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Paul Allen is one of the world’s wealthiest people, and he has put some of his many billions to good use. He’s amassed an impressive collection of science-fiction film and TV artifacts, including this unspecified ray gun from the original Men In Black film . . .


Here are several more. Quick, without Googling the answer: which gun belonged to Sigourney Weaver and which was wielded by Bruce Willis? (Here’s a hint: the very bottom rifle isn’t the droid you’re looking for. It’s from the original Lost In Space.) I was surprised not to see Detective Deckard’s pistol from Blade Runner or at least one Imperial Storntrooper laser blaster in the collection, but Allen is too discriminating a collector to go in for anything that mainstream.

/sarc off/

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  1. I’m surprised to see that he’s missing the Barrett .50 cal anti-matter rifle*.

    When one must absolutely, positively blow the moon out of the sky.

    Just don’t fire it in the atmosphere.

    *surface-to-orbit transportation not included

  2. The bottom right one is Bruce’s – from 5th element I think. Second one down is Mrs. Weaver’s

    Where is the link to the collection?

  3. Quick guesses from memory: The revolvery thing in the middle is Corben Dallas’s (Willis) gun from The Fifth Element. And since I don’t see the M41A pulse rifle, I’m guessing the silver and black pistol on the right is the grappling/spear gun from the end of Alien.

  4. Collection is truly lacking without Han Solo’s blaster. And the pre Brady phaser owned by James T. Kirk

    • Well, unless I miss my guess, MOST of those weren’t gussied up firearms, unlike han’s which was a Mauser C96 with bits stuck on… I have no idea if you’d have to do a 4473 for the Han Solo piece (assuming you could afford it).

      What’s a pre-brady phaser?

      • The phasers from TOS and its movies looked more like pistols; Next Generation-era phasers looked like Dustbusters. Because gun-shaped objects are evil.

  5. I just saw that “gun” fro MIB at the EMP a couple weeks ago. If you’re in the Seattle area, you should go check it out.

  6. I stopped being impressed with props decades ago
    for a true Fan Boy Gasam only the Man From UNCLE’s operational P-38 w/all the bells and whistles will do

  7. No sci-fi armory is complete without at least one lightsaber … They’re an elegant weapon from a more civilized age! Not as crude or clumsy as a blaster pistol.

  8. When he scores an actual movie used butane fired Sleep Gun from Logans Run I will be duly impressed.

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