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Weekend Photo Caption Contest


  1. avatar JagTrek says:

    Alright, who ate the last of the Thin Mints?!!!

    1. avatar Mashashin says:

      My wife did

    2. avatar C says:

      There’s not a jury on earth that would convict.

  2. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

    Next time the grand kids get out of line watch out!!!

  3. avatar Plumbump says:

    Obviously compensating for something. Dang gun crazies!

  4. avatar SKFOX says:

    My grandmother has better trigger discipline than that

  5. avatar Steve in MA says:

    i haven’t used a gun since Jesse James was wanted

    1. avatar utdmatt says:

      I can see EOD techs walking down the street. Must be going to check his body for bombs.

      1. avatar WR2A says:

        Would love to see that happening in person. Take pictures!

        1. avatar utdmatt says:

          It’s called tv WR. One of the cameras telephoto’d in on them. News anchors had no idea what they were of course 🙂

          News is now saying he’s still alive and they’re talking to him. My guess would be he’s wounded.

    2. avatar dudebro says:

      ^ winner

    3. avatar Thomas Paine says:

      Stonewall – They have him in custody and alive. Sigh of relief.

      1. avatar WR2A says:

        The FBI knew this guy. But dismissed him as not being a problem, due to lack of evidence.

  6. avatar utdmatt says:

    Will Smith voice “Did you just shoot at me with your eyes closed?”

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    Left-handed, 92 and with her eyes closed, Annie Oakley was still a deadly shot.

  8. avatar Moonshine says:

    How much?

  9. avatar Mike the Hops Farmer says:

    Margaret Thatcher, how we miss your style already!

  10. avatar Ing says:

    Grandma believes in gun control. She’s controlling the gun.

  11. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    “And then when I pointed my gun at the 2 burglars, they peed their pants”!

  12. avatar Megrim says:

    God I love home invasions.

  13. avatar WildWest says:

    What are you scared of?

    Why, nothing!

  14. avatar eugene says:

    Used to use one of these back in the day, and now my grandkids wants Obama to take this away from me. I said, “yeah you and what army”

  15. avatar T says:

    I will pop a cap in your a** so fast and keep smiling the whole time. Now say what again!

  16. avatar Rob Drummond says:

    That aint no pistol…………….now this is a pistol!!!!!!

  17. avatar gloomhound says:

    It’s ok grandma, guns make me feel that same way too.

  18. avatar Nick Geninatti says:

    The Elderly: They will shoot you with a smile.

  19. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    “And then I saw the puddle down around his ankles!”

  20. avatar Liberty2Alpha says:

    “My, what a big gun you have, Grandma.”

  21. avatar dudebro says:

    erhhhh… full lug, ribbed Taurus M44 loaded with SWC? am I close?

    1. avatar "lee n. field" says:

      “erhhhh… full lug, ribbed Taurus M44 loaded with SWC? am I close?”

      I’m wondering the same thing. What is that? The details (rear sight, rib) don’t look like anything I’m familiar with.

      1. avatar Herb says:

        I’m eyeing the cylinder – is that thing loaded?

        Grandma & Grandpa need to head for the range. First maybe some practice with snap caps.

      2. avatar jwm says:

        It looks like an older Rossi to me. Nickel plated?

        1. avatar Ensitue says:

          How about a pot metal cap gun?

  22. avatar Scholarcat says:

    Ethel shows the other nursing home residents her version of social security.

  23. avatar flboots says:

    Sweetheart your fired. Ive a young gun to play with.

  24. avatar DZ says:

    So, then I says to Myrtle, “Myrtle,” I says, “You can’t keep doing that…”

  25. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    I’ll bet I can hit an apple off bidens head with my eyes closed, now where is that wascal, Randy

  26. avatar Nine says:

    “And that’s why Pappy has a limp kids.”

  27. avatar Hidden Hills says:

    “I’m ready to see Jesus. You ? Let me tell you ALLLL about Him!”

  28. avatar 16V says:

    Press photos from the remake of Stallone’s epic “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!”

    1. avatar Rob Drummond says:

      Yo Adrianne!

  29. avatar nd says:

    “I will handi-cap your butt.”

  30. avatar WR2A says:

    “Where’s the beef?” I got yer beef right here, jackass.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      exactly. she looks just like the woman from the Wendy’s commercials. “Where’s the beef, MotherF**ker??”

  31. avatar Powers says:

    From my cold dead hands..

  32. avatar Roadrunner says:


  33. avatar Abqjohnny says:

    And I was like, “Peew peew. I still laugh every time I tell that story.”

  34. avatar Eric says:

    Obamacare my ass!

  35. avatar Sammy says:

    With a gun this big I don’t have to be that accurate, especially indoors.

  36. avatar jpress76 says:

    “It wasn’t the first time Edna had her hands around a Python…”

    1. avatar bontai Joe says:


  37. avatar CJ says:

    This little baby is to help me get to my rifle.

  38. avatar Mack says:

    Go ahead. Make my day…

  39. avatar TR says:

    “…and that’s when I hauled out this here .44 like this, and I said, ‘Son, if’n you wanna run around buck-ass nekkid, you go right ahead, but you climb right back outta that window before I get your blood all over my carpet’. And mister, he done it. You never seen a nekkid man climb down a tree so fast…”

  40. avatar SubZ says:

    You better swallow that blue pill, Pa!

    1. avatar Thomas Paine says:

      That there’s funny, I don’t care who you are….

  41. avatar Mr aNINNYmouse says:

    “Ever since she was young, Grandma had great finger discipline.”

  42. avatar watchmenlewis says:


  43. avatar Thomas Paine says:

    “Point me in direction of that Suspect #2, I will take care of the little jihadist shit”

  44. avatar Mike Crognale says:

    While we wait for the cops, let’s talk about Jesus.

  45. avatar Lowadobian says:

    “When I put my hands around his steel, I feel like I’m 50 AGAIN!”

  46. avatar Jeh says:

    “Ill give you a real reason to not call me!”

    (Can anyone tell me the model of the gun?)

  47. avatar RockThisTown says:

    Mr. President, Obamacare better not cut my Medicare & Social Security!

  48. avatar Lowadobian says:

    “Now, I thinks its even funnier that you called me “Old Lady! Don’t you?”

  49. avatar Lowadobian says:

    “Mr Senator, that Entitlement reform cracks me up, too!!!!!”

  50. avatar Lowadobian says:

    “Silly Biden, shotguns are for pussies. Only kiddin'”

  51. avatar Lowadobian says:

    “American Granny on Opening Day of Liberal Season: “Land sakes, there be so many ’round here, I can hit ’em with my eyes closed!”

  52. avatar wvumounties8 says:

    “Go ahead, make my day”!!

  53. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    “Boy you best zip up them there drawers!! I seen bigger things than that on a mouse last night!!”

    “Mr Biden….I believe you forgot about this here revolver!! 2 shots my ass!!”

  54. avatar Bob says:

    Bad, bad Puddycat! I’ll teach you to mess with my tweety-bird.

  55. avatar ChrisMcLain says:

    Next time you might want to ask permission before getting into my candy dish.

  56. avatar Erik says:

    After personally checking out the nursing home her son had in mind, Mrs Jones decided that her state Department of Corrections would be more accommodating….l

  57. avatar Ryan says:

    “Molon labe”

  58. avatar steve w says:

    Go ahead make my day!

  59. avatar AaronW says:

    “I laugh at your feeble attempt to resurrect the Colt Python.”

  60. avatar snufffy says:

    What did you say about lefties?

  61. avatar Big_cowboy74 says:

    Joe Biden’s momma is the reason he hates guns!

  62. avatar dlj95118 says:

    …granny’s got her gun!

  63. avatar Grog says:

    Your sight is off a few millimeters to the left.

  64. avatar jwm says:

    “So, I bust a cap in your ass and get life in prison. Honestly, what’s that mean, 2 mebbe 3 months? It’ll be worth it not to have to hear you snore thru another night!”

  65. avatar Culpeper Kid says:

    My smith set the trigger pull at .05 oz. That’s the double action trigger pull!

  66. avatar Eric says:

    Now we both just crapped ourselves, only, I have depends

  67. avatar KCK says:

    My instructor told me you can aim with one eye closed or both eyes open, I’m going with the third option.

  68. avatar mark says:

    Go ahead sonny, hide in my boat.

  69. avatar Double D says:

    “So then Martha said, ‘Shoot him in the toodles!'”

  70. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    ” It’s been 70 years with you complaining about my cookin’ now your going to sit there and eat it without one word, not one word, or your going to get it”

  71. avatar Errant Venture says:

    Handguns: Because Crocheting hurts my fingers.

  72. avatar shawn says:

    “I knew Grammy could handle the big ‘guns'”.

  73. avatar Ross Mowery says:

    “Oh, you don’t want vegetables?”….”How about a bullet?”

  74. avatar Jay W. says:

    Eyes Closed – Weak Hand – Are you still feeling lucky Punk?

    Go Ahead, Make My day!

  75. avatar Darrell Hacker says:

    And then I pulled out my rape whistle…

  76. avatar Jj says:

    “So what did you call this? A rape prevention device?”

  77. avatar Debo says:

    You’ve fallen and you won’t get up.

  78. avatar TeutonicTenifer says:

    “You’ve fallen, and you won’t get up.”

  79. avatar Clay W says:

    “Who crapped their pants now?”

  80. avatar RKflorida says:

    Everytime I shoot a bad guy, it makes me smile.

  81. avatar Crunkleross says:

    Two blasts in the air my ass, I’m shooting them in the face.

  82. avatar J.G. says:

    Now that we have time before the police get here, lets talk about Jesus.

  83. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Lady: So what if it is a “Hollywood teacup” hold. I only need one shot to blow your @$$ away punk.

  84. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    I just can’t abide side-flash. You still there, Mr. Burglar?

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