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    • No relevance to the current post, & I apIogize for that. Now… PLEASE bring back the old format to this site. It is an absolute nitrmare to view on a mobile device (ad likely half of us do). It wasn’t broken- don’t try to fix it. I absolutely hate this new format…. Just wish the “contact us” option was still available. Perhaps it is, but it’s certainly not visible from an iPhone. You tried something new, and it blows the goat. Bring TTAG back to its former glory… It’s near enough to make me go somewhere else, RF & co. This is an abomination!

  1. several years ago I was helping a famous laser sight MFG create a Promotional Vid with the help of a County SWAT Team, the shoot was staged at an officers home in the boonies, it went late into the night and pizza’s were ordered. I don’t know who’s idea it was but the 9 man SWAT element decided to do this to the pizza delivery boy. Ahh, simpler times!

  2. Dammit, Murphy, Hold Fire! It’s not a dog! You know how much trouble we’ll be in if we shoot a Not-A-Dog! The paper work……..

  3. I’m tired of these black cats. They always get away with it and this one looks suspicious as sin. Let’s take him out.

    • ya right, that would never happen. it would go more like “shoot it quick, if its the wrong house we have 9 others we can invade.”

  4. President Obama takes credit for chasing down the remaining scattered elements of Al-Kata. Bin Kitty is dead, Detroit is alive.

  5. After receiving complaints of trespassers, Tom recons the area.
    He would later testify how the two interlopers assaulted him and
    how he found it necessary to remove a partial finger. The injured
    trespasser was taken to the local hospital. Mr. Snuggles, of the
    feline response unit, stated that the though the case is still under
    investigation there are no charges were currently pending.

  6. HALT! We saw you ditch the bicycle, peddling pussy is against the law! We know your Tom is under that Jeep, we’ll get him as well.

  7. The police were stopping and frisking every cat along that particular road that day. No dogs were being stopped. That’s profiling, and profiling is wrong.

  8. Ever since the SWAT team removed the scopes from their rifles and started wearing magnifying glasses, there have been a few problems with misidentifications. Fortunately, they were able to stop this lion before it could hurt anyone.

  9. In related news, Mr Whiskers (seen here) was arrested for having an arsenal of assault claws on his person. “It was tense and I was in fear for my life,” said Officer Davis “Glad I had backup”

  10. As another Illegal crosses the Border, Obama’s mandate (EO) directed Border Patrol bids the new voter a prosperous life in the new land.

  11. The shooting of the wrong truck in the hunt for Chris Dorner was made up by the media as a macho alternative to what really went wrong.

  12. Neighborhood Watch SWAT Commander George Zimmerman, seen here gesturing towards the suspect, attempts to question a suspicious feline walking through the neighborhood. Police responding to the scene reported finding George scratched and bleeding as the cat turned on him and, once again, kicked his ass. Poor George, won’t he ever learn? His partner was hospitalized due to lack of oxygen caused by uncontrollable laughter.

  13. 30 years ago this pic would have only raised question marks. Today everyone sees it as a metaphor for Modern America.
    Who besides me realizes that America has fallen into an abyss and that this pic simply illustrates my point?

    • I agree completely. I haven’t met a reasonable person that will argue America isn’t a police state.

  14. While SGT Perkins was admiring his PEQ2 and totally bitchin’ vertical foregrip, Officer Davis was hoping the tabby would ignore the instigating catcalls from the “white-blacks” that had crowded around the scene. He didn’t want this one to turn out like all those dog incidents…even though the dogs deserved it…oh yes, they deserved it…they ALL do…

  15. Finally, the police had caught up with PePe, the famous cat-burglar.
    Later, they would find that PePe had bought a cat-a-maran, and was living the good life on Cat-alina Island.
    PePe’s victims were cat-a-tonic over the cat-astrophie that had ruined their 9 lives…

  16. 2 rookies that are about to discover that while head and chest armor is important nothing takes the place of good crotch armor.

  17. “No! The assault kittens are black… carry on.”


    “Want to slow their advance without sacrificing Fido? Try Fluffy, now in woodland camo.”

  18. Poor situational awareness guys – one cat distracts them with fluffy cutness, the other one waits in ambush under the engine block of a Jeep Cherokee.

  19. Not content with their reputation with dog owners, police are now expanding their shoot-on-sight policy to your feline family members too.

  20. “The basic training for drug-lord sniffing kitty officers went predictably badly when the cat was unable to teach the officers anything useful, to the cat.”

  21. In the news today, a SWAT team fired over 50-rounds, killing a cat after it repeatedly failed to obey their verbal commands to “freeze”. The police department is investigating the incident and when asked by reporters why so many shots were fired, the spoke person said “The suspect was at the time a clear and present danger to the officers and made itself a very small, fast moving target.”

  22. Awww isn’t that cute.
    For what ever reason they failed to show the next picture.
    The cat scratched the cop for petting it and his cohort blew it to bits…………

  23. Just like a bunch of gangbangers, theres three of them watching their buddy get arrested. One under the jeep, one by the driver side tire, and one under the other car. These guys were definitely up to no good.

  24. HEY! Wilson! Stop playing with the airsoft kids and get back to work! This Jeep has a huge fvcking leak and Marty says the Chrysler…, Wilson!, for fvcks sake, hes not even a real cop.

  25. 1. Obama’s crack kitchen staff gathering dinner.

    2. Breaking News: President Obama today issued a statement critical of Florida police for ‘acting stupidly’ in their profiling of cat burglars.

    3. Stand your ground, Felix, stand your ground!

    4. Liberal operatives shown gathering potential petition signer for anti-gun measures.

    5. IRS agents demonstrate the penalty for refusing to enroll in ObamaPetcare.


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