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Just about everything these days can be milled using a CNC machine and a sufficient level of ingenuity. Today’s example: these milled AR-15 magazines by M&H Machining. Not only do they add some serious bling to your rifle with their mirror-polished exterior, but they’ll keep your buddies from “mistakenly” picking up your mags at the end of the day as well. Right now these are just prototypes, and they run fine in an AR-15, but they’re a few millimeters short of “mil spec”and in need of some fine tuning. Once that’s complete, though, something like this would look great in the mag well of an AR-15 near you. More pictures after the break.




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  1. Wow, I dont like blingy stuff but thats pretty darn cool. Kind of makes me wish I didnt give up tool and dye making.

    • Do you have an email? I can send you a pic. My good friend I the one who makes them and he has slowed me to do a little marketing.

  2. It’s pretty cool-looking. Likely tough as nails too.

    But you’re gonna PAY. And by pay I mean lots of money. You think PMags are expensive right now? That’s nothing compared to what that little bugger’s going to do to your bank account. If it’s less than $150 I’ll be surprised.

    • Nor can we manufacture them, except for sale to people in other states. It was an amendment added to try and keep Magpul in Colorado.

      This is what goes on in a Donkeyrat brain:

      “We believe that standard-capacity magazines are a threat to public safety, and therefore have banned them in our state. However, since we wanted Magpul’s manufacturing jobs and tax revenue, we amended the ban to permit them to make their child-killing products available for retail sale in other states.”

      which just goes to show how disingenuous, and ghoulish, the Gun Control Industrial Complex is.

      • More than happy to take the tax dollars from their described merchants of death. CO used to be a nice state until the Left Coast invasion.

  3. Nice, though I would suspect production cost equal CTD’s magpul prices. Still want some though.

    OCD says: “only polished ammo in those mags”

  4. If they’re out before July 1 in Colorado, I’ll buy a couple 20 round versions. After July 1, can we get them in 15? Being milled would mean no removable floor plate, right? No potential to be “modified” to hold more than 15… Man, I hate even having to think this way…

      • Actually it looks like the screws are there to hold the two halves together, with each side of the mag having 1/2 the base plate machined as an integral part.

    • Halfway down the page before I found someone asking the right question — clearly the TTAG commenters are a bit lethargic today.

      That mag looks freaking heavy. Sure, it’d be fine for bench-shooting a high-end AR, but I prefer mags that weigh as little as possible yet can take a beating and still be serviceable.

  5. Looks to me that each half is machined. The screws on the side are a give away along with the seam on the baseplate.

  6. I will say it one more time: shouldn’t it be “Object of Obscure Desire”? I mean, there’s nothing obscure about a magazine.

  7. Something real Universal distribution of the NC programming. In most every community you can find NC machining equipment. Even if $50ea better than no mags.

    Forget about the mythical nonsense of “printing” RP magazines and AR components..

  8. Huh. I hadn’t really considered going the milled route instead of stamping. This could work for any CNC machinist, but will make the most sense for less common or out-of-production firearms with expensive magazines.

  9. With as common as CNC machines are now, I’m more interested in the CAM sheets than the magazine. Good luck controlling high cap mag ownership if those were published.

  10. I could see competitors using them. Solid aluminum… they’re probably tough as balls and virtually immune to rust and corrosion. With a good follower and spring they’d be unstoppable. Heavy though…

  11. No bling or extra expensive yet same performance wanted on my AR, thanks anyways. Looks like something a gangster would have to have.

  12. It probably weighs just as much as a steel AK mag. Not a big deal really, considering people already add to much tacticool accesories on their rifles…

  13. Ok, I really, really want one of these! Just checked their website, they are $125 each. I have a billet 80% lower that is also polished, I’m thinking this would go nicely with it. But so many wants, so little money!

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