March for Our Lives in four major cities
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I learned that CNN is in the bag for gun control 100 percent. Literally. In three hours of coverage I could withstand, I didn’t see a single pro-gun commentator on what we employees used to call Chicken Noodle News (more currently and appropriately nicknamed Communist News Network). They even had theme music for their March coverage. What did you learn from the March of Our Lives lovefest?

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    • Same here. I was told that I need to be labeled a terrorist for my GOA membership and if I don’t repent and cease espousing pro-gun opinion I will be made to face “true justice”. I suppose that justice means a gulag.

      • Please tell me that most of the comments below are Russian trolls.

        If the second amendment is used to attack the very country it was written to defend, then there has been some serious hijacking of America by a foreign power.

        Be very careful about what you are told to wish for. You could wake up in a dystopian world where your up is down and your black is white.

        • 2 Timothy 3 Worldwide English (New Testament) (WE)
          3 Be sure of this. In the last days hard times will come.

          2 People will love themselves. They will love money. They will talk about themselves and be proud. They will say wrong things about people. They will not obey their parents. They will not be thankful. They will not keep anything holy.

          3 They will have no love. They will not agree with anybody. They will tell lies about people. They will have no self-control. They will beat people. They will not love anything that is good.

          4 They cannot be trusted. They will act quickly, without thinking. They are proud of themselves. They love to have fun more than they love God.

          5 They act as if they worshipped God, yet they do not let God’s power work in their lives. Keep away from people like that.

          6 They are the kind who go quietly into people’s houses. There they get foolish women to believe them. These women know that they have done many wrong things. And they want to do many kinds of wrong things.

          7 They are always trying to learn, but never able to find out what is really true.

    • Wrong. George Soros, Bloomberg and Robert (new england PATRIOTS) Kraft want you disarmed or dead…they paid for that bullshit CNN covered. The part I find so disturbing is how many sheeple actually buy the story that ALL that was organized by a couple of high school Tide pod eaters. The Stages, the P.A. Systems, the union labor, not to mention the police detail co-ordination event planning and timing, t-shirt and sign printing. Yeah, the high school kids and their teachers did (and FUNDED) all that….whos buying that? Once again, proof of the “elite” few trying to control the people. Keep your powder dry and start watching your six…

      • A lot of these people are postmodernist Marxists. They are an angry genocidal bunch, and we would do well to take them at their word.

      • Right Ed. These “kids” can’t organize their own life being helicopter kids and all. Aside from the donors you listed, 4 individuals contributed a total of $2,000,000 to this march. We’ll need to wait and see, but it does not appear that this “movement” has the commitment and zeal from the actual participants to last very long. Once the big money peters out and once everyone other than CNN, MSNBC, Joy Reid et al figure out that this Hogg kid is a real douche, it will wither and die. Besides, these kids can’t vote, at least not yet, so politicians will do what they do best, duck, weave and prevaricate.
        Either way, I learned that its time to tool up and organize on the local level. After all, these kids are not the only ones who can resist.

        • I agree with you in terms of them not being able to manage anything. The other thing is the question of “what are they going to do on Monday,and then Tuesday and so on? So Hogg’s teachers “are very understanding” when it comes to letting him skip school for gun control rallies and commitments, says he. The 2nd protects his 1st. so Hurray for his and his people’s 1st Amendment. What they don’t know is that if they want this thing to get legs, they are going to have to “live it” every day/24/7 and be very very active every waking moment pushing their cause. Otherwise it will have been a flash in the pan. “REAL LIFE” will get in the way. Imagine every teacher in America being “understanding of my need to protest 24/7 and attend rallies” a la David Hogg. Really? I don’t think so. Meantime, other things will capture their attention, time will pass and then they will no longer be “children” (they will be in their 20’s) so they will lose that label; how many unemployed “community organizers” can parents subsidize while living in their parent’s basement before reality hits them on the side of the head about how unsustainable this “professional protesting” thing is since they make no money? Sooner or later mom and dad are going to say “Dude, go get a job! “

        • **Sooner or later mom and dad are going to say “Dude, go get a job! “ **

          …. gets kicked out of the house. Has a crappy entry level job in his late 20’s. Can only afford to live in a crummy part of town. Feels in danger for his life. Can’t get a gun or CCW permit due to the local laws he helped pass in his youth….. buys a hot gun from a street dealer. Does something stupid with his gun. Gets arrested. Becomes a TTAG stupid gun owner of the day….. it happens.

      • Makes me think that Gen. Patton was correct when he said that we fought against the wrong side!

    • Anti-gun protesters are, almost without exception, utterly illiterate on the topic of history. If they studied any history at all, they would know that authoritarian regimes seeking to concentrate power always seek to disarm the citizenry first.
      Once that’s accomplished, government death squads can easily accomplish their task of eliminating all political opponents of the regime in power. Government “death squads” have, throughout history, routinely hunted down and murdered not just individuals but often entire families where even one person opposed the government leader. Given the number of insane left-wing people currently calling for the murder of President Trump and anyone associated with him, it’s not at all difficult to imagine America’s left-wing anti-gun lunatics condoning and even publicly supporting such death squads right here in America. (See UC Berkeley students openly call for the violent murder of conservatives.)

    • A. As pointed out above, they want me and mine dead.
      B. I don’t have enough ammo, or training.
      C. Take another 1000 yard class and help some younger guns take a SUT class
      D.Visit my congresscritters as a pro 2A voice.
      E.Always remember that Germany, just prior to the rise of National Socialism looks very much like today except in black and white.

    • Pretty much this. I find it ironic that they claim the NRA uses fear to drive us to buy guns when in reality it is their own hateful, violent rhetoric doing that. When ideologically-driven organizations start calling for their opposition to be disarmed it’s clear what they intend for you once you’re made helpless.

  1. I learned that it’s apparently OK to denigrate the Constitution of the United States of America on national TV while wearing a Cuban flag on your sleeve.

      • Its actually Zyclon. These tools just make the job easier for their cohorts to gas them.

    • Just remember Bloomberg, Soros, etal, view these people as cannon fodder, so don’t waste your efforts on them. Take aim, so to speak, at the leaders. I wonder if Bloomberg ever met Stormy Daniels….

  2. I learned that the divide in America is deeper than I thought.

    I also learned that gun owners are he worst when it comes to being apathetic. We have zero counter presence. This is why we will be steamrolled.

    • Those gun owners were probably busy, working a job, or caring for children, tending to the home front. But even if they had the day off … Let’s see… spending the weekend with my kids camping or hiking, etc. or counter protesting at the crime capital of DC with a bunch of violent aggressive leftist weirdos and kids who would throw things at me and assault me? Hmmm tough decision.

    • I think part of the problem is gun people tend to be more rural. I would gladly attend a march or protest in my free time, but I live in middle of nowheresville Ohio. The nearest major city is Columbus which is an hour drive and nobody wants to march in a corn field.

      It’s a whole lot more convenient for city folk (who, surprise! Tend to be more left leaning.) to go to a particular location in their city and protest. And more so since they are so tightly packed together, they can gather a crowd of hundreds easily since it’s not even a small fraction of the city’s population. That is why they have huge political demonstrations and we don’t, I believe.

  3. 1. Three hours of unpaid advertising by CNN
    2. I don’t need minors to interpret the Constitution
    3. I don’t take self defense advice from minors
    4. The voting age might need be to be raised to 23.
    5. Never give u your guns (but I already knew that)

  4. I didn’t pay close attention to it. I just learned there is probably more support for gun control than I thought.

    It really made me wonder why in the USA we have thousands marching en mass for the government to take their rights away and in the UK people are being arrested for humor and they can’t manage any kind of march for free speech. We live in a really topsy turvy upside down world.

  5. I learned there is a lot of both intolerant and ignorant people out there that are more gullible than I thought and have problems with logos forms of persuasion, but not pathos forms. They are up and ready to do something, but don’t know what that is. They are ready for change, even if that change is not for the better. Also, they know nothing about guns, but are ready to write legislation about them. They also seem to think that no matter what, government is the answer to everything, until government makes you wear clear backpacks. And even when presented with this ironic conundrum, they learn nothing and still seek a government solution.

    • Spot on Anonymous, helpless, mindless idiots !!! Credit the education system with their socialist agenda.

  6. I learned that there are a staggering number of people whose lives have been made so easy for them, they have deluded themselves into thinking they can rely on a government that has failed them (quite fatally) to somehow make things even better.

    I also learned that the “Civil Rights” movement has completely whored itself out to the socialist left, and apparently no longer regards self-defense and/or the preservation of Liberty as civil rights.

    I’ve also decided that “CBS” now stands for “Capitalizing on the Bloody Shirt.”

  7. That there is no compromise that they will accept that doesn’t end in a complete ban and confiscation of every rifle and pistol in this country….we need to get focused like a laser and let republicans know that we will drive them out of office if they support gun control…we need to force republicans to approve Trump’s judicial nominees, they are the last line of defense….and we need to make sure Trump has a Republican Senate to approve the replacement of ginsburg and kennedy when they finally decide to leave their seats on the Supreme Court….

    • Ginsburg will vapor lock before she retires. If Hillary had won election, she would have retired.
      If Trump wins again, expect her to die on the bench

  8. I learned that Bloomberg having so much money is dangerous to all in the world. He can do so much good with it.
    Instead he just wants what he wants.
    Like a spoiled child.
    Somebody shelled out ALOT of cash for all that BS on Saturday.
    I know the owner of the New England Pats paid or used the team plane to fly the kids there.
    Such a waste. Could have feed thousands of hungry people instead.

    • “I learned that Bloomberg having so much money is dangerous to all in the world. He can do so much good with it. Instead he just wants what he wants. … Such a waste. Could have feed thousands of hungry people instead.”

      Spoken like true left-wing libtard socialist.

  9. Kind of like the temperance movement, that resulted in the government overreach of Prohibition. Here something I have been putting together.
    Much of the violence in the U.S. is the direct result of government overreach. I will explain, up until prohibition large scale gang-related crime was minimal. With prohibition came organized crime and street gangs. Where there is one crime syndicate or street gang another while form to “protect” its turf, then another, you get the picture.
    Per the FBI we have 33000 gangs with 1.4m members in the U.S. That accounts an average of 48% of violent crime and up to 90% are gang-related in some areas per FBI stats. “Some jurisdictions in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Texas report that gangs are responsible for at least 90 percent of crime” per FBI.

  10. I don’t think people have grasped how serious this is. The Trump administration was always just a four-year break from encroaching gun control laws. It’s looking like the Dems will have the White House, the House, and the Senate in 2020. They are going to come after gun rights like wild, rabid dogs at that point. Then what will you do?

    • Haha, you still think Trump is a 2nd Amendment defender? There is no break, it’s gotten worse…

      • It HAS gotten worse, because the GOP stood up to Obama, but when the dems have both the legislature and the White House it will get worse yet.

    • We’ll do nationally what we did in New York. Call their bluff. Ignore their demands and dare them to do something about it.

      So far big mouth Cuomo has been pretty quiet about the hundreds of thousands, including law enforcement, openly ignoring the SAFE Act.

      • What happens when one such NY-defier uses his/her “illegal assault weapon” in self- or home-defense, though?

      • It is definitely good that y’all are resisting but it will be almost for naught if the law or precedent of the law remains for future generations. Normalization will bite us all.

        I do support your efforts. Thank you.

      • When you have to bury your guns is the time you should be using them.

        Hiding them is still getting what they want. Out of sight and out of mind. When you die from never taking up arms your children or grandchildren will happily turn them over to the police because they don’t want any trouble from all the government brainwashing.

  11. I learned their revolution will be pretty one sided since they disavow the use of firearms, if it comes to revolution… I also learned from the LA March that out is apparently easier to buy guns here than Sudafed. What I didn’t learn is how much more than ten days the Sudafed waiting period was. Just saying…

    • This!!

      But let’s keep voting for “pro-gun” pols who will just stab us in the back like they did when the next Parkland happens.

      That will learn them!!

  12. The overwhelming majority were female, or males accompanying females. These are the same marchers as the Women’s March sans vagina costumes.

    The NRA had a month to organize a counter, yet did nothing but ban bump stocks/semiautos

    Republicans have lost their fear of NRA reprisals as have the Democrats

    Gun owners aren’t allowed to appear one-tenth as scary as these people doing their mock-riot through the streets

    Don’t EVER vote for an East Coast liberal under any circumstance, even in the General. I didn’t, and if you hadn’t either we’d have a president Cruz passing HPA, or a president Hillary bogged down by a Republican congress and endless scandal.

    This is the first wave of a Cultural Revolution. This tactic will be repeated again and again, including the part about incubating mass shooters in antigun areas so the carnage can be laid on gun owners.

    While it may suck from the immediate consequences of Dem majorities, our first task is getting our own house squared away. That means brutal, unmistakeable losses at the polls in November. Stay home, and work to promote candidates who won’t betray us in 20-20. Trump needs primarying as an almost existential requirement if gun owners are to be a credible political force ever again.

    • We cannot give away any races ever. That’s a bad idea and leads to the Dems solidifying and digging in. We can’t primary Trump, but we can replace some people (such as Sherrod Brown and John Kasich) with better people.

  13. I learned that these kids never learned the old saying.

    ‘Be careful what you wish for’

    Having said that, they have taught me that there will be an armed struggle at some point, maybe not too many years from now. Our culture and society has split and we are really not a single nation anymore in that respect.

    Just hope I’m long dead by the time it happens.

  14. Also, I leaned we need to divide up the United States. We don’t need to be united anymore. We obviously are not united. Also, they want to be communists, and I want to be left alone. So the sooner we split this up, the better. Every representative they send to Congress wants to take my rights and responsibilities away. Why do I have to be United with these people? (Hint: I don’t have to)

    • I have been an advocate for a national divorce for decades now. Unfortunately, both Republicans and Democrats think they can get the whole thing when they are in the majority, so a separation is never pursued. Every time the balance of power swings the winners think this time they will have a permanent majority. I heard lots of dumber Republicans say it in 2000 an 2016, some of them here.

    • This is the best option at this point but boy would the details of a peaceful (if not amicable) divorce be a complete clusterfuck.

    • Won’t ever happen.

      Too many in power won’t let that happen.

      You would only see a divorce if a civil war grinds to a stalemate, even then the peace won’t last long and the leftists will use their underhanded Alinsky tactics to bring about reunification under them.

      All must be eliminated or we will never have peace.

    • Dead on again Anonymous, I so wish we could send all the brainwashed left away to their own little euphoria.

  15. The big lesson is that the socialists/globalists are even better today at manipulating the young, the gullible and the uninformed than they were in the 1930s.

  16. I was actually shocked (I don’t know why) to see the media buy-in, they’re all in and put up the farm on this paid for disarm the people parade. To anyone with a slim grasp of reality the idea of a socialist takeover backed by billionaires and maybe the Bilderberg group makes total sense, it’s just too organised and scripted, beginning with the obvious play in Florida…. Brings Oswald and Kennedy to mind really…. where is our current grassy knoll?

    God help us, our leaders sure as hell won’t..

  17. I didn’t learn anything because I was at a turkey shoot at the trap club I go to, so I didn’t follow the “march” at all. Which is more fun a turkey shoot or watching walking and talking emotions?

  18. I wish these people went through what happened here in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. Then let’s see if they’re going to talk about gun control.

  19. It’s been planned for years…from the same demanding shrews,lesbos and berniebots as per ususual. Eff ’em!

  20. 1. Our Great Nation’s Fore-Fathers Must Be Rolling In Their Graves
    2. Today’s Teens Need To Be Taught What The Constitution Is
    3. I Take My Self Defense Seriously – Something a Minor Wouldn’t Understand
    4. The Voting Age Should Be Raised
    5. Never Give Up Your Guns (Or Anything Else You Use To Defend Yourself/Others With)
    6. Thank GOD I Purchased My New AR-15 This Past Week (Ruger AR-556MPR 18″ 5R)

  21. It’s time to show these socialist kids marching for gun control that they are wrong. It shows how little history, economics, and constitutional knowledge they have. It would teach them a valuable lesson for them when they will get their asses whipped in a civil war if it were to happpen. Look at the people in Chechnya, and grozny; they whipped ass. Here in America, the founding fathers warned us that this would happen. That’s why they gave us the rights to do so, and have the ability to reset America with the US constitution by having another 1776.

    • Yet so many here on our side still live like ostriches with their heads in the sand afraid to face reality.

      They keep repeating, “It will never happen here, it will never happen here, it will never happen here, this is America, it will never happen here, my comforts are more important, it will never happen here…..”

      Well guess what, IT’S HAPPENING HERE!! IT’S HAPPENING NOW!! The government and politicians won’t save you. Trump and the GOP proved that. Voting and writing doesn’t mean anything when no one will listen.

      So what will you do?

  22. In white plains Ny yesterday I learned that hardly anyone Ive gotten to know in my area who enjoys shooting, hunting, and their rights seems to care enough to show up. I was one of maybe two counter protestors vs about a thousand Demanding Moms and kids.

  23. I learned huge swaths of the population lack a basic understanding of human nature. They believe the technology we have developed since the industrial revolution somehow makes humans more evolved. They are complacent and willfully ignorant about government corruption always insisting government knows best. It also reinforced my belief that people absolutely love to climb on a soapbox and tell others how to live their lives. However, they rarely care about other people, they just feel better standing on the soapbox spouting inane bull$h!t.

  24. From another forum, by somebody else, in response to another picture of the event:

    “Take a good look at that picture and let it sink in for awhile. Never has there been an NRA march anywhere near that size, and yet you still continue to brag how many guns you have. Even for those of you who are math challenged, this visual training aid should help. Now keep bragging about how many guns you have and how organized you are. Somewhere a light bulb should start to come on.

    What I’ve learned is that the POTG simply cannot plan ahead. Every time there’s a school shooting, or similar event, our response is the same. Whereas our enemies keep adapting.

    • There is a well funded effort to do that planning on the left, not so much on the right. No one with lots of money cares about your rights. They might care about shares in the gun industry- might- but the real trick to all of this is that the gun industry wins when there is gun control (but not outright prohibition).

      • “There is a well funded effort to do that planning on the left, not so much on the right. No one with lots of money cares about your rights.”

        And yet “our” side has spent decades defending the interests of the rich and powerful, often at our own expense, because of Ayn Rand, or whatever.

        The socialists don’t need to take away our guns, because the oligarchs have already disarmed us in our minds. We will gladly put on their chains, as long as we can be convinced that our slavery was the result of free-market capitalism.

      • “There is a well funded effort to do that planning on the left, not so much on the right. No one with lots of money cares about your rights.”

        “Also, people don’t want to remember how much leftist violence was actively supported by mainstream leftist infrastructure. I’ll say this much for righty terrorist Eric Rudolph: the sonofabitch was caught dumpster-diving in a rare break from hiding in the woods. During his fugitive days, Weatherman’s Bill Ayers was on a nice houseboat paid for by radical lawyers.” – davidzhines

      • “There is a well funded effort to do that planning on the left, not so much on the right. No one with lots of money cares about your rights.”

        It’s funny how “our” side celebrated the idea of unlimited money in politics — “money is speech, and only a communist would say otherwise” — until it started to be used against us by Bloomberg, Google, Facebook, Hollywood, etc.

        If “money = political speech”, then “wealth inequality = political inequality”.

  25. Had I not visited TTAG, I wouldn’t have known about this march. I like living under my rock, don’t move it a rattlesnake may bite you

  26. What I learned? I learned I underestimated the stupidity prevalent in our society.
    When you take simple statistic such as that 15 kids were killed in School shootings in 2017 but over 700 kids under the age of 13 were killed in car accidents, it makes me ask where is the outrage? Where are the marches and protests?
    I learned how easy brainless ignorant kids impressionable and manipulable children really are.

  27. That the 1A still protects your right to look like a jackass on TV, deride your fellow citizens as evil and generally be a divisive asshole.

    Same as it ever was and hopefully the way it will stay.

  28. The major problem with us pro-Second Amendment supporters is that we are too busy WORKING to attend daytime “demonstrations”.
    That being said, firearms owners DO have an issue that needs to be addressed, it being “lack of cohesion” when it comes to firearms issues.
    Quite often, firearms owners are their own worst enemies. The duck hunters don’t like the AR-15 “black rifles” so they see no problem if attempts are made to ban them. The traditional rifle owners don’t like machine guns, so they have no problem with them being legislated out of existence. Some pistol owners see nothing wrong with certain long guns being outlawed just as some rifle owners would have no problem seeing pistols banned.
    Friends, ALL firearms advocates must “hang together” and realize that an assault on ANY means of firearms ownership and self-defense is an assault on ALL forms of firearms ownership and self-defense.
    There is absolutely NO ROOM for complacency among ANY Second Amendment supporters. An attack on one is an attack on ALL…
    ALL firearms laws are unconstitutional on their face. Imagine the hue and cry if “reasonable” restrictions were placed on First Amendment activities, especially with the “mainstream media”. The Second Amendment is clear–what part of “shall not be infringed” do politicians and the media not understand…of course, they understand full well…it’s part of their communist agenda…

    • Well stated. The Democrats even tried to repeal the first amendment only a couple years back. They held a vote on it in the Senate. It failed, of course, but only because there were not enough Democrats yet elected to pass it.

    • Then convert a FUDD. Bring him/her to the range and wield militia-suitable weapons. Tell them of the lessons of the Battle of Athens, the Rooftop Koreans, the Cajun Navy, and others.

  29. One problem is, we have allowed the anti Second Amendment crowd to define the terms.
    A firearm is a tool which possess no evil intent on its own. Assigning intent to an inanimate object is the epitome of insanity. Demonizing a weapon on “looks alone” also marks the accuser as an unstable individual who is also insane. Call them out on their illogic and insanity.
    Another dirty tactic the anti-Second Amendment crowd uses exposes children to potential and actual harm by putting them in “gun-free zones”. These people care not one wit about children, but uses them for their own nefarious purposes.
    We need to TAKE BACK the argument…
    When the antis blame the firearm for the actions of a criminal, state that: “a firearm is an inanimate object, subject only to the intent of the user. Firearms ARE used to preserve life and make a 90 lb. woman equal to a 200 lb. criminal.
    When the antis attempt to justify their “gun free zones” counter their misguided argument with “you mean, criminal safety zones” or “victim disarmament zones”. State that “we protect our money, banks, politicians and celebrities, buildings and facilities with PEOPLE WITH GUNS, but protect our children with “gun-free zone” signs”.
    When the antis criticize AR-15s in general, counter with: “you mean the most popular rifle of the day, useable by even the smallest, weakest person as a means of self-defense. Besides, AR-15s are FUN to shoot”. Offer to take them to the range and supply them with an AR-15, ammunition and range time. I have made many converts this way.
    When the antis state that: “You don’t need an AR-15 to hunt with”, counter with “AR-15s ARE used for hunting, but in many states, are prohibited from being used to take large game because they are underpowered”.
    When the antis state that: “AR-15s are high powered rifles”, correct them by stating that “AR-15s with the .223 or 5.56mm cartridge are considered medium-powered weapons–NOT “high-powered” by any means”.
    When the antis state that: “you don’e need and AR-15”, counter with, “Who are YOU to considere what I need?”
    When the antis state that: “the Constitution was written during the ime of muskets, and that the Second Amendment should only apply to “weapons of that time period”, state that: “by your logic, the First Amendment should not apply to modern-day telecommunications, internet, television, radio, public-address systems, books and newspapers produced on high-speed offset printing presses. Only “town-criers” and Benjamin Franklin type printing presses would be covered under the First Amendment”.
    When the antis state that “only law enforcement and government should possess firearms”, remind them of the latest school shooting, as well as Columbine, where “law enforcement” SAT ON THEIR HANDS while children were being murdered, afraid to challenge the shooter, despite being armed to the hilt. The government-run murderous sieges at Ruby Ridge and Waco are also good examples of government (mis)use of firearms.
    This tome can be used to counter any argument against any infringement of our Second Amendment.

  30. We all should have learned and come to the realization that the Republicans because they were too damn shiftless, cheap and stingy to spend any money to stop mass shootings that now it is way to late as we have bred an entire generation of young people that are anti-gun to the core and they will be voting for every gun ban law to come up in the next 50 years of their lives.

    Remember only 36 per cent of people even own guns any more and in their way of thinking (wrongly) that no one should have any right to own a gun period. They could not care less about the Second Amendment and view it as an old outdated archaic law that should have been scrapped years ago.

    And remember the Corrupt Supreme Court down through history has voted according to public opinion to keep up their sanctimonious prestige and to hang on to their power over the people. The Constitution has always been so worthless as to be little better than paper to wipe your ass with as the decisions of the Corrupt Supreme Court have sometimes been so laughable and outrageous even a 6 year old grade school kid would have seen through their ruse and lies. Remember the Dred Scott decision when they told Scott he could not sue for his freedom because according to the “public opinion” of the day that he was not a human being and therefore had no rights under the Constitution. Now if that is not a fking laugh I do not know what would be. I could quote page and chapter and verse as to other outrageous decisions the Corrupt Supreme Court has made down through our history but you get the picture as when they rule in the future on gun rights the decision will rest only on public opinion. History has already proven it both in the distant past and as recently as last summers outrageous upholding of the Maryland Assault Rifle Ban completely trashing the Heller Case decision and the Second Amendment in general.

    Well what did you expect anyway, even kids have their boiling point and when you shoot up their schools every week and kill them in droves and do nothing to stop it you are soon on the receiving end of their outrage and wrath and and their voting power and who the hell can blame them. Gun Owners and the “Fart” Right Republicans once again proved their own undoing and being their own worst enemies because yes they are actually that stupid. Even Neanderthal Man could “not have been” their ancestors as Neanderthal Man was too far above them on the evolutionary scale to have been even remotely connected to such Morons.

    Yes when you sit back and watch your house burn down with the Second Amendment in side it because you were too damn cheap, stingy and shiftless to do anything about it guess what? Your fking house burns down. What part of this do you not understand?

    • You sure like hyperbole. “Shoot up their schools every week and kill them in droves”!? There are about 100,000 public schools even and if one was “shot up” every week, which is at least of 25x exaggeration, the chance of ever (over 12 years) even being in one that was would be about 1/160. As it actually is your chance of being killed in a school shooting is about the same as being killed by lightning and about 12x more than you chance of dying in a car accident on the way to school or 1/2 the chance of being killed in school sports related accident.

      • One consolation from this whole thing is the giddy pleasure from the notion of the stupendous debt and insane maze of laws and corruption that are being left for these twits to suffer. I am sorry the good kids will be caught by it too though. My conscience is clear having voted as a deficit hawk. Still, knowing that these kids will live a world like ones in the movies “Brazil” and “idiocracy”, is makes me feel like singing along with “Always look on the bright side of life”. They, think now that “the brains have arrived” things will get better!:-)

        • The years passed, mankind became stupider at a frightening rate. Some had high hopes the genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly the greatest minds and resources where focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections.

        • Only one blathering is you with your inane bullshit. No one here is buying it.

          Gun control doesn’t stop guns or crimes. Numerous peer reviewed university and government studies prove so. Spare me “muh Europe” comparisons. Europe has plenty of mass shootings especially ones that rack up body counts larger than ours with the vast majority of them being unreported because it doesn’t fit the narrative especially when they have zero freedom of speech and near unlimited gun control.

          Oh and Europe had numerous world wars and genocides so they have that going for them plus the current native repopulation program aka muslim migrants. Oh and how can I forget the “trucks of peace” that kill more than any of our mass shootings do.

          Spare me your long-winded BS. It doesn’t impress me. If I wanted to hear it I’d watch CNN or the BBC..

  31. I learned that our adversaries are comprised primarily of fat pearl-clutching soccer moms, kids, ignorant minorities, emasculated college students and other various assortments of hypocrites and cowards.

    Keep poking the bear kiddies…

    • Stop focusing on the puppets and focus on the puppet masters.

      They are very much a threat!

  32. Focus on the “Puppet-Masters” and not the (“useful Idiots”) puppets.
    “when you take down the leaders, the soldiers loose their will to fight”
    Focus on being a thorn in the ass for, Bloomberg, Soros, Smuck schumer , peolsi, et al
    hammer them and keep hammering them over and over and over and over.

  33. I learned that Robert Heinlein was right.

    I learned that these people would sell us all down the river to keep the trains rolling on time.

    I learned that (the socialist) FDR was wrong and that we have more to fear then fear itself.

    I learned, again, that you cannot reason with these people and their delusions that we will somehow be safer if we simply submit to the State.

    I also re-affirmed that we would be better off splitting the country peacefully and going our separate ways because, if we don’t, we are on the road to violent conflict that will make what’s happening in the Middle East look like a pre-school playground brawl.

  34. I am sick and tired of the the lie “We want guns banned.” It is instead, “We want YOUR guns banned, not mine.” Left wing Politicians and pro-disarmament celebrities with carry permits and private armed security, organized disarmament rallies with state police carrying full auto M4s. Wasnt it supposed to be a child who pointed out that the emperor had no clothes? If it was just about total disarmament then I get it. People have phobias after all and are ignorant. No conspiracy there. But the fact that all those calling for disarmament want to retain their own arms and the media is silent on it, knowing this full well, that speaks volumes to me regarding an actual conspiracy.

  35. I found it very amusing that the kids from Parkland who are quick to rally to take law abiding gun rights away by the government are the same ones that complain about having to tote see through back packs, id cards and searches of those back packs as infringement on their rights.. Welcome to tyranny. If it doesn’t directly affect you I guess thats okay.

    • I am glad they are getting a taste of their own medicine.

      Maybe it will be a life lesson for them. Or maybe they will just continue eating Tide pods…..

  36. “Nobody needs more than 2 shells in a shotgun. Nobody hunts ducks with an assault shotgun! These high capacity weapons of war shotguns have no place on our streets!”

    Next years rallying cry, after all the semis are banned before this years election.

  37. I learned that, all China OR OTHER SHITHOLE COUNTRY has to do to kill all of us, is to join soros, and other SOBNK POS communists in funding large marches and demonstrations where a diverse/youthful/active percentage of the population can be returned to their home cities and towns infected with God knows what (that could be introduced at such a gathering) including more communism.

    I also learned that this shit (like SIEU/ACORN/BLM/ANTIFA) goes on without interruption, and any counter protest better demand the same or better respect, or shit better get fucked up quick.

  38. Can’t we just take all this as a reason to regulate news and media? Require disclosure of financial supporters, licensing news orgs and requiring clear labeling of content so that the unsuspecting can tell the difference between journalism, editorials, planted PR pieces and paid propaganda. Make every statement supportable through direct attribution. Is a typical blog post or fake news video really as protected as a man on a crate yelling on a street corner?

    The lessons being learned by the fight surrounding guns have practical application in other areas.

    In the end, the gullible will give up their rights for the promise of the next AI app coming out of Silicon Valley. AI Proponents will claim the ability to forecast your future actions. I can’t wait until all the car guys figure out they won’t be allowed to drive their vehicles any more because self driving vehicles are safer. Never mind that Uber will have to be paid for every mile you need to travel. Suddenly, laws will be written for corporate interests.

    I sound crazy, I know. But, the future is happening right now.

  39. I can’t say that I’ve learned anything from this, but I have had previously held beliefs reaffirmed since the Parkland shooting. I also recognize that the sentence above may be part of the social problems this country is currently experiencing. Nevertheless, here are my thoughts on the issue:

    1). School shootings did not get this level of push back (yes, that’s sounds terrible) until it happened to affluent teens. Teens well versed in the use of social media. Teens who have among their ranks people (even at their age) adept at public speaking. Say what you will about coaching, these kids have obviously received a good education and it shows.
    2). We still don’t care about inner city minorities killed because of direct or indirect involvement in the sale of illegal drugs. If we did, we would treat narcotics the same way we treated alcohol.
    3). We’ve allowed the “gun” violence narrative to go forward. As though there is no violence in the world without guns. The idea that gun ownership is a might makes right mentality is the opposite of what it actually is. Not having guns is what leads to might makes right.
    4). Our current President is not an asset. I believe part of the problem is not just disenchantment with school shootings, but disenchantment with the current administration and Republicans in general.
    5). Lastly, the NRA’s tone isn’t helping. Further, and it could be years away, if the NRA really did involve itself with money laundering with Russians to help elect Trump, their effectiveness defending our 2nd ammendment rights could be irreversibly damaged.

  40. It didn’t teach me anything new, other than the fact that the gun-grabbers are clearly getting more and more desperate with their throwing of more and bigger piles of money into organizing marginally-effective AstroTurf campaigns that will inevitably run out of steam as public outrage also inevitably fades.

    • Yes Excederin Headache we know you have not learned anything since 1st grade assuming you even attended 1st grade. From your command of the English language its hard to tell.

  41. I have learned that 4+ decades of steady marxist infiltration of our media, education, and sectors of government have ultimately created a generation of Americans so afraid to live independently and defend themselves, that they’d rather the whole nation live as helpless slaves than see one man or woman embrace liberty.

    I still believe the majority of the kids attending these marches are just doing it because they want to fit in and look cool like most empty-headed teenagers, with a few David Hoggs and their socialist parents pulling the financial/logistical strings. In my parents’ generation, most hippies saw their “flower child” years as a phase to be grown out of, and look back on it with laughter at how goofy they were, seeing the whole thing as one giant excuse to get laid and smoke some weed while listening to groovy music. I fear that most of these kids will not mature the same way.

    What bothered me most about this shooting was the swiftness and effectiveness with which all political facets were mobilized. This felt like an entirely coordinated response, as if the left is purposely allowing these events to happen after destroying the cultural norms that once kept school shooters locked away in the figurative basement. They’ve found their rinse, wash, and repeat cycle.

    I used to believe we could peacefully coexist with these people, but the rhetoric has become so volatile that I honest to god think a peaceful split of These United States into different countries may be necessary beyond my lifetime.

  42. We should be worried.

    This wasn’t an anti gun as much as it was a pro Democrat/2020 election March.

    Juniors and seniors in that March will be voting in 2020. All of them in 2022. Gun control is a democrats platform.

      • You make it sound like a Republican win is 2020 and wins in 2022 are guaranteed. They’re not.

        This march is the equivalent of marketing their party to immigrants which was essentially what turned California solid blue. The fact is the left is being proactive by essentially campaigning the entire Trump administration.

  43. Dear criminals we have alleviated all defensive measures in America for your convenience.

    In 1856, the U.S. Supreme Court (South v. Maryland) found that law enforcement officers had no duty to protect any individual. Their duty is to enforce the law in

    general. More recently, in 1982 (Bowers v. DeVito), the Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit held, “…there is no Constitutional right to be protected by the state

    against being murdered by criminals or madmen.

    District of Columbia v. Heller The court explicitly included weapons in “common use” — such as the semiautomatic AR-15 civilian take on the M-16 rifle as protected by the 2nd amendment!

    United States v. Miller, 307 U.S. 174
    On March 30, 1939, the Supreme Court heard the case. Attorneys for the United States argued:
    The Second Amendment protects only the ownership of military-type weapons appropriate for use in a militia.

    You can’t fix stupid and these brainwashed Hitler like youths with identical armbands want 1930’s Germany in America. You got to blame the teachers and parents who indoctrinated them too…

    Can we save America? Get Active and push back progressivism.

    Peeps who don’t like America and our Rights ur free to leave….cuz its the reason America was built for.

    U have kids/peeps in the streets trying to cut the chain from the beast that will eat them all..its insane!

    What we are seeing in America is people and children used as pawns indoctrinated by the progressive big government movement were the individual has no rights!

    Hitler was a progressive liberal …both modern liberalism and fascism descended from progressivism!

  44. I didn’t watch any of it. But one thing is clear, eliminate now all liberal and dumbassocratic educators from all of our schools! Therein is the cause of the poison that is affecting the students. Look at that Hogg kid! Dumber than dirt from the start and always will be. That is what the liberals and far left are looking to turn our kids into!

  45. I saw a bunch of clueless kids being used for propaganda to hide the organizers evil intent. Interestingly I did not see a single American Flag ANYWHERE which tells me a lot.

    I expect interest about this event to fade fast with the short attention span of the average person these days glued to their idiot devices.

    It was not news to me that CNN and other MSM are all in on gun bans as that had been pretty well known for a while.

    The best thing to come out of it was to remind those that value their Second Amendment Rights to not let their guard down, to continue to contribute to the NRA-ILA/favorite Second Amendment Rights organization as many of us did yesterday, to understand the Second Amendment and be able to defend it effectively verbally, and to VOTE this November and not stay home because you do not agree 110 percent with the candidate that best represents your interests considering the foaming at the mouth gun banner alternative.

    Even if us gun owners could organize pro Second Amendment rallies twice the size, we could probably not get permits, and even if we could the MSM would ignore us or call it the “March For Bump Stocks and Assault Weapons”. So keep the checkbook open to support your favorite Second Amendment Rights organizations, let your elected representatives know your thoughts on impending Second Amendment infringement legislation, and VOTE!!

    • I expect interest about this event to fade fast with the short attention span of the average person these days glued to their idiot devices.

      His own side will kill him to produce a sainted martyr. Of course, they will stage it to look like it was done by an NRA member bitterly clinging to his guns.

      The crew cut shrew will deliver the eulogy and carry the torch. Then she will have a freak accident that is convenient to them once she’s no longer ‘useful’.

      Consider if you will the political utility of JFK, RFK and MLK all getting zapped… they were more useful as martyrs than as living, breathing people at that point. Their demise left the audience clamoring for more.

      They (prog agitators) probably already have the SSRI addled patsy selected, groomed and prepped. Such an act would inject energy into their totalitarian cause… cue the “David Hogg Brigades”. If his backers were smart, they’d get intellectual property rights on his likeness and start printing T-shirts. Followed by David Hogg: the marching song, replete with big character posters.

      No matter how you slice it, this summer is going to get spicy.

  46. Patrick Neville (Columbine survivor, pro-gun minority leader of Colorado House) was supposed to be on mid-show segment with Erin Bernett. My DVR didn’t record it, so I can’t confirm whether it happened. So, probably only 50:1 ratio of anti-gun to pro-gun.

  47. What did you learn from the March of Our Lives lovefest?
    George Orwell, Ayn Rand, and Robert Heinlein hit the nail on the head with the hammer in their books.
    Animal Farm, 1984, Atlas Shrugged, Anthem, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and others.

    • Don’t forget Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. We are living that nightmare. He got it down to a T. They are the city dwellers with their Soma and sexual degeneracy with all the information available to bring down the tyrants but they don’t care as long as they can get their fixes.

      We are the “barbarians” outside of the wall but at least we are free.

  48. I’m not saying i’m convinced of this, but this whole movement has the same faux-inevitability feel as the Hillary campaign. In other words a very loud minority of people buoyed up by the echo chamber now believe they are unstoppable and the voice of the entire country. Just this morning i saw some meme that said “AN ENTIRE GENERATION IS ABOUT TO BECOME DEMOCRATS” and all i could think was “You suuuuuuure about that?” Just because the media doesn’t cover the people who disagree, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    If i’m wrong i’m wrong, but if they beat this drum until the midterms, i could just as easily see them waking up on Nov 7th wondering how the house and senate are still in GOP hands :p

    i guess we’ll see.

  49. In political jargon, a useful idiot is a descriptive term for a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause the goals of which they are not fully aware, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause. The term was originally used to describe non-Communists regarded as susceptible to Communist propaganda and manipulation. The term has often been attributed to Vladimir Lenin, but this attribution is not verified.
    I learned that if we think we’re in hard times , we haven’t been paying attention. The committed in those crowds were just warming up, letting us get a sense of the numbers they can bring to bear ,the numbers of useful idiots they can rally to their cause. Perhaps it’s time to Stand To ,they’re in the wire ..

  50. This is so boring.

    Such a classic and repeated example of how a rich person with a treasonous agenda is manipulating an ignorant population made up of the gender confused, alternative lifestyle, progressive thinking, socialists that have been socially programmed to gravitate toward any protest when they don’t even fully understand the ramifications of what they think they are protesting.

    I don’t know what’s more pathetic. That the leaders of this movement have not been imprisoned yet or that there is an apparently sizeable socialist party in the US that apparently is not content to live with the virtues of the US Constitution.

    Perhaps they should all be given a Bloomberg-paid one-way ticket to the socialist / disarmed populace countries of their choice that practice the system of government they crave.

    Bon voyage.

  51. I learned that if the “news” is showing a close-up of what they say is a giant crowd, it’s not actually a giant crowd. It’s actually three people deep at most, and just wide enough to fill the camera frame.

    Also, Tide Pods need to be made lethally poisonous.

    We need the 1924 Immigration Act reinstated, retroactively.

  52. I saw what I already know and they are cruel lessons of history.. the uninformed can be manipulated.. any generational bias can ignore what responsibilities government was supposed to have …that it abdicated… that they are on their own message and don’t understand the consequences or what the results of that message or objective could be..
    All of this taken from the Nazi socialist’s play book.

  53. This was a pre-packaged march/media event just waiting for an inevitable bad guy to do bad things in another school that was left for bait by progressives. It tells me that progs are getting desperate. This was their all-out assault on the right of citizens to defend themselves. Notice the lack of balance and complete ignoring of governments failure to prevent the tragic deaths of these kids. There are many kids who disagree- you just won’t see them in the news.

    The lies and distortions that the anti-American movement is founded on will crumble if we refuse to accept their terms, always push back on definitions of words and always share real facts. Offering to take people to the range or even showing them a .223 round compared to a 30-30 or 7mm mag hunting round can be very educational.

    Maybe it’s time to start giving people range time for their birthdays, anniversaries and holiday gifts for a unique, exciting educational experience.

    I’d like to see pro-gun pols and news orgs push back on nonsensical terms like “assault rifle” instead of validating lies by not refuting them.

  54. The following is attributed to Alexander Tytler, a Scotch Professor writing about the fall of the Athenian Democracy and Roman Republic around the time the U.S. Constitution was being framed. There is some question as to whether Tytler actually wrote it {note the less antiquated verbiage}, and I have included a link to an article discussing those questions below the main text.*

    “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a
    permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until
    the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from
    the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for
    the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury,
    with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose
    fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”
    “The average age of the worlds greatest civilizations from the beginning
    of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these
    nations always progressed through the following sequence:

    1. From bondage to spiritual faith;
    2. From spiritual faith to great courage;
    3. From courage to liberty;
    4. From liberty to abundance;
    5. From abundance to complacency;
    6. From complacency to apathy;
    7. From apathy to dependence;
    8. From dependence back into bondage ”

    Some list ten steps
    Bondage to Spiritual Faith;
    Spiritual Faith to Courage;
    Courage to Freedom;
    Freedom to Abundance;
    Abundance to Selfishness;
    Selfishness to Complacency;
    Complacency to Apathy;
    Apathy to Fear;
    Fear to Dependency;
    Dependency to Bondage


    So what I learned/confirmed from “The March of Our Lives” is, as I wrote previously:
    “We, our Parents and Grand-Parents stood by over the past 70+ years (actually longer) and allowed the Marxist/Socialist/Progressives to take over our Education System, Bureaucracy, Press and entertainment media, suppress and destroy our Christian Faith and moral sensibilities and severely erode other Political and Social Institutions all the while saying to and among ourselves, “Oh, THAT won’t happen in America.”, but it has.”

    Now [referencing the first list] about half the population are at #7 and moving towards #8, the return to bondage, about 20% on the fence, and about 30% somewhere between or in #2 and #3 and wanting to return to #4 {and to stay there while maintaining the values of #’s 2 and 3}.

    In all Human history the majority of people who ever lived, lived as subjects to some form of absolutist government. The American Republic has passed the 200 year mark and is teetering on the brink of collapse.

    Me, I am going to live as freely as possible, shoot as much as possible, speak the truth as often as I can and try to live an honorable life. If these brain-washed youngsters want to live in bondage all I will say is “So, it goes…”

  55. I learned that the homosexual agenda to disarm the civilian population and prevent the education of the Second Amendment to school children has been very effective. We are in a crisis and I think the word crisis is correct to describe the Civil Rights situation. The best long-term solution is to start educating children in the public school system about their rights and responsibilities regarding Second Amendment. Parents grandparents aunts and uncles need to start agitating at school board meetings for the teaching of gun civil rights. And gun rights activists need to use the term “gun civil rights” or “civil rights” regarding the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

    Elected Homosexuals are socialist Progressive in their political orientation. They have never believed in civil rights. But they do believe in using government Force to force others to give up their rights. Tom Ammiano, a proud white homosexual, personally destroyed 2nd Amendment education in the San Francisco City public school system.

    “Ammiano was instrumental in getting rid of San Francisco’s High School competitive .22 cal rifle teams, and worked to put an end to the junior ROTC program in San Francisco’s High Schools. Ammiano supported the ban on allowing gun owners to carry an unloaded gun in public. “Whether a gun is loaded or not, it’s still an act of intimidation and bullying,” Ammiano said.”

  56. “I learned that CNN is in the bag for gun control 100 percent.”

    You are just figuring this out now?

  57. My takeaway is that they want a revolution but the rank and file have no idea what they are revolting for or how to go about getting it. The powers behind organizing this intend to use the political system for their own gains and not to benefit the kids.
    The result would be an unworkable disarmament law, written to imply progress. That would mean a disastrous set of orders being given to the police in an attempt to force a fast sweeping change.

    As I’ve warmed before the DNC leadership thinks nothing of killing people to hold onto its seats. They see gun owners as an easy target since they are high on power and refuse to listen to anyone who doesn’t agree with their thinking. They don’t believe there’s opposition.
    In order to prove them wrong Elections will become a matter of survival for the right and not just a sideshow. We have to hang on to battleground states so they don’t become actual battlegrounds.

  58. I didn’t follow news coverage of the protests, because I have a life and there’s always something going on. Also I don’t need that kind of stress. What I learned from what news managed to get to me anyway, though, is that the news media in all of its forms worldwide is against ordinary people having basic freedom. Freedom of conscience as well as the right to arms. Silicon Valley, most major store chains, and the entire financial sector are against us as well. Plus the younger generation has a stunning percentage of kids who aren’t as smart as they think they are and will do anything to get attention and possibly get laid – but that’s always been true.

    This has strengthened my resolve to be armed in some way (gun or not) every moment that I’m awake and clothed.

  59. I learned two things.

    1.) They are attempting to re-create Mao’s cultural revolution.
    2.) They know even less about guns than I thought.

  60. I learned that many folks are brain dead if they can take seriously what some dumb ass Mexican mini broad with a shaved head and who wears rags for pants, has to say.

  61. A young Hitler complete with nazi arm band and clenched fist. Punks reading from previously printed propaganda by the libs. Who I’m sure paid for all the expenses involved in the transportation, housing and feeding of all those mentally challenged teeny yuppie puppies. And what about all that coverage by cnn? (Contrived News Network). The best part was all those fully armed LEO’s protecting their arrogant, programmed, idiotic asses. Excuse me while I go out and buy another gun and a few thousand rounds of ammo just in case these miscreants manage to gain a foothold.

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