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  1. Hitler Youth Troop 401, Illinois had a drop off in enlistments after the new uniform requirements were announced.

  2. The fighters of the White Briefs tribe appear scrawny, but are incredibly crafty combatants, often sneaking up on their prey or enemies with the utmost silence. These two are seen in the ceremonial headdresses, apparent by their bright colors. Their functional headdresses are much more subdued, crafted from hawk and owl feathers.

  3. Using their extensive knowledge, two Berkeley professors recreate
    an authentic Native American hunting party.

  4. Hey, don’t look at us like that-you weren’t there.

    F*ck’em bro, let’s go.

    Go where?


    (unseen voice)-Reasons not to drink-A public service message from…………..

  5. An unlocked gate at the home gave Scooter and Peewee the opportunity to head into the woods to re-enact The Little Big Horn.

  6. The look, the feel of politically correct hunting, the fabric of our lives. Brought to you by double-barrel Joe.

  7. The last two members of MAIG were found five years after they were forced to disband when it was found out that former mayor Bloomberg had been supplying them 8 rd magazines and 32 oz sodas under the table.
    Both were summarily executed by airplane induced wedgies right after this photo was taken.

  8. Happen to be watching TV show on Eric von Daniken (Chariots of the Gods ) . Can ‘t but think that these two are aliens here to change human destiny.

  9. “Look, here it is for the last time, pal: Yes, I need to see your hunting licenses; No, I am not going to frisk you.”

  10. Er…Col. Custer…..Floyd and I have a plan….see, we’ll sneak tru the indian lines and high-tail it over to Major Reno to get help…..waddya say, sir….

  11. i really hate HATE hippsters.
    hey excuse me i think you and your buddy left your skinny jeans back next to the bong… or tea kettle… or whatever the hell that apperatus is you kids are getting high with.

  12. Hipsters’ attempt to replicate the early Chili Peppers ‘Fight Like a Brave’ and ‘Rock Out with Your C0ck Out’ does not go exactly as planned due to lack of available tube socks.

  13. What Carolyn McCarthy pictures when she hears complaints from gun owners that proposed legislation would strip away their rights. “What? We’re not trying to strip anyone! Those gun people are crazy!”

    [not pictured: “pelvis thing that goes up”]

  14. The Wearagonchie tribe was hunted to extinction shortly after meeting Europeans.

    They were not mourned.

  15. Why are we carrying the guns? You’ve heard the saying, “I wouldn’t be caught dead looking like that”, right? Just making sure…

  16. Any chance these two guys were musicians back in the 1960s?

    The guy on the left sorta looks like the singer from ‘Paul Revere and the Raiders’ singing ‘Indian Reservation’ (Cherokee People).

  17. These two auditioned for The Village People last night.
    For some reason they didn’t make the cut.
    Must have been their rendition of “YMCA”

  18. “Ceme on, Carl, we’ve been out here for thirteen hours already, and we still haven’t seen one!”

    “A deal’s a deal, shrimp; you bring me a snipe, you two get your clothes back.”

    • Oh, and thanks for not giving me “permission” to edit my own f*cking posts. I really like not being able to fix glaring typos I only catch after I post something. Really, thanks again!

  19. We now see the native CT citizens stripped on everything except their air rifles and their undies… This just in from the White House “whitey tighties” are now offensive and could possibly be used to conceal illegal weapons. The entire state has been arrested for possession of “whitey tighties” and public nudity.

  20. seems like these guys are in a band. I’m fairly confident that i’ve seen the pic before, but i can’t place it.


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