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Israelis Call for Gun Control

Scene of the crime (courtesy

On Thursday night a woman in her early 30s was murdered in Ashkelon,” reports. “The killer was a security guard in his 60s, the son of an elderly woman who the victim worked for as a caretaker. He used a gun provided by the security company he worked for. Several days earlier an off-duty security guard shot his wife to death during an argument in the couple’s car.” So . . . disarm Israelis? For some left-leaning Knesset members, ken. “I intend to create legislature that will change the current reality by requiring guards to leave their weapons when their shifts end,” the head of the Knesset’s Internal Affairs Committee Miri Regev said. “We must reduce the number of weapons in private hands,” MK Michal Rozin agreed. “I call on the minister to immediately implement his order regarding leaving weapons at work.” Good luck with that. Or not.


  1. avatar ST says:

    Is it true that frequent war is needed to remind the collective population that personal arms are necessary?

    What a distressing thought.

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      Yes, because they are ignorant and too lazy to grasp the wisdoms clearly laid out in cheap available history books.

      1. avatar ChuckN says:

        Forget history books, Israel still has a large percentage
        of people who remember first hand.

    2. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

      Seriously it has been less than 15 years since the terrorists were blowing up our buses, and slaughtering our children. These politicians need to be voted out!

  2. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

    Oy Veh!!!!
    Are you F$%^ing kidding me!
    Laws are pretty strict in Israel. You know they demanded armed teachers in school and such. I have a feeling there will be push back on this in a big way. The folks in the territories will not let themselves get disarmed. It looks like the full retard notion of the states has invaded Israel now too…

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      “The Israeli Gun Free Kitchen Table campaign was founded in 2010 and operates within the Isha L’Isha Feminist Center. It has ties to an international leftist campaign called IANSA, International Action Network on Small Arms.”

      — (eyes rolling) The Feminist Left is also trying to disarm the Israeli population as it is the American people. Why am I not surprised that it there are ties to feminists?

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        They’re pushing for a requirement that Israeli men have to leave their balls locked in an approved safe when not in use.

        1. avatar Aharon says:

          Probably more symbolically true than most of us realize.

          Several years ago, Israeli feminists pushed for a law that would hold Israeli men who had made sperm bank donations financially responsible for any children that had been born from their sperm years and even decades earlier! As a result, Israeli men stopped immediately going to sperm banks and American Jewish women who had flown to Israel to become pregnant because they couldn’t find an American Jewish man dumb enough to marry them had to rely upon sabotaging birth control to get pregnant.

    2. avatar J says:

      I never understood Israeli gun laws. You have a nation, birthed from the fallout of the Holocaust, populated by the most oppressed people in human history, surrounded by ~1.6 billion enemies who treaten to kill them on a reguar basis, in which the majority of people over the age of 18 learn to use a firearm in compulsory military service, and which sends it young people to patrol its streets carying M16’s. Despite all that, Israel maintains gun laws that are more restrictive than most of Europe or many other Western style democracies. It makes no sense to me what so ever (and is one reason why I would visit Israel but never claim my right-to-return).

  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    Thats fine. Disarm them. When the Palestinians come marching in and everyone is massacred we won’t have to hear about it anymore.

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      Yet you will then hear me eternally and daily cursing the gun-grabbing politicians and their sheeple who are responsible so therefore you will be happier and less irritated hearing about it from them on occasion.

      1. avatar Anonymous says:

        I don’t exactly know who you are talking about – but I do see that you are cursing gun grabbing politicians – so I agree!

        1. avatar Aharon says:

          That works for me! 🙂

  4. avatar Tabby says:

    What a moron… The one thing they did that stopped terrorist attacks at their schools was get rid of gun free zones & arm the teachers! If it’s really all about safety, Israel showed the way people should go! They set the safety model.
    This guy has first hand experience of how much safer life is since they armed everyone to the teeth there..And they are surrounded by jihadi terrorists. There’s been a massive improvement in public safety! WTH is his problem?
    Just more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder!

    1. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

      Tabby is quite correct. Gun deaths in Israel on a whole is quite low. Around 3% per 1000,000 which includes suicides. Murder in Israel is also quite low. In a country with a population less than that of New York City every car accident, shooting, rape is big news. We don’t see the home invasions, armed robberies and such that other countries have.

  5. avatar C says:

    The common thread here seems to be security guards. Maybe the problem is power tripping rent-a-cops.

  6. avatar Simon says:

    The fact that Israel is armed to the teeth is the only thing keeping that country from being obliterated. That whole area of the world is a powder keg.

  7. avatar Don says:

    Hey, At least it would create known locations of unmanned weapon stashes for the criminals and terrorists to steal. So they got that going for them!

  8. avatar ChainsawWieldingManiac says:

    Look, Israel was founded by a bunch of pseudo-communists. They love their nanny state. WTF else do you expect from them?

    (And, BTW, I’m an Orthodox Jew.)

  9. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    Bloomberg and his gang have walloped Williamsburg-time to ring Tel Aviv. OY…………

  10. avatar neiowa says:

    As I understand it many American Jews (from NY) migrated Israeli in the last century. Given the wacko politics of many in the US bound to be some nuts in the migrants. Perhaps the islamists in the area can root these out.

  11. avatar Silver says:

    This plan endorsed by Hamas.

    1. avatar Ben says:

      Hahaha, while I love that, it would be more funny if it were less true…

  12. avatar Johnny says:

    I’m sure Hamas is laughing right now. I guess some Israelis really don’t care about being alive if it means the guy next door will privately own a firearm that presents no danger to anyone except criminals.

  13. avatar Roadrunner says:

    Sometimes it seems like the Left, whether American, Israeli, or otherwise, hate reality with such a passion that collective suicide is preferable to simply opening their eyes. I could just see this same guy in 1940 agreeing with the Nazis that disarming the Jews was really a swell idea. The only thing that’s changed since is now there are more nations that would like to annihilate them.

  14. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    If these two women were knifed to death there would have hardly been a mention.

    1. avatar John F says:

      I (Wife) have visited Isreal, when my friends knew i was going, they asked if I was AFRAID with all the Palastian’s serounding parts of the country.
      I NEVER WAS AFRAID, best feeling of security was the presence of the IDF, everywhere, and even a group of young Women FULLY ARMED, visiting a hostoric Temple.
      No problems here, with GUNS IN ISREAL.
      PS, I left my “armed” husband home.

      1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

        I would love to visit Israel in the future to see all of the historical sites and cultural differences (ie guns).

  15. avatar Mark says:

    But we need to support Israel so that the end of days will come and Jesus will take us to Heaven

  16. avatar S.CROCK says:

    WWII taught them nothing.

  17. “We must reduce the number of weapons in private hands,”

    Jesus, sounds like Obama.

    1. avatar C says:

      maybe now he’ll acknowledge that they exist.

  18. avatar ProfShadow says:

    One incident outweighs the innumerable others?

    I don’t think so. Bandwagoning may be in vogue, but it isn’t correct.

    1. avatar Sammy says:

      “We must reduce the number of weapons in private hands,”

      I have yet to hear a salient argument to support this attitude.

  19. avatar Sammy says:

    Israel to disarm it’s citizens? What kind of meshugedik thinking is this? Who ever proposed this should sew their lips shut for all time and be banned from holding public office. I’m beginning to think this “gun control” is becoming a stepping stone for the depopulation of the planet, other wise known as the eugenics movement. Only the “lesser” classes (those most expendable) will loose their ability of self defense with the PTB having armed guards at our expense. The tyrannical tipping point is fast upon us and is the motivation for the gun grab is for the safety of the bastards who would enslave us. Peaceful disagreement of opinion is labeled anti-government (a linguistic attack on A1.) and I fear the label of terrorist will soon be applied to enact the freedom robbing legislation that has been passed it the name of security. I recall a quote attributed to a guy named Franklin about surrendering freedoms for false security and the end result there of. If the Tyrant in chief does what we think he will in Connecticut, the game will be more apparent and the extremes to which they will go to ram through their will will have been turned up a few notches. We are ruled by scoundrels and lairs. Notice the type of legislation that is getting the fast tract treatment and the legislation that gets pigeon holed. The whole thing is sickening.

  20. avatar Neez says:

    Yes, Great idea……………………… For Iran and it’s allies.

    The fact is every isreali should be armed, because you never know, 100 years from now your enemies may want to take back the land they think belongs to them.

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