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    • Asian kids in some kind of uniform holding toy HK smgs…

      OK, I give it up, now for the answer: which country? Background?

  1. Two entries:

    What remains of the United States Army after sequestration


    In North Korea, they play Red Light/Green Light for keeps!

  2. Children at Beijing’s People’s Glorious Revolutionary Daycare compete in the school’s annual ‘9mm Dash’. The winner of each year’s event – a combined 100 yard dash and field-stripping exercise – is awarded the right to have a sibling.

  3. We’ve got this part of the track covered, lets hope feinswine doesn’t run the other way & bite us in the ass, Randy

  4. It’s not an entry for a photo caption (I got tired of Engrish jokes around 1st grade, guys), but as someone who’s Asian American / a dad / an educator I was more struck by the strange proportion of the child’s head to their body. Yeah, I know the stereotype of Koreans (even North Koreans) is that they have big heads, and yeah, maybe it’s just the camera angle, but usually such poor body proportions are due to one thing:


    Entire generations of half-fed, brainwashed kids raised to die for the whims of a single madman and his descendants. And yeah, that bothers me.

    N.Korea doesn’t have money for food, let alone real guns and bullets for its kids. While it’d be interesting if these Young Red Guards were actually rocking Umarex MP5s in 22LR, I bet they’re really just airsoft guns imported cheaply from China with a mix of plastic and metal parts.

    One final note… a worthy organization trying to solve the North Korean crisis and help refugees:

  5. “So I saw what those two were wearing and I was all like it has to be a red tie and they were all like whatever and so I went, I went to them I said no it’s got to be a red tie cause Leader for Life said so and they went like oh shut UP you commie b***h.

    So I shot ’em.”

  6. Chinese Army hires 49,000 midget Koreans to overrun America one set of kneecaps at a time!!!

    Now in theaters!!! Attack of Big Head Killer Midgets from Outer Space, Part Duex!!!

    The first time Mr and Mrs Sheen realized their son Charlie had Anger Management Problems!!

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