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  1. “Do you know how to use that thing?”

    “Yes, the pointy end goes in the other man”

  2. “lets add a button hole right about…..”

    Further proof that bayonet lugs are an evil feature.

    What happens when you run out of bayonet target dummies? Start using, um, bayonet target DUMMIES.

    “Of course it’s a rubber bayonet Senator Gun-Grabber. Now hold still….”

  3. Photo showing a 1917 Darwin Award finalist a split second before clinching first prize…

  4. The Captains who Teddy Roosevelt replaced famous words to his commander:

    Hay Colonel, Did I sharpen this enough???

  5. After Phil posted this picture to Facebook someone saw it and reported it to police, bayonets and bayonet lugs are illegal in the state of New York. He was then sentence to 10 years because of its awful massacre possibilities.

  6. I wanted to make a Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman joke but both guys are white and no one is wearing a hoodie.

  7. “I think it says ‘S. A. 1912″. And there’s a flaming bomb or something on it”.


  8. Achtung! Class you just don’t get it, so one last time and I will let Adolf show us what total gun control and a gun grabber looks like.

  9. Little did the corporal know, this is GIJoe with his first (and last) generation body armor.

  10. “Sarge says my bayonet needs to be sharp enough to shave chest hairs. Can I practice on your sternum bush?”

  11. After the tragic training accident it would be another 70 years before local police departments would once again issue bayonets.

  12. WW1: just another war millions of commoners were slaughtered in so their elitist masters could placate huge egos seeking glory and profits.

  13. “We’ve designed our Bayonet 101 class to be easy, and still only half of our students graduate. I just don’t get it.”

  14. “Then you jab it like this, see, and…d’oh!…NEXT VOLUNTEER!….Then you jab it like…d’oh!…NEXT!”

  15. The drill instructor, having provoked the conscientious objector that
    his mother had serviced the entire 2nd Marine Regiment, discovered,
    surprisingly enough, that even resolute pacifists have their limits.

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