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“Eighty-thousand plus people a year who go through the background system are convicted felons or adjudicated incompetent to be able to own a weapon,” Vice President Joe “Double Barrel” Biden tells his peeps at a Google Plus hangout. That 40 percent means there’s gotta be, statistically, somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 who get a gun who are not qualified. Probably higher. How does that make any sense?” Answer: it doesn’t. Stephen Gutowski of deconstructs the Veep’s asinine assertion . . .

The Vice President’s claim was off by at least 38,069 people per year – that he nearly doubled the actual annual number.

By combining, apparently in his head and on the fly, the demonstrably inaccurate “80,000 plus people a year” with the debunked claim that 40% of gun sales in America don’t require a background check, Mr. Biden reaches the completely unverifiable claim that “between 30,000 and 50,000 who get a gun who are not qualified. Probably higher.” That claim, the child of two other blatantly inaccurate claims used to forward gun control agendas, is, of course, itself used to forward a gun control agenda.

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  1. This is the man who is just one heartbeat away from being the Commander in Chief of the most powerful military force that human civilization has ever known…. if that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what could.

    Low information voters. Could not have happened without them.

    • Just as easy to say it couldn’t have happened without both parties (and their constituients) doubling down on partisanship and xenophobia and polarizing every issue to the point that nobody cares whether legislation is good or bad, but which side is proposing it.

      I tell you when I, and probably many other social progressive gun enthusiasts, read all the “how could these morons have voted for Obama” posts, I have to ask: “How could we in good conscience vote for Romney?” This is a guy who wants to take us back to the dark ages on every social issue and de-regulate everything in site, because one financial disaster apparently wasn’t enough.

      Until we get a viable 3rd party candidate, it’s always going to be a choice between a lesser of two evils. And it’s not always so easy to choose.

  2. Why in the world would anyone think these people would ever let facts or the truth get in the way of pushing their agenda? It’s the same old boring tune founded on imaginative story telling and fairy tales.

    They’re politicians and they’re democrats. Need one say anything more?

    If it weren’t for the need to debunk the lies and rhetiric for the uninformed members of the body politic, these democrats’ boring statements could be simply laughed at.

    • The key here is that the Main Stream Media support the policy agenda of these people. If the MSM were focused on reporting facts and keeping a watchful eye on the goverment, the “progressives” could not advance their agenda.

      Instead, the MSM actively pushes the agenda. Without the support of the MSM, President Obama could never have been nominated, let along elected.

  3. Between Biden and Bloomberg, we’re saved! Look for Crazy Joe to make a whole lot of embarrassing statements, and for every pro-2A politician to run against the Mayor of New York and not his or her actual opponent. It’s just too good, people. It’s just too good.

    • All of their talking heads are helping us. Piers Morgan anyone? A British man advocating for the disarmament of the American people. Are they really that dense? Do they not understand the long lasting cultural effects of the ideas behind the country that the founders crafted? Yes, they were rich white men who viewed black and indigenous people as property, and women as nothing more than child bearing vessels. Nonetheless, the ideas that they enshrined in the founding documents of this country will appeal to all humans for eternity. Humans are willing to die for a simple idea. For Uncle Joe Biden and company, not so much…

  4. To paraphrase a brilliant statement” The US can survive Obama and Biden in the Oval office, we are far less likely to survive the multitude of fools who put them there”.

  5. We won this last round. Time for a tactical reload, get to full capacity and prepare for the next onslaught.

  6. Looking at the pics coming in from the Boston bomber manhunt I see all these LEOs bristling with high-capacity-mag, “assault weapon” looking rifles (wonder how many are full-auto?), bad-ass shotguns, scary black pistols. For two guys … well, one now. (None now. Good show LEOs.)
    Thing is, I don’t begrudge the city of Boston a single round. The LEOs, God bless ’em, aren’t taking any chances. But then why should you? Why should you be held to 7 rounds? Or 10. Or any arbitrary number.
    Who needs 30-round mags?
    “…legions of heavily armed police” felt like they needed them … for two guys. Then one — one guy.
    If precaution advises that many trained officers with all that firepower to prepare to take out two baddies — because who knows how heavily armed they are or what they might do — how can we expect a lone homeowner to defend herself against similar unknown threats with seven rounds? Mayor Bloomberg, Governor O’Malley, et al., please, your thoughts?
    TTAGers, here’s hoping you never need even one and always have access to a whole lot more.

    • Better than a great day, I can’t think of a word that fits, but it will most certainlty be better than great to see Joe Blow leave for the private sector.

  7. This is not a battle, it is a war.
    In history there are many wars where the good guy won, many where the bad guy won.
    One may say that “The good side won, eventualy”
    I say that “Good’s victorys are always temporial, never assured and must always be guarded against insidious destruction by nefarious forces that rise like demons to take men through their weakest flaws!
    Men are weak!

  8. Joe Biden worked towards the death of the victims of the Boston Bomb
    Recall he swore an oath to protect Americans from harm

  9. Joe Biden’s translation of facts to lies is only exceeded in disturbance factor by the fact that so many people who voted for and support Obummer and him will gobble these lies up like Gospel Truth, vehemently reject the real facts when/if shown to them and call the source of truth all sorts of vile names. This is the deliberate ignorance and mindless obeisance we are up against.

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