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Enter a clever caption for this photo by Sunday at midnight and we’ll pick the best one to receive their very own poster of pro shooter Diana Hufstedler.

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  1. “Banana Splits loyalists, patrolling the outskirts of Fremont CA in a technical, circa 1973”

    Been there, done that… It’s a side effect of watching Rat Patrol re-runs.

  2. “Don’t swing that barrel and hit your brother in the head!”

    5 minutes later…

  3. See! I told you little Johnny was too young to shoot rifles. Crew served weapons are much safer.

    I don’t remember the first place I heard roughly that but it stuck

  4. Francis Ford Coppola’s kids working on some of the dialog for an upcoming project their father is working on called Apocalypse Now.

    Billy : Smell that? You smell that?
    Johnny : What?
    Billy: Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that.

  5. “Tired of loosing the neighborhood game of “war” Tommy and Johny up the comptetition.”

  6. Breaking news! Racist white supremacist hate group roams the streets of southern California town looking for innocent unarmed minority teenagers to gun down. Brian Williams was told by an anonymous but highly reliable source that they may be members of the Tea Party. Stay tuned for updates…

  7. It is NEVER to young to learn of the beauty of “Ma Deuce”. As a side note, I love these kids parents. My kind of folks!

  8. California State Code #FU2ndA states…all toy machine gun carts shall be safely and permanently chocked in the driveway

  9. “I figure we got six, maybe seven minutes before the first radio car shows up… let’s roll.”

  10. “Paul (standing) and Danny (seated) were often picked on by local elementary school bullies. Things were about to change.”

  11. After fielding complaints from subscribers on their paper route concerning stolen newspapers, Timmy and Buster devised a plan to deter further theft attempts.

  12. “….when those bastards on the Schwinns come back, they’re gonna have to talk to ‘Ma’ (Deuce)”

  13. The First of the Ninth was a old calvary division that traded in their rocking horses for radio flyers and went tear-assing around SoCal looking for the shit.

  14. “Hey Luther…Come and see what the boys built…Think we can sell it to the Army for $110k a pop??? I’ll bet some dumb General will buy it…!!!”

  15. BATFE Qualification Target 01-364, DESIGNATION: Right Wing Militia Child Soldiers. SHOOT: YES

  16. “Them damn drones keep bothering mom and sis while they sun bath in the back yard. No more.”

  17. If only kids like these had real guns we may have never been infested with commies.

  18. These little boogers took over their local playground, Radio Flyers flew. Those they spooked grew to become legislators, some migrated to New York…….

  19. “Standing by for the command, ‘chocks away!'”

    (the wheels of the wagon are chocked)

  20. Safety first, boys…

    Finger off the trigger…check
    Both hands on the wheel…check
    Parking mechanism firmly in place…chock

  21. “After the twins refused to let her play gunner, little Dianne Feinstein swore revenge.”

  22. “When dad gets drunk he talks about the gun truck thing he had in The Nam, whereever that was. A little boiler plate and some sand bags and we have dad’s Veterans Day present. Can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees it.”

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