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Shannon Watts (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Shannon Watts, spokeswoman for the Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action propaganda campaign – seen here next to concealed carrier, occasional TTAG contributor and Marine Alan Brooks – was spotted at a local gun range in Austin, Texas this past weekend enjoying some gunpowder-fueled funtime. Watts, who has repeatedly and vocally rallied against anyone who owns a gun, is secretly a gun owner herself . . .

Our man on the ground in Austin said that he noticed a slender female figure in one of the private bays at the Best of the West Range in Liberty Hill, Texas. When he went to introduce himself he realized that he was speaking to none other than Shannon Watts. Upon being asked if she was indeed the MDA spokeswoman in question, Shannon reportedly replied, “Can’t I have just a few hours peace and quiet to enjoy myself? I come out here to relax, not to be pestered!”

Apparently Shannon’s bodyguards were nowhere to be seen.

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  1. I hate this day and all the stupid posts that show up around the intertubes. So no real posts for the next 24 hours?

  2. It would have been better if.. “breaking news: Shannon Watts grows half a brain and finally realizes she has been a brainwashed moron”. Yours is more believable though

  3. This one was just too ridiculous to be believed for even a nanosecond. (And yes, I know sometimes the anti-gunner owns guns themselves.)

  4. Unconfirmed reports say that the gun actually belongs to her Sugar Daddy Mikey, and was mailed to her in a plain brown wrapper from his bunker in NYC.

  5. I knew this was false. Shannon Watts hanging out in Texas? Nobody hangs out in Texas less it’s court ordered. 🙂

  6. @MonsDemandAction

    All done Matt!!
    @DesperadoMark is my main twitter acct. Drop in and help hash tag: @MomsDemandAction today!!

  7. Geez, I’ve already fended off a couple April Fools attacks, and now I almost got fooled into believe the least likely one of all. It took me all the way to the end of the article to figure it out.

  8. This actually wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

    And it goes to show how jaded I’ve become about this kind of insane hypocrisy that I actually believed this until I remembered what day it was.

  9. Way too obvious for April 1st.

    I’m sure the look on Shannon’s face when she touches/is near a gun is the same as the look on my face when I have to clean up my dog’s steaming piles of crap…

  10. Probably would have gotten more folk if you said she was spotted having a romantic wine-fueled dinner with me at a small dimly but candle lit table at a high end restaurant

  11. She was probably getting ready to hunt pigs from a helicopter with that machine gun. All good gun ladies do this.

  12. This is not as absurd as you would think. Keep in mind that all of the gun control that Shannon pushes doesn’t apply to her, only to all of us unwashed proles. Just like the politicians that create laws for us, and exempt themselves from the same laws.

  13. What part of pandering WHORE do you not get? She made a BIG display of being surrounded by armed guards at the NRA meeting because “you just know” that the attendees wanted to turn into a firing squad if they saw her. In fact if anyone HAD tried to harm her the first ones to stop it would have been legal CCW folks including NRA members.

  14. I’m not sure this IS an April foolie…the watts seems like a “gun for me but not for thee” type.

  15. Needs more effort. The Truth About Guns should have hired a similar-looking actress for a “candid” or “covert” style fake low-resolution brief smartphone video to offer “proof”!

  16. It’s April 2 in my part of the world, so the April Fools jokes reported from overseas can raise a few eyebrows.


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