The list goes on.

    Most gun owners are too old and lazy to restore the Constitution. The last hurrah for them is to move to Texas as the rest of the states close in on them. Too bad Texas has already been infiltrated by Communists and are building their strongholds/cities.

    Confiscation is on the table in some states and gun owners are not going to literally fight back. They will follow illegal laws and pretend to be badass rebels resisting tyranny as they follow the new “law.”

  31. Breaking out the crystal ball…

    The result of this protest will be further erosion of gun rights for children.

  32. I believe after what congress did to us today and with Trump signing the spending bill, a lot of them are going to be very shy about passing any further legislation aimed at our 2 A right. Speaking DC, here, I can’t speak for your state. I know any attempt to firther restrict firearms by the legislature is going nowhere in Iowa this session, in fact, the legislature passed a RKBA amendment sinilar to the 2nd Amendment (round 1) to the IA Constitution after the Parkland shooting and none of the repubs are running against their actions. If passed again next session it’ll go to the voters and here, it will pass by an overwhelming margin.

    As to the anti-Christian remarks above, you ought to go to a real Christian church and not some social organization like the Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, etc. There are probably a dozen of us who carry during services with the blessing of the leadership. Of course, our church is all about Christ and God, not about being politically correct. Ought to try it for a while…

  33. Funded by Soros, led by children, with Oprah as the titular head. This is getting biblical!

  34. I was suprised that ABC News conducted a poll that asked the following question:

    Mass shootings in this country are a reflection of?

    57% answered Mental Health
    28% answered Gun Control Laws

    I am no mental health expert but I would like to add an observation. I am a law abiding gun owner who strongly believes in the second amendment. I lived with a woman for a while who had two sons, the oldest of which was 16. He was quiet and polite, but I noticed something very distributing. When he has not at school he would sit in the family room by himself with a headset on playing video games remotely with his friends his from 6:30 am until 11:00 pm. Whenever I walked by the TV there was an image on the screen of a reticle with him shooting at soldiers, zombies, etc.

    The important thing to remember is he was playing this remotely with a group of friends so he was not alone in his disturbing behavior.

    One day when my girlfriend and sons were gone I took all of my firearms and moved them to a secure and locked storage unit I had a few blocks away. My major concern was just not him, but what if his video game playing friends who I never met broke into my house while I was at work and stole my guns to take revenge on classmates, parents or society in general?

    Bottom line – mental health and untreated disturbing behavior are the real threats to our safety.

    • I agree in a sense, but it also appears that the almost universal “treatment” of mental issues with the various psychotrophic drugs is a common denominator in these violent human emotional explosions.

  35. I am old enough to remember vigils against gang violence.

    Somehow, vigils against gang violence did not put an end to gang violence. In fact, politicians continued to do nothing about gang violence.

    Why are these marches different?

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