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Is there some unoccupied space in your gun safe? Do you need a good plinker to use when training new shooters? Fear not. Our friends at Florida Gun Supply are giving away a brand spanking new Walther P22. All you have to do to enter is click the image above or make the jump to log in through Facebook or using your email address. Finding ammo, though, is up to you.


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  1. More unfairness, weighing the contest in favor of Farcebook and Twatter users. I’m getting a little irritated by this. I’m also sick of comments sections that require a Farcebook account.

      • It’s not about “the time”. I’ve got plenty of spying going on against American citizens as it is…

        Facebook is an extension of the NSA (as is Google), and Twitter is jam-packed with… well, twits.

        • I completely agree with you. Also, FB is only legitimately useful in a very specific set of circumstances. Namely, when you have a group of people who want to keep in touch, but where differences in location make a large face to face meeting impossible and where talking to each person individually is inefficient. I knew a woman who was career military, as was most of her family. So, FB provided a good way for them to keep in touch, as they were all stationed in different countries all over the world.

          But mostly, I think FB is utterly useless. I only have a few friends (by my own choice), and when I have something to say, I’ll call them or text them (we all live in different states). Unfortunately though, Jon’s attitude reflects a very common sentiment. It’s such an expectation that people will be on social media that employers frequently check, and it raises red flags if someone isn’t on there (“what are they hiding?”). Not to mention that I’m almost certainly on some government watch list or another due to my refusal to play the BS social media game.

          • Yeah… when someone says they don’t have anything to hide, I laugh in their face. EVERYBODY has something to hide.

        • You sound like my technophobic brother. I’ll tell you what I tell him: Big Brother and Big Business is tracking you regardless. It’s one thing to not want to be bothered with having to deal with it, but being tracked is a bad reason for it.

        • @ Jake & William. Its perfectly fine to “think” Facebook and twitter are useless, and opt out. But you cannot dispute the data on web-traffic and ultimately the sales that targeted advertising via social networks generates.

          But to complain about weighting the contest is inappropriate. Lets do a hypothetical that is closer to your end of the technical spectrum (and time-period). lets say that a retailer had identified magazines and direct mailing as the two big sources of traffic/revenue for them. You read a magazine and find a contest entry, but you happen to be a long haul trucker and don’t get mail often – so you only have one opportunity to enter the contest. Some other guy reads magazines and works from home, so he gets two entries to the contest, and perhaps even give that one to his buddy who isn’t on the mailing list, nor does he read magazines. Is that contest unfairly weighting in favor of people who can regularly get mail, or is it taking advantage of the two best ways to generate sales?

          Or you can think about it this way. The quality/size of your social network is a currency that can be used to buy raffle tickets in this contest. You guys are broke.

          • Let me be clear. I don’t think they should be prevented from conducting their contests in any way they see fit to.

            I just don’t like it. And I question its fairness. But life’s unfair, and it always will be.

        • BDub and Shwiggie: I avoid social networking because I don’t have a big enough ego to believe that everything I say, think and do needs to be shared with everyone I know at all times, and I don’t just hate, but I superhate the kind of people whose egos actually are that big.

          Sorry, Facebook community, but I don’t care that you’re currently annoying the other theater patrons to let me know you’re watching Robocop, I’m not interested in seeing more stupid pictures of cats with “funny” captions under them, and I refuse to believe that your lunch was so damn hilarious you felt the need to add “LOL” when telling me that it was a tuna sandwich. I don’t want or need to use social networking, and appeals to its astronomical success and/or popularity won’t work on me; you’re not winning me over to your side and that’s it. Respect that and move along.

        • You could just make a barebones facebook account only for contests. All they care about is getting “likes” and shares… doesn’t matter if anyone else sees them from your perspective.

    • Pretty sure that’s what people said about email addresses 10 years ago, but how would I know? I was in 6th grade then.

      • “You sound like my technophobic brother. I’ll tell you what I tell him: Big Brother and Big Business is tracking you regardless. It’s one thing to not want to be bothered with having to deal with it, but being tracked is a bad reason for it.”

        You sound like someone who harbors ill-informed opinions about people you don’t really know. Your brother excepted, I suppose.

      • True. What they say today is “the man comes across you in a Blue Jay search, then runs your tweets on Geo Time to see where exactly you’ve been lately. After that he decides whether you bother him or not.”

        To the tune of “Santa is Coming to Town”:

        He hears you in the bedroom,
        Surveils you out of doors,
        And if that doesn’t get the goods
        Then he’ll use provocateurs -Presented by the CIA team at a DNI Christmas party a few years back.

    • That’s like complaining about the crappy tv shows you have to watch because you only watch TV at 2 in the morning. You are clearly not the average demographic for this ad.

    • Agreed. Facebook is a plague on society and Twitter is the cold sore on its lip, both are wretched things.

      • Facebook and Twitter aren’t the plague, they’re the just mirrors of what the plagued society already was/is/is becoming. You can’t blame the mirror in the morning for the sorry image it portrays.

      • Actually he had three or four major parts that failed on his. It just… fell apart on him. Never seen anything like that. Maybe he just got a lemon… but I don’t know.

        • I broke the frame on my p22 and when I sent it in for warranty repair they said it wasn’t covered and basically said FOAD. So no p22 for me.

    • Was shooting my friend’s Walther P22 last Fall, and the slide cracked and hit me in the face. Not cool. Only had around 3000 rounds behind it, too.

  2. Log in…to what? And the terms & conditions doc won’t load.

    I want to know what my target is (and who’s going to target me) before I pull the trigger.

  3. Had a brand new p22. Ammo sensitive and a pain to clean. Gave it away. Didn’t set up a contest, just gave it away.

    • Had one. Easy enough to clean but a pain in the ass to reassemble, and wouldn’t cycle anything I fed into it other than Remington Thunderbolt. Ending up selling it a buddy for $200 and putting the money towards a Colt/Umarex 1911-22… which also won’t take anything but Thunderbolt.

        • For those who care, the P22 is not built in the Carl Walther factory. It is built in the Umarex factory.

          The P22 must be very profitable. Why else would Umarex insist on making a P99 look-alike but with a cheap zinc slide and a hammer? Given the frequency of cracked slides it is very bad publicity for Walther. Aside from appearance at a distance, the P22 has nothing in common with the P99 in internals or build quality.

        • I know. The guy who sold me the 1911 used that as a selling point, believe it or not.

          That said, if .22 ammo wasn’t so ridiculously, stupidly hard to find it wouldn’t matter, because I pinned down a type of ammo that works in it close enough to 100% of the time. But when even the crappy .22s are scarce, a gun that’s picky about what it will and won’t take is something of a liability.

      • Yep, why can’t they make a captive recoil spring for a .22 like they do for the bigger guns? It would be popular amongst us older folks with less nimble fingers and bi focals.

  4. I will stick with my Kadet conversion kit; you get to train for cheap* with the same trigger, grip and sight picture that way.

    *assuming you can frigging FIND .22 lr.

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