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A few weeks back we mentioned EyePal Peep Sights when we got their press release. Lo and behold, they sent me some to try. And while I haven’t had a chance, you probably have more time on your hands. Even if you don’t, enter the best caption to the above photo in the comments by midnight Sunday and I’ll send them to you.

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  1. A successful capture of the elusive Battlefieldis Camerinspawnus, commonly known as the Bush Monster.

  2. After decades of tree-huggers arguing that plants have souls, the first Tree Zombies begin to emerge with a vengeance.

    • I tip my hat to you.
      I do have a home-made gillie suit. But it’s not that good.

  3. “Tho he was excellent at making ghillie suits George “Itchy” Johnson was terrible at identifying plants.”

  4. “We asked these 3 cadets to survive in the bush for a week. One of whom took the exorcise very seriously.”

  5. Day 3: I’ve been standing here for hours, and they still don’t suspect me. If they don’t leave soon, I may have to put these leaves to other uses…

  6. “Can you guess which hunter has not showered lately? Always trust the ACME Porta-Shower, even when hunting far from home.”

  7. Upon hearing that weed had been legalized in Washington, Marvin expected a much different welcome visiting The White House.

  8. Teacher to students in boys Health Ed class…(do they even have that anymore in school?)

    “Now boys, this is what can happen to you when you have unprotected sex”

  9. After weeks in the jungle, Lieutenant Sir Harry Smith-Baden-Jones, accompanied by his trusted adjutant Sergeant Major Blucher, emerged after weeks in the jungle having captured the ever elusive and nearly mythical African Big Foot.

  10. Department of Bush Security Officers Jerome Pedersen (left) and Horatio Aldwich (right) stand guard on recently captured radical Treeman Group member Frank Willow.

  11. There once was a black man named Sammo
    Who was quite an expert at cammo
    He would sneak up on thee
    And then take a pee
    Leaving you wondering who fouled your ammo

  12. The early pioneer of real tree camo , William Jordan just knew his idea would be a phenomenon someday

  13. There ugly, there’s “two bagger” ugly, then there’s “hide ‘im the best you can ‘n maybe he’ll just blend in” ugly.

  14. I say, “This Peace Corp photographer has a sense of humor”.
    Bully, and I say, “That with 2 nuts on the side and a bush in the middle, ol’ Reginald must be a D$ck”!

  15. Hiding nearby is Mr E.V. Lambert of Homeleigh, The Burrows, Oswestry, who has presented the narrator with a poser by choosing a very clever way of not being seen. Although we do not know which bush he is behind, we can soon find out.

  16. In other news… The elusive wild Bush man has been caught by two of her majesty finest, An exhibit in London zoo will house the creature for the world to see in the coming months.

  17. Max Klinger in a desperate attempt to prove he was indeed a section 8 decided to show the bush under the dress. Being lebanese the bush was a trifle overgrown.

  18. Experiments by the Colorado National Guard in camoflage are being conducted with a view of the changing environment in the state.

  19. Charles Blythe and Thomas Hull are pictured outside their colonial outpost. They were on high alert after getting word that anti-colonist were often attempting to gather intelligence on the layout of the Brits defenses. Patrolling outside the wire is intended to discourage this activity.

  20. Billy: I’m scared Poncho.
    Poncho: Bullshit. You ain’t afraid of no man.
    Billy: There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man. We’re all gonna die.

  21. Private McManus had just finished reading ‘Macbeth’ when he suggested the institution of a new camouflage program.

  22. Here we see a picture of the early bush hunters, along with a bush they recently able to successfully hunt down.

  23. In other news…Drastic cuts in defense spending has set back many developmental programs, such as, the Soldier of the Future…

  24. Day 25: Conditions are harsh but morale is high. The locals have accepted me as an indigenous bush.

  25. Once again, Billy wins first place at the Extreme Adult Hide and Seek national championships.

    “you can’t see me, you can’t see me”

  26. This was Rick and Bob’s first week of assignment. They have heard of the stories, then they met Jim. They now wonder how much longer till they go insane.

  27. “Ladies and gentlemen, earlier today we arrested marijuana. The war on drugs is finally over!”

  28. Go ahead say it Call me a horticulturist again see what happens. That’s our word you can’t use it. Bontanist please!

  29. Anybody that was alive during the Viet Nam days will remember the rumors of a strain of VD so bad that they were putting the victims on an isolated island to keep them from spreading the disease.

    Who knew the rumors were true?

  30. Now soldier. Here’s a lesson in Cammo. The man on the left chose the wrong one. a citi…. errrr terrorist, can see you a mile away. The one on the right is much better. But the one in the middle will let you get close and personal. Allowing you to collect their seditious materials after taking them out.

  31. Who can stand at attention the longest? I’m guessing the one in the middle….

  32. The Three Amigos’ first attempt to communicate with the Singing Bush, in order to find El Guapo’s hideout.

  33. Rare photograph of Albert Gore Sr. in full bloom, shows the little acorn didn’t fall far from the tree.

  34. and here we see the only known photograph of the army’s “skating” all time champion.

  35. I think it’s safe to say that poor Nigel’s taken this personal stash thing to a whole new level!

  36. Figure 3-7: With a vigorous inward motion smash the two sentries’ heads together and now you have not one but two rifles to complement your new ghille suit.

    Excerpt from “The Last Minute Prepper/Partizan” from Paladin Press

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