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  1. OMG I just verp’d!

    Dan really we can get you counseling man, really no one needs to know! 😉

    • Too bad he didn’t cover up his tattoo. I’m sure he is taking some serious grief from his friends now.

  2. With so much wrong with that picture some hall monitor is going to focus on this guy’s poor trigger discipline.

    For me, I choose to focus on the tattoo and how its presence greatly undercuts the puupose of the face mask.

  3. If I were stupid enough to pose for a picture like this I would wear a mask too.

    Caption: “Laugh all you want – this gun-pouch is Kevlar!”

    By the by, if you don’t want to be recognized you might want to cover up that rather distinctive tat on your right shoulder. Just sayin’.

  4. In an effort to thwart the State Departments personnel from the frequenting of overseas brothels hosted my minors as defined by the US, FBI agents have been sent undercover….

    • That would have been awesome, no matter how disturbing it would be if there was a SEAL Team that dressed like this and this is the last image that Bin Laden saw in his head. Frankly, with the results they get, I don’t care what they wear..Go get them!

  5. Honey, you said you wanted to add some spice to our personal time. Now put on your tac vest!

  6. After a long weekend the 1SG arrived at the barracks early and was met by the Charge of Quarters…

  7. After accepting that his beloved SCAR would not pass the military’s torture test, Nick Leghorn shows off his AR300 blackout and tacticool speedo.

  8. Somewhere out there now is a mother that is rethinking her pro life stance. 30 years too damn late.

  9. As Norvis hoped, after the bank heist, the FBI was unable to get a useful description of the culprit!

  10. . . . . . Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg lives out his secret weekend fantasy with “Ramone”, a gun-toting member of his “special” army . . .

  11. “Arm up” they said.
    “Wear whatever you’ve got” they said.
    …and not a fsck was given that day.

  12. BREAKING NEWS…. Diane Feinstein’s secret lover leaks details of how he gets her off!

  13. So apparently they’re remaking, “Mad Max, The Road Warrior.” With it’s immortal tag line, “I loved him too….”

  14. one of the 72 virgins revealed. . . . .

    now aren’t you glad you were a martyr for the cause?

  15. looks like acurate interpolation can be made of chin, nose, eyes, so lesson 1 get a mask that provides bulk and less facial recognition features.

    guess its ok if you hear something go bump in the night in the southern climes.

  16. “Okay, we’re ready to test our new ballistic jock Firing in 5, 4, 3…”

    “Buck Rogers in the, ur… wait… what?”

  17. Dan, you schmuck!

    You can’t un-see something; plucking out the offending eye is no help whatsoever.

    I’ll get you for this…

  18. “So where’s the camel with the toothache?!?”

    – or –

    “The future of covert ops: do this, and noone will dare notice you.”

  19. OMG WTF?!!! Ok now that I’ve gotten that out.

    “Ready for my Dinner Date with Dianne Feinstein.”

  20. Is this where the tryouts for the SQUAT team are?

    Dang, Robert edits my posts for stuff nowhere near as obscene as that pic!

  21. So this is what the DHS/TSA personnel look like when the go through the new airport full body scanners

  22. The USO failed miserably in trying to provide entertainment to our front line female combat forces….


    Kristen Weiss immediately forces Robert to discontinue the new TTAG dating website when the head of Mayor Bloomberg’s security detail was her first match.

  23. Officer Bananasling, please, in the name of all that you hold holy, fracking shoot me so I never have to think about what I have just seen

  24. (Carnac puts the envelope to his head and says)…. “A skunk with its tail in air, a momma bear and cub… And this guy?”

    (Carnac opens the envelope)… “Ways in which nature says back off”

  25. I got yer large capacity right here.. .


    This thing nails insurgents all day. And the rifle’s not bad either.

  26. This picture is actually a few years old from a contest over at Zombie Squad (a preparedness website that uses zombies as a metaphor only) featured in their off-topic forum. The guy pictured is Crypto and is one of the moderators over there. It is actually a pretty decent preparedness website that covers everything from sustainable backyard agriculture to homemade communication systems to how to prep for disabled family members and a great deal more. They have a top-notch firearms forum with some very knowledgeable and experienced gunsmiths and former combat arms individuals. They also have a very strictly enforced “no-politics” rule that keeps the site helpful and not a flamefest. I would encourage people to go check it out if they have a few minutes,

  27. After finally landing his dream job as a Channing Tatum impersonator, Tom’s only question was “So where should I put this?” He meant his trigger finger.

  28. Captain Smith, newly appointed commanding officer of Abu Grhaib military prison, Iraq, reports for his first day of duty.

  29. As you can see Senator Feinstein, nature does not limit magazine size, barrel length, or the number of bullets you can use. And it is full auto.

  30. What is wrong with this picture? His finger is on the trigger!

    That is the first thing I thought of when I saw this but I guess some guys could not help but look further down. 🙂

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