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The phrase “gun control” is tainted, and the gun control advocates know it. It’s a phrase that instantly raises a wall of opposition from gun owners, and doesn’t get their supporters’ blood up quite like it once did. So gun control advocates are trying to re-brand their civilian disarmament efforts. Advocates like Jim Cavanaugh, MSNBC’s resident ex-ATF agent (also known as “Waco” Jim Cavanaugh for his involvement in the Waco massacre) who recently penned an article trying to re-brand “gun control” as “crime control.” His thesis: gun control isn’t really about guns, it’s about crime. But Jim’s logic is as flawed as a lead balloon . . .

For former ATF agents like Mr. Cavanaugh, there’s no difference between a lawful gun owner and a criminal. In their minds, all guns owned by civilians are just crimes waiting to happen. It’s only a matter of time.

I used to say to the Special Agents and detectives assigned to my division, “That gun trafficking ring you broke up was about to be a series of murders.” Or, “That armed felon you just arrested was a murder looking to happen.”

The idea that a citizen can responsibly own a gun and not use it to kill someone in cold blood doesn’t register in their minds. Civilians are inherently idiots and murderers, and it’s up to the ruling classes to keep them from harming themselves. Like a benevolent father figure looking out for their best interests.

People like Jim don’t want to look at the cases where an armed citizen stopped a criminal and saved their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Events like that, to Jim, are irrelevant. They’re the outlier, not the norm. Because that idea, that guns benefit society, is one that they outright refuse to consider.

The Gun Control Act of 1968, swept into law by the assassinations of the 1960’s, strengthened gun laws, and the Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act of 1993, passed after the attempted assassination of President Reagan, did mandate background checks. These two laws have prevented uncountable murders and violent crimes. Without them, American life would be drastically different–and worse.

Jim realizes that the only way to disarm the United States is to get them to think like he does — to reflexively associate guns with crime. To believe that the only reason guns exist is to commit crimes, to kill innocent people. That there’s no way that guns could ever benefit society.

I’ve got some news for Jim: guns save lives. Every single day. And that’s the truth, whether he likes it or not.

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  1. Gun control, crime control – notice what’s common there? Control. That’s what it’s all about.

  2. I have a different approach to crime control. How about kicking out Mr Contempt-of Congress Holder, and installing an honest man in the Attorney General’s post?

    Then we can start our new era of progressive crime control with the indictments of Barrack H. Obama, Joesph Biden, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Rahm Emmanuel, Michael Bloomberg, Kamala Harris, & the entire city councils of Chicago, Washington DC, and New York City.

    The charges?

    Dereliciton of Duty ( Benghazi) , Murder ( The death of Agent Brian Terry), and violation of the Civil Rights Act( the laws and ordnances passed by the aforementioned City Councils and mayors) . Ill bet crime will fall like a rock once the citizens are permitted to fight back and real bad guys actually get sent to jail.

    I won’t hold by breath though.For the record and uninvited government employees reading this, I own no dogs.

    • How about kicking out Mr Contempt-of Congress Holder, and installing an honest man in the Attorney General’s post?

      An honest man in Washington is like a virgin in a whorehouse. Even if they start out clean, it all changes after a few days.

    • First, you would have to find an honest Lawyer who is willing to take a dip in the cesspool that is DC politics. Good Luck.

  3. I have news for the shitbag, Unless he has worn a MILITARY uniform, he is a civilian too.

    I HATE These wannabes…

  4. It’s most accurately characterized as “subject control”.
    Crime is by definition not controllable.

  5. So, when you’re a hammer, everything you see looks like a nail?
    We don’t need guns controlled, we need government controlled.
    Should we demand psych profiles for all government employees?
    This guy has issues. None of which are compatible for gun rights
    of the law abiding citizen. This police state mentality is no bueno.

  6. Big problem with the rebranding is how do you convince people that those who have not committed any crime should be punished and regulated when real criminals go free as they do in every large urban area when liberal judges impose weak or non-existent sentences.

  7. Yeah, Cavanaugh is a real piece of work alright. Waco Jim should feel right at home at MSNBC.

  8. Um…they tried this before. Didn’t work.

    But good look rehashing and rebranding again.

  9. Well of course. If you make more things illegal then there will be more crimes to control. Makes perfect sense.

    The problem with elitism is that the elites are no different than the ruled class. Just as (un)intelligent. Just as prone to corruption. Just as prone to violence.

    The problem with “crime control” is that crime can’t be controlled. They can’t keep 140 pound Mexicans from carting 70 pound bags of marijuana across the desert, how do they think they’re going to stop guns? They can’t keep people from growing pot in their basements, how do they think they’re going to keep people from manufacturing guns in their basements? They can’t keep teenagers from acquiring alcohol, how do they think they’re going to stop hardened criminals from obtaining firearms? All they can do is keep hardened criminals locked up, everything else is just for show.

    The problem with utopia is that it’s a mirage. You keep thinking it’s just over there and when you get there it’s over there. You’ll never catch it.

    • But, but, “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!”

      Give away all our Rights if it saves just one!

      So then they can have all the power & control all their twisted hearts desire…

    • Gov. Le Petomane:
      You are correct but then there is the problem that the “elite” face when they make us hardened criminals. Sooner or later the elite are going to pay: the ancient axiom states that when people have nothing else to lose they will turn on their rulers. If the French revolution taught anything, it taught what the price to the elite is for destroying the civility in a society

      • It’s always been a fine line to walk for the elites, knowing how far they can push their subjects. In this country they exert their authority by passing more and more complex laws until no one is capable of following them all. They can then selectively prosecute those who step out of line. It’s not a new idea, the general who ran Stalin’s gulags was noted for saying, “Show me the man and I will show you the crime.”

  10. Rebranding is another way of admitting to losing the argument. It happens every time. That’s how “socialist” became “liberal,” which became “progressive.” Once the distracted masses figure out what’s really going on, voila: name-change! Look at all the names Brady and the rest have had.

    “Crime control” probably won’t work either. When they say they’re disarming the law-abiding to stop criminals, there hopefully aren’t enough stupid people for that one to fly.

  11. “Gun-Control”, “Crime-Control”, “Rights-Control”

    Common sense says:

    Same crap, different toilet.

  12. The original name was correct. Gun Control was always about controlling the guns, not the criminals.

    So if you start calling it Crime Control, it will still be about the guns. I can’t believe that most Americans can’t see through this sham.

  13. blah blah blah…

    Yeah, keep playing word games, Jimbo. Call it whatever you like. “gun safety”, “crime control” or “common sense laws” or whatever the buzzword du jour of the day is. We’ve got your number. But hey, please keep on thinking we really are that stupid. It only helps our cause.

  14. Crime control?

    Why, yes. Gun ownership by responsible citizens *is* crime control. We own guns to, if necessary, control crime that would otherwise be directed at us. Like the 15 year old kid who used a gun – an evil AR pattern rifle, in fact – to protected himself and his 12 yr old sister from a home invasion by 2 career criminals. Controlled that crime in progress right there.

    Good of MSNBC to abandon the dark side if only for a moment, by accident.

    • Oh yeah, he needed that AR pattern rifle because moral stature doesn’t always come with equivalent physical stature. That gun merely brought his capabilities up to match his heart.

      (This messaging stuff gets easier with practice.)

  15. Well, I’ll dip my toes into this hideously ugly new format even as my eyes burn from the whiteness of it.

    If crime control is want the man wants he should get it, starting with his sentence for his participation in a mass murder. Anyone who takes this monster seriously isn’t fit to share a republic with the rest of us.

  16. Darn! I knew we should have copywrited that term. ‘Cause “crime control”, that’s what we do, right?

  17. I would say that “Waco” Jim doesn’t suffer from cognitive dissonance, but actually enjoys it.

    Cognitive Dissonance is where if reality and perceptions clash, reality is ignored because it doesn’t fit the perceptions. A malady often present in politicians and bureaucrats.

  18. But this website has rebranded the gun control/anti-gun crowd as “pro gun control” which is way to close to pro gun and confuses folks to think these a$$holes are for guns. Why did you change there moniker to make them less menacing?

  19. The current phrase has been “gun violence.” If they start using “crime control,” they will step in it because going after honest people who own guns will blow up on them.

  20. I think the branding is great, so easy to hijack and put on the appropriate path. We jump in and start(continue) using stats to focus on the root causes of crime we can actually get gun restrictions out of the picture and effectively address the source (like illegal drug money, crushing poverty, and the like)

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