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Last week’s winner was Ma808. If you’d like to win a t-shirt from XS Sights, enter the best caption for this photo by Sunday midnight. Good luck.

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  1. What? I’m sorry, I can’t stop staring at your cartoonishly small gun and poor trigger discipline.

  2. “Now, Mr. Landau, do you really want to take a bullet for that obnoxious Vincent Price wanna-be standing behind you?”

  3. “I’m afraid that you have embarked on an impossible mission. Give up while you still are able.”

  4. What do you think you’re going to do with that? Kill me? HA! You can’t kill me! I’ve been dead for three weeks!

  5. Didn’t you read the Beretta safety manual? It says keepa u finger offa da trigger unless you a gonna shoota someone. Oh shit.

  6. “On second thought, Maitre’D, the table next to the kitchen door will be just fine!”

  7. Thank God Glocks haven’t been invented yet. I’d be dead right now.
    Safety is on and ambidextrous guns are not in production either.
    So, not so impossible after all.

  8. Little did they realise, that it was actually Leonard Nimoy, in a Martin Landau latex mask.

  9. “Keep pointing that pistol at me and were gonna find out how deeply it can be concealed, pal…”

  10. I sure would be nice to see some, heck, any! of the reported 38 comments.

    edit: Must be gremlins. When I tried to see the comments there were none. After posting this one, they appeared.

  11. “When I say ‘now!’ duck to your left and I’ll shoot the guy with the sparse mustache. I really hate sparse mustaches.”

  12. Of course you realize NYS doesn’t honor CCW reciprocity and I will have to place you under arrest!

  13. “Mr. Laundau… I thought I made our company’s policy on half-Windsor knots abundantly clear…”

  14. All right, Space 1999 sucked. But Barbera Bain was really hot. What was I supposed to do?

  15. You sure you don’t want to use both hands to tame that beast? It may help with that righty safety…

  16. Pencil thin mustache guy- “Hey, boss, remember the Fourth Rule of Gun Safety! Looking at the tiny pistol you are using to compensate for your pelvic shortcomings, I know you’ve never experienced over-penetration. But, trust me- it’s real!”

  17. Martin Landau- “Man, if your pistol was any smaller, this Caption Contest would be hosted at ‘The Truth About Paperweights’ web site.”

  18. Guy with gun- “Damn it, didn’t you see the memo about the company dress code? It said- “No more matchy-matchy necktie & pocket square! Ever!”

  19. “Is…is that the Mark V model? I’ll give ya $500 for it.”

    Don’t give us a link re: previous winning captions unless YOU TELL US WHAT THE WINNING CAPTION WAS!!! Otherwise, what’s the point?

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