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A standard 5.56 round creates the fruit mayhem you’d expect. But Winchester’s PDX-1 60 gr. Split-Core HP round gets Nick to gigglin’ like a schoolgirl.

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  1. is it just me or am i only finding high end ammo?,, are they just getting rid of the good stuff,,,?

  2. very nice, but frankly the biggest concern i have in a self defense situation is overpenetration. what i really wonder is, how many layers of drywall beyond the watermelon did it go.

  3. Whoa. I chuckled too… but man, that slo-mo was pretty nice.

    Great video! MORE!

    Maybe line up a set of water jugs?

  4. Why not test penetration on abandoned upholstered furniture while your at it?
    OOPs My bad, that’s a top loader

  5. In the spirit of what I’ve criticized others here for, and eschewing hypocrisy – it appears Sportsman’s Guide MAY HAVE it. I didn’t look deeply into it.

  6. just viewed the leftovers! the horses thank you! they want to know when you are coming back… maybe with pumpkins!

  7. Why are all PDX calibers and gauges so expensive? Is it really just marketing, or is there actually a reason to pay that much? Even before gunpocalypse they were ridiculously priced.

  8. Nick you missed on the first shot! How could you?! You are a TTAG author. I felt so dismayed. Also, those were perfectly edible melons.

    It was an entertaining video however. You should make another one with layers of drywall, 2×4 wood, etc fired at close range <20ft. That would be educational for all of us. I would make the video myself, except that I don't think its in stock in the stores around me.

  9. Pretty impressive. I don’t suppose Winchester offers a similar load in 7.62×51/.308 by chance?


    • Yes they do. I checked the website and they are shown in 2 bullet weights for 223 and 168 grain for 308. None are available anywhere. Everyone is sold out. I’ve been looking for 2 days now.

      • I just rechecked the site. 120 grain for the 308. I must have mis read something.

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