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Enter the best comment below by Sunday midnight and you’ll win a set of four ARTactical .45 caliber bullet valve caps for your ride.

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  1. Mary and Elizabeth discuss the many possible uses of their new BDSM gear they ordered from the Acme Corporation in Chicago…

  2. “Since he voted for gay marriage and the right to keep and bear arms, let’s invite Justice Kennedy to our wedding.”

  3. “So we’ll bury your husband right here and start our new lives out here in the wild west. Oh, and I’m sure the coast guard will never look for me in Wyoming”

  4. In the Navy riding on boats that keep the water out ain’t all that different from ridin’ a horse that keeps the water in at least most of the time. Both of ’em will spook in a bad squall!

  5. Butch said “God made man, Samual Colt made us their equal”

    Sundancer replied “and John Roberts codified it as law!”

  6. “Hey Annie, I think yer left rear hoof is fixing to go flat.”
    “Dang! I wish I had sum o them fancy air caps to keep ol’ Paint inflated!”

  7. I told you my new bullets were good…
    Look it vaporized the whole horse in one shot and left the saddle laying right here.

  8. “F**k yeah and I got the f**king hat from f**king Smokey the f**king Bear”, said the Sailor.

  9. “See Susanne? This is what happens when you use a .45, it creates a black hole that consumes the horse and rider, but leaves the saddle in tact.”

    • I know the contest is over, and the official judges have spoken, but as far as I am concerned, this one is the winner by 200 yards.

  10. White Horse to Black Horse – “George, I don’t think you will get your saddle back.”

  11. #1: Hey, they got a new theater in town with a moving picture show. What say we go see it?
    #2: Nah, they’ll make us leave our shootin’ irons outside where some no good rusler ‘ll steal ’em.

  12. “Yes, ma’am, my CO wants you to embroider a message right here on the saddle, ‘General Patton, sir, you’d best stay in the Atlantic, cause if you come to the Pacific Theater, you’ll get more seamen than you can handle. – General MacArthur'”

  13. Pa said if we plant the horse-radish seed here and put the saddle over the spot, when we wake up tomorrow a pony will have grown right into the saddle!

  14. “Is that a ghillie skirt you’re wearing? I think I know where I need to hide my head tonight!”

  15. “Say, Beatrice… don’t you think you got a little *too* aggressive with that curry comb?”

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