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Ex-wife No. 2 used to say, “hesitation kills.” It’s a riff on the old adage “he who hesitates is lost.” Sam’s take was more direct. More effective. Especially when it comes to ending a violent attack. Failing to mount a sufficiently quick and violent counterattack against those who would do you harm could well be the last mistake you ever make. Simply put, speed, surprise and violence of action is the secret sauce. Guns are a genuine boon in that effort. But don’t get to thinking a gun is a magic talisman. It’s a tool. A part of a plan, not the plan itself. If you don’t know what I mean, if you want to see what happens next, make the jump for the autoplay video . . .

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    • Um, disagree. She was 100% willing to beat someone who was already helpless due to the guy that had him in a choke hold. Dog that barks only when fence is in the way.

      • Not only that, but she risked injury to the man detaining the robber. The last thing that scenario needed was her dumb ass hurting him, resulting in the release of the axeman.

      • Yeah, it’s easy for the Monday-morning quarterbacks. They did what they felt they had to do. Bat lady was just reacting to her adrenaline level…instigated by the knuckle heads. Fortunately, she didn’t hurt the hero.

        • IMO, the guy in the choke hold should be dam glad the cops show up to stop them from beating him into fertilizer. And if a robber dies, oh well, one of the risks of that chosen profession. Not trying to sound blood thirsty but, the reality is if more people who chose violent crime for a vocation died, there would be less violent crime.

          As a person who enjoys a society with less criminal elements, whats the downside that out weighs the overall benefits of a person who dies in the commission of a violent crime? seriously, for the children.

  1. Wow. Good tackle. I have to admit I had to laugh when the clerk kept closing the display doors and then when the chick with a bat shows up takes a few swats and the clerk waves her off. Luckly the perps were mentally challenged as this could have gone waaaayyyyyy wrong.

    See anti’s even if there are NO guns robberys are still going to happen!

    • Yep. Looks like the guy had some training. The body follows the head. The way he took ax man down from behind, violently taking him to the ground and then going for the choke hold. Well done,

      “When in doubt, choke em out.”

  2. As the choke hold “took hold” the lights became dim, and the struggling perp became very mellow. Amazing what a lack of oxygen can do.
    Good job. And he deserved a whack to the knuckles to get the hatchet.
    By whatever means necessary, and a big dude that lands a good choke hold helps.

  3. “Especially when it comes to ending a violent attack. Failing to mount a sufficiently quick and violent counterattack against those who would do you harm could well be the last mistake you ever make.”

    I thought about this when I watched the video of the guy getting attacked on the St. Louis metro. The two guys hitting him weren’t very effective fighters and were basically doing a lot more flailing than hitting. Also the guy in the red jacket was wide open the whole time he was hitting the sitting white guy. I don’t want to second-guess the guy getting attacked. I’m just glad he didn’t get bad hurt. But the two guys doing the attacking weren’t good fighters at all. I’ve seen girls throw better punches. Most people don’t realize it but a grown man, even someone who’s not in great shape, has enough upper body strength to hit hard enough to do real damage. A more aggressive victim, someone willing to throw some hard counter-punches would have laid both those guys out cold. And this says nothing about what would have happened if the guy sitting down had had a knife he was willing to use to defend himself. Fighting back is largely a matter of self- empowerment. You have to believe you can fight back and you have to be ready to fight back. Not everybody can do this.

  4. Great open field tackle! And future robbers, here’s a tip — don’t fvck with Batgirl.

  5. Of course, I would have “accidentally” applied the chokehold with enough force to crush his trachea…

    “It was the adrenaline of the moment!”

  6. Never go anywhere “blind” Look, be aware of your surroundings. I see every day those who are looking down at their idiot phones. Texting and oblivious to what is happening around them. Even if I am “un-gunned” (I always have arms) I am never without a weapon.

    Or the morons with the hoods on jackets, closed up in winter and stepping in front of a car, cannot see left or right when the hood blocks you view. Now the stupid texting keeps them looking down.

  7. Down with the negative arm chair tough guys, good for the chick with the bat, I’ll take her any day of the week over somebody talking about it, she did it! GOOD FOR HER!

    • I agree. Way to many people would be freaking out running in circles in such a situation. Bat girl has good instincts; she just needs some more training to channel her natural instincts for the fight part of Fight or Flight.

      • No reason to swing the bar in that situation. Poking him in the face with it would have discouraged him nicely, even before he was blinded by the blood.

  8. According to the time of day displayed it was around six minutes before the cops showed.

    And looks like Bat Girl got in one good lick since there seemed to be blood on the bad guy’s head as they ushered him through the door.

  9. That’s a damn shame! The guy goes in with a mask and dark jacket with a hood, has an Axe and people are supposed to be intimidated and surrender their money. He want to get paid! Instead, Joe Jitsu puts him a choke hold and he get’s hit with a bat! What’s this world coming to???

  10. Did she pull off the hoodie and mask so the guy would be on camera? Because that is brilliant!

  11. Wow, send this to anyone who says the police protect people. It takes them over 6 minutes to arrive. Also, violent criminals are the dumbest people around. How much money can you get from a robbery like this? Maybe a couple hundred dollars. A month’s work at minimum wage. Now they both will be in prison for years, if not decades (if they have priors).

  12. Speed: Check.
    Violence of Action: Check.

    Surprise? Uhm, wasn’t it the bad guy’s idea? Didn’t he know about it before you did?

    I’ve still never found (and never will) where defense and the element of surprise come together. Surprise is a footnote under offense. By it’s very definition, it has not been, and never will be, an element of defense. Keep kidding yourselves…

    • Well it seemed like teh guy that “surprised” the perp from behind did just that. But many thanks for setting all us common folk straight about the non usefulness of a surprise counter attack lord Dustin.

      • Also the second guy who didn’t make it through the door (whether he was involved or just a bystander) was totally surprised, and stalled at the door, allowing the woman behind the counter to shut him out. Then the fight fell in front of the door and blocked further entrance.

        Don’t forget the old axiom: the best defense, is a good offense.

  13. I enjoyed how they tore his ski mask off: “smile for the cameras, ’cause even if you escape at this point, we got your mug shot now.” Also, the second guy, totally stalled out at the door once he saw what happened to the first.

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